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  1. Where to farm as High Priest?

    Farming using other classes are more efficient in my opinion Below suggestions may or may not work (need pro comment) Sphinx lv 4 (leveling/sell leech for low level) Agi build, bless Anubis Pantie + undershirt Holy stick + sacred scripture Rosary x2 Munak hat Zombie prisoner footgear for extra exp Two map west of Niflheim/Abbey (leveling/sell leech/loot) Dex build Divine cross + spiritual ring (there is rental version) + sting rosary Eddga footgear (optional for Niflheim) Lkh Deviling (recommended)/raydric garment Mistress mid (use blue gemstones as an alternative) Bathory armor Party sharing loot? Juperos core, Thor (fire/pasana armor), magma lv 2 geffenia and etc. DTS + hodremlin shield?
  2. LF > Malaysia & Chinese guild

    anyone still active?