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  1. herro

  2. In memory of our character styles last Christmas 2014 IGN: Caia Reign
  3. Made a new review and deleted my old one
  4. xD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEeD4KwfNrY
  5. I LOLed so hard xD IGN: Averin
  6. I thought it was funny hehe IGN: Averin
  7. LOL entry bro~ /heh /no1 /no1 *two thumbs up* for effort!
  8. Yay~ LOL! XD Now I'm tempted to buy Reward Services just to get a free mount (never tried either before) << Was too lazy to level and busy with other stuff during 12x bonus week so am glad that it got cut short and there will be another bonus event in the 'not too distant future' lelz (And my bro couldn't use it much coz he spent most of the week with his parents... with no Internet XD) /lv The new butterfly barrette costume >//////< And I got a spring rabbit ears costume as a present! It's a lot of fun! Thanks to all the GMs for their hard work! /ok
  9. Looking forward to using the new hairstyles /slur
  10. *ehem* This is a DUEL ok? No laughing! /pif IGN: Averin
  11. I'm NOT going to write a review in RMS..... /gg Because I already wrote one last month /ok I will definitely remember to write one again in 6 months and remind my friends. /lv
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