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  1. i have done my skills reset now i cannot improve or use my skills


  2. As we are nearing spooky season, we're starting off with our usual monthly patch, including some nice updates to Battlegrounds in particular! In the meantime we are hard at work on the Halloween event, major new PvM additions as well as some further updates to BG and WoE down the line. We hope you enjoy! Monthly Updates First things first, we have our usual Monthly Updates for you to enjoy: New TamTam's Odyssey region: Lighthalzen Fields & Biolabs. GMC Box Rotations: Carefree Face Costume [21751] Scavenge Hat Costume [21700] Wave Challenge Box Rotations: DJ Kitty Costume [21249] Heavenly Dark Flame Costume [20256] New Monthly Box: Electric Guitar Of Phen Costume [21853] [Garment] Waving Hair Bun Costume [21753] [Lower] Seraph's Circlet Red Costume [21544] [Upper] Poring Beret Costume [21209] [Upper] Bear Head Costume [21855] [Upper, Middle, Lower] Pope Ribbon Red Costume [21859] [Middle] Cat Footprints Costume [21856] [Lower] Professor Miniglasses Costume [21757] [Middle] Owl Duke Top Hat Costume [20518] [Upper] Libra Crown Costume [21245] [Upper] Valkyrie Feather Band Costume [21014] [Upper] Note Headphones Costume [20662] [Upper] Limited Edition Costume For a duration of one week, you can now purchase this [Visual] Super Star Costume at the Talon Shop for 5000 Talon Cash! This sparkling visual effects costume will make you shine like a super star! It goes in your Garment slot. Disclaimer: even though it's sold for a limited time, it may or may not return in the future to cater towards players from different timezones. Additionally, keep in mind that these visual effects only show up when effects in-game are enabled. Aside from the regular monthly updates we are introducing a variety of bugfixes and gameplay improvements: Battlegrounds Weapons As a continuation of our ongoing PvP updates, we're happy to announce that the Brave, Valor, and Glorious BG Weapons have received much needed updates! These include a lot of overall improvements, bugfixes, massive cleanups, and modernizations. To view the individual weapon changes, view the below spoilers and look for the weapons by weapon type: Daggers One-Handed Swords Two-Handed Swords One Handed Spears Two-Handed Spears One-Handed Axes Two-Handed Axes One-Handed Staves Two-Handed Staves Maces Bows Katars Books Fists Instruments Whips Revolvers Rifles Shotguns Gatling Guns Grenade Launchers Huuma Shurikens General Updates Unfortunately we had to undo the vending fix where sometimes your vending setup would get stuck. It was leading to other unexpected behavior, which we first have to investigate before the fix can be loaded again. The Warp Girl NPC sprite now automatically adjusts to the current season. Seasons could be Spring, Easter, Summer, Fall, Halloween, Christmas and Winter! Many thanks to @GM Spica for making these awesome sprite edits. Plans for other major NPCs are also in the works. Lowered Guild Storage cooldown from 5 minutes to 1 minute. Morroc Guild Dungeon Updates: Increased the spawn amount of mobs slightly. Dandelion Member and Primal Matyr now have a faster walking speed. Old SQI Seals updates: Re-introduced the one-time-per day reward for all instances. The weekly limit is still set to 5. In Old SQI Yuno Instance, Nokrah now spawns at more random coordinates in the finale. Battlegrounds Updates: Added a second map, designed by @Mina-chan to Bossnia, Eye of the Storm and Domination. The map choice is randomly selected each round. Keep in mind that in order to make this work, a large portion of these scripts had to be recoded. So if you find any strange behavior (also in the old map!), please let us know. Bossnia Changed the winning conditions. Instead of winning when 5 MVPs are killed, you can now also win if you have at least 3 more kills than the opponent team. MVPs are now spawned in this order: Garm, RSX, Gloom, Valkyrie Randgris, Satan Morroc. Additionally, instead of each of them having 400k HP, the first spawn now starts with 200k, increasing with 75k for each spawn, up to 500k for Satan Morroc. BotN Updates: Elysian Garden has been updated with new mobs/rewards as well as dynamic map rotations. Layla's Emporium has closed for business. She will make her return during the fall. Ancient Tower: Angelgolt (MVP) is now formless rather than demi-human. Bugfixes Fixed Play Dead status not counting towards the idle/death tracker. Fixed one of the Morroc Castle flags not displaying the correct emblem. Fixed Asmund not mentioning the correct cooldowns for Old SQI Seals. Fixed Staff of Magi's Fire Pillar no Gemstone bonus not functioning unless at least one Blue Gemstone existed in the user's inventory. That's all for the time being. We hope you enjoy!
  3. The end of Summer is here and it's time to go from a friendly communal feeling to the action of WoE and Battlegrounds! This month is the start of a two-part update that aims to improve WoE and BG by giving out more and better rewards, lowering the barrier of entry and just improving overall gameplay. For the Summer Event, you can still exchange any badges you have, make cocktails and play the instance for the time being! Fast Five Winners For starters, we'd like to congratulate the following players for being in the Fast Five (or in this case Six) list for the Summer Race NPC finders: @Maltez @tentenennen @Cassidy @suage143 @Rayssss @bobito Please send a PM on the forums to @GM Seiren to claim your prize. Please include the IGN you'd like to get your reward on. Thank you all for playing! 10x EXP Event For a duration of two weeks, EXP rates will be boosted to 10x! It will end on our mid-month reboot, so be sure to enjoy it! Monthly Updates First things first, we have our usual Monthly Updates for you to enjoy: New TamTam's Odyssey region: Aldebaran Clock Tower. Excludes Bathories map. GMC Box Rotations: Twin Cannon Costume [21226] Sweet Corone Hair Costume [21374] Wave Challenge Box Rotations: Mic Stand Costume [21422] Enchanted Dog Costume [20983] New Monthly Box: Coat On Back Costume [21693] [Garment] Walking Kishu Inu Costume [21123] [Middle] Walking Shiba Inu Costume [20883] [Middle] Long Fairy Hair Silver Costume [21154] [Lower] War Princess Ribbon Costume [20773] [Upper] One-ear Headset Costume [21841] [Middle] Mask of Cat Costume [21839] [Middle] Rebirth Circlet Costume [21758] [Upper] Parfait Bowl Costume [21838] [Upper] Virgo Crown Costume [21244] [Upper] Soul Wing Costume [20506] [Upper] Shower Cap Costume [20870] [Upper] Campus Festival Hat Costume [21801] [Upper] Limited Edition Costume For a duration of one week, you can now purchase this [Visual] Moon and Stars Costume at the Talon Shop for 5500 Talon Cash! This adorable visual effects costume will surely make you stand out in a crowd! It goes in your Garment slot. Note: even though it's sold for a limited time, it may or may not return in the future to cater towards players from different timezones. Additionally, keep in mind that these visual effects only show up when effects in-game are enabled. Rush now has 4 new castles to play in. Players who joined the initial queue, rather than joining a running match, now earn 30% more rewards. Rewards now do have a hard cap of 50 coins per match, for when the 30% bonus stacks with Happy Hour on high-rewarding modes, for instance. Added a new Happy Hour slot: Friday 04:00 ~ 06:00 server time. Supply updates: You are now given 10 ASPD Potions at the start of a match, rather than 5. Assassins are now given 1 more Poison Bottle at the start of a match. Increased the amount of Traps given out on larger maps. Wizards, Sages, Priests and Super Novices now get BG Gemstones at the start of a match. In addition, once your BG Gemstone supply runs out, you can still use regular store-bought Gemstones! Slightly increased the rewards on various modes: Capture The Flag and Team Deathmatch Winners +2 Losers +2 Ties +2 Stone Control Losers +2 Ties +4 Bossnia Losers +2 Ties +3 Domination and Eye of the Storm Losers +3 Ties +7 Triple Inferno Losers +2 WoE Participation Rewards For starters, we have added the WoE Participation Rewards mechanic. The system revolves around earning rewards by completing various tasks during WoE. This way we as a server can partially compensate guilds, even small ones, for competing in WoE, lowering the barrier to join. This has been something we desired for many years and finally got around to implement: Earn Siege Coins just by participating in WoE The amount of coins you will be rewarded is based on your guild's overall performance in WoE by doing any of the following: Most coins will be earned by winning the War of Emperium. A fixed amount of coins is earned when your guild breaks the Emperium. Additionally, in Second Edition WoE, the coins earned will increase based on the Economy of the castle that is captured. Coins are earned by both building (for the defending guild) and destroying (for the offending guild) structures in Second Edition. This includes Barricades and Guardian Stones. Additionally, bonus coins are given out if either all structures are rebuilt or destroyed. A jackpot based on kills that gets distributed among all participating guilds. This jackpot will be distributed every time an offensive action is performed during WoE, such as breaking Guardian Stones, Barricades or the Emperium, as well as winning the war. During each distribution, 40% of the points will go to the defending guild. 20% of the points will go to the offending guild performing the action. The remaining 40% will be divided among all guilds that contributed at least 10% to the kill count. Reward Guild Members As the Siege Coins are meant to cover a portion of the supplies used during WoE, quick distribution among guild members is important. To do this, the Guild Leader can simply talk to the WoE Rewards NPC at any castle hub to distribute the coins earned during WoE. We made the distribution convenient by using the Guild Title system. Did your guild's Creators spend a lot of potions to heal your guild? Had some Assassins that used a lot of Poison Bottles for EDP? No problem! Just put them in a particular Guild Position and mail them their fair share all at once. It's that easy. Each member of that particular Guild Position will then receive their share of Siege Coins in their RODex, ready to spend on new supplies. Buy Supplies You can talk to the WoE Rewards NPC at any castle hub (in the Warp Girl) to claim your rewards. You can spend your Siege Coins right here on items like WoE Potions, Poison Bottles, Barricade ingredients and much more! It's a great way to stock up on some supplies that you need for the next War of Emperium and should cover at least a portion of what you used during battle. Final Notes We have implemented the scoring mechanisms for the past couple of months and have monitored the points scored during WoEs. We believe the current rewards should be fair compensation for participating in WoE. That said, real-world results may vary, so we will keep monitoring the situation and tweak the scoring or rewards if necessary. More items in the shop are planned as well, so be sure to be on the lookout for that! Morroc SE Castle and Dungeon Introducing a brand new SE Guild Castle! Prepare yourselves for an exciting experience taking over a never before seen castle. Also, if you're lucky enough to win this castle, you will also get to experience the all new Morroc Guild Dungeon! While we are going to keep the information about these mobs disclosed in order to encourage a discovery period, other than them all having 60 VIT across the board (have fun, Creator players!) what we will mention is that every single new mob here has a brand new item associated with it at a card rate (0.03%) chance! New