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  1. Thanks Nuggy, this is really adorable. Bellissimo, grazie :D
  2. I'm selling these items: - +8 Orcish Axe [DBSnSn] SOLD - Rideword Hat [Vanberk] SOLD - Hairband of Reginleif [Vanberk] SOLD - Blood Sucker SOLD - +4 Thorn Shield [Hodremlin] SOLD - Horn of the Buffalo [High Priest] - Ring [Hell Poodle] - +4 Diablo Manteau [Raydric] SOLD - +4 Diablo Boots [Green Ferus] - x2 Orlean's Glove [Zerom]
  3. wow nice work, thank you
  4. hehehe Thank you again, you're the best 😁
  5. I'll send it later when I got back at home and ME no MONEH :(, free? a superdiscount of 99.99% ?
  6. slot pls Edit: Oh I already have a slot. Thank you Nuggy <3
  7. Ony I'm sorry that I wasn't that active and didn't see and play with the newcomers in the guild but don't make stereotypes :P, I know how those two players who you are referring at are like, when you told us that one of them even called you just to be leeched and also asked in Line to everyone in the guild chat one by one if they can party up in Thor dungeon, but I think that even though some guild members "hate" them and don't say nothing or do something about their attitude is not about laziness but probably they can tolerate them more than you. When those two players see me online they sometimes ask me to help or leech them but I always decline because I already have something to do or just don't feeling atm to help somebody lol, so what I want to tell is, it's not your fault or your problem and those members that still helping those two even knowing how sneaky they are, that's their own decision to help the two and we can't do nothing about it. I'm sure that the guild finds those two useful in someway so they willing up to help them and you can't say that those two aren't good because they're actually good players (newbie players with a semifull gear in only few months in this server)So Ony, what I already told you in Line, don't leave pls... Not for these two. PS: sorry for my bad English
  8. Azur said it all. As for me, I'll choose one of the two: GEC and Eddga. Maybe Eddga for your first sleipnir and GEC in a normal shoes. now I only use GEC sleipnir because it gives me more hp on my hp
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