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  1. With all the work on Project Iduna, we almost forgot that last week was TalonRO's 12th anniversary! Yes, on March 14th, 2007, TalonRO was born. This is over 12 years ago now. It's hard to imagine that our server was alive in a time where even the iPhone was not released yet and look at us now! While during other years we would celebrate with extensive events and giveaways, this year all of our focus is on Project Iduna, which is getting closer to completion by the day! We're excited for the day that we can unveil it all to you. However! We'd hate to not celebrate this major event, so we're glad to announce that for one week the EXP rates will be increased to 12x! On top of that, Eden Board Quests will give 50% more EXP than they usually do! As always, thank you for playing TalonRO. We couldn't have done it without all of you! So grab those level 98 characters and get yourself that last level while you can! The event will conclude on March 27th, 8pm server time.
  2. Changed Status to Declined
  3. From what I can see, the Glorious version is more focused on ASPD-based attacks with DEF-piercing. Keep in mind that this weapon is not only designed for Monk classes. They serve a different purpose. That is all.
  4. GM Seiren

    March Updates

    We're "marching" right into new updates and innovations on TalonRO - and there is much in the great world of Midgard to explore, celebrate, and discover. Our current flagship event - Valkyrie: Battle of the Nine - continues in the latest installment of Valkyrie: Herja! We also have some great additional updates to share around Project Iduna, plus a new TTG and MCB update! The month of March is just getting started, so be sure to read on below for the latest in our March update: Our biggest project of the year is continuing onward - and in case you missed it from last month, Project Iduna represents a major leap forward in our pre-Renewal, dynamic environment that you've come to know and love. This latest enhancement will make new additions and innovations possible that weren't able to be done before - but Project Iduna's release will represent a major step forward in TalonRO's legacy which we know that you'll come to enjoy! With this expansion, you'll be able to see, view, and interact with the world of Midgard in a way that will feel robust, new, and in-depth. We'll continue to update you on the progress of Project Iduna, especially over on our Instagram which now has over 1,000 followers! As with each monthly update, we've made a few necessary changes and general updates to make your experience on TalonRO fun and fresh. We hope that you enjoy the following updates and bug fixes: We have rotated in the following costumes in the Wave and GMC Boxes: GM Challenge Box now contains: There Is Something Costume Under Lamp Costume Wave Challenge Box now contains: Warm Cat Muffler Costume Poring Soap Pipe Costume The Seductive Bathory cocktail has been fixed and is now properly working. Previously, it was not properly adding cast reduction as intended. Slotting Port Malaya armor/garment/footgear will now only require +7 (or above) non-slotted items. Previously, slotting Port Malaya gear required an upgrade level at or above +8. Tam Tam’s Gift Region this month takes us into the the far reaches of both Morroc Pyramids! With so many great areas to explore, we hope that you'll enjoy the added challenge and distinct landscapes of this special region - especially so with this month’s champion monsters for an opportunity to earn additional great rewards and experience! This month’s TTG region includes: Morroc Pyramids, including the Nightmare maps This month’s Champion monsters include: Mummy Mimic Verit Drainliar Isis Finally, this month's latest Costume Box includes a variety of enjoyable new and rare costumes. The Rainbow Sigrun Costume is back and returns to the top spot after being off of the rotation for a little while! Further great costumes include the Electro Two Side Up Costume, Spell Circuit Costume, Jioia Costume, and the Clock Casket Costume - all fashionable choices! Other additions to this month's box make it one worth obtaining - and be sure to do so, as each month a new box with new contents will take its place! March's costume box is currently available in the Reward Guru - and we hope that you get something fun to show off to the world of Midgard. Rainbow Sigrun Costume (Item ID: 23001) Electro Two Side Up Costume (Item ID: 21203) Spell Circuit Costume (Item ID: 20455) Jioia Costume (Item ID: 21068) Clock Casket Costume (Item ID: 21056) Poring Beret Costume (Item ID: 21209) Lovely Heart Cap Costume (Item ID: 21032) Poring Traffic Light Costume (Item ID: 20973) Traveler Hat Costume (Item ID: 20513) Pisces Diadem Costume (Item ID: 21180) Grand Peco Hairband Costume (Item ID: 20515) Kitty Band Costume (Item ID: 20496)
  5. Eh, let's not revive a 3+ year old topic.
  6. We'd need to see the entire crash log please.
  7. The xmas maps aren't removed yet 😆
