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  1. Low Server Rate

    Correct. The system is fulltime automated. In some cases when a voting site borks for instance, we can manually intervene. In this case though, the daily voting amounts are stable. There is nothing broken right now.
  2. donation

    Just wait
  3. Yeah Sure

    Actually it doesn't. It does not count your vote.
  4. Day off for Warp Girl

    Changed Status to Declined
  5. Day off for Warp Girl

    Something tells me we'll get riots if we were to do that. Maybe no
  6. Individual Voting EXP rewards

    Changed Status to Declined
  7. Individual Voting EXP rewards

    Voting already gives loads of rewards and is too easy to abuse. There is no need for additional rewards.
  8. Berzebub Card

    You cannot combine dex and cast reduction gear to get instant cast. You can get IC with either 150 Dex or 100% cast reduction. So if you have 146 dex and a berzebub card, the card's effect will only apply to the remaining cast time you received from your dex.
  9. MVP Sound

    Changed Status to Declined
  10. MVP Sound

  11. How to fix server lagness for those who lag

    The server can easily accommodate 10k players. There is zero need to upgrade it.
  12. The word kind of says it. It's a complete renewal of the game. All game mechanics have been changed, including skills. It's basically not the game from before anymore.
  13. Add Cards for Nightmare Mobs

    Changed Status to Pending
  14. Add Cards for Nightmare Mobs

  15. Tears [1]

    Changed Status to Implemented