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  1. I'm sure there are some that can remain quest items, such as the Eleanor wig if implemented. Not many players can accomplish the quest's required to obtain these items - leaving it in the hands of a very few. Because they dont give any player a real avantage but, to make their characters look good.. it should be accessable.
  2. Special Forces

    Costume Shop

    Players should be able to buy elite costumes, such as Rainbow Sigrun Wings, to Red/White Aura, Eleanor wig, ect... From what I know, you get those from winning events. Only a few players get super rich off winning it... If it was implemented, the prices should be very high, as the current prices are right now... (maybe more) This benefits EVERYONE! Just an idea...
  3. When vending, our items should display/be numbered #1-12 when dropped down into vending box. also, when opening someone else's vending shop, the items in it are also numbered. This lets the player know how much he has put in his shop and, how much he has sold without struggling to count. I know it's not big deal, but I'm sure this feature will help...
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