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  1. Yes. The same way it's done on Artemis Bow. Just need the sprites.
  2. Not really related to the client. Already is possible. See Artemis Bow. Not sure if this command exists officially. Yes.
  3. For now we'll stick to the existing amount of characters. Who knows in the future though. AIs will work just fine, but older ones such as MirAI will be troublesome due to a new way of loading files.
  4. That's still undecided. It's just an example of what possibilities we now have in general
  5. Most likely, yes. Wasn't aware of such glitches or crashes, so cannot say for sure. But...likely? As for your items, that's what our beta tests are for. We will not switch unless all items and all other data is transferred properly of course. We have plenty of backups in case anything goes wrong.
  6. Not really related to the client. That's already possible, even now. But who knows in the future.
  7. https://www.britannica.com/topic/Idun "Idun, also spelled Idunn, or Iduna, in Norse mythology, the goddess of spring or rejuvenation"
  8. Voting sites are an outdated way of getting new players and are either not used anymore or dominated by other servers that use voting bots to get to the top. You can see that on the current topsites already. So we have no plans of adding more.
  9. TalonRO's most anticipated announcement brings new levels of thrills and excitement with Project Iduna. We're finally pleased to unveil our massive operation of switching to rAthena! The largest, most comprehensive elevation in TalonRO's 12 year history - and we're introducing more content than ever before! We are pleased to announce that our transition to rAthena is en-route and we're inviting YOU to help us shape the future of tRO with a beta test in the forthcoming weeks! Rest assured, we will still remain a Pre-renewal Server, but with the new and improved infrastructure rAthena's client brings to immerse players in a more streamlined, user friendly gaming experience. Iduna is all about having more fun, making your in-game expeditions more memorable, and making your time on TalonRO the best that it's ever been. With this explosion of new content, things to do, and achievements to be had, we know that Project Iduna will take your TalonRO escapade to a whole new level! This monumental update is one we hope you will love! If you wish to join the rAthena Beta Test, please sign up using this form. Beta Test slots are limited, so be sure to sign up quickly! First come, first serve. To learn more about what rAthena is, why we haven't done it before and why we're doing it now, be sure to check out our Dev Blog for more information! With so much content to announce, we'll summarise some of the biggest features TalonRO will introduce in the upcoming months:
  10. Project Iduna - TalonRO goes rAthena As you've likely learned by now, Project Iduna is the project codename of TalonRO making the switch to rAthena as its server emulator. Players as well as GMs have often wondered why we never made the switch before. With this blog I'm hoping to enlighten you a bit on what rAthena is, and why we have made the decision to do the switch now. What is rAthena A game server such as TalonRO needs software to run. You as a player only see the front end of the game, which is your game client. However, everything that makes TalonRO the server it is, is done by the server software. Every step you take in-game, every skill you cast, every NPC you talk to, that's all handled by the server software. One of the most renowned pieces of Ragnarok Online server software is eAthena. There is a long history about this project which I won't go into detail here, but long story short, eAthena (eA) is server software that emulates the official server. It has done so for many years and has improved a lot, making it more reliable over time. TalonRO currently runs on eA. We made the switch from official server software to this emulator software back in 2008 (yes, 11 years ago) because it meant more stability, less lag, better resource management but most importantly it provides us with newer content updates that the software we used prior could not handle. For 11 years we have happily used eA, allowing us to push new RO episodes and all of the content you see on the server today. It has served us quite well! Unfortunately, a few years back, the eAthena project stopped. As such, no more updates were being released to update the server "core" with. Fortunately for us, shortly after, two new projects emerged. These were: rAthena and Hercules. Both new server emulators that focus on staying as closely up-to-date with official servers as possible. rAthena stayed closer to the road eAthena had paved while Hercules overhauled the entire project to serve a similar but yet very different purpose. After a long wait, we have finally chosen to go with rAthena and started working on the switch in August 2018. It's almost been a year since this project began. It is also the reason why you've been seeing fewer regular updates the past months. Officially, the "r" in rAthena stands for Renewal. However, the emulator has kept the Pre-Renewal branch alive and has in fact updated many aspects of it! Overall, rAthena is much closer to official game mechanics, more updated and is actively being developed. It is the right way to go for us. Why not before? As we have developed new content, sometimes we had to make changes to eAthena itself. Think of a new @command, a mapflag, a change to a skill or game mechanic; you name it. Throughout the years we have accumulated so many changes of our own, to the point that our server core was basically an extremely customized version of eAthena. After the eAthena project stopped, we have continued adding updates made by rAthena in order for us to stay updated. This lasted for a while but could not continue. Why, may you ask? It was due to numerous reasons. As previously mentioned, rAthena stands for Renewal Athena. TalonRO is a Pre-Renewal server. After a while this started to clash. While rA has both a Renewal and Pre-Renewal option, the inner core started to become more and more complicated due to support offered for both types of gameplay. Eventually things started to clash with our own server core. rAthena updates could often not be merged with our own anymore due to it conflicting with our own code. So throughout the years, we diverted more and more from rAthena, simply because TalonRO had become such