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  1. baleno

    Hope someone teaches me how to be in geffenia farm.

    For geffenia you definitely need ice pick for your dagger .. because succubus / incubus has high defense. Other options (way more expensive) is sherwood bow, carded with 2 turtle general and 1 thanatos card (bypass 30% enemy defense)
  2. baleno

    Confused...Please give some advice..

    +1 to brisingamen .. my question is better put Sting or Ifrit on the Bris ?
  3. baleno

    Need advice for CRI sin farm

    I read it somewhere *forgot the source* that better put M (mobster) rather than Tg (turtle general) in specialty jur. Its different from twinfang where Tg is better than M, correct me if im wrong Other said to put P (the paper) to add more dmg with crit. So I guess the card combo would be like: DDMM or DMMM or DMMP
  4. baleno

    Farmer: Stalker or SinX?

    As farmer .. id say almost equal.. however i like the fact that i can kill all the monsters there without sweating. It helps me alot when I feel angry and want to bash everything that gets in my way ... lol. Now, here comes the fun fact ... with stalker you can copy skills. Mostly people copy bowling bash, combo with sherwood bow + bonuses, yeah it really is strong. But you can also copy storm gust, just for fun though. I used to copy SG during the big party and finished the frozen mobs with double strafe. Another skill that really helps me I think is Intimidate. With the skill i can jump into a crowd of mobs in geffenia, and "abduct" the succubus/incubus which I intended to kill. You can't do that with sinX, as your option is to backslide or fly away
  5. baleno

    Twin Fang SinX Thor 1 Guide

    very cool guid.. congrats! can this be tweaked for other places such as odin and DG?
  6. baleno

    Desert Dojo ~ [Social & PvM]

    invite me pls...
  7. baleno

    Geffenia faming w/ IP[1]

    +1 for IP doppel. Spamming BB, either using sherwood or IP is exhausting for me. I eventually go back to autoattack asper with IP. Especially with IP[doppel] it become more fun now
  8. baleno

    newbie mau farming

    Kalo assassin enaknya farming pake skill soul breaker atau meteor storm. Tapi itu job assassin cross Kalo farming dengan equip sederhana paling enak ya rogue atau stalker terus copy skill tripple attack
  9. baleno

    Personal Banners!

    Nice one Ray, thanx for the banner
  10. baleno


  11. baleno

    S>Calibre Seal Services [CLOSED]

    great service, fast execution (less than 1 hr)... i hope u would open the service again
  12. baleno

    how to increase meteor assault damage

    is it possible doing MA with only 1 weapon on 1 hand (while the other might carry a shield)?
  13. baleno

    kk ikut guild indo dong :(

    Ini tante Silv yg biasa nongkrong di Jawaii ya?
  14. baleno

    S>Calibre Seal Services [CLOSED]

    PM me pls .. i want to get seals service