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  1. I suddenly woke up and knew I had to post this on your profile, so I pretended to be hungry and ran to my room like the Flash and..



  2. One of the best ending songs this season And one of the best openings:
  3. /stalks aggressively


    1. Mei Magnolia

      Mei Magnolia

      /stalks aggressively #2



    2. ~Lozaki~


      *eats fatori chan intensify* 

    3. Yoshimi
  4. When your door is the only surface the paint-friendly masking tape can stick to...

    Walls, you have failed my masking tape. /sob


  5. When you accidentally send a picture of someone's BL-ish cosplay to your groupmate... RIP normal, quiet girl reputation, welcome weeaboo weirdo reputation... /dum

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    2. Yoshimi


      @Sachi: Oh, I'm in uni now though haha, but we encounter more people who really are, let's say, more carried away with their hobby.. I'm sorry if I wasn't able to reply promtly, but I hope you had a decent time there :o And I see.. At least you were able to be confident in your interests! *admiration overload /sob* And thank you for your advice and for coping with me.. ;;

      True.. Sometimes I'd see men with oversexualized 2D girls on their shirts (we're in a Catholic institution btw...) or the typical guy who talks about this trending ecchi anime aloud and.. There are actually people who take pride in watching lewd shows in our library..., that makes me understand why "normal" people seem to have difficulty in making friends with or understanding people who like anime although generalization is wrong.


      @~Lozaki~: Thank you! ^_^

    3. Sachi


      You're welcome! That's pretty horrible though, watching adult material in a public area? Ew. No wonder anime afficionados have a bad rep there. =( Being confident and having pride in your interests comes with time, usually. You just have to accept that it's totally normal, and after that it's a breeze. xD

    4. Yoshimi


      I know, right.. :/ Hopefully those people would know their boundaries and respect the fact that we are in a Catholic university.. Things like those have their special time and place.

      Thank you again for your advice! I hope to someday be emotionally and mentally strong like you /sob 

  6. I wish I joined my uni's Japanese professional organization when I was a freshman. They're holding super fun events and I think I'm missing out on a lot. :( 

  7. Hearing stories about MvPs and GMCs really inspires me to earn more money. I hope to be a part of my wife's party someday as a pro high wizard. /sob 

  8. I regret eating those super large onion rings. /wah

    1. ~Lozaki~


      sharing is caring <3

    2. Yoshimi


      I would've given you the entire pack. :o The rings were as large as a hand and there were like 10 in one paper bag?!

  9. /sob


    I really need an art buddy who can help me critique my WIPs...

    1. kez


      Come to google hangouts. https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/event/cnduavaqkduthia410d10fd689g

      Everyone is happy to critique your work and give you pointers (aka Moo) lol

    2. Yoshimi


      Hi! I'm there, please tell me if I need to leave qq

    3. ~Lozaki~


      memememe, send me in progress work, i can help :D

  10. Sorry if I am flooding this section!


    I dreamt that we here existed near the end of an apocalypse, and we all made our characters after our experiences. I remember a girl requesting me to draw one of her OCs that reminded her of her sister who turned into a zombie.. And another of her boyfriend who had the same fate. And it was so sad and horrifying and painful. I woke up in intervals and tried to sleep, but ended up going back to the same dream. Other people's characters were about themselves fighting on (most of their characters were LKs or Pallys) and it kinda gave me hope despite the ugly situation.


    I honestly have to stop reading horror stories. I hope I can sleep tonight and the nights after.

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    2. Gemini


      I imagine myself just hanging w/ my zombie self in a donut shop forever. :3

      Don't mind me post-apocalyptic zombie world, I am content w/ where I am. /heh


      I do have various zombie dreams though, one involves climbing a cell tower, hoping to reach the helicopter cuz the pilot's all 'hell no we ain't gonna lower our altitude, go find some high ground!'. good times. I haven't dream that in a while, maybe I need to watch more zombie films.

    3. Yoshimi


      That sounds so scary and exciting!! I wish I had those kind of horror dreams instead haha


      Ironically, I did not read zombie stories that afternoon, just ghost ones :o 

      If I may, I'd recommend you to read these stories! They are amazing and some a bit unnerving though..


    4. ~Lozaki~


      i ish too scared to watch more horror stuff D: too old for this T_T

  11. I honestly despise having colds.. I don't like to drink my medicine not because I'm some rebellious teenager but because I am deathly scared of swallowing pills. I know this sounds ridiculous especially because of my age but really.. I get really anxious whenever I try to swallow even cut out pieces of them. Sometimes some pieces would make me choke and it's really bad having to deal with this silly phobia. Not my fault my freaking throat decides the cut out pills are too sharp and solid!! /ag I wish there's something like a medicinal syrup for us. orz

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    2. Yoshimi


      Hmm, you could try doing what I'm trying to do right now! :D

      1. Cut pill into 8 pieces. Make sure that they're small enough and you're comfortable with them! Having to bite them off when realizing that they're too big and sharp when it's too late is torture /hum
      2. Make sure that you're going to use very cold milk or chocolate (I recommend Cowhead. It blocked out a very bitter pill for me and I've been worshiping it ever since /heh ) as a numbing thing for your taste buds.
      3. Have a ripe mango or something sweet like a cake just in case the gross tastes manages to get to you!


      That sounds really horrible!! qq I hope you won't have to drink some meds soon. /panic


      *sighs melodramatically*

      Oh.. The life of a healthy person.. /heh 

    3. Mikae


      It's not that bad... I think I'm just exaggerating things.. but the thought of me having an issue like this at my age still amuses me, I don't know if that made sense.

      And Ooohh, these tips are pretty neat, I actually never thought of doing any of these before, will definitely try them out once I need to.

      Just hoping it won't be anytime soon. lol Thanks again, kappa-chan!! /no1

    4. Yoshimi


      Same! I just hope that people realize that we have our own definition of "normal" qq




      You are welcome! /ok 


    Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to join your raffle!!! /sob /sob /sob/sob/sob  




    1. 132


      You're very welcome Nitori-chan! :'3 And I'm super glad you liked it! ^q^ Thanks for joining, too. /kis Looking forward to my HP, as well! O/

    2. Yoshimi


      Ahh thank you again!! I feel so very fortunate to receive an art from you /sob 

      I will do my best!!! 

    3. jessu


      This is absolutely adorable!! :o

  13. qqqqqqq It's so scary being alone and awake at 4.55am /wah

  14. My small group of friends from my freshman block invited me to a hangout session. ;____; I feel so happy because even though I shifted to another college (not another university; here we have different colleges within a uni like College of Business, College of Engineering, etc..), they still haven't forgotten me. /sob


    I feel so thankful right now because I never thought that I'd mean that much to them. /lv 

    Also, I feel happy because I actually have a social life, contrary to my family's beliefs.

    Thank heavens for them, too. I really need to unwind after a very stressful week.

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    2. Yoshimi


      Darn ;; Why not try to initiate a conversation with them?

    3. [Jaime]


      I did. Lol. But yeah, it's okay. Anyway, enjoy :D  

    4. Yoshimi


      You need better friends! Those people aren't worth your time  ;;

  15. I should be studying... Ack.. Statistics is so hard. :Abs:


    I want to pass this subject but I want to draw at the same time. /sob 

    1. Gemini


      I remember barely passing that subject in college. Ahue.

      Good luck!

    2. Yoshimi


      Ahh thank you so much! ;;;;;;

  16. AAAAAAA I just received the cutest art of my OC!! /awsm I really want to commission the artist again but I don't know if she's still opening some slots.. /sob 

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