a unique server with a bespoke server core. Fortunately, this was not really a problem most of the time. Episode updates, new monsters, items, maps and especially our own content could still be added without problems! Every now and then we merged some useful rAthena updates that allowed us to add new features. This was one of the main reasons we never made the full switch to rAthena. The existing situation allowed us to get by just fine and our server core was so unique and customized that making the switch would be an ungodly amount of work. ...And yet we are switching now. Why now? So what has changed? Why are we making the switch now? The decision to switch more or less comes down to three reasons: client stability, client features and server features. I'll go over all three of them quickly. The first and most important reason is client stability and compatibility. As the years pass by, computers become more modern. When tRO started, smartphones were barely a thing. Facebook only just started and the majority of PCs still ran Windows XP. Things have changed and have started causing more problems throughout the years. Especially the past year or two, the client seems to have become less stable. Think about graphical problems with newer graphics cards, trouble with multi-core CPUs, Champions crashing on certain costumes; the list is endless! That brings me to the second reason why we've switched to rAthena. The big advantage of switching to rAthena is the ability to use a new client. Our current client dates back to late 2010 (!). Our new client however is from mid-2017. This will solve the problems people are experiencing with newer computer hardware and various crashes. On top of that, it is much more tantalizing than the old one! Not only is the new client more stable, it offers quite a revamp for the User Interface. Mails can now be sent with the click of a button rather than finding a Mailbox NPC, you can share Item Links, allowing people to instantly compare your item to theirs, there's a Gear Swap option for instantly swapping gear sets and many more! You can view the Project Iduna announcement topic for screenshots of these new features and we can't wait for you to try them! The last reason is about server features. By default, rAthena offers support for many new clients and is constantly being updated to support even newer ones! So while a 2017 client is our starting point, we will continue to update it. In the future you can expect even newer clients with more features added to them. Luckily, it's not all about the client. The server software itself also features a large overhaul of the scripting engine. From now on it'll be much easier for us to code new scripts. They are cleaner and quicker to work with. Many new server-side commands have been added, allowing us to add more unique gameplay features that was simply not possible before! The switch As you probably have learned by now, the switch to rAthena will be quite a large operation. Our entire database, which is over 13 years old, will have to be converted to a new format. Think hundreds of millions of rows filled with data. We have written a converter script for it and already tested it thoroughly, however this was on a small database. The real test will be using this script on the actual game server. It'll be a challenge and there are many things that can go wrong, but we are confident we can pull it off! For starters, we will be doing a Beta Test on a separate testserver. The initial test will mostly be used to see if our database converters are doing their job correctly. All your accounts, characters and items will be moved over to the new testserver where you can verify for us that they are all working correctly. This test will also be done to make sure that basic functionality is all in order and seamless when making the transition. Once we confirm that everything is in working order, we will likely be hosting another beta test a few weeks after that. This second test will be to ensure that the final switch, on the live server, is fully prepared. This will be about making sure that NPCs work correctly, events and instances are in check, etc. It'll almost be like you are playing on the actual game server. When we have fixed all the potential bugs and made sure everything is stable, we will pick a date to do the final switch. The future The future of TalonRO is bright! As mentioned before, we have not launched a lot of new content lately due to all the work we had to put into the rAthena transfer. Once we launch rAthena however, we can start fully focusing on releasing new and exciting content such as the latest RO episodes, items, cards, monsters, instances (!) and events. We will have a boatload of new tools to work on and more ways to create fresh gameplay features moving forward. Not to mention that we can now constantly merge rAthena updates with our server core again. Skills or game mechanics that are still not working correctly can be fixed in the future, new client features can be added, you name it! Closing words We are ecstatic to release this major new TalonRO chapter for you. It's been a long time coming with endless days and nights of work, but rest assured, all this will be absolutely worth it. We hope you are just as excited for this as we are and we'd like to thank you all for your patience and trust in us. As always, Impossible is Nothing!
  11. Project Iduna announcement on the 17th. Excited to let you all know what we've been working on! :)

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      Half Life 3 confirmed ....

  12. https://panel.talonro.com/rules/ "Do not attempt to block vending locations for the sole sake of reserving space in places with a vending limit. This includes keeping a spot by either selling overpriced items, buying items for a significantly underpriced amount or by setting up a buying shop with the sole intention of holding the spot for a vending shop." Every NPC item has a text in their description which tells you that it can be bought at an NPC. Cannot be missed really.
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    Changed Status to Implemented
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    These items have been disabled last maintenance. Not only were they annoying if accidentally clicked on, they actually allowed people to abuse an exploit. They could go back to town, repair their stuff or restock, then relog and go back to the return room. That's now fixed.
