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  1. Very passionate sprite change request regarding Cross Shield!

    Changed Status to Declined
  2. Very passionate sprite change request regarding Cross Shield!

    I did some digging into the client for this. Unfortunately shield sprites are hardcoded into the client. We cannot change them at this moment I'm afraid.
  3. TalonRO Calculator Update (Please Upvote)

    Changed Status to Declined
  4. TalonRO Calculator Update (Please Upvote)

    The calculator was not made and it not maintained by the GM team. There's a special topic for it.
  5. Battlegrounds | Beta Feedback

    There is a double login protection?
  6. Battlegrounds | Beta Feedback

    Melee classes actually get additional HP potions compared to other classes. The amounts can be tweaked of course. As for resupplies, check my above reply.
  7. Player feedback on the Eden Group has been amazing and we keep updating this new addition accordingly! This maintenance we have fixed a few bugs and improved the overall QoL on the Eden Group. Eden Soccer Balls are now Level 1 instead of 98, which solves players not being able to hit them sometimes. Added a cap of 750 Eden Merit Badges per forum account per week to prevent players from exploiting it. Strongly increased the Eden Merit Badges given out by completing Gramps missions and Bounty Board missions. Reduced Eden Merit Badge requirements when purchasing items from the Merry Barker shop. Dally Quen now shows your cooldown after getting your daily freebie. Board Quest NPCs now have a separate menu option for Item Collection quests. This way you don't accidentally give away items you don't want to give. Just like Eden Group, we also keep on updating the general game from time to time. This update will balance out the playing field a little bit more and make the game more fun and fair to everyone! Greatly increased the Special Bonbon droprate when using loyal Evolved pets. MVP spawntimes have been changed for almost every MVP. They have become a lot more random than they used to be. In general, the lower end of the spawn time has been reduced more than the higher end of the spawn time, so they can spawn more quickly than they did before. On average, regular MVPs now have a spawn time random range of 30 minutes which used to be 10 minutes. Major MVPs like Beelzebub, Ifrit, etc. have a bigger random range. Changed egg and taming item descriptions from Red Deleter into Earth Deleter, to better fit the actual pet name. As with all of our regular updates, there's always a great opportunity to squash a few bugs and make a few needed edits to gameplay elements in order for them to work best for you! Below are a few bug fixes and edits: Fixed one of the Eden quests to kill Venomous. It now has the correct kill amount. Fixed item description in Byeollungum. Said it added a 5% increase in damage against Boss types. This was fixed into 50%. The item script remains the same. Thank you all for your continued support for our server! As always, much more is coming. Also be sure to check out the Battlegrounds Beta Test on the main server later today!
  8. another wave challange suggestion

    Changed Status to Declined
  9. another wave challange suggestion

    The main reason this is done is to prevent people from gaining too much of an advantage through dual clienting. They can still dual client but they will have to deal with the fact that the points will be spread on two accounts. Giving the points to one main account would not be fair.
  10. More level 90+ variety in levelling

    Changed Status to Declined
  11. More level 90+ variety in levelling

    Eden group has some excellent options for this already.
  12. TalonRO On Twitch & YouTube

    Odds are he thought that they were added already. I'll add everyone right now. Update: I hope I added everyone now.
  13. Is it... is it fog?

    That indeed looks like fog. The /fog command didn't do the trick?
  14. Wave Challenge

    If you did Wave on Jan 3, 23:50, you can do it again on Jan 4, 00:10. If you did it on Jan 4, 00:10, you will have to wait until Jan 5, 00:00 to do it again.
  15. Easter | Golden Egg Hunt

    Not just yet! I'll close it later tonight