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  1. It's like you said, they were not nerfed to begin with. General class usefulness is a whole different discussion really.
  2. We'll be doing our best to get it right this time There will be plenty more to tweak on the new implementation as well as new equipment to add, but we do believe we're on the right track now.
  3. Those people with access to the beta can already try it in fact.
  4. Poem. Of. Bragi. The words "bragi nerf" are almost legendary on TalonRO these days. It's a touchy subject that's not easy to address nowadays, but with the release of Iduna, we figured it was time to revisit this skill. Our initial goal and its failure I think almost everybody can agree that Poem of Bragi in its unaltered state is severely over-powered, especially in the TalonRO environment with all of our customizations. It would lead to Endless Tower parties being finished in thirty minutes and made almost any content we'd release as easy as pie. Especially classes such as Snipers benefited enormously from this skill, even more so with the availability of the Sniping Suit armor. So when we first revamped the skill, our main goal was to lower the overall DPS. Not just for Snipers. Not just for High Wizard. It was done to lower the DPS in general and make high-end PvM content a tad more challenging. And, notoriously, we succeeded in that. Bragi would no longer stack with After Cast Delay (ACD) items and the damage output would lower as ACD reduction went up. The goal was to not let everyone aimlessly stand in Bragi and instead let people focus on letting only certain skills/classes make use of the skill. Classes that would buff other players could benefit without any downside and skills with a high ACD would benefit mostly from the change. Other classes and skills would have to be more careful. And that's what was one of the major issues. We made the skill overly complicated. In our minds, it would even add a nice MVP party play mechanic where one could debuff competing parties and get the upper hand this way. After all, with the damage reduction mechanics of the new Bragi skill, this opened up a lot of possibilities. Unfortunately this backfired. A lot. Quite obviously there are not a whole lot of MVP parties out there that would compete with each other. And in normal gameplay, it made the skill too difficult to handle. Players did not want to have to organize their parties as much as we envisioned. Not only that, this approach proved that you can't force players to use a skill in a completely different way that they have grown accustomed to for nearly 2 decades now. Let's also not forget about the general nerf to the skill. Even though Bragi still increased your DPS output, especially when used correctly, it was often not worth the effort. Parties would rather just bring another Sniper aboard and Bards/Clowns were shunned. It became a meme on its own, which is something we now hope to fix. With this new approach we're confident that we hit the right balance this time, and therefore we want to share all the details with you! The new approach First of all. the most important part for us is removing the damage reduction that came with the Bragi nerf. This was a major part that made the skill such an annoyance when used in parties. We heard you loud and clear, and so we removed it! Secondly, we strongly think that the stacking of Bragi with items that grant ACD reduction is something to avoid. In hindsight, Poem of Bragi was created during a time when delay items were not a regular occurrence. To those who don't already know, this means that using Poem of Bragi with a Sniping Suit will mean that Sniping Suits aftercast reduction doesn't function under Bragi, but you get the full effect of Bragi's buff. So that part we kept in. We hope you don't mind! Third, the Poem of Bragi skill's passive reduction bonus is still as it was before in its nerfed state, in other words, it scales by 3% for every level and no longer suddenly becomes 50% at level 10, instead ending up at 30% like it should. Fourth, we are keeping the revamp out of the PvP environment, just as we did previously. As such, Poem of Bragi behaves as it does officially in PvP/WoE gameplay. Finally, it's time to look at the actual formula itself. Since the damage is no longer reduced during Bragi, you can expect 2 new mechanics when it comes to the formula. But don't worry, it's not too hard to understand! Here are the two main changes you can expect: For starters, skills that have long delays that can't normally achieve our 0.3 second delay cap without Bragi, such as Meteor Storm, can only be reduced up to 0.4 second delay while under Bragi now. On the other hand, skills that are naturally very fast which can already reach 0.3 without Bragi such as Jupitel Thunder and Lightning Spear of Ice for example, will still be able to reach this 0.3 delay while under Bragi. This in turn creates a much better synergy between fast single target skills and powerful AoE skills. The second new mechanic is that there will now be a new item script called bonus bBragiRate. What does it do? Every point in this script will be the same as if you added 5 INT into your character! In other words, saying bonus bBragiRate,2; would be the same as adding 10 INT into your character without actually giving your character INT. This will allow us to create brand new equipment, cards, or even enchantments down the line that are suitable for what the current end game desires. This means the Bragi skill is better designed for future proofing in the PvM meta, which means the design is over all more flexible while keeping the skill useful throughout! It will also promote some new equipment that Bards/Clowns can exclusively take advantage of, giving this class a unique route to take compared to all other classes. Be on the lookout! Anything that utilizes this new effect will be mentioned at a later date~ So stay tuned!
  5. Will probably be a 40~75 MB patch. You can just download a new mini installer as well when the day comes.
  6. GM Seiren