  8. We're pleased to introduce two great seasonal events in February - with celebrations of both the Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day! Each of these special and unique holidays remain special times for people all around the world - and we hope that you'll enjoy this year's festivities in Midgard! Our two special seasonal events are only around for a limited time, so be certain to get in there and experience some of this year's fun - and prizes! - while they last. Read on for full details about this year's special February events: TalonRO is celebrating the Year of the Boar during this Lunar New Year. The lunar new year event this year returns with a quest as well as brand new custom monster - the Golden Savage roaming around various cities. Journey into Louyang and meet Tian Peng to embark on a quest to aid two brothers, Zhu Wu and Zhu Zhi from the Boar clan in various missions across Rune Midgard and beyond. You can only choose to side with either Zhu Wu or Zhu Zhi. Completing the missions from them will reward you respectively with some unique non-bound new costumes as well as some special Red Envelopes to give away! The Lunar New Year event and celebration concludes on February 22, 2019 midnight server time. TalonRO staff wishes you a wonderful and prosperous year ahead with many great things to come, filled with joy and love. As always, happy gaming! Follow Poringa as she searches for her perfect blobby bachelor! The quest will set you on an expedition in finding the hearts of many rings scattered throughout cities across Rune Midgard. Are you up for the challenge in finding Poringa's one true blob? This brand new quest comes with many Bachelor Porings, scattered around all cities! Find them all to hunt for ingredients for your quest. If you play the game well, you might just end up with an non-bound unique costume and pet! Return of Fortune Teller Estellise Additionally, we'd like to announce the return of Fortune Teller Estellise! She has a problem this Valentine's Day: her adoring husband, Senel, has gone missing once more! Senel is an adventurer in a well-known research guild, but his most recent expedition has taken him to the far reaches of Midgard's most dangerous places. With your help - you can help reunite this couple through love...and you might just discover the power of love for yourself! This Valentine's Day quest begins in Hugel at Estellise's House. The quest that you'll embark upon requires many steps and a lot of searching to find Senel and discover more about his research. To truly unlock this year's secrets, you may need someone else's help to complete the quest to get the perfect ending version. There's more than one way to end this year's quest! There's no fooling these two though - they will know true partnership when they see it. Completing this year's quest will gift you one of four wonderful costume prizes! What the costumes will be is known to those who played previous years - but we're sure there are many of you who have yet to collect them or even get more of them! You'll also receive some EXP as well for completing the quest, and possibly another small, fun surprise! Please note: due to the design of this event, the costumes are account-bound. As is tradition, letter sender Lizzie will be available in Estellise's house as well, allowing you to send love letters to your loved one or crush! Not to worry, the letters are anonymous, so if you want to keep your identity a secret, you can do so! Q: What do you mean by having to work with another person? A: There may be a point in the quest where you'll have to get the help of someone also doing this quest - you'll be sure to figure out when and where if you get there. This means that you'll have to get the help of another real, live, different person! After all, it's Valentine's Day, right? Q: Can the other person be someone who shares my IP connection (in the same house, at the same internet cafe, etc.)? A: Of course! You can get the help of someone who lives with you, if you share the same IP connection, etc. However, they will have to be someone other than yourself - and Estellise and Senel will know if it's just you in disguise! Then again...you could always try and fool them and see what happens...! The Valentine's Day event and celebration concludes on February 22, 2019 midnight server time.
  9. GM Seiren

    Character Skin Dye

    The problem is this. The skin color of a character is done in the same sprite as the hair style. Every hairstyle has a file for palettes. For both males and female we have a total of about 200 hairstyles. We also have about 300 palettes per hairstyle if I'm not mistaken. So to add a different skin color for every combination we'd need to add 60000 new palette files to our GRF. That's simply an insane amount of work which also makes our GRF files huge. It might be possible some day to add a different color but that would be limited to one hairstyle only.
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