  15. Changed Status to Declined
  16. Read the entire description please.
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    April Updates

    It's already April on TalonRO, and spring is coming right around the corner - and there is much in the great world of Midgard to explore, celebrate, and discover. Our latest events, such as a the PVM event "Elysian Garden" are well underway - and if you haven't had a moment to check them out, you absolutely should! We also have some great updates about Project Iduna, which is coming up soon and moving along so nicely (we can't wait to show you what it's all about!), plus new seasonal events that are on the way soon in April that we hope you'll enjoy. Plus, enjoy the latest TTG region and Monthly Costume Box for April. We hope that you also had a nice time with our recent 12x EXP event to celebrate TalonRO in our twelfth year - it's hard to believe, but thanks to you and the incredible community, we've been going strong for well over a decade of fun and excitement! Read on below for this month's latest - and as always: happy gaming! Our biggest project of the year is continuing onward - and in case you missed it from last month, Project Iduna represents a major leap forward in our pre-Renewal, dynamic environment that you've come to know and love. This latest enhancement will make new additions and innovations possible that weren't able to be done before - but Project Iduna's release will represent a major step forward in TalonRO's legacy which we know that you'll come to enjoy! With this expansion, you'll be able to see, view, and interact with the world of Midgard in a way that will feel robust, new, and in-depth. We'll continue to update you on the progress of Project Iduna, especially over on our Instagram which now has over 1,000 followers! April is in the air, and with it are some seasonal events that we hope that you’re looking forward to. The first during this time of year is our celebration of Easter! This classic springtime event is one of our favorites in April - and this year's event is no exception. We're looking forward to unveiling more about this special new event to celebrate the season when Easter rolls out, so stay tuned as we get closer to Easter for the latest seasonal event to celebrate. As with all seasonal events, be sure to participate when you can - as they are time-limited and are only available for a number of days. Our other events coming around the corner include some great events, such as the upcoming Elysian Gardens PVM event, plus new instance-style events that are sure to test your skills. If you also aren't following our social media channels, be sure to check them out from time to time as well - in addition to some great artwork features, fun posts, and news updates, we also have contests from time to time where you can win something wonderful! April is going to be full of some great fun - be it in-game, on the forums, or over on Instagram! We hope that you'll enjoy these latest events and have a lot of fun participating in them! As with each monthly update, we've made a few necessary changes and general updates to make your experience on TalonRO fun and fresh. We hope that you enjoy the following updates and bug fixes: We have rotated in the following costumes in the Wave and GMC Boxes: GM Challenge Box now contains: Eleanor Yellow Wig Costume Heavenly Dark Flame Costume Wave Challenge Box now contains: Rolled Piamette Hair Costume Royal Mantle Costume  Recently fixed a bug with Glorious Jamadhar not triggering the 100% ASPD bonus. This bug fix ensures that the item is working as intended. Recently repaired an exploit regarding items that provided warp functions (e.g.: Eden Group Mark, etc.) The exploit allowed for players to warp out and back into GM Challenge. This fix prevents this from occurring with these items and their relative warp functions. Tam Tam’s Gift Region this month takes us into the the far reaches of both Brasilis and Louyang! With so many great areas to explore, we hope that you'll enjoy the added challenge and distinct landscapes of these two special areas - especially so with this month’s champion monsters for an opportunity to earn additional great rewards and experience! This month’s TTG region includes: Brasilis and Louyang fields and dungeons This month’s Champion monsters include: Mi Gao Piranha Iara Jaguar Yao Jun Finally, this month's latest Costume Box includes a variety of enjoyable new and rare costumes. The Rainbow Sigrun Costume is back and returns to the top spot after being off of the rotation for a little while! Further great costumes include the Floating Ball Costume, Alchemist Square Bag Costume, Miyabi Long Hair Costume, and the Enchanted Dog Costume - all fashionable choices! Other additions to this month's box make it one worth obtaining - and be sure to do so, as each month a new box with new contents will take its place! April's costume box is currently available in the Reward Guru - and we hope that you get something fun to show off to the world of Midgard. Rainbow Sigrun Costume (Item ID: 23001) Floating Ball Costume (Item ID: 21040) Alchemist Square Bag Costume (Item ID: 21215) Miyabi Long Hair Costume (Item ID: 21221) Enchanted Dog Costume (Item ID: 20983) Lunatic on Shoulder Costume (Item ID: 21219) Classical Feather Hat Costume (Item ID: 20392) Yellow Cherry Blossom Hat Costume (Item ID: 20994) Aqua Quartz Crown Costume (Item ID: 20508) Aries Diadem Costume (Item ID: 21181) Owl Duke Top Hat Costume (Item ID: 20518) Sailor Hat Costume (Item ID: 20787)
  18. With all the work on Project Iduna, we almost forgot that last week was TalonRO's 12th anniversary! Yes, on March 14th, 2007, TalonRO was born. This is over 12 years ago now. It's hard to imagine that our server was alive in a time where even the iPhone was not released yet and look at us now! While during other years we would celebrate with extensive events and giveaways, this year all of our focus is on Project Iduna, which is getting closer to completion by the day! We're excited for the day that we can unveil it all to you. However! We'd hate to not celebrate this major event, so we're glad to announce that for one week the EXP rates will be increased to 12x! On top of that, Eden Board Quests will give 50% more EXP than they usually do! As always, thank you for playing TalonRO. We couldn't have done it without all of you! So grab those level 98 characters and get yourself that last level while you can! The event will conclude on March 27th, 8pm server time.
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