    May Updates

    May has arrived to TalonRO! We’re excited about all that this month is bringing to Midgard - chief of which has been our beta release of the Project Iduna updates! We also hope that you’ve been enjoying our latest seasonal events - such as Cirque du Fluff - and also our social media giveaway contests, to name just a few! Plus, enjoy the latest TTG region and Monthly Costume Box for May. Our latest innovations coming with Project Iduna are part of our latest work in TalonRO’s twelfth year. We’re delighted that you are part of the TalonRO community - and we hope that you continue to enjoy all that this great and storied game offers! Read on below for this month's latest - and as always: happy gaming! Our biggest project of the year is continuing onward - and in case you missed it from last month, Project Iduna represents a major leap forward in our pre-Renewal, dynamic environment that you've come to know and love. Our latest information on this topic can be found in our forums, and our special Dev Blog update goes into rich detail about everything Project Iduna! This latest enhancement will make new additions and innovations possible that weren't able to be done before - but Project Iduna's release will represent a major step forward in TalonRO's legacy which we know that you'll come to enjoy! We’re already starting in with our beta testing with a select group of players - meaning that we’re closing in on being able to release this exciting leap forward to the entire community! With this expansion, you'll be able to see, view, and interact with the world of Midgard in a way that will feel robust, new, and in-depth. We'll continue to update you on the progress of Project Iduna, especially over on our Instagram which now has over 1,000 followers! As with each monthly update, we've made a few necessary changes and general updates to make your experience on TalonRO fun and fresh. We hope that you enjoy the following updates and bug fixes: We have rotated in the following costumes in the Wave and GMC Boxes: GM Challenge Box now contains: Clock Casket Costume Volume Twin Low Costume Wave Challenge Box now contains: Baby Penguin Costume Heavenly Dark Flame Costume Our in-game Twitch announcer now also supports YouTube addresses - we hope that you’ll enjoy seeing the latest and greatest from some of TalonRO’s streaming players! We have increased the droprate of Old Glastheim Treasury Room gears - we hope that you enjoy this added boost! Recently fixed issues relating to the RWC 2010 Indonesia hat. Previously, this item features an incorrect item bonus. We’ve also fixed some missing questlog entries for Mora. The should now display as intended. Tam Tam’s Gift Region this month opens up to the classic dungeon of the Clock Tower of Al de Baran! This classic favorite still holds a sincere sense of wonder and mystery - what a perfect time to recapture some nostalgia! With so many great level to explore, we hope that you'll enjoy the added challenge and distinct landscapes of this classic dungeon - especially so with this month’s champion monsters for an opportunity to earn additional great rewards and experience! This month’s TTG region includes: Clock Tower of Al de Baran This month’s Champion monsters include: Rideword Arclouze Drainliar Clock Alarm Finally, this month's latest Costume Box includes a variety of enjoyable new and rare costumes. The new Snack Party Costume is a fun new addition at the top spot that is a real rare get! Further great costumes include the Nine Tail Fox Hair Costume, Walking Lady Tanee Costume, Open Air Headset Costume, and the Smiling Eyes Costume - all fashionable choices! Other additions to this month's box make it one worth obtaining - and be sure to do so, as each month a new box with new contents will take its place! May's costume box is currently available in the Reward Guru - and we hope that you get something fun to show off to the world of Midgard. Snack Party Costume (Item # 21237) Nine Tail Fox Hair Costume (Item # 21235) Walking Lady Tanee Costume (Item # 21234) Open Air Headset Costume (Item # 20809) Smiling Eyes Costume (Item # 21225) Pocket Watch Hair Ornament Costume (Item # 20394) Poring On Shoulder Costume (Item # 21224) Priestess Kuma Costume (Item # 21029) Taurus Crown Costume (Item # 21231) Bride Mask Costume (Item # 20674) Kobold Archer Cap Costume (Item # 20678) Usakoring Hat Costume (Item # 20798)
  7. The Project Iduna Beta Test is now live! Please use this topic to discuss anything related to the beta test. Remember to check out our Discord Channel as well as report bugs in the proper Bug Reports section.
