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  1. GM Seiren

    GMC Schedule Change

    Changed Status to Implemented
  2. GM Seiren

    GMC Schedule Change

    We have plans regarding GMC already. You will see
  3. GM Seiren


    Changed Status to Pending
  4. GM Seiren


    I would not mind these, although low priority.
  5. GM Seiren

    Please fix my Costume

    Eh well, Iduna did not change anything to sprites. Those files have all been untouched. I tried them myself in-game and they seem to be pretty much the same as they were before. If someone would be willing to work on these sprites and send them to us, I would not mind patching them in though.
  6. It's been a while since we last did a Loading Screen Contest. With Halloween coming up, it's about time we have another Loading Screen Contest! @GM Kuma has taken the initiative to host a loading screen contest once again. We have selected some interesting prizes and challenges for the best entries. Check out the event topic for more details~
  7. September has already ended and it's time for us to move into the last three months of the year, with many updates and events coming your way! Halloween coming up at the end of the month and Battlegrounds being mere weeks away. For now, we hope you enjoy our intermittent updates as we continue working on some major releases! A new TamTam's Odyssey region, Monthly Box, the return of Putty and some brand new cards! We now have our good old Autumn Prontera available to download! Simply download this file and drop it into your TalonRO folder. Restart your client and you should be good to go! Anyone who downloads the latest installers will already have this Prontera style available. Fixed flags at WoE castle entrances warping people who don't belong to the guild owning the castle to the castle entrance again. Card Exchanger Putty is back for all your Ancient Card Album needs. You can find her at her usual spot in Prontera. Valkyrie Key is now a usable which enables access to the Valkyrie Bazaar on people's entire master account upon consumption. Fixed a bug in Poring Catch and Rally where the game would spawn too many monsters. Evolved Pets should now properly delete the previous egg after evolution, fixing the "broken egg" problem with pet incubators. Changed the display of global chat from (for example) [Main] into [#main] to illustrate the new channel system more clearly. TamTam's Odyssey is moving onto a very popular region: Pyramids dungeon! As usual, this includes the Nightmare Pyramids levels for those higher-leveled players. We have a brand new selection of Monthly Costumes, including some player requests as well as the return of some player favorites. Let's also not forget the rotation of some GMC and Wave Box costumes! GMC Box rotation: Hunting Cap of Gust Costume Kamima Baphomet Horn Costume Wave Box rotation: Under Lamp Costume Lovely Fox Ears Costume The Fast Five winners for the Summer Race are here! Please PM @GM Seiren the character name you wish to receive your prize on. We'll make sure that you get the costume as soon as possible! As the #5 and #6 had the same amount of points, we have decided to roll with a Top 6 this time! Congratulations to the following players: @Cassidy (16) @Koriko (16) @Spellblade (13) @Bobito (12) @Boriz (10) @killerchip (10) As promised, here is the first batch of new cards, with many more batches to come! We are starting off with the Port Malaya cards! All non-MVP cards are drop-only, so you will have to farm the monsters to find these cards! MVP cards can be found in the Talon Shop for 2000 Talon Cash. So, without further ado, these are the new cards. We think they will be a nice addition to the game and will open up some exciting new gameplay possibilities! Bangungot Card (MVP) Shield Receive 20% less damage from Boss monster. Receive 15% less damage from Non-Boss monster. Add a 30% resistance against Stun, Curse, Blind, Stone Curse. Bakonawa Card (MVP) Shield Receive 20% less damage from Boss monster. Receive 35% more damage from Non-Boss monster. For Non-Monk classes, increase physical damage against Boss monsters by 15%. For Monk classes, increase physical damage against Boss monsters by 10%. Buwaya Card (MVP) Shield Receive 20% less damage from Boss monster. Receive 35% more damage from Non-Boss monster. Increase magic damage against Boss monsters by 7%. Bungisngis Card Headgear MaxHP + 5%, MaxSP + 5%. For every refine after +5, MaxHP + 1%, MaxSP + 1%. Engkanto Card Headgear Increase damage inflicted upon Poison Property enemies by 25%. Ignore 25% of Plant monster defense. Manananggal Card Weapon 20% more damage against Undead monsters with Heal. Receive 3% more healing when someone uses Heal or Sanctuary on you. Mangkukulam Card Armor MaxSP + 10%. Tikbalang Card Headgear MATK + 10. Increases the damage of Wind property magical attacks on targets by 5%. [Refine Rate +7 or higher] Add another 5% damage with Wind Magic. [Refine Rate +9 or higher] Add another 5% damage with Wind Magic. Tiyanak Card Accessory CRIT + 7 against DemiHuman, Brute and Fish Race monsters. Wakwak Card Garment For every 10 Base STR, ATK + 5. Jejeling Card Garment For every 10 Base VIT, HP + 200
  8. https://wiki.talonro.com/ASPD This should give you some answers as to how ASPD works.
  9. Hm, your file is probably corrupt. The filesize is too small as well. It could just be some error that occurred during patching. Try to reinstall, that should probably fix it.
  10. Hm, that's weird. For some reason your client does not read the tRO_iteminfo.lub file. Looks like one of the other files is being read at least (the towninfo one), so the folder itself is being read properly. You didn't edit anything about these files did you?
  11. Go into your tRO folder and then go to the System folder. Can you make a screenshot of that please?
  12. GM Seiren