Morroc Guild Dungeon Equipment Every new item you're about to see below can be used in Vanilla, except for the Invective Robe, which is an Unrestricted item. Use the below spoilers to learn more! Apis Axe [4] Iron Shield [1] Invective Robe [1] (NOTE: This item is Unrestricted Only!) Elemental Boots [1] Snake Encyclopedia [3] Consumables and Supplies Reworks The updates you're about to see below are general updates. However, going into these updates as a team, we made all of these decisions with the WoE scene in mind. This is especially true after feedback over a long period of time and careful analysis of the scene: Eden Group now sells a 200 Strawberry Box at 475 Merit Badges. Added weight to Strawberry Boxes, such as the ones obtained from Eden Group. It's made to be a 75% weight reduction over holding the strawberries in your inventory separately. The same applies for the above-mentioned 200 Strawberry Box. Strawberry Boxes can now be put in your cart. Reworked Strawberry Hat (#18589) script to now be a base 3% rate (up from 2.4%) with 0.45% per refine (up from 0.15%). Red Ferus now drops Strawberries at 100% rather than 66%. Additionally, added a secondary drop at 15%. Increased Strawberry droprate on Boa, Wolf, Spore and Coco from 18% to 37.5%. Reduced Red Ferus (#1714) respawn time in Abyss Lake 02 from 5 minutes to 15 seconds. Added an Orange drop at 100% on Green Ferus. Additionally, added a secondary drop at 15%. Increased Orange droprate on Grand Peco from 15% to 75%. Increased Mastela Fruit droprate on Grand Peco from 9% to 15%. Reduced Green Ferus (#1717) respawn time in Abyss Lake 01 from 5 minutes to 15 seconds. Increased Witch Starsand droprate on Punk from 30% to 75%. Added Witch Starsand drop at 100% to Little Fatum and Miming. Additionally, added a secondary drop at 15%. Reduced Blue Potion weight from 15 to 6. Other Moved Repairman NPCs closer to the Castle Hubs. Rotated WoE Castles: Saturday 15:00 - NT Vanilla FE - gefg_cas02 > Unchanged Saturday 16:15 - Vanilla FE - aldeg_cas02 > aldeg_cas03 Saturday 17:30 - Unres FE - prtg_cas05 > prtg_cas01 Sunday 02:45 - NT Vanilla FE - payg_cas03 > payg_cas04 Sunday 04:00 - Vanilla SE - schg_cas01 > mocg_cas01 NEW Sunday 05:15 - Unres SE - arug_cas02 > arug_cas01 General Rankings for Ancient Tower, GMC and Wave Challenge have reset. Improved security on Old SQI Instances as well as Ancient Tower. Old SQI Instances updates: You can now withdraw and deposit Vanaheim Gold at Asmund. All Old SQI Seal instances can now be played 5 times per week rather than once per day. All Old SQI Seal instances now give a combination of Talon Cash and Zeny rather than just Talon Cash. Yuno Seal: Vanaheim Gold reduced from 100 to 75. Talon Cash reduced from 50 to 25. Added 225,000 Zeny reward. Prontera Seal: Talon Cash reduced from 50 to 25. Added 250,000 Zeny reward. Manuk Seal: Talon Cash reduced from 25 to 10. Added 150,000 Zeny reward. Ancient Tower reward changed: Talon Cash reduced from 200 to 150. Added 400,000 Zeny reward. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where skill based item ignore scripts such as Tome of Ymir's free Endow bonus would not function unless at least 1 Catalyst Item was in the user's inventory. Implemented an rAthena Bugfix which fixes Grimtooth not adding Quagmire slowdown for 1 second against non-boss monsters. Fixed Dark Pinguicula Card working outside of PvM. Fixed a potential bug in Battlegrounds where a player who nearly hit their weekly coin limit could reduce the rewards of everyone else joining that same round. Part 2 Plans As we had too many plans for WoE/BG and just not enough time to get it all done, there will be intermittent updates to WoE and BG matters. To give you some ideas of what we have planned: Updated WoE Castle Treasures. Tweaks to WoE game mechanics to improve gameplay. WoE Rental Gears. New and updated BG modes. New and updated BG rewards.
  4. The Summer Event is in full swing and we're starting August with even more updates to the event (TamTam's Tikibar, anyone?), along with our usual Monthly Updates. As we prepare for bigger updates the coming weeks/months, this maintenance will be a little smaller than usual. We will be dedicating a lot of our resources to BG and WoE matters the coming month, so expect updates there in the near future. For now, enjoy these updates! New TamTam's Odyssey region: Geffen. Includes fields and dungeon. GMC Box Rotations: Walking Desert Wolf Baby Costume [21216] Spiked Belt Costume [21558] Wave Challenge Box Rotations: Alchemist Square Bag Costume [21215] Cat On Head Costume [21497] Monthly Costume Box items: Daehyon Sword Costume [21776] [Garment] Hopping Twin Pigtail Costume [21782] [Upper] Stall Of Angel Costume [20847] [Lower] Floating Ball Costume [21040] [Middle] Smokie Muffler Costume [21744] [Lower] Camellia Ribbon Costume [21589] [Upper] Baphomet Hat Costume [20705] [Upper, Middle, Lower] Checkered Bandana Costume [20710] [Upper] Asgard Circlet Costume [21735] [Upper] Leo Crown Costume [21243] [Upper] Yellow Ribbon Costume [21807] [Upper] Little Angel Doll Costume [21800] [Upper] Orchid Hairband Costume [21802] [Upper] Limited Edition Costume For a duration of one week, you can now purchase this [Visual] Purple Fluttering Butterfly Costume at the Talon Shop for 5500 Talon Cash! This is a purple-colored version of a Fluttering Butterfly Costume we released previously. It goes in your Garment slot. Note: even though it's sold for a limited time, it may or may not return in the future to cater towards players from different timezones. The Summer Event gradually progresses and we're seeing great community interaction, which is amazing to see! For the August patch, we've made a few changes and updates to the events: TamTam's Tikibar returns with a month full of free items! Read below for more details. Added a new Conjuress NPC that can recolor your Fishbone Hair Braid Costume, Protection Cloth, Royal Mantle or Stall of Angel Costumes. You can find her in Port Malaya near the Bartender and Amazing Summer Race NPC. You can no longer use your Digging Shovel in the Treasure Hunt event when mounted. Fixed a bug where maps would have their "nobranch" mapflag removed incorrectly. Slightly rebalanced some rewards in the Pro Summertime Boxes. Slightly rebalanced the Bonus Rounds. If no bonus rounds happened during the entire day yet, the chance of it triggering will exponentially increase the later it gets. Removed Strawberry collection mission due to their usage in WoE. Lowered Unripe Apple collection mission from 2 items to 1. Lowered kill amount for the following missions: Crab: 80 > 70 Choco: 25 > 20 Kapha: 50 > 30 Layla's Emporium The sleeping beauty has finally awoken! Layla's Emporium in Valkyrie's Bazaar will be open for business throughout the Summer period, as well as subsequent holiday themed events thereafter (between very long naps). However, do hurry, as her stocks will only last until the end of September! For more info on how you can gain access to Valkyrie's Bazaar, click here or visit the official Valkyrie: Battle of the Nine website. To celebrate the Summer season, we're pleased to bring back our annual TamTam's Tikibar event! Thanks to our fun loving and beloved mascot, TamTam, we're serving up summery drinks (and prizes!) throughout the whole month of August. It features daily images created by our awesome community through the Summer Postcards Contest! If you're unfamiliar with how this special event works, it's easy to participate! Click here to learn more about how you can receive a free prize each day. For the past months we've had a malfunctioning version of our Kihop change implemented due to ongoing crashes. While the previously-announced change to Kihop is still our vision for the skill, we have reverted this back to official behavior for the time being as we are working on a more permanent solution. However, this does come with the hard cap of 6 party members (excluding the source Star Gladiator) to the damage increase. Mjolnir's Charge Attack bonus is now fixed to only push back 3 cells, reverting it back to pre-Iduna behavior and making it easier to follow up with close range attacks. Lowered the price of Rental Rooms from 5000 to 2500 zeny per minute. Fixed Steal Coin displaying the wrong amount of zeny stolen from a monster. The SQI Instances now all reward you with Vanaheim Gold in addition to all other rewards, up to once per day: 35 Vanaheim Gold for Ancient Juperos. 75 Vanaheim Gold for Battle for Vanaheim and Birth of a God. Old SQI Seal Instances: Yuno Seal is back up and running after a bug that needed fixing. (this was the case already for a while, but was not officially announced) The daily cooldown now only applies to the rewards. So you can still play these instances even though you are on a cooldown. You just won't obtain any rewards at the end. Lowered cost of Most Valuable Box at Asmund from 1500 to 1250 Vanaheim Gold. In order to address some recent issues, we have introduced a number of Dead Branch Updates: Only 200 mobs summoned by Dead Branches can exist at a time in a single map. If a mob summoned by a Dead Branch hasn't been killed within 20 minutes, it is automatically removed. This works like the Creator skill Plant Cultivation for comparison. Bloody Branches are unaffected by these changes. tha_scene01 is now marked as nobranch.
  5. Summer is well underway on TalonRO - and to celebrate the season, we're pleased to bring back our annual TamTam's Tikibar event! Thanks to our fun loving and beloved mascot, TamTam, we're serving up summery drinks (and prizes!) throughout the whole month of August. If you're unfamiliar with how this special event works, it's easy to participate! TamTam's Tiki Bar is a special calendar with a unique prize for each day throughout August. It could be a useful consumable but even something as amazing as a unique costume! Read more below on how to participate and receive your free prize each day throughout August! We hope you'll enjoy it! We're thanking our entire community with special small items that can be obtained each day. Here's how TamTam's Tiki Bar works: Visit TamTam's Tiki Bar today to be taken to the calendar page! You'll only be able to claim a prize once per day, on that specific day - so if you miss a day, you'll miss a prize. All days for calendar purposes start and end according to Midgard (server) time. Find the right Tiki Bar drink on the calendar by searching around on the one that you can click! Once you find the right drink, you'll be given a unique code that is special to just your Master Account. Copy this code down and log into TalonRO! Visit the city of Comodo in-game and find our special Tiki Assistant NPC in Comodo: SeiSei the cat. Once there, enter in your unique code in-game exactly as you received it from TamTam's Tiki Bar calendar page. Claim your special prize, and repeat this process each day during the month of August to collect all of the prizes! Lastly, keep in mind a couple of special details as you play in this month's Tam Tam's Tiki Bar: All Tiki Bar calendar gifts are account-bound and will only be available on the day they are offered - meaning that you can't log-in and collect prizes from later dates. To receive all daily gifts, you'll need to visit the Tiki Bar Calendar and the Tiki Assistant NPC (a wonderful cat named SeiSei) in Comodo each day from now throughout the days in August. While the prizes are account-bound, this does mean you can claim your rewards on all of your game accounts! So hop on those alts and get to Comodo! We hope that you'll enjoy our special summer calendar throughout the month of August - it's all part of our saying thanks for being a part of the TalonRO community, and we hope that you have a fantastic summer! Cheers and, as always, happy gaming!
