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  1. Try right click and "run with intel HD graphics".. If ur pc has inbuilt graphics card too..
  2. B L U

    Hindi (Indian)

    Yea.. Bit inactive but.. Still
  3. B L U

    Hindi (Indian)

    bhai ... some add me to whatsapp group .... 9650296361
  4. Its between 90m to 110m from last 3 years ... ip[1]
  5. For sb champ I use Silk robe with vit enchant..
  6. Next best move is to farm Archer skeleton card , slot it into ur elven bow and keep ur bow in storage for emergency use... Always do HBQ and use R.Ballista always.. Next is to go and do quest for Dragon Set ( u will get lots of zeny/exp from the quest/hunting),Enchant ur d Vest with Agi+3 or aspd+3% or dex+3 farm porcellio card and stemWorm/dragon tail card and use it in ur dragon set next farm Stings , odins,anolians,medusa etc .... then sell ur gloves and buy 2x celebs ( with ur voting points and zeny) once u have all above items and aprox 150m zeny , start farming for ur SQI upgrades get good guild and do sqi quests and make ur Arty ... ( use TTT cards in ur first arty) Now u can solo most of MvPs, even which r rated as high difficulty,.. (link is here) , Search for forums , and u will get many cool topics which will help u with ur Sniper ...
  7. Elemental arrows don't work but All status arrows work with grimtooth.. I think holy arrows work too(5% more damage to demons) .. But I am not sure..
  8. Hello I am inactive in game for now.. But may I ask if these costumes are tradable or account bound? I mean can I buy them later?
  9. Long back I farmed Medusa for 6-8 months and got zero cards...
  10. B L U


    There is no perfect build or gears which can make ur sniper all rounder. Best u can do is to swap gears for crit DS and ss build.. And arrange ur stats so that least amount of stats are wasted... Following general purpose gears are required... Kaho, valk gryphon AGI mid bk and Gryphon Vajra Dragon set with +3 dex or AGI /Gloom. Dragon tail and stem worm SS gloom Sleip myst 2x ifrit bris 3x turtle ak and QS arty with general bonus. Also get agi+2 and dex+1 foods to reach bonuses..
  11. I think u should keep TTT as it's only card combination that is all purpose.. Works in every condition.. AkAkTh and AkAkRace should be your next option.. For a equipped sniper, u don't need to crit normal mobs to kill them..
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