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  1. GM Seiren

    The Amazing Summer Race 2018 Summer Event

    No sorry.
  2. GM Seiren

    BG discussion

    Zeny cost is cut in half during BG matches.
  3. GM Seiren

    Summer race normal badge quest confirmation

    Changed Status to Implemented
  4. GM Seiren

    Summer race normal badge quest confirmation

    Will make a note for it for next year.
  5. hello gm seiren can help me, i already dowload full client this talon ro but i complete all dowload n rigister after i log my id i can after log in n screen talon ro open but after i open waiting for so long and he said have problem about something i dont know n then close. i try many time but still same i hope u can help

  6. Question: When opening TalonRO, the background image is all distorted with weird shapes and colors.. Quick Answer: You will have to update your Intel Graphics Drivers. This may be related to the Graphics Drivers of your Intel Graphics Card. Reinstalling or updating them might solve this problem. To do so, go to the Intel Download Center and either download the latest drivers manually or use the Intel Driver & Support Assistant to do it for you.
  7. GM Seiren

    Malangdo Rentals on TalonRO Calc

    Changed Status to Declined
  8. GM Seiren

    Malangdo Rentals on TalonRO Calc

    Please use the appropriate topic for it, thanks.
  9. GM Seiren

    a few questions about this server

    No wipes in our history and none planned at all. We have experienced developers, advanced infrastructure and backup systems to prevent this from ever happening. You do not have to worry about the bot issues either.
  10. GM Seiren

    TalonRO Patcher Attempting to connect patch server...

    Something is blocking your patcher .exe from accessing the internet. That's why the patching process fails and the browser windows don't load either.
  11. GM Seiren

    Enchanting Bone Plate [1]

    Not sure if I want this to be enchantable really. It's quite a common drop plus that 10% DEF bypass..
  12. GM Seiren

    Cant log in

    Well what error do you get?
  13. GM Seiren

    Stylist Room white balance (environment color)

    Changed Status to Pending
  14. GM Seiren

    Glorious Set Restriction

    Changed Status to Implemented
  15. GM Seiren

    Glorious Set Restriction

    Good idea. Adding for next reboot.