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    Cheer me up (card hunting stories)

    This happened 2 years ago. I was on my way to the Succubus map in Geffenia when I saw a Mysteltainn. I killed it thinking "meh might as well get the biotite" because I like collecting rocks, but instead I got a card. I didn't know how much it was worth until after I finished farming. I checked its price, but they were all slotted in sleipnirs, tidals, etc. Then I went to check its price from the Reward Guru, and it BLEW MY MIND that it costs as much as other MVP cards like GTB. I got my first celeb ring after selling it. This was my luckiest card drop in this server so far. Like what others said, you need to DESIRE the more common drops, and the game will troll you by giving you the card.
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    Why im back playing this game?

    Welcome to tRO! You should buy a GEC card because it totally help with sp issues, so it can make farming easier and faster. It only costs 12 coins. Put it on sandals so that other classes can use it too.