    10x EXP Event!

    With the Amazing Summer Race having come to an end, it's time to move onto other events on TalonRO! While we work on introducing new content and events, we don't want to leave you out in the cold! Therefore, we have increased the EXP Rates to 10x for an entire week! Additionally, Eden Group Board Missions will reward you with 25% more EXP as well! This event will end on Wednesday, October 2nd, midnight server time. Enjoy!
  13. Uhm, there is no 24 hour cooldown. The cooldown resets daily at midnight server time.
  14. We’re thrilled about all that this month is bringing to Midgard! We also hope that you’ve been enjoying our Summer Race event - as well as our social media giveaway contests, to name a few! Our latest innovations coming with Iduna are part of our latest work in TalonRO’s twelfth year. We’re delighted that you are part of the TalonRO community - and we hope that you continue to enjoy your experience! Read on below for this month's latest - and as always: happy gaming! Added @iteminfo / @ii to Bonus Bundle commands. Fixed many palette problems. This should fix Summer Palettes not working and should also fix dark head sprites. In a few cases it may affect your existing color palettes, that unfortunately cannot be avoided. Potentially fixed the issue where the sprites of dead monsters remained on the screen. Please let us know if you are still having trouble with this! Fixed an issue with Chung E pets not working. Those with issues regarding this pet, please send a Support Ticket. Dressing Coach changes: Fixed an issue where players who didn't have a costume -and- did not have a regular headgear equipped could crash their client and those of other players when resetting styles or leaving the room. Dressing Coach is now located in a completely separate map just to make sure that nothing goes wrong in other rooms. Added a Stylist to the Dressing Coach room. Autocasted zeny-based skills no longer consume any zeny. Fixed an issue where if you'd cast a ground skill out of range, your character would walk towards it but never cast the skill. Added Glast Heim Chivalry and Glast Heim Staircase to the Warp Girl. Slotted Elemental Armors can now be worn by (Super) Novices. Lucius's Fierce Armor of Volcano [1] Saphien's Armor of Ocean [1] Aebecee's Raging Typhoon Armor [1] Claytos Cracking Earth Armor [1] Fixed announcements for Devil's Claw Machine continuing even after the game closed. Fixed a bug in Dual Monster Race where you would not always be able to claim your reward. You now have more time to pick up your loots in the Summer instance. Moved around some town NPCs here and there to make towns less messy. Fixed an issue with some event pets still running away. Fixed refining a level 3 weapon to +10 giving too many fame points for Blacksmiths. While we are still working on a major WoE revamp, we'd like to already introduce a few Quality of Life changes for War of Emperium. So without further ado: Wednesday WoE has now been moved to Saturday. This is done so that more players are available and European players will have a better chance to join WoE. Vanilla NonTrans is now at Saturday 15:00 server time instead of Wednesday 15:45 server time. Vanilla Regular is now at Saturday 16:15 server time instead of Wednesday 17:00 server time. Unrestricted Regular is now at Saturday 17:30 server time instead of Wednesday 18:15 server time. Improved the way Castle Flags work: Town Flags can now also warp castle owners to the entrance of the castle even when WoE is enabled. There is now a Warp Girl category which will warp anyone to the Castle Hubs. In the Castle Hub, you will find flags that can warp you. Castle Owners will use these flags to warp straight into the Pre-Emperium map. Non-Castle Owners can use these flags to warp to the entrance of the Castle. Castle Flags for WoE:SE maps can now also warp you to the Castle Map. Now