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  1. Also I would like to report that the Pitch "Dark Evil Druid Hat" is missing the slot.
  2. Sounds absolutely fair. Thank you.
  3. Oh I didnt know that..Thanks, I will check it out.
  4. On Racas Forest Hunting grounds: - Maybe we can remove happy hour cool down but lower ticket drop rate and Increase kill for points? It's kinda hard to commit to playing the event with the one hour cooldown in place. - I think the Nightmare MVP points are a bit too much. Maybe around 1k to 1.5k as people seem to be killing it everytime it's up. Intermediate Boss seems to be in a good place and I think it's fair for the Nightmare MVP points to be 3x and or 5x more. - I also think the monsters in Intermediate and Nightmare dispels a little but too much. - Lastly and this is important imo, could it be possible to change the account bound costumes to forum account costumes? Some of us have diff chars in diff accounts and would love to transfer these unique costumes around to our other characters. Would like to know everyone's opinion on above stated points. Additionally, Thank you for an Awesome Halloween. The effort really shows.
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