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  1. Make gypsy, make hp make sniper make hw.. Make all chars... Play the char which is required by party... Enjoy the game.. 💃
  2. Hi how much for arty? Almost Serious buyer here.
  3. Can't even make a +7 hood in my entire tro career. I have very bad luck with this guy. Hoping to trigger/exploit an unknown bug, I tried everything, from spamming "enter key" more than 3 times a second, using priest buff, and yes changing cell position, also trying to upgrade just after server reboot.. No luck 🍀.
  4. Artys still not sold.. 😊 Have you concidered donating them.. You will get a lot of goodwill.
  5. B L U

    CH O/

    Floating leg pic plox
  6. Moscovia has more crowd mostly low to mildly equipped players so there is less chance to kill mobs and get loot.. Since that place lacks old players, generally speaking, standard of ethics is low.. Lots of ks and Bs talks... Geffinia has seasoned and veteran players, more mobs to kill, higher chances to get rare loots... Old players there will never ks you instead u get lots of help including buffs.. Geffinia is faster to reach than moskivia. So old players prefer Geffinia over moskivia.
  7. B L U

    Name of Champions

    What about Mr, angry, evil,cool, sexy? Mr. Poring Angry creamy Evil picky Cool lunatic Sexy bathory 😂
  8. B L U

    B> evang [dracula]

    Ur price please
  9. May i buy +7 arty I am rich, I have 300m 😘
  10. Ok i mean when compared to snipers... 😊
  11. Hunter can't farm, that's the truth. Focus on becoming a sniper asap. Soloing to 99 without proper gears and places like prison is tough.... Join Odin / abbey party whenever u can.. When alone lvl up at high orcs(they are best for solo lvling) Once u r a sniper, u r best money making machine.. Get rental ballista, dragon set combo, bunny Slippers, bradium brooch string etc (cheap and very good for new sniper) and start farming for gloves earrings brooches etc, medusa string card too.. U will be rich pretty soon... And don't forget most important thing for a player on ragnarok..... A good pvm guild...
  12. B L U

    S> Aloe (bulk only)

    Hey already made a deal for 150m.. Waiting for buyer to come online
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