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  1. IGN: -Damo- Word count: 200 Entry No. 1 The 3.7mil Deviant Diablos Manteau Hide contents Chaos ensues as hundreds of us scatter across the dark plains of a town inhabited by ghosts, walking trees, and a demon on a knight. I scurry to a dark, hidden path covered by trees and branches in the town of Niflheim. My heart is racing and I start to lose my mind as I see my friends and frenemies being ruthlessly slain by what appears to be a Boitata in NifIheim?! I am sitting down on my knees, praying, “Please don't let Boitata find me!” As soon as I open my eyes from my prayer, I see the raging Boitata with fury in its eyes coming towards me... I become completely frozen with exponentially increasing heart palpitations. For some unbeknownst reason, the Boitata does not spot me and leaves. Ecstatic that I am still alive, I yell at the top of my lungs, “Thank the Loli Ruri gods! For they have heard my prayers!” All of a sudden, a message shows up at the top of the clear night sky, "Do not let Death find you. There is 1 minute left!" The 1 minute feels equivalent to the time I killed Sleepers for a month to sell great natures, excruciatingly long. So I close my eyes praying to the Loli Ruri gods again... Another message shows up at the top of the clear night sky, "Time is up! Come to the middle of town, where you will be vastly rewarded for being chosen by the Loli Ruri gods!" Feeling ecstatic, I rush to the middle of Niflheim to be greeted by none other then GM Alura, GM Azul, and GM Kite. I am requested to deal and given the almighty combination of Old Blue Box, Old Orange Box, and Chiqita's Jewelry Box! "I am now one step closer to killing those cute Succubus and Incubus in Geffenia to sell diamond rings! I must sell my +4 Deviant Diablos Manteau to get myself the +4 Deviant Dragon Manteau and +4 Evil Dragon Vest combo!" Feeling like I am about to ascend to a whole new level, I rush to vend my +4 Deviant Diablos Manteau but in my haste, I leave out a 0 and vend it for 3.7mil, which is immediately bought by a lucky stranger. This is the story of the 3.7 mil Deviant Diablos Manteau.
  2. Is anyone else having problems with the Easter Basket quest? I gave the NPC 50 Easter Eggs and then she told me to talk to Anna, who will be in the minigames but I have yet to find her anywhere. Is this a bug?
  3. Casual Date at Midgard Camp~ IGN: Kendo Master
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