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  1. Any update which is Dagger of Edda thingy?
  2. Any updates with the prizes? can't wait to see them all <3
  3. Ohh wow srsly? I thought it can only be ontained from GM Events like Hide and Seek. Yey I still have the chance to get 1
  4. I think there's a lot more. Only few tried opening their boxes
  5. I think there's another one achi, the Rune Cloth Circlet [1] and Valhalla Idol Costume
  6. KRAKCLES - made out of dried Kraken Legsu ( Tentacles ) IGN : - Cassidy - ORIGINAL PACK : REPACKING :
  7. Hello Guys. How to get an invite? Seems all of the officers are off and all the people in Gonryun is AFK
  8. Whenever I go to Lutie and the town where Antonia is ( Lighthalzen ), I am experiencing a client crash. I already updated my kRO and tried to do "Run as Administrator". What should I do next?
  9. Good point! ___________________________ Nah! I think I can't finish mine on time . Better luck next time :D. Awesome entries guys Good luck to everyone!
  10. Ohhh my god , ohh my god!! I hope I can finish mine on time
  11. Question : Is it possible for us to choose what Tier we want to join? And can we submit 1 Login Screen and 1 Loading Screen?
  12. I'm gonna push my luck whatever happens! This is my first time to draw using paint ( please forgive my drawing and colors please ) hope you appreciate it IGN : - Cassidy - Entry 1 : Poring Family Christmas Tree ( just using paint ) Entry 2: Once Upon A Poring Christmas ( still using paint, kinda loyal with paint lol )
  13. **whew** at last, I was able the get my computer back ! Hello Talonians. Like the other contestants, this is also my first time joining in-game cooking contest. Its been a pleasure for me to show you my skills in cooking. ( but please excuse my plating and photography hahahaha *horrible* ) Since I was a kid, I already have the passion in cooking. However, I don't have the guts to show what I made. Thanks to my friends who gave me the courage to post my entry. I based my ingredients and theme to Halloween and Autumn since its just around the corner. Also I made it beneficiary to everyone ( most especially to those who's in a tight budget like me ) by means of buying cheapest ingredients with good quality Soooo here we goo ... [ Mr. Pumpkin is the most powerful Villain in the city of Geffen. He loves wandering around from town to another to find foods. Once night, he decided to go to Izlude dungeon to hunt something to eat. First, he ate Kukre but he doesn't like the awful taste of it. Second, he ate Marina, unfortunately he also doesn't like the texture of it. He also tried Plankton and Vadon, still his tummy rejected it. Mr. Pumpkin still not giving up. Until he saw a mouthwatering, jelly-like colorful works Hydra. He tasted just one tentacle, but when it touches his tongue, his eyes started to sparkle and giving him a heaven-like feeling. So Mr. Pumpkin decided to have Hydra as his food forever. October 30, 2016 almost Halloween. All the Hydra decided to have a revenge to the so-called Powerful Villain. They poisoned Mr. Pumpkin until it throws up all the tentacles he ate to death ... Main Dish : HYDRA'S REVENGE ( Filipino Style Spaghetti ) INGREDIENTS and DIRECTIONS : FINISH PRODUCT : DRINKS : GOD POURING MOCKTAIL ( non-alcoholic cocktail , very affordable and good for children ) INGREDIENTS and DIRECTIONS : FINISH PRODUCT : DESSERT : MALLOWPPLE O WHISPER SALAD ( for those who has sweet tooth ) INGREDIENTS and DIRECTIONS : FINISH PRODUCT : ALL TOGETHER Hope you enjoy my Cooking Skill EXTRA CHALLENGE : +3 Include a side or follow-up dessert with a full recipe that compliments your main dish. +3 Include a drink with a full recipe that compliments your main dish. (If the drink is alcoholic include a non-alcohol substitute recipe) +3 Post your recipe on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) using #TalonROCookOff#TalonRO and include the screenshot of said social media post in your TalonRO entry. If its not possible to get all +3 TC, I'll change the last one to +2 Write an interesting background/story for the dish (requires 50% thumbs-up from the judges to qualify for prize). #HASHTAG IGN : - Cassidy - OMGEEE !! I tried removing this picture many times, but it still there. It wont go away Just disregard the last pic please. Thanks
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