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  1. Treasure Porings

    1. They are definitely active You will have to be lucky of course. 2. It's dropped by God Poring. Opening it will give you a unique Custom Kaho, such as the Saiyan Hair Kaho for instance. If I'm not mistaken there's a Dragon Helm Kaho in there as well. 3. The portal is the same as if a player were to have cast it. Anyone can enter it. 4. Definitely~ It is, however, quite difficult.
  2. Donation Approval Schedule

    Changed Status to Declined
  3. Donation Approval Schedule

    We have to manually approve all of them. A schedule simply does not work because we do this in our free time. They get cleared when we have the time for it. Simple as that. People who buy zeny from other sources have always been there. Not because they don't want to wait for their approval but because they don't want to donate and rather buy on the black market. We regularly ban those people anyway.
  4. Hello Seiren. I have a problem on game, can you please send mensage to Uchiha Madara~* when you went online, please? Or asnwer me here. Hope you could help me. Thanks.

  5. That usually happens when your download is corrupted, which should actually not happen when you use a torrent. Is the download 100% completed and verified?
  6. TalonRo Full install doesn't work

    The installer is a large file. Chances are you have antivirus software installed that's doing a scan on it before opening it. Due to its large file size, this scan can take quite a long time, unless you disable your antivirus temporarily of course.
  7. You're giving free massages, now?! /omg

    1. GM Seiren

      GM Seiren

      60 TCs per hour~

    2. GM Luna

      GM Luna

      What can I get for 100tc?!

    3. ~ KhimmyXD ~

      ~ KhimmyXD ~

      omg not free. lmao rip off

  8. massage me please


    1. GM Seiren

      GM Seiren

      I'm not a licensed masseur I'm afraid :(


    Is your capslock broken? ._.
  10. Can't connect to the server

    What country are you from?
  11. My RO always closes or disconnect.

    Check your RO folder for a file called crashlog.txt. If there is any, please post it.
  12. Konnichiwa!

    Hey there, welcome to tRO! No worries, you'll re-learn everything soon enough. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here or on Discord
  13. Nice to meet you!

    Hello, welcome aboard! Feel free to hop on our Discord as well if you have questions
  14. Game Client Crash

    Please post your entire crashlog so we can see what's crashing you.
  15. Kafra forgot password

    You can just use the Password Recovery page. No need for a ticket.