  6. Summer this year is bigger than ever! First is the return of a highly anticipated event: the Amazing Summer Race. This special event is a popular offering, and we know that some of you wait the entire year for this one! Join Talonians everywhere in a race across Midgard to search for clues, solve puzzles, and earn fantastic prizes! In addition to the Summer Race and its many updates, also be sure to enjoy Cocktail Making, TamTam's Treasure Hunt, the Evil Octopus Instance and much more! For full details, you can visit the special Event Topic on the Official Events forum where you can read about all of the season's latest offerings and how you can participate. Keep in mind that TamTam's Tikibar will launch in August! In addition to the Summer Event, we have also introduced various other updates to the server which we hope you'll enjoy! This maintenance focuses mostly on the release of our Summer Event, but there are plenty of other changes worth noting: Old SQI Yuno Instance The final iteration of the Old SQI instances is now live: Yuno! Simply talk to Asmund to get started. Fight your way through a maze and face Nokrah in his prime. Like the other instances, this can be played once per day and rewards you with 50 Talon Cash and 100 Vanaheim Gold! Additionally, we have heard your feedback regarding the way the cooldowns work. Some changes here are in the works, which you can expect on the next reboot! Other Updates Amplify Magic Power and Aura Blade now have Status Icons. Increased Leak Claw droprate from 3% to 5%. Lowered spawn time of Leak from 105~145 minutes to 75~105 minutes. Super Novices that equip items through Super Novice Spirit should now be able to keep their items equipped when changing maps, except in the following cases: Maps which restrict said item from being equipped (such as Vanilla Mode). Upon death and returning to your save location. Logging out. Madness Canceller no longer consumes 4 Coins to disable the skill, but it will still consume those 4 coins when activating the skill. Fling's Debuff can no longer be dispelled, making it consistent with other debuff effects such as the Strip Skill Debuffs. Ninja Scale Armor [1], Tenebris Latitantes [1], and Special Ninja Suit [1] can now be enchanted at the Armor Enchanter. All of the recently added new Gunslinger Guns can now be enchanted at the Malangdo Enchanter. Altea & Ares [2], Heaven's Feather & Hell's Fire [2], and Color Scope [3] can only be enchanted once. All other guns can be enchanted twice. All new guns have a x4 multiplier cost. Sleeper Hat [0] should now have the same autospell rate for its endow as other related headgears such as Imp Hat [0], Fish Head Hat [0], and Gryphon Hat [0]. Naght Sieger no longer has [Earthquake] in the Vanilla version of Endless Tower. Gudbrand now properly prevents you from taking up any Purified Essence quests when your character's level is too low. We have recently been doing some official Aegis server tests to confirm some official gameplay behaviour, resulting in a few interesting bugfixes. Keep in mind that some of these skills have been rewritten entirely and, while thoroughly tested, might still behave weirdly. If they do, please let us know! Devotion's buggy behavior has (mostly) been fixed. Defender, Auto Guard, Reflect Shield, and Endure should now all initialize correctly when devoting someone for the first time and when devoting someone already under devotion. This also means by extension that all applicable Devotion skills, most notably Defender and Auto Guard, should now refresh correctly when using Devotion on someone after the first time. Defender, Auto Guard, Reflect Shield, and Endure should now all display status icons on devoted targets as long as the source Paladin has those statuses. These status icons will also no longer display the previously unnecessary duration counter like before. All the above fixes also extend to applicable mercenaries (Roux). Fixed Acid Terror not ignoring Hard Defense on Mobs when it should be. Fixed Baphomet Card not applying bow math to splash damage when used with a bow or gun, resulting in lower splash damage. Fixed a bug in Ancient Juperos where statuses kept going while outside. Fixed a bug in Ancient Tower where clicking Enter while the instance was not created yet would cause a screen freeze. The return of TalonRO's wildly popular Amazing Summer Race brings the action back to Port Malaya for a season of intense team fun! The Amazing Summer Race this year begins once again in Port Malaya at the World Race Center Headquarters. This year introduces many new additions to almost all of the Summer Event festivities, so be sure to read upon on the official thread for more details on how you can participate in this year's annual summer event extravaganza! For our annual TamTam's Tikibar you will have to wait a little while longer. This event will launch in August! Lastly, Layla's Emporium (Valkyrie's Bazaar) will be making her whimsical return throughout the summer month of August, offering a variety of rare costumes, consumables and pets. We hope you all enjoy the updates and event festivities! As always, there is much, much more to come!
  7. This year, the Amazing Summer Race is starting a little earlier than normal and it's our biggest release yet! With heavily remade Summertime Boxes, the introduction of Bonus Rounds and more, this year will be the greatest one to date! The Treasure Hunting and Cocktail Making return as well, with some fun new additions. And let's not forget about the Evil Octopus Instance. This year's event is jam-packed full of new rewards and challenges. See below for more details! Your journey begins by speaking with one of the World Quest Center staff members in Port Malaya to begin the journey of the season. After registration, you'll need to find the person in each region who can start your quest after starting in Port Malaya. From there, this person will be hiding in one of four regions. Once they are located, you'll begin a quick quest. Collect one of each special regional badge by performing these quests that takes place all over Midgard and beyond! Your goal is to eventually successfully complete one of each type of quest, and decide to turn those badges in for a prize or bet them all on a harder quest whose rewards will be even greater! This year's Summer Event will run until August 31st! USE ONLY ONE MASTER ACCOUNT FOR THE RACE Please remember: it is strictly forbidden to use more than one (1) master account to get badges. Using the master account of a friend or family member to get more badges is forbidden and can lead to a permanent ban! BADGE EXCHANGE All race badges will be account-bound - but if you're too heavy with one kind of badge and need one of a different type, you can exchange that with the Race Staff for three of an existing badge type! You can now also gather Bonus Summer Badges which you can also exchange for any other badge type. Read below for more details! The Summer Event has been evolving over the years, but this year it's bigger than ever! We'll show you exactly what has changed: Amazing Summer Race The general script has been strongly optimized and made future-proof. This is something you won't really notice as a player, but if you see any weird behaviour as a result, please let us know! Added 2021 Summertime Boxes. These boxes are severely renewed with a vast majority of the old rewards removed and brand new rewards added! You can now also purchase the 2020 Summertime Boxes if you so desire. Considering the new boxes are so vastly different, some people might prefer the old ones, which you can now also purchase. Each region now has more possible NPCs to find. Some more than others. Introduced a brand new region: Islands. This is a special one. Twice per day, at random times, a regular Summer Race round can be followed by a Bonus Round! This Bonus Round lasts for only 30 minutes and takes you to the various special island locations around the world of RO: Moscovia, Gonryun, Amatsu, Dewata, you name it! During these rounds you can earn Bonus Summer Badges (only normal, not advanced) which can be exchanged for any other badge of your liking. We equalized the chances of getting particular missions. Previously, you would randomly get a mission from a list of all the NPC finding missions, Item gathering missions and Monster killing missions. This year, the type of mission is decided first, which makes it a 1/3 chance to get a specific type. After that, a random mission is picked within that type. This ensures that certain types that have more available missions don't get picked too often. Added 5 new Item Finding missions. Added 6 new Monster Killing missions. Added 7 new NPC Finding missions. Cocktail Making Completely rewritten the script. As always, if you see any weird behaviour as a result, please let us know! Removed Raydric's Tonic cocktail. We felt that this cocktail took away too much from Soul Linkers. Added 7 new cocktails all with their own status icon. The old cocktails do not have such a status icon just yet. Bobo's Boba: Ignores 10% DEF and 10% MDEF on all monsters for 5 minutes. Wolfchev's Nightcap: Increases Physical and Magical damage against Biolabs monsters by 15% for 15 minutes. Chepet's Match: Increases heal power of Heal, Sanctuary and Potion Pitcher by 10% for 15 minutes. Dullahan's Ale: Adds +10 Perfect Dodge for 20 minutes. Sippin' Galapagos: For 15 minutes, increases heal amount if you are healed by any skills by 10%. Sleeper's Dream: Increases MaxHP by 5% for 15 minutes. Mobster's Paradise: Increases MaxSP by 5% for 15 minutes. Treasure Hunting Captain TamTam now has his own special Captain sprite, thanks to @GM Spica! Added a variety of new rewards when digging. Fast Movement skills such as Body Relocation, Running, etc. can now not be used on the Treasure Hunting map for the event duration. 6 brand new locations for the Weekly Treasure Maps, with major rewards for the first person who finds the treasure! Much like last year, we have our Fast Five NPC Finder Competition! The 5 players who were the first to find most NPCs for each Summer Race round, will win a special prize. This year you can win the [Visual] Many Stars Costume. The costume is game account-bound. The missions and regions of the Amazing Summer Race are many - so we want to make sure that you have a preview of what you're getting into before you embark upon the race! The regions are mostly as they always were, but with new NPC additions and locations as well as one whole new region to explore! Read on for more information. Regions Kordt Forest: The Kordt Forest is for all quests performed in a forest-type of area. You might find yourself deep within Mt. Mjolnir, or perhaps out roaming the Prontera Fields - just don't get lost in the woods! Sograt Desert: The Sograt Desert areas aptly refer to any area which is primarily desert. Although the Sograt Desert is the largest desert in Midgard, it is by no means the only one. Be sure to bring lots of water on your journey! Kokomo Tropics & Tundra: The Kokomo Tropics & Tundra are any collection of tropical or tundra areas around Midgard. While it might be tempting to bring along the summer suits and sunscreen, keep your eyes open when a quest is in this area! Darmian Dungeons: The Darmian Dungeon region refer to all quests which take place in a dungeon. Don't worry: all of the dungeon quests will be in open-access dungeons...though safety is not guaranteed when venturing in here! Islands: This is a special one, introduced this year! Twice per day, at random times, a regular Summer Race round can be followed by a Bonus Round! This Bonus Round lasts for only 30 minutes and takes you to the various special island locations around the world of RO: Moscovia, Gonryun, Amatsu, Dewata, you name it! During these rounds you can earn Bonus Summer Badges (only normal, not advanced) which can be exchanged for any other badge of your liking. Missions Monster Hunting: Monster hunting is a staple of the Amazing Race! On these quests, you'll need to defeat as many of a certain type of monster as you can! Searching: If the regional Amazing Race staff member