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  1. Yeah I'm probably wrong on some of the skills but I like SL to be viable only by actively playing it instead wizard spirit my own wizard then tossing my SL aside and pew pew pew with my wizard.
  2. So far only saw soul linker usefulness as marriage slave or require 2 of them for their Ka-skills in party scene. Many useless spirit skills and useful spirit skills are cater to dual client (rogue spirit, assassin spirit, crusader spirit, etc) Useless spirit: Wizard spirit - High accessibility to mistress card SG spirit - Even with high accessibility to sniper card, hp drained is hardly mitigated, and in addition we have mobs with reflect shield (Perhaps change to SP drained?) Priest spirit - Increase Holy Light damage??! Might as well continue Heal, Aspersio, TU, or ME Monk spirit - AOE only for combo finish; triple attack(single)->chain combo(single)->combo finish(AOE)->tiger knuckle fist(single)->chain crush combo(single) Hunter spirit - Beast strafing only on brute and insert, and affected by STR Mediocre spirit: Knight spirit - Shield vs parrying, and there are way more better two handed than one handed There are other spirit skills I didn't mention but you get my points. Perhaps also consider to put range limit like devotion to increase actively played soul linker demand in party.
  3. HolyValkyrie

    Plagarism NPC

    Can we add Holy Cross and other skills that can copy through normal means (eg. excluding heal since it requires evil druid carded armor or undead attribute change) to the list? Can't find any willing crusader or paladin whole day... *Before asking me to create a crusader, I do have a paladin but on the same account as the stalker.
  4. Didn't notice different name for Agi Up in item description. Should have search with skill 29 in item script. Thanks for the suggestion!
  5. Thanks a lot! It seems no one selling it. Is it because the duration too short? Looking for cheap alternative other than slave priest and Osiris card.
  6. Do you mean something like authoritative badge?
  7. What items and skills stack with peco peco speed? - Search item script with bSpeedRate in item database? As far as I know Increase Agility works with peco peco. Do all the items and skills stack with each other? - (Peco peco) + Increase Agility + Sleipnir + Moonlight Flower Card + Brazil National Flag Hat?
  8. Lol in the end I leeched myself in Abbey using HP. Progress on Pinguicula was less than satisfying and Rogue felt useless in Odin.
  9. Can you perhaps include map recommendation for water endow Bowling Bash? As Rogue doesn't have Preserve, it's kind of hard to find place to level with Plagiarism skill. Also I find the Double Strafe DPS sub par when compared to Bowling Bash.
  10. Do you guys know any map which gives good exp to 90+ Rogue and won't override Plagiarism? I'm bored with Sleeper and I heard Pinguicula is decent. I have a Kris but not sure if its decent for Storm Gust.
  11. AA (to proc dispell) and Heat at the same time unless I'm wrong that only either AA or Heat can be used.
  12. Hmm, I think I'll go with your suggestion to try out 1 Valk 1st instead of Sniper. At least there is 1 guide showing dispell is workable with SinX in the link you provided whereas none in my knowledge that Sniper manages to outheal the reflected damage. Thanks to all of you for the effort!
  13. Noted that but I think I still go with Queen Scaraba for its general utility (+ damage & HIT) rather than optimal DPS with Baphomet. Since I'll most probably be using Baphomet only for Geffenia and killing off boss minion. Thanks!
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