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  1. Suno Fury

    oh sorry, my wife account was log in when i reply this, that natasha is me
  2. Suno Fury

    Hi guys, can someone help me to do fury on my suno? i max my xp to 999... as well as job to 99, i keep trying to type the secret four phrases but still i cant activate my fury. Anything i missed? Thanks
  3. Suno Fury

    i'veen doing the same but nothing, should i really be 99/99 with 9999999 exp?
  4. Suno Fury

    i've reading those topics, but i cant activate my fury, been trying for hours now still nothing
  5. B>Mjol DBSn 150m

    bought, thanks
  6. B>Mjol DBSn 150m

  7. Enchanted DTS

    Guys, i came back from long vacation and new with few upgrade. Can someone tell me the max enchant for DTS?
  8. S>+8Nibel[clean] 2.5B

  9. S>+8Nibel[clean] 2.5B

  10. S>+7Nibel[QTT] 1.3B

  11. S>+7Nibel[QTT] 1.3B

    bump make it 1.2B
  12. S>+7Artemis Bow 1.5B

    pm here or mail ign Hakubu
  13. S>+7Artemis Bow 1.5B

  14. B>+7 VH [1] & +7 Sleip[1] CLOSED due to Meiadrir

    1 year of buying? :p
  15. Wanna add 200m?for +7arte?


  16. S>+7Artemis Clean

    Find me in pronmail, or mail me your offer Hakubu
  17. S>+7Artemis Clean

    up last two pieces
  18. S>BALLISTA 17m

  19. 2 account but different person question?

    if your tc from vote and your wife tc from vote are always merging in one game account after accumulation and your wife or friend forum account doesnt have char, or might have a char but not active as you do. then it might be fishy. most probably you are the same person and just cheating. TC ^^
  20. S>+7Artemis Clean 1.55B

    pm or mail IGN Hakubu
  21. S>+7Artemis Clean 1.55B

  22. ET/GMC/MVP

    with kuchiyose no jutsu they can summon and ride gamabunta /heh
  23. S>+7Artemis Clean 1.55B

  24. S>+7Artemis Clean 1.55B