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  1. fryzh

    injustice card

    umm... I like to make auto attack build with procer effect, I'd like to add this to my procer combination attack without cancel out the autoattack to maximize the build maybe more player will interested to explore this new build imagine auto attack stalker bow using catapult (doble strafe proc) with double attack + triple attack + sonicblow and maybe another proc like bolt or bash and I realize I just a minority who love to use this weird build, so I don't expect much of your attention on this matter
  2. fryzh

    injustice card

    injustice card is the only one of procer card (sonic blow lvl 1) that will interupt auto attack flow, it will be great if you can change this. thanks
  3. fryzh

    B> Alchemy Glove [1] (CLOSED)

    please make it cheap Sent me Pm or Mail Ign: lost snail mad snail
  4. fryzh

    S> Germs

    damn, why are you so cute I lol-ed imagining a Good Blue Germ and a Perfect Green Germ hold some conversation while they're having a cup of coffee
  5. I'm the Snail who loves salt

  6. fryzh

    Good laptop to play TalonRO ?

    welp... that is a system requirtment when first time RAGNAROK released in 2002 now in 2018, which is pc is more advanced than 2002 you can easily play ragnarok with low budget PC, with that much money you play ragnarok dual or triple client at once !! just focus on RAM and video card for smoother game play
  7. fryzh

    The Yule Ball: You're Invited!

    H-3 and there is only 16 songs sugestion/request ? where is the HYPE ? lemme add MORE !! hope you all like it
  8. fryzh

    Lion Egg, Pets, Costumes and some Gears

    toucan egg please how much? lostsnail
  9. fryzh

    Failed to Connect to server

    are you indonesian and use telkom as internet profider ? if yes, then maybe this treads will help you
  10. fryzh

    Pensiun gara2 speedy?

    barusan download + instal betternet di win7... kok betternet ku ga mau connect yah? ada ide?
  11. fryzh

    Failed Connection

    *pake indi home + DNS crypt -> "failed to connect to server" blom nyoba pake koneksi lain sih... ada yg sudah resolve?
  12. fryzh

    event pet doing some 'performance'

    as a player who likes to collect event pets, I'd like to have my cute rare pet say someting cute and do some performance, like the other normal pet... it's kinda let down when event pet can't do anything... no cute text... or just blinking when I tell them to performance...