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  1. By the way, if you are aware of exploits and refuse to report them, that's a bannable offense.
  2. Changed Status to Declined
  3. That will be a surprise
  4. Changed Status to Declined
  5. There are no illegal +3 stats. That's rubbish. I don't see a need for this really. The lower stat versions are there to be sold at a lower price for people who do want the upgrade but don't have the zeny for a +3. And if you don't want to sell the +1, simply re-enchant it.
  6. We indeed all know what happened. A select few people misread the rules and spread rumours about these rules having been randomly changed which is simply not the case.
  7. It was a really close call for a lot of entries. The Biolabs one was nice, too! What mostly decided the winners is how recognizable they were in terms of RO and TalonRO specifically. Quite some entries were very well done but were more like character commissions rather than exciting and representable images that one would like to see multiple times when loading the game.
  8. I just double checked with our placeholder post regarding the event. The placeholder is the post we make on GM-only boards which we later copy-paste into the Event forums. There is no mention at all about every valid entry winning a box, sorry. It's always been Runner-ups, only. =/
  9. Amazing work everyone! And congratulations to the winners
  10. Please send a support ticket for this instead. Let us know what account it is about.
  11. Changed Status to Declined
  12. Uhm, the difficulty of the quests scales based on the players' level. For actual newbies, there are some -very- easy mobs in there. That being said, we are working on other improvements already.