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  1. GM Seiren

    Buffs NPC or Auto-Buffs @ BG

    Changed Status to Declined
  2. GM Seiren

    Buffs NPC or Auto-Buffs @ BG

    Eh, kind of defeats the purpose of bringing a support class no? Let's not make more classes useless.
  3. GM Seiren

    January updates

    2019 has arrived to TalonRO! A new year is here - and we hope that everyone is starting it off well and having fun! 2019 is about to be a banner year on TalonRO, and we're delighted to reveal some incredible new content in the coming weeks and months that we have been working on! We're also looking forward to our upcoming seasonal events and further updates as we embark into 2019 - TalonRO's twelfth year! For now, we hope that you enjoy the following regular additions to enhance your gaming experience. Read on below for this month's latest updates and gameplay changes - and happy gaming! Winter is here once again, and with it the Winter Scarf Quest returns to TalonRO! This immensely popular event lets you have the opportunity to make your own fashionable scarf for the winter months. The great roaming master tailor, Von Claude, has been gaining inspiration for his next designs. Once again he has settled in the city of Hugel. He has been particularly inspired by the newest animated fashions and also vibrant varieties of costumes that are cropping up lately. "2019's fashion forward crowd will really love what I have in store this season" Von Claude was recently heard sharing with a team of Kafra Agents. Coveted all over Rune-Midgard, the designs of Von Claude are unequaled in their elegance and functionality. His friend, Olgov, has been working on creating fields of inspirations for Von Claude's next winter collection. As his scarves are in high demand, Von Claude requires only the finest ingredients for his masterful creations. However, the work is worth it - the new Winter Collection from Von Claude is without equal. His new collection of scarves include: The return of the Traditional Striped Scarf - a classic Midgardian favorite. Straight Scarves, which were in popular demand! Von Claude x Olgov designs have brought back the smash hit, the Waving Long Scarf. The Nekomimi Cape. A cute cape that will surely keep you warm, available in three colors! The NEW Stoles! This year's hottest accessory, featured in distinct, fashion-forward choices, these stoles will turn the average novice into a haute couture wonder! Because of the demand for these high-quality items, the newly-added costumes will not be easy to make. After all, Von Claude x Olgov wouldn't want to skimp on the quality, right? Fortunately, by popular demand, the quest is now repeatable. You no longer need to use different characters in order to make more scarves! Just like winter itself, this quest won't last long! This quest will be available through the winter months. Winter Scarf making will end on March 20th. Our latest Tam Tam's Gift Region includes a visit to familiar favorites with the addition of Payon fields and dungeon levels four and five! The classic call of the Payon field are too great to resist - full of wonder and nostalgia, there's nothing like these original areas to stir up a sense of adventure! Plus, venture deep into the Payon Dungeons this month with extra bonuses in the deepest levels. This is a great offering - especially so with this month’s champion monsters for an opportunity to earn additional great rewards and experience! This month’s TTG region includes: Payon Fields and Dungeon level four and five This excludes pay_fild02 This month’s Champion monsters include: Willow Poring Nine Tail Spore Poporing Along with the TamTam's Gift rotation, we have also rotated some of the costumes in the Wave and GMC Boxes: GM Challenge Box now contains: Open Air Headset Costume Stall of Angel Costume Wave Challenge Box now contains: Fluffy Angel Cape Costume Fairy Feathers Costume Finally, this month's latest Costume Box includes a variety of enjoyable new and rare costumes. The Morroc Kid Servant Costume returns to the top spot after being off of the rotation for a little while! Further great costumes include the Sorcerer Hood Costume, Walking Snow Fox Costume, and the Little Garden Costume - all fashionable choices! Other additions to this month's box make it one worth obtaining - and be sure to do so, as each month a new box with new contents will take its place! January's costume box is currently available in the Reward Guru - and we hope that you get something fun to show off to the world of Midgard. Morroc Kid Servant Costume (Item ID: 21022) Sorcerer Hood Costume (Item ID: 20929) Walking Snow Fox Costume (Item ID: 21157) Little Garden Costume (Item ID: 21156) Dark Snake Lord Costume (Item ID: 21140) Phoenix Costume (Item ID: 21139) Mecha Cat Ears Costume (Item ID: 21124) Gryphon Hairband Costume (Item ID: 20266) Scorpio Diadem Costume (Item ID: 21176) Sagittarius Diadem Costume (Item ID: 21177) Power of Thor Costume (Item ID: 20956) Bride's Flower Crown Costume (Item ID: 20958)
  4. GM Seiren