  8. Welcome to the Project Iduna/rAthena beta test! If you have applied for the beta test and were chosen as one of the participants to help out, this is a list of instructions on how to help out. First of all, you will only be admitted to the beta test if you answered the question "What item is required for creating a Homunculus?" correctly. The answer to this question was Embryo. Please check the Iduna Beta Application page to see if you answered correctly. If you did, congratulations, you have been selected to join the Iduna Beta test! If you did not fill out the application page or you did not answer the question correctly, you unfortunately won't be able to join the beta test for now. For everyone else, please continue with the following instructions. Downloading, installing and launching the Iduna Beta It is important that you do not contaminate your existing TalonRO folder with the Beta files. This may result in your main game not working anymore. For that reason we have created a new Iduna Beta Full Installer for you to download. Please pay attention to these instructions: Download the file here and extract the files in a new folder. Ensure you have three files in the new folder: one .exe and two .bin files. Launch Iduna_Beta_Installer.exe and follow the instructions. Install the beta in a new folder, so do NOT install it in your existing TalonRO folder. Go to the folder you installed the beta into and launch RagnarokSetup.exe, ensuring all settings are as you wish. Open up TalonRO_Iduna_Beta.exe and login with your normal game accounts. That's it, welcome to the Iduna Beta! What to do during the Iduna Beta The Project Iduna Beta is not intended to just play around in. The goal is to ensure the data was all transferred correctly and that the basic TalonRO functionality works as intended. So, here you will find a list of initial instructions on what to look out for in the beta test: Ensure all your data was converted correctly. This is the most vital part of the beta test. You can verify this by simply comparing the data on the Iduna Beta server with the data on the main TalonRO server. Here are some things to look out for: All your characters Your stats and skills Guilds, guild skills, guild levels, guild storage Please note, Guild Storage now works differently. The Guild Leader will have to assign access to the Guild Storage per guild position. If you don't have a guild leader joining the beta, you won't be able to confirm this. Homunculus, if applicable. Check their stats, skills, loyalty, etc. Pets, if applicable. Check their name, stats, loyalty, etc. All your items in inventory, cart and storage. Please also confirm named and forged items (keep in mind that if they were forged by someone not in the beta, they will be Unknown). Quest progress. Bank. Mails. Hotkeys. Available @commands and their functionality. You do NOT have to check for parties, as they were all wiped. You do NOT have to check for friends, unless they also joined the beta. Check for basic functionality. Keep in mind that not all features have been loaded just yet. Kafra functionality. Warper. Client functionality. General gameplay. Any errors you may find. We have also created a new category in the Bug Reports section. Please report anything that seems off or incorrect in there. Additionally, we have set up a Discussion Topic to further talk about the beta. Important: We reserve the right to remove any player from the beta without prior warning. Thank you everyone for joining the Iduna Beta. Let's make this a successful test so that we can make the conversion as happen as smoothly as possible.
  9. Wala na si Venus sa GM Team, pinaalis namin sya.
  10. Hey, Sei! If you would recall on a forum post re server status, I said that it would be my last time to ever post or play on tRO. Well, I regret ever saying that and now I'm back, happier than ever to be playing on the server. Please accept my apology for being a jerk that time. I'm happy here and I believe this time, it's for keeps. 


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      No one truly quits TRO. 

      It simply brainwashes you to quit when you're not needed,  then pulls you back in when it does. 

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      uh huh. 

  11. Cirque du Fluff and the mistress of ceremonies have journeyed across worlds celebrating Easter across kingdoms far and wide. Their next caravan stop is at the heart of Rune Midgard, where players can immerse themselves in the wonderments of circus entertainment with your host; Easterlina and her band of flamboyant show bringers. Cirque du Fluff will be hosting a plethora of exciting minigames. Win tokens and exchange them for pets, as well as many costumes familiar and new! Cirque Du Fluff welcomes you to a world of wonders, immerse yourselves in a fun-filled extravaganza the talented crew has to offer. Earn your way to an abundance of valuable rewards! Lend an ear to the Cirque band's beautiful songs and stories from around the world or extend a helping hand. Once you've obtained enough Circus Tokens, speak to Easterlina in Izlude and exchange them for a delightful array of fluffy prizes! We hope that you are enjoying the Spring season and that you have an enjoyable Easter on TalonRO! Best of luck in this year's Easter event - and as always, Happy Gaming! The Easter Event will end on May 5th
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