assigns you to a monster hunting quest, then you had better gear up for a quick run through of those monsters! You'll need to do so before the time is up as well! Item Gathering: In these quests, your searching isn't done yet! You'll have to hunt across Midgard to find a special individual to complete this assignment. Treasure Hunting is once again returning to the server! Find Captain TamTam in Port Malaya together with his matey Sailor Squiggles. Here you can acquire your very own Digging Shovel. The Event Every few hours, similar to the Amazing Summer Race, Captain TamTam will invite you to hunt for his hidden treasures. He will pick a random map and will tell you in which part of the maps he's hidden various treasures. These can be items of lower value but also powerful and valuable treasures! Simply roam around the map and use the Digging Shovel to dig! Places where people in the map have found treasures will be marked in green on the minimap! On top of that, every now and then Captain TamTam will give you a hint of a treasure's location, marked in red and you will see some special effect indicators now and then that signal where a treasure might be found. If you're really lucky while treasure hunting, you may even find 1 of 2 unique weapons, that can only be obtained during the hunt! They may look like random miscellaneous litter initially, but are actually equipable items! These are as follows in the below spoiler: Weekly Rare Treasure Hunts Much like last year, we will have something special added to the Treasure Hunting event! Once every week, an exceptionally rare and valuable treasure will be hidden in the world of TalonRO. Where? Nobody knows! What's in it? Something very valuable, definitely worth your valuable time! The only way you can find out its location is by finding the Treasure Map. You can do this by combining four unique pieces of the map that can be found every week by simply joining the Treasure Hunt events. Have you found all four unique pieces? Great! Bring them to Captain TamTam in Port Malaya and he will combine them into a real treasure map! You can view these beautiful maps (as created by our amazing @GM Zelda) by clicking on them. There you will find hints about the treasure's location. They won't always be easy, so be sure to ask your friends for help! But be wary, once that week's treasure has been found, it will be gone forever! Each weekly treasure can only be found once! There are a total of 6 weeks where this special event will be held, so be sure to get looking for the treasure map pieces! Help Captain TamTam sail the seas once again in his ship by defeating an octopus believed to be the legendary Akkorokamui, in an instance available for up to 4~6 players, who is stopping TamTam from leaving the Malaya Docks. Akkorokamui is a special type of MvP that uses unique mechanics not seen elsewhere! Goal In order to defeat Akkorokamui you must defeat all of its legs so it can no longer defend itself. Prior to this, the main boss is completely invincible. All of Akkorokamui’s legs have different functions such as buffing/healing, ranged skills, magic skills, debuffs, status, and even physical attacks. It is up to you to decide which legs to take out in what order to figure out what the best strategy is for your team! Joining Not every player can jump into the fight with Akkorokamui. To enter, you must find a Mysterious Key and bring it to Captain TamTam. He will bring you to where the octopus resides! Finding the keys will not be easy. You can obtain them by participating in the Amazing Summer Race and Treasure Hunting! Various stages of the event may reward you with this unique key. Too lazy to race around? Not a problem! The keys can be traded and vended. Find one from your local vendor and give it a shot without any of the racing efforts! Rewards Defeating Akkorokamui can occasionally reward you with amazing gears, exclusive to this content! He will drop the following exclusive equipment: The return of our flavorful Summer Cocktails! Event Galapagos will be roaming about in special areas with ingredients to make wonderful summer cocktails - an array of which offer some special stat boosting effects (as refreshing as being on the beach). This year we have 7 brand new cocktails for you to enjoy, too, all with their own status icon! Good luck earning and making some of these wonderful cocktails below: Summer Cocktails Spammers Heaven: Increase ASPD by 10% for 45 minutes. Seductive Bathory: Reduce Cast Time by 10% for 45 minutes. Sting's Slap: 10% resistance to Physical Attacks for 30 minutes. Blossoming Geographer: 10% resistance to Magic Attacks for 30 minutes. Drip of Yggdrasil: 10% EXP Boost for 30 minutes + No EXP loss when dying (30 min.; effect wears off after you die). Venatu's Beep: Increase ATK by 5% for 30 minutes. Myst Case's Surprise: Increase MATK by 5% for 30 minutes. Matyr's Mix: Makes you walk fast for a duration of 45 minutes. Old Dracula's Mix: 15% more Job EXP for 30 minutes. Raydric's Tonic: Receive level 7 Kaahi and level 7 Kaizel upon use. Removed this year Sour Sidewinder: Receive level 5 Gloria, level 5 Impostio Manus, and level 5 Magnificat upon use. Moscow Headless Mule: For 10 minutes, FLEE + 30 and you regenerate 3% of your Maximum HP every 10 seconds. Can not be used while in Frenzy. Bobo's Boba: Ignores 10% DEF and 10% MDEF on all monsters for 5 minutes. Wolfchev's Nightcap: Increases Physical and Magical damage against Biolabs monsters by 15% for 15 minutes. Chepet's Match: Increases heal power of Heal, Sanctuary and Potion Pitcher by 10% for 15 minutes. Dullahan's Ale: Adds +10 Perfect Dodge for 20 minutes. Sippin' Galapagos: For 15 minutes, increases heal amount if you are healed by any skills by 10%. Sleeper's Dream: Increases MaxHP by 5% for 15 minutes. Mobster's Paradise: Increases MaxSP by 5% for 15 minutes. A classic event that will return on August 1st: TamTam's Tikibar! Thanks to our fun loving and beloved mascot, TamTam, we're serving up summery drinks (and prizes!) throughout the whole month of August. Finally, summer's sunset will eventually fall upon us - and so the Amazing Summer Race will run through August 31st as part of the season end. We hope that you enjoy the wonderful features of this year's Amazing Summer Race - and as always, happy gaming!
  8. Summer is here and TalonRO has a lot in stock for it! To start off, we have our usual monthly updates, the release of the old SQI instances as well as QoL features that will improve your gameplay experience. Expect more updates in the coming weeks. From events such as the Amazing Summer Race to forum and social media events. In addition, our PvM content is jam-packed for the month of July, with BotN: Distortion Tower officially launching from this month onwards. Be sure to check out the thread here to secure a booking for the latest instalment to Battle of the Nine! First off, we'd like to make a short clarification on matters related to skill delays. For starters, to those players who were not aware, the skill delay time has always been set to 200ms for the past few years. During the previous maintenance, we initially changed this to 330ms due to complaints about players being able to use more than 3 skills per second, which was the assumed limit at the time. While this indeed was the case in the past, we quickly resolved this (within 2 days after last month's reboot) by lowering it again to 230ms, which is what the server is set to right now. The increase to 330ms was a mistake on our part, where we judged the situation too hastily. We apologize for this decision. So in this new situation, while it's still slightly higher than the initial 200ms, the 230ms delay is something that 95% of the population will not notice. If anything, it balances the playing field between low-ping players and high-ping players more, which we'd like to think is a good thing! We hope this clarifies some of the concerns everyone has been having! For the past few weeks, a lot of our reviews on RMS have expired and our rank is at risk of dropping from first place! Without sounding like a broken record, we can't stress enough the importance of our presence on RMS -- being our main source of advertisement. The staff team have been working extremely hard to release new content and reshape our older content. Although things are going great, we strongly believe things could get even better -- but we can’t do this alone. It is now time to reach out to you players to help the server grow. We get more than half of our players from Ratemyserver and your reviews are basically FREE advertisement for the server. The more players we get the more active the server will be -- PvM content, WoE, Battlegrounds and more people to socialize and enjoy TRO with. All we ask from you is to take 5 minutes to write or renew your review at Ratemyserver.net. To the players that left a review more than three months ago, please renew it by deleting your old review and writing a new one. Things have changed drastically since half a year ago, so let us know how we are doing! And finally, if you've left a review in the last 3 months, please encourage your friends online to write a review. Thank you. LINK TO REVIEW While we may have revamped the SQI quest, we've always wanted to add the old SQI Seals back into the game. And not just the way they were, but fully instanced! So hereby we are glad to announce the release of Project S or in other words, the return of the seals! You can start these instances in Vanaheim by talking to Asmund at 251,162. Asmund is one of the High Vanir and he was prisoned during Haldur's assault on the realm. You see, Asmund's special ability is time warping, which was seen as a major threat to Haldur. Now that Vanaheim has been liberated, he is once again available to put his special skills to good use! In this case he can help you revisit Nokrah's old shenanigans including the Manuk and Prontera Seals as well as the final battle in Yuno. For reasons beyond his understanding, the Niflheim Seal is not available, weird huh? For this maintenance, we have released the Manuk Seal and Prontera Seal. The final battle in Yuno will be implemented at a later time. Instance Details You need to have unlocked the City of Vanaheim to access these instances. Talk to Asmund at Vanaheim 251,162 to start. Parties for these instances are still to consists of 6 players. Gameplay mechanics for the instances remain mostly the same as they were, including the time limits. Each instance can be completed once per day so if you fail, you can just keep trying. Each instance will reward you with Talon Cash as well as a new currency called Vanaheim Gold. The latter one can be used to purchase a variety of useful items near Asmund. And while the current selection of items is not bad, we will add more items to this selection in the near future! Prontera Seal: Gameplay should be identical to what it was before. Players are dispelled the moment they enter the instance. Ankle Snare and Spider Web are not allowed in this instance. Reward: 50 Talon Cash and 100 Vanaheim Gold. Manuk Seal: Gameplay should mostly be identical to what it was before. We have added a variety of new map announcements when certain things happen during the instance. To start the instance while inside, the party leader should talk to the Valkyrie at spawn. One major change is the so-called Berserk Mode. Previously, when a player was put in Halion's Dream and failed to kill the monsters, both dragons would go in Berserk Mode, which boosted their ATK and INT. As this mode was kind of pointless due to tanks being required to be in Pneuma, we have changed the way this works. Instead of a boost to ATK and INT, the dragons now randomly become immune to either Ranged, Melee or Magic Attacks for 15 seconds. Players are dispelled the moment they enter the instance. Ankle Snare and Spider Web are not allowed in this instance. Osiris Card no longer heals any SP when resurrected on this map. Reward: 25 Talon Cash and 50 Vanaheim Gold. We hope you all enjoy these new instances. The Yuno Instance will be released soon as well as more additions to the city of