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  1. B>+0 Valkyrie Helm [Gryphon] / CLEAN.

    Message me here or mail me in-game. IGN: Lord Sean
  2. I have plenty of useful pets. Sadly I'd prefer a different one. Thanks for the insight though.
  3. Not worth it, I guess. Considering this will be the sole lifesteal gear I will have. Oh well. Thanks!
  4. Pretty straightforward question. Is this viable for those long, criting days inside a dungeon or a map far, far away from home? I just figured since all my damage comes from physical attacks, and I have almost 190 ASPD, I'd proc it fast*. I know for a fact it works well with vampsmiths but there are more than a couple life steal gears a vampsmith is wearing and Sniper card probably heals the most. I just want the community's input before I waste time and Zenny trying this. I know it's pretty cheap but I'm not as rich as Attero or Porkey. *I don't read Item script so I have no idea how to translate this into non-jargon percentage. [bonus bNoRegen,1; bonus bNoRegen,2; bonus2 bHpDrainRate,20,5;], [], [] This is my current gear. https://calc.talonro.com/?cawbLbibDbDafaOabaHAlaawlafnfndVaQe5aaaaaaaaakYfdwjeDeutlcltogDmLgdtwh6twh6aaaaaikkaakfaaaaabaaab9aaaaHaaaababadacaa P.S. I chose Succubus to show I have a high critical rate. The Holy enchant is also covered by an HP OR Holy Marching Hat that procs easily with my ASPD. Thanks in advance!
  5. Need advice for CRI sin farm

    Well... If you will just go with a full critical build, you can try my compound. [Turtle General, Turtle General, The Paper, Doppelganger]. Do take note I'm using Twin Fang though.
  6. Twin Fang SinX Thor 1 Guide

    Magnificent guide! About time we have a different perspective about SinX since most here make one for the sole reason to farm at Geffenia. Thumbs up mate. I sure hope to see you in game.
  7. Next Equips for SinX

    If you have an IP[Dop] you would not bother farming at sleepers. It's far more expensive than your LKH + GEC + Infiltrator combined. Just get an ordinary IP[0] and probably a Kindle Dagger if you don't have a slave sage for endow. You would destroy Sleepers in a couple of hits. Keep in mind using 2 daggers has an ASPD penalty. If you're simply gonna normal attack and you have no other strong daggers or any daggger with Dop for that matter to pair with your IP, I'd go pure double attack, though I'd recommend going MA in Sleepers. You have GEC anyways. Use it.
  8. A Lone Assassin Cross's POV

    I beg to disagree. Sure, people just accepted Megs' fate in this server but Megs aren't really class restricted. Probably tweaked Megs because of the SQI's. If you're gonna apply this logic, then Champs would benefit greatly too. Like 50/50 SinX and Champ server?
  9. Aegis Guild Recruiting [Social/High End PvM]

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ We'll just keep waiting for the day Drew pops up out of nowhere.
  10. Which better for Twin fang DDTT or DTTT

    You need a Valkyrie Helm. Sorry forgot to include that. Edit: https://calc.talonro.com/?cawbLbibBbGaIababaMAlaawlafnfndVaQe5aaaaaaaaakYeDwjeDnatlditogDfjgdfLh6fLh6aaaaaikkaakfaabafaaaaaaaabaaab9aaaaHbFaaa Here's what I've been using. But... Mostly end-game gears. Keep in mind I need level 5 Increase AGI to hit 190 ASPD too. Without it, ASPD is 189.5 which is mostly the same thing.
  11. Which better for Twin fang DDTT or DTTT

    You can reach 190 ASPD with one Dop. Using two is a waste. (for me) You'll still be pumping those AGI for FLEE so even with 2 D, you will need to max out AGI. Nevertheless, I'd suggest TTDTp[TG, TG, Dop, The Paper] if you just want to crit. 3 types of the same card has a diminishing return. Some would argue TTT on an Artemis but hey, what else can you put in there for general purposes. Anyway... Try playing with Calc. You will see TTDTh deals more crit damage than TTTD and TTDD provided you can crit most of the time. It's what I've been using for the past 4 years. Crits = Win!
  12. Crit Style: Making the right decisions

    I beg to differ. 2 Celebration Rings vs. 2 Thief Rings? I'd choose Celebs any time. +10 to all stats is a viable addition to any class. Survivability, Flee, Damage, Hit, and a medicore Perfect Dodge. While it is true it is more of a generalist accessory, it's the best accessory next to Brisingamens plus all classes can use and will benefit from Celebration Rings.
  13. sinx farming spots

    Mavkas are good but I'd choose Sleepers. Geffenia takes the number 1 spot for me and Sleepers follow. Why? Simple. For me, Sleepers map is easier to reach. Just have a slave Acolyte for warp and buffs and you're pretty much set. Going back to Moscovia dungeon for me is irksome plus there is an MvP inside.
  14. gefenia SinX need build advice

    I prefer to crit them into oblivion. If you already have the gears then go for it. IP and Excalibur will hasten up your farming speed though. Dragon Set is already one of the best armor picks for Geffenia. Bathory is crucial. Else Mini Demon's JT's will throw you around like a rag doll plus the HP drain of the Succubus will drive you crazy even with Kaahi. For accessories... Celebration Rings are the next best thing to Brisingamens. For Mid, I'd go BK or SK but I'll probably choose BK. Marduk is pretty much useless here plus you're auto-attacking with your gears. Worried about the silence status? Bring some Green pots. I usually bring 10. Deviling will also boost your survivability a lot. If you share your stats and items we can give out a more concrete advise though. What we said are the mere basics.
  15. Help - next gears to buy

    But... But crits. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