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  1. GM Seiren

    Black Face+Hair

    Changed Status to Declined
  2. GM Seiren

    Black Face+Hair

    Let's not do that.
  3. Hey, welcome! Glad you like it.
  4. Changed Status to Implemented
  5. Done for next reboot. Added a warp to GH Staircase as well while I was at it.
  6. GM Seiren


    Pretty sure we have all of these implemented on various locations already. I'd need to know their ItemIDs to check though. Either from tRO or from official.
  7. GM Seiren

    Drooping Cat Costume

    Changed Status to Implemented
  8. GM Seiren

    Drooping Cat Costume

    Will see if I can add this for next reboot.
  9. We have only just had our monthly maintenance and it's already time for another one! This one includes a few things we weren't able to add to the Monthly Reboot. We hope you all enjoy the updates! WoE castles have rotated: All castle ownership and economies have transferred to the respective new castles. Saturday: Vanilla Non-Trans: gefg_cas05 > gefg_cas01 Unrestricted WoE:SE: schg_cas03 > schg_cas05 Vanilla WoE:SE: arug_cas05 > arug_cas02 Wednesday: Vanilla Non-Trans: aldeg_cas05 > aldeg_cas03 Unrestricted: prtg_cas01 > prtg_cas04 Vanilla: payg_cas03 > payg_cas02 The Dressing Coach is available again! He will now take you to a separate room to prevent anyone from any possible crashes caused by people trying on new costumes. It's no longer possible to fail the Sign Quest. Despite warnings on our Wiki guides, some people still chose the wrong options and ended up failing the quest. These options have now been disabled, so you should no longer be able to fail this quest permanently. Poring Catch and Poring Rally now require a Top 2 instead of a Top 3 which should make it easier for smaller groups to participate. Fixed a bug where the final statue in Thanatos Tower wasn't working properly. Fixed a bug where Bingo would not always start a new round. Fixed a bug in Devil's Claw Machine where the wrong winner could be picked. Devil's Claw Machine now has a 2 minute cooldown between rounds instead of 1. As always, more to come!
  10. It's hard to believe that it's already September - and as Fall begins to roll through Midgard, we're ready to mark the end of Summer and look forward to upcoming seasonal events and additional new content to keep things as crisp as autumn air! Although our Amazing Summer Race will soon be coming to a close, we're already looking forward to Fall on TalonRO. We are thrilled to announce this month's latest features, changes, as well as the exciting return of our minigames (BINGO!). This month, Tam Tam’s Odyssey takes us to the atmospheric Rachel Fields as well as the chilling Ice Dungeon! With so many great levels to explore, we hope that you'll enjoy the added challenge and distinct landscapes of the Arunafeltz Capital and beyond. September's latest Costume Box includes a variety of enjoyable new and rare costumes. The legendary Snack Party and Stall of Angel Costumes return, with a wide array of exciting additions including the Alchemist Square Bag, Golden Violet Crown and DJ Kitty Costume. September's costume box is currently available in the Reward Guru for all you fashionista enthusiasts out there! General Updates !whosell and !whobuy cleanup/fixes. = Separators are now even. Text when receiving results (not error messages) from these commands no longer appear above the character's head. Fixed an issue where some enchanted items would not display their enchantments unless visiting shops directly such as enchanted armors and kris. Bonus Bundle Update There is now an icon on the right hand side when the Bonus Bundle is activated. It tells you the exact time remaining when hovered over in real time (Hours, Minutes, Seconds). This icon will now replace the login message received for time remaining that we had before. Corrected message displayed when the Bonus Bundle has expired. Channel System Update When using !channel leave "channel name", you will no longer autojoin that channel again until you specifically say !channel join "channel name" again. This update is tied to each player account (not the forum account). This should fix the inconvenience of autojoining on relog and switching maps and needing to !channel leave each time. Typing #channelname in the chatbox on the lefthand side and chatting counts as !channel join and will make you autojoin again. Reintroduced the !expcount command. GMC Box rotation: Poring Soap Pipe Costume Clock Casket Costume Wave Box rotation: Neev Barrette Costume Gorilla Mask Costume Bug Fixes Monsters killed by players now count towards your Mercenary Kill Count again, rather than only kills done by the Mercenary itself. Wink of Charm no longer causes mobs to get stuck occasionally. Amplify Magic Power now increases Magic Crasher and is canceled after using Magic Crasher again like it's supposed to. Fixed Strawberry in Mouth and Orange in Mouth not having the increased SP Recovery Rate like they're supposed to. Stat Foods should no longer be dispelled when speaking with the Stat/Skill Reset NPC and when entering PvP. Fixed the Character Select page sometimes crashing if you hovered over the current map name. Fixed Blade of Angels sprite being a dagger instead of a sword. TalonRO's minigames have returned as the new and improved