Vanaheim! As these instances have been rewritten completely, there may be some unintended bugs. Please let us know if you find any, thank you! New TamTam's Odyssey region: Amatsu, Gonryun, Louyang, Ayothaya Fields. Does NOT include dungeon maps. GMC Box Rotations: Smiling Eyes Costume [21225] Gift of Panagia Costume [21322] Wave Challenge Box Rotations: Flying Katashiro Costume [21588] Hi-tech Headset Costume [21555] Monthly Costume Box items: Royal Cloak Costume [21773] [Lower] Poring Basket Costume [21740] [Garment] Walking Fluffy Cat Costume [21031] [Middle] Heavenly Dark Flame Costume [20256] [Middle] Roast Memory Costume [21072] [Upper, Middle, Lower] Demon Crown Costume [21769] [Upper] Celestial Helm Costume [21697] [Upper] Glory Symbol Costume [21738] [Upper] Souvenirs of Izlude Costume [20390] [Upper] Cancer Crown Costume [21233] [Upper] Rose Casquette Costume [20796] [Upper] Bride's Flower Crown Costume [20958] [Upper] Limited Edition Costumes For a duration of one week, you can now purchase this [Visual] Musical Decoration Costume at the Talon Shop for 5500 Talon Cash! The nice weather in Rune Midgard makes you feel like singing when wearing this brand new Garment costume~ Note: even though it's sold for a limited time, it may or may not return in the future to cater towards players from different timezones. General Merged various rAthena updates. Updated some code in the back-end of the WoE scripts. This does not affect anything for players, but do please let us know if anything regarding WoE no longer function properly. It's time to say goodbye to the Morocc Restoration Event. After many months of help, the citizens of Morocc should finally have enough materials to fully reconstruct their beloved city. Expect a fully reconstructed Morocc soon! The vending machines to exchange any leftover tokens will stay around for a little while longer. Triple Inferno now uses its old warping mechanics when respawning, which is back to the front of your team's respawning room. However, a few seconds prior to the warp, a portal will appear that allows you to warp to a random spot instead, giving you two options to respawn. GM Challenge and Ancient Tower now have a waiting time of 1.5 minutes before a player can return to the instance when disconnected. This is done to prevent players from using the return mechanic as an easy way to get resurrected. These rooms are purely designed for players who legitimately disconnected from the game. The waiting time does not apply if the party is on the final floor. Rogue Class can now equip Luna Bow [2] and Lunatic Brooch [1]. Autospells should no longer force a delay on the user. WoE and Siege Potions (and their boxes) can now be stored in carts. Removed Leak and Hardrock Mammoth from the Eden Bounty Board list as their spawn time make it hard to hunt for these. Introduced a new item, similar to Special Bonbon, which boosts the intimacy of your Homunculus instead: Tasty Tree Branch. This currently can only be obtained from the above-mentioned Vanaheim instances. Autospells which proc Sage Endow skills now use the level 4 skill as an absolute minimum in order to prevent the failure chance / weapon removal. By extension, this also gives them the level 4 duration as an added bonus! This affects the following currently available items: Imp Hat [0] Fish Head Hat [0] Fish Bowl Hat [0] Gryphon Hat [0] Aviator Hat [0] Sleeper Hat [0] The following weapons can now be enchanted at Malangdo: Bardiche [2] (Coin Cost x 2) Desert Twilight [2] (Coin Cost x 4) Giant Encyclopedia [2] (Coin Cost x 4) Can only be enchanted once! Lacrima Stick [2] (Coin Cost x 4) Has the same restrictions as Dark Thorn Staff [0]! Luna Bow [2] (Coin Cost x 1) Orc Archer's Bow [0] (Coin Cost x 1) Pole Axe [1] (Coin Cost x 1) Thin Blade [2] (Coin Cost x 2) Veteran Hammer [2] (Coin Cost x 4) Antique Book now casts Ganbantein on the target prior to using Pulse Strike. Special Bonbon now prevents you from using it when you do not have a pet active. Removed some account-bound pets from the Valkyrie Bazaar as they caused too much confusion. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug with Vending where sometimes the window would get stuck when a player tries to set up a vending shop. Fixed a bug with Basilica where it would not cast when a Guild Aura skill was active on a guild leader character. In addition, it no longer checks for items on the ground, skills on the ground or pets/homunculi/mercenaries nearby. Fixed Gertie Card not allowing you to use certain item-obtained skills such as Sight. Fixed Spread Attack not working on certain maps. Fixed a bug where Rifles did not have their damage calculated correctly. This should boost the damage of all Rifle weapons. In addition, Rifles are now also affected by the Ring of Nibelungen and Drum on the Battlefield penalties as all the other ranged weapons are. Fixed an exploit in Ancient Juperos where players could relog when they were in jail and warp back to the start of the map. Players are now automatically warped into jail when they relog to level 2. Fixed several SQIs where instead of Non-Boss/Boss Resistance being applied, Damage was being applied. This affects Twin Fang, Scouter, and Hira Shurikat. Fixed Heaven's Feather and Hell's Fire [2] and Altea & Ares [2] Bullet Reduction scripts from denying skill usages below the normal ammo requirement despite the script's reduction. Example: Bullet Shower normal bullet count -> 5, Inventory Bullets -> 3, +8 Reduced amount -> 2, skill usage would be denied. Whereas now, it should be allowed as long as you have at least 2 bullets, etc. Fixed Perfect Cloak/Hide bonus on Twin Fang and Sherwood allowing certain mobs to still use ground skills on you despite being unseen to the mob. Fixed a bug in Ancient Tower where a player could join an instanced party after the instance was created, resulting in them not properly being processed within the instance. Fixed Thunderstorm Cloud not adding a further autospell chance when using higher Lightning Bolt and Thunderstorm skill level. The hat has been updated to fix this issue with the following: When learning either skill greater than level 5, it will now add 20 + skill level * 2. As opposed to before, where it simply added 10 + skill level, resulting in the same rate as before with level 10. Description fixes: Fixed Death Fire mentioning it gives 10% more damage when it doesn't. Fixed Malangdo Snow Crab mentioning 20% long range attack boost rather than 10%. Fixed description of Running skill mentioning a "+(10*SkillLV)% damage to the Kick skills" skill boost which is not the case. It does still have the regular ATK boost for each level you have invested in the skill. Fixed Ice Falchion wrongly mentioning that Freeze happens when hit, rather than when attacking. Also fixed the mention of a 1% chance to freeze yourself. This is 0.1%. Fixed Edge wrongly mentioning that the Curse chance is 3%. This is 0.3%. Fixed all versions of Doom Slayer wrongly mentioning that Stun happens when hit, rather than when attacking. Added rates of Bleeding status to Ygnus Stale description. Added rates of Curse status to End Sektura description. Added rates of Bleeding status and Joint Beat skill to Ivory Lance description. Fixed Earthen Bow not mentioning that the Stone Curse chance is part of the combo with Stone Arrow. Fixed Ivory Knife mentioning that the Bleeding status is cast on yourself. This should be on the enemy. Fixed Bloody Shell wrongly mentioning that the External Bleeding chance is 5%. This is 1%. Added missing External Bleeding chances to descriptions of all Huuma Giant Wheel Shuriken.
  9. With the previous mid-month maintenance having been quite a major one, we are starting off the month on a smaller scale with mostly tweaks and fixes and our usual monthly maintenance updates, of course! Throughout June you can expect much more exciting content for not only end-game but also mid-game players! New TamTam's Odyssey region: Morroc Pyramids Includes nightmare maps. GMC Box Rotations: Large Sorcerer Crown Costume [21144] Walking Lady Tanee Costume [21234] Wave Challenge Box Rotations: DJ Kitty Costume [21249] Clock Casket Costume [20709] Monthly Costume Box items: Floating Parasol Costume [21717] [Lower] Black Dragon Hair Costume [21748] [Lower] Kings Crown Costume [21756] [Upper] Carefree Face Costume [21751] [Middle] Lock Heart Gold Costume [21728] [Lower] Wing Poring Headphones Costume [21749] [Middle] Gold Tinted Blinking Eyes Costume [21750] [Middle] Drooping Dorasuke Costume [20698] [Upper] Viking Helm Costume [21711] [Upper] Red Dress Hat Costume [21712] [Upper] Gemini Crown Costume [21232] [Upper] Heart Ribbon Hairband Costume [21706] [Upper] Limited Edition Costumes For a duration of one week, you can now purchase this [Visual] Fluttering Butterfly Costume at the Talon Shop for 5500 Talon Cash! With spring coming to an end and summer starting soon, this will surely make you stand out! Note: even though it's sold for a limited time, it may or may not return in the future to cater towards players from different timezones. First off, the Fighting Chant multi client calculation is not fixed yet at this moment. We are still looking for more stable solutions. Please bear with us in the meantime. Thank you. Due to ongoing exploitation to get the "best" vending locations through multiple client usage, we have now randomized the town that you are warped to by the Vending Officer. New (old) Global Chat shortcuts: You can now use !main, !market, !recruit, !map and !bg <message> like you could pre-Iduna. This is an easy way to send a quick message to another channel along with your main channel chats. The normal #channel methods keep working the same way they've always worked. Battlegrounds: Removed regular potions from the shop, leaving only the potion boxes. Lowered weight of WoE White Potions from 3 to 2. Lowered weight of WoE Blue Potions, Siege White and Blue Potions from 8 to 5. Lowered cost of WoE White Potion Box from 45 to 35. Lowered cost of WoE Blue Potion Box from 15 to 12. Lowered cost of Siege White Potion Box from 45 to 35. Lowered cost of Siege Blue Potion Box from 25 to 15. Major MVPs that warp when close to a portal now no longer do so when their HP is low. Antique Book mob now casts the following skills: Soul Breaker lv2 on Chase, 10% chance. Pulse Strike lv1 on Attack, 5% chance. Abracadabra no longer allows monster summon functions in nobranch maps. This affects monocell, class change, and summon monster functions. Mob Scarf and Rebellion Scarf Updates: Lowered Zeny costs from 5m to 2m. Lowered Black Dyestuff amounts from 10 to 5. Increased Mob Scarf ATK from +5 to +10. Increased Rebellion Scarf DEX from 1 to 2. Electric Guitar [A Whistle] Bonus made more clear that it adds flat FLEE + 20 and Perfect Dodge + 3 and not +20% and +3% Rates. Belmont Whip [Fortune's Kiss] Bonus made more clear that it adds flat CRIT + 5 and not +5% Rates. Critical ATK% Effects made more clear going forward what affects only auto-attack CRIT damage and what affects [Sharp Shooting] and [Shadow Slash] Critical ATK% damage. When looking at an SQI bonus, card, gear, consumable, etc that adds Critical ATK% as an effect. Unless it says "and [Sharp Shooting] CRITs", "and [Shadow Slash] CRITs", or "and Skill CRITs", assume Critical ATK% boosts only affect auto-attack CRITs. SQI Bonuses have been updated accordingly with the above information. Cenere Card has been updated accordingly with the above information. Fixed a bug that would not apply the 0.33 second skill delay cap properly. Changed to 0.23 second delay instead. Fixed Gypsy Card not ending song and dance instances properly. Fixed a bug where Marionette Control would not end when users under its effect left a party. Fixed a bug where one could use Dispel in BG to remove the walking speed penalty when carrying a flag. Fixed quest buffs received from Reno being dispelled when warping to certain dispellable maps like Biolabs 4. Fixed Tempest Double Attack not applying when the weapon is not refined. Fixed a bug where the return checkpoint in Battle for Vanaheim was not updated correctly before fighting Darkrah.
