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  1. Didn't notice different name for Agi Up in item description. Should have search with skill 29 in item script. Thanks for the suggestion!
  2. Thanks a lot! It seems no one selling it. Is it because the duration too short? Looking for cheap alternative other than slave priest and Osiris card.
  3. Do you mean something like authoritative badge?
  4. What items and skills stack with peco peco speed? - Search item script with bSpeedRate in item database? As far as I know Increase Agility works with peco peco. Do all the items and skills stack with each other? - (Peco peco) + Increase Agility + Sleipnir + Moonlight Flower Card + Brazil National Flag Hat?
  5. Lol in the end I leeched myself in Abbey using HP. Progress on Pinguicula was less than satisfying and Rogue felt useless in Odin.
  6. Can you perhaps include map recommendation for water endow Bowling Bash? As Rogue doesn't have Preserve, it's kind of hard to find place to level with Plagiarism skill. Also I find the Double Strafe DPS sub par when compared to Bowling Bash.
  7. Do you guys know any map which gives good exp to 90+ Rogue and won't override Plagiarism? I'm bored with Sleeper and I heard Pinguicula is decent. I have a Kris but not sure if its decent for Storm Gust.
  8. AA (to proc dispell) and Heat at the same time unless I'm wrong that only either AA or Heat can be used.
  9. Hmm, I think I'll go with your suggestion to try out 1 Valk 1st instead of Sniper. At least there is 1 guide showing dispell is workable with SinX in the link you provided whereas none in my knowledge that Sniper manages to outheal the reflected damage. Thanks to all of you for the effort!
  10. Noted that but I think I still go with Queen Scaraba for its general utility (+ damage & HIT) rather than optimal DPS with Baphomet. Since I'll most probably be using Baphomet only for Geffenia and killing off boss minion. Thanks!
  11. Well, some of the gears I already have (FA RSX 😓) so I planned to be as realistically as possible. Regarding the reflected damage. Heat DPS: Valk x2 - 15160 Sniper x2 - 12640 Kasa Reflect Shield lv1 - 13% ATK returned Reflected damage: Valk x2 - 15160 x 13% = 1970.8 Sniper x2 - 12640 x 13% = 1643.2 Sniper - 10% to gain 20% damage as HP Leech (raw calculation) - 12640 x 20% x 40% = 1011.2 Kaahi lv7 - 1400 HP healed Total = 2411.2 If my calculation is correct. Theoretically, dispell is not needed and I might even able to tank 2~3 Kasa if my FLEE is high enough?
  12. I tried with higher STR but its seems either HIT is not enough for Kasa / FLEE is not enough for Salamander / HP is not enough to survive... Noob question, why low STR means low reflected damage because I thought reflected damage is based on damage dealt? Just found out that this build may be viable for 1v1 but will most probably get owned if there are more than 1 monster since the plan is full time heat activation. Thanks for the feedback!
  13. Since there is no opinion available and after a long thinking, I decided to slot the DD main gauche with 2 Queen Scaraba cards. https://calc.talonro.com/?_w43CikEKwoAwDATDn8OlUSpYwrwVw4TDu241NsKmw6DCpcOQw6/Cm8O+w4LCgSHDrG4yOlcqAzcQw4HDpUwSwo9hw49JDgDCpyEhacOTVgzDqMOqLsKtw6bDmsOewrtLZSzDngwvB2omYgLDksO8w5nDscKBfjjCjRDDsR8+ DD build lacks HIT and 3 Queen Scaraba give better stats compare to 2 Turtle General and 1 Phreeoni. If the Kiel works as I visualized, although this takes twice the amount of time to kill compare to Ice Pick (1.6s) this play style will significantly reduce GJ spamming.
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