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  1. Buer

    Buying Few Gears

  2. Buer

    Buying Few Gears

    Valk Armor [Ghostring] = 60 m Valk Shield [Toad] = 60 m Proxy [1/Lod/Deviling] = 35/47/57 m Kindly pm me inhere or my IGN: W u n a n
  3. Buer

    Q: Solo MVP is real?

    Thx for the reply n recommendation, sorry for unclear information that given. For now, mybe im just plan for hunting among the easy MVPs around
  4. Buer

    Q: Solo MVP is real?

    Hi guys, need some advice here and here my imagination gears base on my own budget Btw, if possible I would like for spear build type (still not deciding) Head : LKH Mid +1str [BK] ,(or other suggestion?) Gangster Scarf Armor : +FA[Gloom], (or other suggestion?) Garment : DMant[Devi] (or other suggestion?) Weapon : Any idea with this one? 0.o (either 1h or 2h) Shield : SB[Alice] *incase if 1h spear Shoes : Sleipner[GEC] Accessory : 2x Celeb Ring * Mybe i cant have exactly build like u guys but at least gimme some hint
  5. hello guys~ pls correct me if im wrong in gear build for my bio =) headgear : (upper)= kaho (mid)= ESL (mid+1nt) (lower)= rainbow scarf armor : FA+3int[RSX] MP+3int[Marc] * pls suggest anyelse garment : DMant[Devi] DMant[Leak] shield : valk shield[alice] SB[GTB] * shoes : GEC sleipner accessory : 2x Celeb ring weapon : elemental sword[DDx] or Djinn[DDx] * pls suggest anyelse