  10. Mid-month maintenance is slowly turning into the major release, rather than our Monthly reboots! Today we release the long-anticipated Ninja and Gunslinger Update as well as some major updates, rebalances, fixes and much more! Regarding bugs and exploits With a few discussions going on lately about players assuming certain parts of the gameplay being totally fine, when in reality it's unintended behavior, we'd like to reiterate something that's not always widely known. For starters, when you suspect that part of TalonRO's gameplay might be an exploit, you are expected to report it. This is nothing new, of course. However, this is not always as clear as night and day. If you suspect something might be unintended, we appreciate it if you ask the GM team about it through a Support Ticket. In these cases either we say "yes, that's fine", and you continue to use it, or we say "whoa, no, not fine!" in which case we will likely patch it up. This will also prevent something unintended from being in the game too long, people growing accustomed to it, and people getting upset if we do end up patching it. That said, we'd like to remind people that we may give out rewards when something is reported and it is deemed either a bug, exploit or unintended behavior, depending on the severity of the matter. Helping us improve the game is greatly appreciated and we show our gratitude accordingly. We'll update our rules page to reflect this message accordingly as well. Thank you! Malangdo Updates In an effort to give more use to the Malangdo instances and quests, we have increased the Talon Shop cost of Silvervine Fruit boxes by 3.5x their original cost. While this might make Malangdo enchants more costly, we believe it's done for a good reason. We'll monitor Malangdo after this update and will be releasing more updates in the near future. Along with the price increase, we have made many updates that will make the actual instances of this island more rewarding: Added new Silvervine Fruit Box at a lower cost with 4 pieces inside. Lowered Silvervine Fruit cost of Seagod's Protection and Octopus Hunting Stick rental. Removed the 24 hour versions. Lowered cost of Seagod's Protection and Octopus Hunting Stick rental from Merry Barker in the Eden Group. Lowed droprate of High Weapons Box on one of the weaker Coelacanths to match its counterpart. Increased the droprates of all Coin Bags on the higher level Coelacanths significantly. Lowered entry level of Malangdo Culvert instances by 5. Fixed a potential exploit where multi clienters could grab more quests than allowed. Daily Missions can now be played twice a day (only once per character) rather than once per day. Increased rewards for Daily Services. Strongly increased the droprates of various Coin Bags in Malangdo Culverts and Octopus Cave. Lowered cost of enchant removal in Malangdo from 2 to 1 Silvervine Fruit. Lowered Silvervine Fruit cost of Malangdo rental weapons. UnAFKing your Chemists We've all undoubtedly seen it: maps filled with Alchemists or Creators, AFKing with their Homunculus, leaving little monsters remaining for players who legitimately want to hunt in that particular map. To combat Chemists running a multitude of clients with Homunculi, we have reduced the amount of Homunculi a player can have on them at any time. They can now have a total of 3 Homunculi active. If you login while having 3 Homunculi out already, your Homunculus will automatically be put away. Similarly, if you try to use Call or Resurrect Homunculus, these skills will not function if you already have 3 running. The only solution will be to put one away. Tombstone CCTVs When we introduced the MVP Tombstones, some players told us how they missed the previous killannounce command and that the MVP Tombstone system is somewhat flawed. After all, the only thing players have to do is place characters near a tombstone and just wait for it to disappear. To somewhat alleviate this and meet in the middle of the Tombstone and Killannounce, the Tombstones will now disappear 5 to 10 minutes (randomly) before the MVP will spawn. In addition, the moment a Tombstone disappears, a map announcement regarding the imminent respawning of the MVP will be made. Battleground Bonanza Added an NPC in the BG lobby called Currency Trader Xeno, who can deposit and withdraw both Valor and Glory Coins to your forum account, allowing you to grab them on any character you like. He also allows you to exchange Glory Coins into Valor Coins at a 1:1 exchange rate. Improved match announcements and made them more uniform. When joining an ongoing match, all the queued players are now put into teams randomly rather than in the order of joining the queue. Fixed a bug where the duration of Hunter traps was not properly reduced as per BG rules in these maps: Conquest Stone Control Rush Bossnia Domination Triple Inferno New Implementations Re-implemented the Chess minigame. You can find it at the Comodo Carnival by talking to the Chess King! Added an Eden Teleport Officer to Archer Village spawn. Added Inventor Jaax NPC (for making Arrow Quivers) to: Hugel 148,192 Archer Village, inside the tool shop building. Comodo, inside the tool shop building. Tweaks Increased the droprates of Helm of Dullahan, Armor Piece of Dullahan, Red Muffler and Tangled Chains on Dullahan and Disguise from 66% to 80%. GM Challenge and Wave Challenge monsters no longer contribute toward any monster killing quests. These are the only instances where this is currently applied. You can still use Endless Tower to clear certain quests if you so desire. Atroce now teleports when getting too close to a portal the same way some other high end MVPs do. 1st Commander of Destruction Card now gives a 50% Brandish Spear bonus instead of the previous 25%. However, when combined with a Nibelungen, the bonus is only 40%. Peco Peco Hairband (5286) now gives a 25% walking speed boost rather than 5%. Updated the Wedding announcement text color to one that's more easy to read. Except for Soul Linker marriages. Those are still dark, dark red, ya scrubs. Making Arrow skill can now also be used on indoor maps. Ancient Tower updates: On Stage 10, the initial spawns of Loki's Adherent are now more spread out. Fallen Acidus and Fallen Ferus are now Dragon race rather than Demi Human. On Stage 26 and 28, Valkyrie Randgris and Skadi now spawn in one of four corners rather than always the same location. The other mobs on the map are now spread out around the map. Biolabs 4 updates: Removed NPC_AGIUP on idle from Chen and Flamel. This means that Trentini, Alphoccio and Gertie still have it. Lowered NPC_AGIUP level on attack from 5 to 1 on all Chen and Flamel mobs. Trentini, Alphoccio and Gertie still have level 5. Chen now has a chance to cast Body Relocation when hit by Esma. Updated Old Purple Boxes: Re-implemented low chance of getting SQI Essences. Added low chance of gaining new SQI materials: Corrupted Soul Leak Claw Exquisite Hair Broken Wine Glass Windstorm Fragment Cape of Dark Lord Boitata Tree Branch Broken Kata Piece of GPU Gold Plating Significantly increased the droprate of the following items when opening a Most Valuable Box: Shining Spear Blade Leak Claw Broken Wine Glass Mother's Nightmare Young Twig Gold Plating Fixes Fixed a bug in the Kihop limitation where it would not properly count the amount of clients you were using, resulting in a lower damage output. Fixed Acid Demonstration causing Strip Armor on monsters, reducing their VIT as a result, and thus AD damage. This should now no longer happen. Fixed Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie giving 40% hit boost instead of a fixed 40 HIT. Fixed Pick Stone working when overweight. It now functions the same way Making Arrow does. Fixed Rental Lever Action Rifle's description incorrectly mentioning a 40% damage increase when it's actually 30%. Fixed Mercenary's Lex Divina skill not working. It's finally here! As teased long ago regarding previously made suggestions as well as being a popular request, the new Gunslinger Weapons have officially arrived in our custom Guns and Crimson Petals update! But, of course, it's not just Gunslinger, as you can't have Gunslingers without Ninjas. Therefore, a new selection of Huuma Shurikens and other Ninja armors will also be released this update! These new items, however, will not actually drop from monsters like most other equipment does. Instead, these items will require you to craft them, which closely resembles and is faithful to the original and official equipment quests from when these classes first came out. This also makes sure that these new items consistently maintain value, so we hope you understand! Finally before continuing below, we would like to announce the following updates to existing Ninja/Gunslinger items as part of the celebration for this update finally coming out. Some of these being long time requests as well! To start off, we'd like to remind everyone that none of these new equipment items will work in Vanilla PvP/BG/WoE. They will however work in non-Vanilla PvP settings such as events and Vanilla ET. Miscelaneous Updates Added existing Gun and Huuma type(s) to the Malangdo Enchanter. More information about this can be found later! Added new Rental Items for Huuma Shuriken and all remaining Gun types. More information about this can be found later! Added new Tier 3 Eden Weapons for Rifle, Shotgun, Gatling Gun, and Grenade Launcher. More information about this can be found later! Kunais and Shurikens now have quiver-type items. More information about this can be found later! Reduced All Shurikens weight from 0.5 to 0.1. Reduced All Kunais weight from 2 to 0.2. Reduced All Spheres weight from 0.5 to 0.2. Reduced All Sphere Packs weight from 35 to 25. Reduced Bronze Coin cost of Rental Lever Action Rifle from 175 to 110. Increased Rental Lever Action Rifle ASPD from -5% to +10%. Tights[0] and Tights[1] can now be worn by Gunslingers. Ninja Suit[0] and Ninja Suit[1] now weigh 50 instead of 150. Lowered the respawn time of Shinobi in Amatsu Dungeon. Shinobi Sash can now be slotted with Seiyablem! Shinobi Sash is considered an S Rank item. It requires 2 Elunium and costs 1m Zeny per attempt. Shinobi Sash [1] ( ID : 28485 ) can only be worn by Ninja! The slotted version also supports the combo, however, Shinobi Sash [0] and Shinobi Sash [1]'s combos do not stack! Greatest General Card's class condition now includes Gunslinger. Greatest General Card also updated to support the 10 coin limit instead of just 5 when worn by Gunslingers. Ninja Equipment There will be two new NPCs available to you in the Amatsu Ninja Hideout regarding Ninja's new equipment. One of them specializes in new Armors and Shields, and the other one specializes in just new Huuma Shurikens. Ninja Armors and Shields For starters, you can find Master Gyo Habaiyaki located at que_ng 21 72 ( /navi que_ng 21/72 ). When speaking to him as a Ninja, he will allow you to craft brand new Armors and Shields for your class, but only if you've first met at least Base Level 80! After meeting all the requirements, view the below spoilers to see your options. They each have an item and a zeny requirement! Special Ninja Suit & Fox Arm Guard Ninja Scale Armor & Wolf Arm Guard Tenebris Latitantes & Crescent Arm Guard Ninja Huuma Shurikens Meanwhile in another room of the Amatsu Ninja Hideout, you can find Master Ki Subasubishi located at que_ng 72 37 ( /navi que_ng 72/37 ). After speaking with him as a Ninja and making sure you have at least Base Level 70, he will allow you to make various new Huuma Shuriken weapons, which you can refer to with the below spoiler. Which, just like the Armors and Shields, have a variety of item and zeny requirements. Kunai and Shuriken Containers As mentioned earlier, Kunais and Shurikens now have container items! If you're already familiar with how Quivers work and how creating Quivers works, you will already have a fairly good idea of how Kunai and Shuriken containers will work. These two NPCs are also available at the Amatsu Weapon/Armor Dealer Building located at amatsu 132 117 ( /navi amatsu 132/117 )! Find Kashinobi located at que_ng 74 23 ( /navi que_ng 74/23 ). After speaking with him as a Ninja he will allow you to store Shurikens into container items. Like arrows, it will store 500 of the given Shuriken type. These are as follows: Shuriken Box (ID: 22025): Stores 500 Shuriken, 500 Zeny Cost. Raincloud Shuriken Box (ID: 22026): Stores 500 Raincloud Shuriken, 500 Zeny Cost. Flash Shuriken Box (ID: 22027): Stores 500 Flash Shuriken, 500 Zeny Cost. Sharp Leaf Shuriken Box (ID: 22028): Stores 500 Sharp Leaf Shuriken, 500 Zeny Cost. Thorn Needle Shuriken Box (ID: 22029): Stores 500 Thorn Needle Shuriken, 500 Zeny Cost. Find Boontobias located at que_ng 74 20 ( /navi que_ng 74/20 ). After speaking with him as a Ninja he will allow you to store Kunais into container items. Like arrows, it will store 500 of the given Kunai type. These are as follows: Heat Wave Kunai Scroll (ID: 23081): Stores 500 Heat Wave Kunai, 500 Zeny Cost. Icicle Kunai Scroll(ID: 23082): Stores 500 Icicle Kunai, 500 Zeny Cost. High Wind Kunai Scroll (ID: 23083): Stores 500 High Wind Kunai, 500 Zeny Cost. Black Earth Kunai Scroll (ID: 23084): Stores 500 Black Earth Kunai, 500 Zeny Cost. Fell Poison Kunai Scroll (ID: 23085): Stores 500 Fell Poison Kunai, 500 Zeny Cost. Gunslinger Equipment There is a single new NPC, Ms. Juno Vulkan, available to Gunslingers at the Gunslinger's Guild in Einbroch. You can find her at que_ng 187 175 ( /navi que_ng 187/175 ). After speaking with her as a Gunslinger, the items she will offer you varies depending on your base level! Once you reach Base Level 70, you can start making new Guns with her. Once you reach Base Level 80, you can start making a new Gunslinger exclusive gear set with her. You can use the below spoilers to see what new items she can make for you! Revolvers Rifles Gatling Guns Shotguns Grenade Launchers Mob Scarf & Rebellion's Scarf New Rental Weapons In addition to the earlier mentioned Rental Lever Action Rifle changes, a new rental Huuma and remaining gun types for rental have also been added! To view what these new rental items are, you can use the below spoilers: New Eden Tier 3 Guns Also as mentioned earlier, there will now be a new choice of gun weapons that can be obtained at the Eden Group! Like all other Tier 3 weapons, they are obtained after completing the quest(s) related to Instructor Ur. You will now have a choice instead of the Tier 3 Eden Revolver to obtain either a Rifle, Gatling Gun, Shotgun, or Grenade Launcher. These are as follows using the below spoiler: Malangdo Enchanter Additions As mentioned earlier, the Malangdo Enchanter now supports Guns and Huumas as possible weapon types! For this specific update, the starting lineup of Guns and Huumas accepted are as follows using the below spoiler: Conclusion And that's the content we have to deliver regarding Ninjas and Gunslingers. We hope that you are all satisified with these additions. Happy gaming Talonians!
