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  1. Price check please for +0 to +4 FA [Str+ 3] or with Gloom Card
  2. I’m currently farming my SinX in Geffenia using my Deviling Hood. For the upgrade, i’m thinking of an end game garment. What do you suggest for general usage? I’m also using an LK farming in abyss. Proxy Skin Fragment or Diablos Manteau?
  3. Hi, Please send me the price for the 4 seals. Thanks.
  4. Hello, could send me your price for the 4 seal quest? Thanks,
  5. Hello, could you send me the price for the 4 seal quest? Thanks
  6. Yahh, that's what i do. I'll try new method to transfer it as fast a i can. Thanks Dre!! Do you sell your mastela in NPC or to a Player?
  7. Maybe ill try it next time, but people now know that im there. Ill just go in the woods instead
  8. I'll hide myself in the deepest woods of nowhere
  9. Is there a way i can save time transferring rings to a merchant so i can sell it with overcharge?
  10. Hi, B>Ice Pick [Clean] or B>Ice Pick with 2/Fighter lvl 5 or 6 Mail Me in-game or Comment Below Thanks! IGN: DevilFluffy
  11. Hi, I just need your advise for the laptop i will be buying soon if ever is this good to run TalonRO. I do have a bit knowledge with the specs but not so much. So please help me with this. Can this laptop run this game smooth? Advance thank you
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