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  1. Yoshimi

    Nheki Draws

    3 for me, please!!
  2. Yoshimi

    oh hai :V [FULL]

    If there is another, me too, please!
  3. May I have a slot for waist up, if there is any left? Thank you!
  4. A late welcome! Your use of shading is amazing, and I love how even your monochromatic works have depth
  5. @Heavn, hope you like it! edit: forgot the bubblegum Passing my turn to someone else.
  6. Your artworks are lovely May I be added to your waitlist for two artworks?
  7. Omg that pixel art is just simply amazing Thank you again for this Ayu!!
  8. Yoshimi

    Nheki Draws

    @Nheki OMG SHE LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!! Sending payment in a bit!!!!
  9. Yoshimi

    Nheki Draws

    @Arcadia 🌸 Please teach me fast typing AHHAHAH @Nheki OMG!!!!! Thank you Please tell me if I should send refs
  10. Yoshimi

    Nheki Draws

    Me please!! ;; edit: @Arcadia 🌸 too fast
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