  11. Question: Whenever I drag a party member from my party list onto the screen for the on-screen party window, my client crashes. Quick Answer: Try changing your screen resolution to an aspect ratio of 4:3, such as 1024x768. This is a known issue with our current client and caused by screen resolutions of aspect ratios other than 4:3. It will likely be resolved in a newer client version some time in the near future. To fix this, try using a screen resolution in an aspect ratio of 4:3. Examples are 1024x768, 1280x960, 1600x1200 or 1920x1440.
  12. Welcome to May, everyone! We have many things planned this month, including a massive update for Gunslingers and Ninjas, new instances, minigames, events and more! For now, this patch mostly focuses on some rebalancing matters while doing some updating to our server core as well. New TamTam's Odyssey region: Louyang and Brasilis Includes both Fields and Dungeons. GMC Box Rotations: Poring Soap Pipe Costume [20716] Wind of the Prairie Costume [20271] Wave Challenge Box Rotations: Siroma Fur Hat Costume [21057] Open Air Headset Costume [20809] Monthly Costume Box items: King's Twin Sword Costume [21739] [Garment] Walking Baby Panda Costume [21253] [Middle] Runaway Accelerator [21325] [Upper] Phalanx Costume [21323] [Middle] Themis Helm Costume [21746] [Upper] Firinto Scarf Costume [20273] [Upper] Smiling Eyes Costume [21225] [Middle] Blossom Glasses Costume [21736] [Middle] Rose Headband Costume [21747] [Upper] Taurus Crown Costume [21231] [Upper] Decorative Golden Bell Costume [21708] [Middle] Little Feather Hat Costume [21707] [Upper] More rAthena updates, specifically towards the scripting engine. Please let us know if you find any weird behaviour. When 50% overweight, the Making Arrow skill can now only be used in Town maps. This is done because due to our previous custom update where you could craft arrows anywhere, even when overweight, players would bring raw materials rather than arrow quivers into their runs. This was an unintended side-effect. Ring of Nibelungen and Drum on the Battlefield now only apply only 50% of their bonuses toward ranged weapons such as Bows and Guns. Due to the way "bow math" works, these skills stacked bizarrely high with high-ATK level 4 weapons. As a temporary solution, Return Warps in Triple Inferno now warp you to a random spawn point rather than just in front of your own base. It will cause a little more chaos in this mode, but should somewhat help with spawn camping. We are looking into more solutions to improve this mode in the meantime. Slightly increased the respawn delays of Bifrost Tower mobs, in particular on Faithful Manager. Increased the droprates of items obtained through Remover Hat. Biolabs Updates: Increased the amount of mobs on Biolabs level 3. Before, every mob would have a spawn of 15. Now, there is an additional spawn of 10 each with a delayed respawn time of 2 to 3 minutes. This brings it closer to what it used to be (30 each), but not as difficult as before. Normalized the amount of mobs on Biolabs level 4. Previously, there would be more Celia and Gertie spawns. Now each mob spawns an equal amount. Updated various Biolabs 4 mob skillsets: Gertie [normal] Now uses Level 5 NPC_AGIUP instead of Level 1. Now uses Level 10 Double Strafe instead of Level 7. Randel [normal + miniboss] Now uses Level 5 Power Up instead of Level 1. Now also uses Pressure on Chase instead of only on Attack. Now also uses Shield Chain on Attack instead of only on Chase. Chen [normal + miniboss] Now uses Level 5 NPC_AGIUP instead of Level 1. Alphoccio [normal + miniboss] Reduced the cast time of Arrow Vulcan on Attack from 1000ms to 500ms. Now also casts Arrow Vulcan on Chase. Now also casts Level 5 NPC_AGIUP. Increased cast rate of Frost Joker from 10% to 15%. Now can cast Tarot Card on target on both Attack and Chase. Trentini [normal + miniboss] Reduced the cast time of Arrow Vulcan on Attack from 1000ms to 500ms. Now also casts Arrow Vulcan on Chase. Now also casts Level 5 NPC_AGIUP. Increased cast rate of Scream from 10% to 15%. Now can cast Tarot Card on target on both Attack and Chase. Gypsy Trentini [MVP] Fixed a bug where she cast Frost Joker rather than Scream. Celia [normal + miniboss] Increased cast rate of Dispell from 5% to 10% on both Attack and Chase. Now casts Fire Bolt Level 10 on target after using Spider Web. Now casts Lightning Bolt Level 10 on target after using Frost Diver. Flamel [normal + miniboss] Now uses Level 5 NPC_AGIUP instead of Level 1. Increased cast rate of Acid Terror on Chase from 10% to 20%. Flamel [miniboss] Now randomly places Demonstration around him when idle. Fixed newly released cards not having a drop light effect yet when dropped by a monster. Fixed a bug where Combo Sets could still incorrectly remove item-based skills such as Auto Guard. Fixed a bug where a pet's intimacy being Loyal in-game was not truly loyal. And that's it for the time being. A modest reboot this time as we have bigger releases coming later this month. Thanks everyone for playing and as always, more to come!
