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  1. Hi GM Shiris , can i know server type of talon ro? rathena,herc or eathena or others?

    1. GM Radius

      GM Radius

      We're using eathena.

    2. GM Seiren

      GM Seiren

      Like Radius said, we use eAthena, however we have various rAthena parts mixed in. :)

    3. 3lizzard


      hai thanks for the answer because talon ro is an old server.  so i was thinking how do you guys will implement new features such as achievement or navigation.

  2. hi, how do i change the display name?

    1. GM Boreas
    2. rullygames


      i have a problem about the field in game, a lot of black dot as point coordinates in my screen game

      can u help me?

  3. Здравствуйте, подскажите пожалусто почему после регистрации на сайте я не могу зайти в игру под этим логином и паролем?


  4. As the Halloween event continues, Stage 3 is now beginning! Head over to the event thread for the details~ As always, if you experience any major issues let us know with a Support Ticket right away. And if you're still having problems crashing, head on over to the Downloads page and grab the latest installers. Enjoy!
  5. We have compiled some new installers for those who have trouble patching. For those downloading the torrents, once you have downloaded the installers, kindly help us by seeding the torrents! All installers can be found on our downloads page. Downloads Page Thanks! After a rather heated confrontation with Flamel and his forces, we now present Stage 2 of the Halloween event, complete with a third Grand Prize competition for you all! Head on over to the thread for some of the details~ As always, if you find any major bugs or issues, let us know with a Support Ticket ASAP.
  6. Take care of yourself, and whatever you do, don't forget to maintain your average velocity wherever your journey may take you! We'll miss you~
  7. Apologies for the delay, whatwith it being a holiday week in the US and all, but here are the winners of the grand prizes for this year's Halloween event! In Geffen's event, the top 3 winners of Red Tickets are: #1 Mini Miny Me #2 Matheine #3 RoyMustang11 In Izlude's event, the top 3 winners of Green Tickets are: #1 Final Heaven #2 DeadlyLoki #3 Wise~ In Rachel's event, the top 3 winners of Blue Tickets are: #1 Carl #2 Thelonious #3 Eri Abriel And the fastest party through the Halloween Labyrinth this year was "geminggeming", with party members: Khaus Rurin Clai
  8. [img width=450] War of Emperium: Second Edition - A(nother!) Special Server Competition - July 29, 2012 || 4:00 - 6:15 GMT + 2 Back by popular demand: the new WoE challenge for guilds across TalonRO - The WoE 2.0 Event! Those familiar with WoE Second Edition know how much this battle involves skill, strategy, and tactics that are quite different from First Edition WoE. Just like last time, we're bringing WoE to you in a focused server-wide event, with a special point system to determine which guilds will reign supreme! We've tweaked the system a bit since last time based o
  9. I'll try not to cry! ...too much... ;_; It's really been a pleasure working with you over the years and it's hard to imagine not having you around! You'll certainly be missed~
  10. While waiting for the soon-coming reboot and event, I've got a little mini-gift for you guys: WoE Videos! I've made highlights videos and full-length footage of the last two WoE sessions that I recorded. If you aren't familiar, I periodically record WoE and post them on my channel: http://www.youtube.com/GMShiris/ To check out the highlights without watching the full two hours of each session, check here: Highlights For last week's big blowout WoE: Vanilla Unrestricted For September's occasional corporate-sponsored comedy WoE: Vanilla Unrestricted Merry Christmas!
  11. Welcome to Stage 3 of the Halloween Carnival! Prize exchanges for stage 2 gold coins will be provided after the end of the event. All 13 grand prize winners will be announced together. Thirteen prizes, you say? Top 3 for competitions 1, 2, and 3....that leaves four more prizes to go! It's been a fun ride, and we've reached the final stage. With the Krisplings fading away and the Krispen family tightly guarding their turf -- sometimes together, no less -- the carnival marches on, but it appears that a certain tree somewhere in the carnival grounds has loosened its mysterious switch.
  12. Oh my gosh, I had forgotten to polish off August's WoE videos! They're all up and done now, though, sooooooo here's the next batch of video footage of August 27/28's vanilla and unrestricted WoE! Highlights Vanilla Unrestricted If you're not up to watching a whole hour or two of pure WoE, check out the Highlights video. I grabbed a bunch of clips and tossed them together in a much-condensed form. You won't see every emp rush, every capture, or every...anything, but you'll get a full video of entertainment of some sort! ...I hope, anyway~ Additionally, since I was a little late g
  13. And now it always will. You will certainly be missed, Sherlock Seri.
  14. Got some great footage, especially during unrestricted WoE! Videos will be up sometime in the coming week~
  15. Just so everyone's aware, I'll be recording video of vanilla and unrestricted WoE again next weekend! This time around, in addition to the nearly-full-hour video sequences, I'll be compiling a shorter video with highlights from each round, as well. So just like last time, if you want to promote your guild or pop up in some official TalonRO material, make sure to be there for WoE next weekend! As always, more to come~
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