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  1. Eyyyyyyy

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    2. Yoshimi


      You say good morning, when it's midnighttt /lv 

    3. Mikae


      Eyy bby.

    4. Yoshimi


      Eyy b0ss 

  2. I suddenly woke up and knew I had to post this on your profile, so I pretended to be hungry and ran to my room like the Flash and..



  3. u_u

    endless eight.gif

    1. Yoshimi


      In my hardcore weeb days I used to be soooo obsessed with her and imitated her a lot. Growing up and rewatching made me realize how annoying she was (and I was. Ahahaha)

    2. Mikae


      Excuse me, do you have a moment to talk about our great lord and savior Haruhi? :^))

    3. Yoshimi


      Nagato > Haruhi 

      Look at that face. Her alien and human forms are top-notch cute ;__;


  4. Spoiler


    This broke my heart. </3 Esp. since glasses > everyone else. /sob 

    1. Yoshimi


      YESSSS OMG, he even accepted defeat so graciously too /sob

      A really good character who deserves nothing less than the best /sob 

  5. One of the best ending songs this season And one of the best openings:
  6. /stalks aggressively


    1. Mei Magnolia

      Mei Magnolia

      /stalks aggressively #2



    2. ~Lozaki~


      *eats fatori chan intensify* 

    3. Yoshimi
  7. *eats Fatori-chan* D:

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    2. ~Lozaki~


      *Throws Fatori chan to fight against hell poodle* 

      Fatori Chan                 VS                        Hell Poodle


    3. Tainaka Ritsu
    4. Yoshimi


      /omg I can never kill a Hell Poodle huhu, their sound when dying is so heartbreaking! /sob 

  8. When your door is the only surface the paint-friendly masking tape can stick to...

    Walls, you have failed my masking tape. /sob


  9. *eats nitori-chan* :D

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