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  1. Liv

    Himitsu |

    Aaaawww sooo prettyyy <3 *hopes for another raffle in the future* Gratz to the winner :3
  2. Liv

    Himitsu |

    I will pick number 17 :> This is probably the most messy reference ever, never done this before XD Personality: Pet loving girl, talkative, energic Eye color: Brown, black or pink (feel free to choose :3) Could my pet Spooky be added too? ^.^
  3. Liv

    Musician's art :>

    https://soundcloud.com/user-786473684/gonryun-theme Here is my Gonryun theme, Im still having troubles with this cause it got some tough finger styles XD Anyway, I hope you guys like it. Currently studying niflheim (a tough one too)
  4. Liv

    Pictures Of Players

    @Eirinn Aaw but you are prettier I love your pink hair atm :3 suits you so well ^.^
  5. Liv

    Pictures Of Players

    Ooooh~ GM Cherri, you look so pretty *0* We got so many good looking players here :3
  6. Liv

    Musician's art :>

    Im pretty busy with school atm, but I finished some sheets for melodic instruments. I will share them here Flute is written in C, so if you play clarinet try transpose it for your own instrument :3 These sheets are made by myself, with the midis of www.ratemyserver.net and the program GarageBand I hope you like it ^.^ PS: I got also piano sheets Niflheim Theme: Gonryun Theme (Not So Far Away): Edit: The sheets are only for OWN purpose
  7. So many good artists here <3 Someone teach me drawing plz xD
  8. Liv

    Musician's art :>

    Aaaw guitar :> I love that instrument :3 So you don't play anymore? Hokie :> Yeah I want to make it perfect but I guess its more important to put more feeling inside it :3 Thanks for the tip ^.^ Oooooh I love this version, it really makes me remember my orchestra :3 You can make new thread if you want, but I don't mind if you share it here ^.^ Or just do both?
  9. Liv

    Musician's art :>

    Oooh this one really gives me that arabic feeling with dancers in those multicolored clothes and open belly and lot of jewelry :3 I love those different styles ^.^ So peaceful and sad at the same time </3 Thanks a lot for sharing it with me Wormi ^.^ And thanks for the metronome :> Thanks a lot *blush* I will try to record some without the original BGM after my exams :> Yeah, I see a lot of people doing that in my orchestra. I should give it a shot! ^.^ May I ask what instrument you play GM? :3 I would love to know (or maybe even hear) :> Thanks for the tips everyone <3
  10. Liv

    Musician's art :>

    Ooh yeah, maybe I can find basic drum kit with lower bpm :> Rip I always find it hard to stay in temp, but I'mma work on it! I really love your work, I hope we can play something like that with my orchestra, I just need to find sheets for all kinds of instruments to play it with my orchestra :> You made that in a midi file? And other musicians, feel free to share your musics too :>
  11. Liv

    Musician's art :>

    Hello guys~ I will tell first a bit about myself ^.^ I'm a 17-year-old girl, with a big passion for music and RO. I play flute for 2.5 years now and I just started piano (0.5 years). I don't have piano lessons yet sadly, but I hope I can have them soon. I love creating sheets of the BGM of RO. I also want to share some of my work :> Let me make one thing clear: I am no professional, I just love making music. I know there will be people who dislike my work, but I share it for the people who will like it. I also wanna encourage other people to share their music with me too :3 Music is the best when we can share it with each other right? ^.^ So don't doubt, share your musics here with other musicians, all kind of music is welcome :> PS. Tips for improving are always welcome tho, I want to get better in making music :3 Here is a part of my Aldebaran Theme on piano, still practicing tho: Aldebaran Theme - Piano And on my flute a part of Prontera Theme (damn, so hard to record clear notes for flute :<): Prontera Theme - Flute Currently, I'm working on Wanna Be Free and The Purity of Your Smile :3 I also made some sheets for piano, but you can use the melody notes for any instrument :3 I hope you guys like it ^.^
  12. Liv


    Woah, er zijn hier Nederlanders!!! Nu vraag ik me af of er mensen van hier naar Tomofair gaan in Nijmegen aankomende zaterdag *v*
  13. Woaaaah congratz @timeofro Seeing you guys together makes me smile :3 Anyway, looking forward to have another WoE with you guys ^.^ - Liv Crimson X
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