Comodo Carnival. Talk to TamTam in Prontera (or the Warp Girl) to find yourself in the heart of the Carnival. Several old minigames have returned exactly as they were, while others have been refined and tweaked. We've also added two new exciting minigames to the roster, with more on the way! See below for a list of minigames readily available to sink your teeth into: In Poring Catch, you gain points by killing the correct poring out of 120 fake ones! After the end of the round, the player who gained most points wins! Several improvements have been made: Total game duration has been reduced from 15 Minutes to 10 Minutes. The total poring count per round has been slightly reduced. Players are now given a small hint towards which Poring is the correct one. There is no longer a Novice requirement for the game, opening the game up to any class. Every player participating in the game now has a fixed 190 ASPD value as well as a fixed walking speed. This value can't be modified by any means. In Poring Rally, various kinds of monsters from the Poring family will spawn. Each of them has a different point value. Your goal is to collect as many points as possible by killing these Porings. Be sure to be on the look-out for the highest-scoring Porings, but beware: some of them might give you some negative buffs! We have made some additional improvements: Total game duration has been reduced from 15 Minutes to 10 Minutes. There is no longer a Novice requirement for the game, opening the game up to any class. Multi-attack skills such as Double Attack, Triple Attack, and Auto-Blitz Beat are all disabled on this map now. Every player participating in the game now has a fixed 175 ASPD value and fixed walking speed (same as Sleipnir). These values can't be modified by any means EXCEPT the walk speed amount by the speed buff earned from Cowring and Lunaring. One of our most popular minigames makes its return! After signing up, five random players are warped into the Bingo room. Pick your numbers on the Bingo card (or automate it) and keep an eye out on the numbers called by the host. If you reached five lines, shout Bingo to win a bunch of Talon Cash! We've made several useful improvements: Added measures to prevent people AFKing before the game starts. The game can now start for up to 3 minimum players. If the amount drops below 3, the game immediately ends. Talking to Maisie Erenes, the Bingo Representative at Comodo Carnival, can warp you directly to the Hugel Bingo map to spectate a game. Talking to the Arcade Helpers outside of the Bingo Room can warp you directly to the Comodo Carnival. Another popular minigame returns. Pick a monster on either the Single or Double race and hope they reach the finish line first! No changes here, just the way you're used to. Haunted (get it?) by nasty bugs in the past, these should no longer bother anyone. This game of Clue/Cluedo has a similar sign-up to the Bingo game. Sign-up and five lucky players will be warped in for a game of Haunted House. Find out who is the killer and get a bunch of Talon Cash as a reward! We've made a single important bugfix: There are no more wonky IP restrictions while inside the game. A brand new game where you fight 18 unique GM MVPs within two hours. These MvPs have appeared before in Nightmare's Rift Events. Experience and Drops are disabled in the minigame map. This minigame accepts parties of 6 or more and is instanced. This minigame is new and thus might be updated in the near future. Rewards are not set in stone yet. You will be rewarded Talon Cash every 3 kills. Up to 150 Talon Cash per player after killing all MVPs. A new minigame you may recognize from the Halloween events in the past. Don't worry, this doesn't mean it won't appear in Halloween events! Escape the menacing Devil's Claw and win a reward! There are two claws, but only one is the real one, watch out! The reward for this game gets higher the greater the attendance is, so invite a large group of players! Be the last standing to win the jackpot! This minigame has AFKing measures. It is within your best interest to not AFK, or you will be kicked out for idling around too much!
  11. The required items are items that are -very- easy to farm. Whether they are SQI ingredients does not really matter here as some SQI ingredients happen to be easy to farm as well. It's not really designed for players to buy the items through vendors but to farm them quickly.
  12. You may have to use your mobile phone for the option to show up. It doesn't always work on desktop.
  13. Question: When I start the game, I get a "Gepard::GT Code: 300" error which mentions it cannot validate the license on the License Server. Quick Answer: Make sure the port 6700 is not blocked. This is caused by a firewall blocking either the Gepard Shield IP addresses or, most likely, the ports. For starters, make sure port 6700 is unblocked in your firewall. Often this error happens on those who are on a work or university network. So also make sure it's unblocked in the network in general. Additionally, make sure IP addresses and are not blocked. Gepard Shield uses these for its license server.
  14. GM Seiren


    @Takhui Not really a helpful suggestion. You say it's bad but you don't say what you want to change and why.
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