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  1. Bought a chung e egg for 15m then walked over to the pet vendor to buy a incubator. Right after using the incubator on the egg the egg dissapeared but there was no chung E! Used alt+J to see if maybe it was just a sprite error, logged out, logged back in. It's nowhere to be seen and I have no proof it even existed in the first place. Please assist!
  2. Problem with pally is that to abuse their best elemental skills (holy cross, cursed water bash) you need really high aspd/decent STR, for sacrifice you need really high vit, for shield chain you need really high str and decent dex, for grandcross really high int. On the outside it looks balanced and extremely versatile, but it's just an illusion because they need to one trick pony into a stat in order to make one skill worthwhile. As far as the sacrifice build sure that's viable, but it's not a solo pvper build... even if people only use marc to stop you from freezing them and deviling/thara to reduce sac...you'll likely still feel the damage is underwhelming.
  3. Professional guide by a professional guy in a professional guild. REAL PRO GJ M8
  4. Pretty sure it isn't yet *spanks Edwado*
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