for a few things that are arriving in the forthcoming weeks. Check it out and stay tuned! Ancient Tower will be the first of many automated instances coming to TalonRO, featuring a bespoke lobby which will house all future Valkyrie: Battle of the Nine content. With a new reward and ranking system in place, players will be able to organize a party to face the formidable tower and challenges that await them in Valhalla. AT is an increasingly difficult gauntlet themed around Valkyrie: BotN. Participating parties make their way up the 30th floor tower, with a special boss encounter every 10th floor. These battles function similar to ET, with players being required to defeat all monsters on a particular floor before the door to the next can open. Once on a floor, players are unable to go backwards. This is a good opportunity to farm for Valkyrie Coins as well as special Valkyrie Tokens for the Bazaar, where players can exchange these for special costumes, items, armaments and prizes! Many of you have been eagerly awaiting the return of Battlegrounds, and we are proud to unveil it in a whole new way that blends the excitement and spirit of Battlegrounds with months of planning and preparation. TalonRO's Battlegrounds System is a unique feature that blends the team aspects of GvG together with the action-packed pace of PvP. Together with carefully balanced changes to prizes, eligibility, and rules, we hope that our Battlegrounds system will prove challenging and fun to both those new to Battlegrounds and those who are familiar with its mechanics. We're excited to release this new feature over the coming weeks! We have been really busy discussing what new cards could make it into TalonRO and came to the conclusion that we want all of them! The past few weeks we have had many brainstorm sessions on designing these cards. Many of them are Renewal-based so a lot of them had to be redesigned from scratch. Nevertheless, we think these new cards will bring exciting new gameplay! The new cards will be released in groups, from various episodes and locations. To give you a glimpse: 13.1 Cards 13.2 Cards WoE:SE Dungeon Cards Port Malaya Cards Biolabs 4 Cards Moscovia Cards Brasilis Cards We're excited to announce the next episodic release of Ragnarok! The adventures in the Ash Vacuum continue as you delve deeper into Alfheim the land of the Laphine Fairies in Episode 14.2. In their efforts to continue to trace the path of Satan Morroc, brave adventurers crossed the legendary Bifrost bridge and discovered a lost city, Eclage. There they found that the Laphines of Eclage were completely separated from their brothers in Splendide because of the Hazy Forest Labyrinth. The city of Eclage was built around a giant tree and is the main base of the Laphines who created it to combat the Giants of Jotunheim. Be one of the first adventurers to explore this new land and help uncover the mysteries it has to offer! Visitors to the Village of Eclage will be enraptured by the natural beauty and whimsical architecture found there. Nearby, there is Bifrost Tower, a multi-level dungeon filled with the most dangerous monsters found in the region. Eclage introduces a number of unique monsters to the New World for adventurers to tackle. Stay tuned for an announced release date and upcoming news about Episode 14.2! Part of a brand new installment to Valkyrie: Battle of the nine, Dark Randgris is a new story lead instance where players are required to cleanse Valkyrie Randgris from the darkness that consumed her during the events of Nightmare's Rift. Dark Randgris is an invite-only instance (available from 20th September onwards), open to party leaders who have cleared Tower of Mischief. If you wish to gain access to Dark Randgris, click here to schedule a ToM slot or subscribe for notifications on available dates (updated bi-weekly).
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