    Game not working after todays patch

    That solution should still work. Additionally you can get the latest installer. It's fully updated.
  5. GM Seiren

    Holiday Event - NPC Gemma

    Not bound.
  6. GM Seiren

    Holiday Event - NPC Gemma

    Or alternatively you let everyone decide for themselves
  7. GM Seiren

    Item Over Price

    Alternatively, see it as an opportunity to make a nice buck.
  8. GM Seiren

    2018 Winter Login & Loading Contest

    While cute, please remember the requirement to draw TamTam in the artwork as well
  9. GM Seiren

    pet loyalty

    Changed Status to Declined
  10. GM Seiren

    pet loyalty

    Event pets and evolved pets already cannot run away. I think that's enough of a boost to pets already. Getting the stats bonus should not be without any risks.
  11. GM Seiren

    Wolfcheff isntance warp isnt working

    Have you done the instance?
  12. So the client doesn't start at all anymore after you updated your drivers?
  13. GM Seiren

    TalonRO Gives Back 2018

    TalonRO is pleased to partner once more with Crowdrise this holiday season in our annual fundraiser to benefit the Global Sanctuary for Elephants organization in their mission to protect, rescue and provide sanctuary for elephants worldwide. Global Sanctuary for Elephants exists to create vast safe spaces for captive elephants, where they are able to heal physically and emotionally. This creates and enables a sanctuary for elephants that provides space, freedom, love and respect for these incredible and majestic animals. 100% of all proceeds go directly to the Global Sanctuary for Elephants organization through the Crowdrise partnership. From now until December 31st, 2018 - TalonRO will thank those who have donated to Global Sanctuary for Elephants with a unique in-game gift. Keep in mind that these donations do -not- give you any Talon Coins like a donation to TalonRO would. Donations made after December 31st will not receive the rewards listed below. Make your charitable donation to Global Sanctuary for Elephants with TalonRO in three simple steps: Visit TalonRO's Crowdrise page for Global Sanctuary for Elephants. Donate any amount to support Global Sanctuary for Elephants, though the minimum amount is $10 USD. Include your in-game character name when donating on Crowdrise. This is so we can match your donation to your character and deliver your thank-you reward! Receive your special thank you gift! All thank-you items will be distributed in January at the conclusion of the fundraiser. All items received will be account-bound, but you can use the Vending Machine NPC in Lutie to claim the Costume and Pet on as many characters on your Forum Account as you like. Thank-you items will be distributed through an NPC in early January. Gifts will not be distributed until after the fundraiser is over, but we will ensure that all who made an eligible donation will receive their thank-you gift. No Talon Coins will be given out for donations made through the Crowdrise campaign, and all proceeds will directly benefit the Global Sanctuary for Elephants organization. Donating at higher levels will grant you the gifts in the levels below as well. For example, donating $50 to Global Sanctuary for Elephants will earn you all three thank-you gifts! $10 USD Donors will receive one (1) special Surprise Box, which will contain some wonderful and enjoyable goodies inside! This year, the Surprise Box has been updated with many new rare costumes from past Monthly Boxes, too! $25 USD Donors will receive one (1) exclusive Mobile Pursuit System Costume! Donors at this level will also receive one (1) Surprise Box as well! $50 USD Donors will receive one (1) charity event exclusive Pere Pet Egg! This magical pet and companion when loyal will grant an increase of effectiveness of your Heal, Sanctuary and Potion Pitcher skills by 5%, along with a 2% chance of gaining 5% of the damage inflicted on an enemy as HP with each attack. Donors at this level will also receive both the Surprise Box and Mobile Pursuit System Costume as well. We hope that you'll join TalonRO in making a contribution toward this worthwhile cause and help bring the magic of the holidays to the incredible work of Global Sanctuary for Elephants. Last year's holiday charity fundraiser raised over $5,000 for charity - and we hope to be able to beat that record this year! Thank you for your generosity and for being a wonderful part of the TalonRO community of players. Thanks, Happy Holidays, and Happy Gaming!
  14. We generally check the applications a few times a day, so should not take very long.