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  1. Suno Fury

    oh sorry, my wife account was log in when i reply this, that natasha is me
  2. Suno Fury

    i'veen doing the same but nothing, should i really be 99/99 with 9999999 exp?
  3. Suno Fury

    i've reading those topics, but i cant activate my fury, been trying for hours now still nothing
  4. Suno Fury

    Hi guys, can someone help me to do fury on my suno? i max my xp to 999... as well as job to 99, i keep trying to type the secret four phrases but still i cant activate my fury. Anything i missed? Thanks
  5. B>Mjol DBSn 150m

    bought, thanks
  6. B>Mjol DBSn 150m

  7. Enchanted DTS

    Guys, i came back from long vacation and new with few upgrade. Can someone tell me the max enchant for DTS?
  8. S>+8Nibel[clean] 2.5B

  9. S>+8Nibel[clean] 2.5B

  10. S>+7Nibel[QTT] 1.3B

    bump make it 1.2B
  11. S>+7Artemis Bow 1.5B

  12. S>+7Nibel[QTT] 1.3B

  13. S>+7Artemis Bow 1.5B

    pm here or mail ign Hakubu
  14. B>+7 VH [1] & +7 Sleip[1] CLOSED due to Meiadrir

    1 year of buying? :p