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  1. Hi GM Shiris , can i know server type of talon ro? rathena,herc or eathena or others?

    1. GM Radius

      GM Radius

      We're using eathena.

    2. GM Seiren

      GM Seiren

      Like Radius said, we use eAthena, however we have various rAthena parts mixed in. :)

    3. 3lizzard


      hai thanks for the answer because talon ro is an old server.  so i was thinking how do you guys will implement new features such as achievement or navigation.

  2. hi, how do i change the display name?

    1. GM Boreas
    2. rullygames


      i have a problem about the field in game, a lot of black dot as point coordinates in my screen game

      can u help me?

  3. Здравствуйте, подскажите пожалусто почему после регистрации на сайте я не могу зайти в игру под этим логином и паролем?


  4. As the Halloween event continues, Stage 3 is now beginning! Head over to the event thread for the details~ As always, if you experience any major issues let us know with a Support Ticket right away. And if you're still having problems crashing, head on over to the Downloads page and grab the latest installers. Enjoy!
  5. It's baaaaaaack! As we enter the third stage of the battle for Verus, a certain mysterious switch has finally become functional! The Halloween Labyrinth has been shuffled around and returns again by popular demand! Grab 3 of your closest friends and snake your way through the many rooms of the Labyrinth in search of a viable exit, accomplishing a variety of challenges along the way! As always, we're rewarding the party of four with the fastest time, so that means that Competition #4 is now in progress: that brings the total number of grand prize winners up to 13! Keep in mind t
  6. We have compiled some new installers for those who have trouble patching. For those downloading the torrents, once you have downloaded the installers, kindly help us by seeding the torrents! All installers can be found on our downloads page. Downloads Page Thanks! After a rather heated confrontation with Flamel and his forces, we now present Stage 2 of the Halloween event, complete with a third Grand Prize competition for you all! Head on over to the thread for some of the details~ As always, if you find any major bugs or issues, let us know with a Support Ticket ASAP.
  7. With Flamel repelled, the remainder of Verus has been reclaimed! You'll notice a few new things have opened up: The Candyman Challenge has opened up! If you're looking for a way to earn Red Tickets outside of Blackjack, be sure to try out this game; you'll also earn a sizable amount of minigame points for success, to boot! You can now explore deeper inside the laboratory! Be warned, though -- the monsters inside will be quite difficult! A mysterious switch is located in the city...but it doesn't appear to do anything. ...Yet? Flamel's forces may have been pushed out from the m
  8. Take care of yourself, and whatever you do, don't forget to maintain your average velocity wherever your journey may take you! We'll miss you~
  9. Apologies for the delay, whatwith it being a holiday week in the US and all, but here are the winners of the grand prizes for this year's Halloween event! In Geffen's event, the top 3 winners of Red Tickets are: #1 Mini Miny Me #2 Matheine #3 RoyMustang11 In Izlude's event, the top 3 winners of Green Tickets are: #1 Final Heaven #2 DeadlyLoki #3 Wise~ In Rachel's event, the top 3 winners of Blue Tickets are: #1 Carl #2 Thelonious #3 Eri Abriel And the fastest party through the Halloween Labyrinth this year was "geminggeming", with party members: Khaus Rurin Clai
  10. Five hours, but close enough. Exchanging *tokens* from the island will be closed at that time, so make sure to do that. Ticket exchanging and headgear creation are the only things that will remain possible afterward.
  11. The prize distributor will remain live for a good chunk of time after the event is over. As long as you do so in the next few days, you'll be fine.
  12. The Halloween Labyrinth is now open! Krispen's assault this year was very uncharacteristic of him, save for the first year of his appearance, but thanks to the brave efforts of adventurers, we've reached the final stage. With the Krispen army having been staved off and invasions happening less frequently, the celebrations across the land march on. But it appears that far away, a certain tree somewhere in the capital of the Scwharzwald Republic has loosened a mysterious switch.... And now the moment you've all been waiting for.... Competition #4 Party Labyrinth! After three
  13. Monster AGI Up drastically increases a monster's Flee, as well~
  14. Updated the main post with information about the invasions! Looks like Dr. Krispen had something in mind, after all....but it's not quite the fun and games from the previous years. Also, some slight modifications to the Rachel minigames: -Whack-a-Ghostring --Significantly reduced the rate at which "whammies" (penalty Ghostrings) appear --Significantly increased the penalty for whacking a whammy --Reduced consolation prize requirement to 30 points --Set a requirement of 50 points to get a winning prize -Hide-and-Seek --Reduced consolation prize requirement to 5 Porings
  15. It's not; those two are both just flavor NPCs rather than the actual quest trick or treaters. Minor coordinate placement issue~ It'll be fixed soon, but the same NPCs exist in other towns so it's not really a big deal. The actual trick or treaters teleport every minute, anyway, so even if by some unlikely freak accident they end up in an odd location, they'll be somewhere else again in 60 seconds.
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