  13. We hope you all enjoyed the Easter festivities, as we are getting further into April. This maintenance introduces many new cards and adjusts a variety of gameplay aspects. Please read ahead and see what's been changed and why~ Merged some new official rAthena Updates. In Battlegrounds, the Please Don't Forget Me status is now dispelled when you restock. Our Stream Announcement NPC in Payon (only available to registered streamers) now also supports Facebook streams. Changed a few remaining Biolabs 4 mob skills: Lowered the cast time of Acid Demonstration by all types of Flamel mobs. Gertie now triggers Double Strafe in any situation, not just when long range attacked. The droprate of Most Valuable Boxes during SQI instances boosted from 5% to 12.5%. Khalitzburg Knight Card and White Knight Card can now be purchased for only 750 Coagulated Spells, rather than their higher cost previously. Instead of the old NPCs, there is now a Portrait Collector NPC in Glast Heim where you can purchase these cards. These cards can not be used in Vanilla PvP environments. The HP Leech penalty on the Eversong Greaves Union bonus now only applies when Union is active, not at all times like before. The following items can now be bought through Buying Stores: Will of Warrior Blood Thirst Ghost Chill Glast Decayed Nail Glast Horrendous Mouth Rough Energy Crystal Purified Energy Crystal Corrupted Soul Leak Claw Exquisite Hair Broken Wine Glass Windstorm Fragment Cape of Dark Lord Boitata Tree Branch Broken Katana Piece of CPU Gold Plating Most Valuable Box In an effort to promote more competitive and fair party play, we are taking certain efforts to reduce the amount of underhanded tricks often used in MVPing. While we understand that this may not be a popular measure within certain MVPing parties, we believe it makes for a more fair gaming environment for everyone, not just certain parties. The status effects of Gospel and Dancer/Bard songs are now removed upon logging out. These buffs are meant to be used in party play and were instead often being used for prebuffs, only to be utilized quickly on a parked character. High-end MVPs now teleport when they come too close to a spawn portal in the map. This is done to prevent killing these MVPs by going in and out of the spawn portal. The following MVPs are affected: All Biolabs 3 and 4 MVPs. Ifrit Valkyrie Randgris Wounded Morocc Kraken Leak Hardrock Mammoth Tendrilion Updated the Fighting Chant/Kihop skill: Fixed a bug where it still counted the player who utilized the Fighting Chant skill. Now only the party members of the user count toward the ATK boost. Limited the amount of party members that contribute towards the ATK boost to 6. This means that in a party of 7 or more, the total ATK boost is 60%. We will continue to monitor the usage of this skill and if needed will make adjustments. Limited the amount of times multi clients can contribute towards the ATK boost: When fighting MVPs, the amount of multi clients contributing is limited to 2. When fighting normal monsters, the amount is limited to 3. Surfer Swimsuit [1] and Antonio's Red Bag [1] when worn together now reduces Freeze Resistance by 20%. This was done in order to make room for new cards, as illustrated below. Fixed some recent event items being usable in Vanilla. The following items can now no longer be used in Vanilla PvP/WoE/BG, but can still be used in certain Vanilla Events and ET: Red Stocking Boots [1] Antonio's Coat [1] Antonio's Red Bag [1] Surfer Swimsuit [1] Oxygen Bottle [1] Undine Spear [3] Spoon [3] Empty Liquor Bottle [3] Detecting Staff [2] Prison Uniform [1] Thief Handcuff [1] Shadow Staff [2] We are very excited to bring to you the next major wave of brand new cards added to the server! This time around, we're adding the remaining cards that we have yet to add before moving on to brand new content. These cards include Old Glast Heim, Eclage, and LH4! A few notes about these cards: None of these cards can be used in Vanilla PvP/WoE/BG, but the non-MVP cards can be used in Vanilla PvM settings. The non-MVP cards are only available as monster drop and will not be in the Talon Shop. All MVP cards can be found in the Talon Shop at a cost of 2000 Talon Cash. The Commander of Destruction Cards can be purchased from the Portait Collector NPC in Glast Heim together with the White Knight and Khalitzburg Knight Cards at a cost of 750 Coagulated Spells. You may view these new cards by using the below spoilers: Old Glast Heim Eclage LH4 Fixed Volcano and Violent Gale not cancelling Wall of Fog if casted on top of a Wall of Fog instance. Increased the maximum amount of units that any player can have at a time. This should fix the issue of Meteor Storm canceling out previously cast instances of the skill as well as a variety of other skills that rely heavily on a high amount of units. Fixed certain weapon and shield related statuses from being dispelled when switching gears. Most notably, this should fix the Maya Card. This also fixes various other statuses from being dispelled, including but not limited to Adrenaline Rush, Gatling Fever, Reflect Shield and more! This only applies if you switch to an item that ensures the status requirement still stands. So Auto Guard would still require you to switch to a Shield. If you were to switch to a Bow, the status would still end properly. In an ongoing effort to let the Valkyrie Bazaar offer more unique items and fewer items available elsewhere in the game, we have introduced two new bespoke items, available in Generalina's Store: Ancient Branch: This branch acts similarly to a Dead or Bloody Branch and can spawn a variety of monsters from the Battle of the Nine instances. Beware, the monsters spawned through this branch can be both very high-end as well as more common. It can be purchased for 200 Valkyrie Coins. This item is account-bound. Old Victory Box: A new reward box to test your luck! Will you get something common like a Bloody Branch or will you get lucky and find a Valkyrie Shield or Aegir Armor? It's up to the universe! It can be purchased for 300 Valkyrie Coins. This item is account-bound. In addition, a few adjustments have been made to existing items in the Bazaar: Grape Juice Boxes and Large Defense Potions now cost 3 coins instead of 2. Blue Potion Box now costs 8 coins instead of 7. All Halter Lead Boxes now cost 2 coins more than before. Chiqita's Jewelry Box now costs 15 coins instead of 10. Ring[1] now costs 250 coins instead of 200. Sniping Suit[1] now costs 300 coins instead of 250. Valkyrja's Manteau[1] now costs 500 coins instead of 450. Aegir Armor[1] now costs 800 coins instead of 700. Yggdrasil Berry Box now costs 7 coins instead of 4. Lv10 Food Bundle now costs 175 coins instead of 125. Removed Box of Chocolates.
  14. It's already April on TalonRO, spring is coming right around the corner - and there is much in the great world of Midgard to explore, celebrate, and discover. Our latest easter event, "Cirque Du Fluff" makes its whimsical return! Plus, enjoy the latest TTO region and Monthly Costume Box for April. We hope that you also enjoyed our recent 12x EXP event to celebrate TalonRO's fourteenth year - it's hard to believe, but thanks to you and the incredible community, we've been going strong for well over a decade of fun and excitement! Read on below for this month's latest - and as always; happy gaming! Monthly Updates New TamTam's Odyssey region: Thanatos Tower Only applies to Floor 1 ~ 11. GMC Box Rotations: Short Cat Ears Costume [21025] Disguise Mantle Costume [21279] Wave Challenge Box Rotations: Witch Manteau Costume [21326] Spiked Belt Costume [21558] Monthly Costume Box items: Heart Wing Backpack Costume [21632] [Garment] Walking White Tiger Costume [21665] [Lower] Long Ribbon Costume [21716] [Lower] Fairy Feathers Costume [20995] [Lower] Lock Key Gold Costume [21726] [Lower] Buffoon Hat Costume [21695] [Upper] Artist Silk Hat Costume [21719] [Upper] Blossom Hairpin Costume [21718] [Middle] Notice Board Costume [21705] [Lower] Aries Diadem Costume [21181] [Upper] Diadem Of Bruenhild Costume [21714] [Upper] Wandering Minstrel Hat Costume [21710] [Upper] Limited Edition Costumes To celebrate spring, we are releasing two limited edition special effect costumes this month! Both will be available for one week this time around. First we have a brand new one: the Scarlet Rose Costume! This beautifully romantic Garment costume includes roses, lights and flower petals. It's available in the Talon Shop for 6000 TCash. Secondly, the Fluttering Cherry Blossom Costume returns. A more subtle Lower Headgear costume that, just like last year, will show beautiful cherry blossom petals falling down. It's available in the Talon Shop for 5500 TCash. Note: even though they are sold for a limited time, they might return in the future to cater towards players from different timezones. Cirque du Fluff and the mistress of ceremonies have journeyed across worlds celebrating Easter across kingdoms far and wide. Their next caravan stop is at the heart of Rune Midgard, where players can immerse themselves in the wonderments of circus entertainment with your host; Easterlina and her band of flamboyant show bringers. Cirque du Fluff will be hosting a plethora of exciting minigames. Win tokens and exchange them for pets, as well as many costumes familiar and new! Talk to the Cirque Warper in Prontera to join the event! Read below for more information. General: Ivory Lance now drops from Amdarais at the Old Glast Heim instance at a 3% rate. Implemented some official rAthena Updates. LH4 Warp through Warp Girl now dispells the user after using it. Plagiarized Heaven's Drive levels above 5 should now have the proper attacking range. Magic Bullet's skill description delay is now more specific about its 1 second animation delay. Removed Assumptio Scrolls from Dieshin Delivery Quests, Morroc Vending Machine and Valkyrie Bazaar. Fixed a wrong questlog change in the Crusader job change quest. Super Quest Items: We bid adieu to the SQI Extractor. We hope everyone made good use of this NPC! Eversong Greaves Union Bonus now includes a 50% HP Leech Script penalty. Fixed Mjolnir's Lightning Jolt Bonus locking its user in place after an autocast when there is no longer a target. Fixed Belmont Whip's Service For You Bonus having buggy behavior with its SP Increase status. Fixed Song/Dance Rate Scripts on Electric Guitar and Belmont Whip not increasing buff bonuses correctly. Fixed Evangelist's Double Heal Bonus special effect not being visible to anybody but the user. Removed unintended 10% MaxSP bonus on 2nd and 3rd Eversong Greaves bonuses. BioLabs 4: All mobs (normal, miniboss and MVP) now have proper attack speeds, similar to their LH3 counterparts. Updated a variety of mob stats and/or skills: Flamel (Normal): INT increased from 53 to 81. Acid Terror cast rate increased from 5% to 10%. Acid Demonstration level increased from 4 to 6. Flamel (Miniboss): INT increased from 99 to 125. Acid Terror cast rate increased from 15% to 20%. Acid Demonstration level increased from 5 to 8. Flamel (MVP): INT increased from 99 to 145. Acid Terror cast rate increased from 15% to 25%. Randel (Normal): Shield Charge cast rate increased from 5% to 10%. Holy Cross cast rate increased from 5% to 10%. Randel (Miniboss): Shield Charge cast rate increased from 5% to 10%. Holy Cross cast rate increased from 5% to 10%. Randel (MVP): Shield Charge cast rate increased from 5% to 10%. Holy Cross cast rate increased from 5% to 10%. Holy Cross level increased from 3 to 7. Celia (Normal): Double Casting cast time when attacking reduced from 500ms to 0ms and HP condition increased from 50% to 80%. Now has a chance to cast Double Casting on itself when idle. Mental Breaker cast rate increased from 5% to 10%. Spider Web cast rate increased from 5% to 8%. Celia (Miniboss): Double Casting cast time when attacking reduced from 500ms to 0ms and HP condition increased from 50% to 80%. Now has a chance to cast Double Casting on itself when idle. Mental Breaker cast rate increased from 5% to 10%. Valkyrie Bazaar: Layla's Emporium makes her sleepy Valkyrie's Bazaar return as part of the Easter celebrations! Discover costumes of past and new along with other goodies (while stocks last). Two exclusive costumes have been added to the Bazaar: Crest Wing (A) Costume [21730] Crest Wing (B) Costume [21731] Cirque Du Fluff welcomes you to a world of wonders, immerse yourselves in a fun-filled extravaganza the talented crew has to offer. Earn your way to an abundance of valuable rewards! Lend an ear to the Cirque band's beautiful songs and stories from around the world or extend a helping hand. Once you've obtained enough Circus Tokens, speak to Easterlina when you enter the Cirque's mainstay in Prontera and exchange them for a delightful array of fluffy prizes! This year introduces a brand new minigame: Bomberman! Made by our very own @GM Ktulu, this amazing new minigame will surely create some healthy competition among the event players. For now, this game is in beta stage (don't mind the Christmassy map, we're working on more playing fields) which means no rewards will be given for this event, however we believe the minigame delivers plenty of fun that you don't even need them! We welcome any feedback regarding it! We hope that you are enjoying the Spring season and that you have an enjoyable Easter on TalonRO. Best of luck in this year's Easter event! The Event will end on April 16th
  15. Question: My TalonRO client crashes immediately when I launch it. My screen resolution is higher than 2048x1536. Quick Answer: Due to this being an older game, it does not support resolutions higher than 2048x1536. Try using a lower resolution or use DgVoodoo. This is an older game with limited support for higher screen resolutions. If your screen resolution's width is greater than 2048 pixels and/or the height is greater than 1536, your client will crash. For starters, ensure that your ROExt settings don't have the Borderless mode/Window lock enabled as that will try to stretch the game to your full resolution. Then, in your RagnarokSetup, ensure your screen resolution is lower than 2048x1536. Try to start with something low such as 1024x768 and work your way up from there. Alternatively, a helpful player has written a guide that utilizes the tool DgVoodoo to allow you to play in a higher screen resolution. This might make your framerate suffer a little but it's a good opportunity to play in a high resolution.
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