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  1. As we continue working on the brand new Super Quest Items storyline, some server maintenance is still necessary! During this maintenance we mostly updated some of our back-end systems, but we managed to squeeze in a few small updates while we were at it. We hope you enjoy! Bugfixes !dropannounce, !noloot, and !partybuff should now all be cancelled immediately when the Bonus Bundle expires. Fixed a bug in Nidhoggur's Nest instance where the timer would keep running and the party could get teleported even after the MVP was defeated. You can no longer open a shop on a cell that another player is vending on already. Added some additional party checks in the Ancient Tower return room which should hopefully reduce the odds of it warping you back to Prontera instead of inside the instance. Fixed weight of Heartring and 99 Love Balloons incorrectly being 75. They now weigh 0. Fixed Glorious Guitar and Lariat giving the wrong ASPD bonus. Fixed Merchant Card Set not properly disabling Hylozoist Card's monster transforming effect. Eclage Field monsters should now teleport on idle every now and then, which prevents them from getting stuck on top of the Bifrost Tower. General Updates Synchronized the client item display name with the internal server item names. This way there should never be any item name mismatches anymore. Battlegrounds updates: Items are now automatically replenished when respawning. Monk class no longer gets extra Blue Potions. They now get the same as everyone else. Alchemist class now gets 15 extra Bottle Grenades. Fixed getting dispelled in CTF and Rush when warped back into the Return Room after, for instance, a flag was captured. That's all for now. Thank you all for your patience regarding the SQI revamp. We are diligently working on it and are hoping to show something in the near future!
  2. May has arrrived on TalonRO - and we hope that you are enjoying a lovely spring in Midgard! As always, we’re delighted to add in a few new great features this month as we endeavor to keep your experience fresh and fun. We’re looking forward to continuing our great stream of events, updates, PvP innovations, and much more - but for now, we hope that you’ll enjoy this month's updates! We've decided to run another EXP event as a gesture of goodwill in these challenging times. Please note that the event does not apply to Eden Group. For a duration of two weeks, the Base and Job EXP rates will be 10x instead of the regular 8x! The May Monthly Costume Box is filled with a variety of brand new as well as older costumes. Please check the image above to get an impression and the list below for the ItemIDs to be used on the Dressing Coach (we know you all want to try them on beforehand!): Brown Giant Cat Bag Costume [Garment] [21420] Blue Wavy Long Hair Costume [21375] Mic Stand Costume [21422] Witch Manteau Costume [21326] DJ Kitty Costume [21249] Royal Guard Necklace Costume [21073] Sigrun's Wings Costume [21426] Blue Tinted Blinking Eyes Costume [21367] Taurus Diadem Costume [21017] Bell Ribbon Costume [21425] Pirate's Pride Costume [21431] Blue Mage Hat Costume [21428] Monthly Updates The new TamTam's Odyssey region is Brasilis and Louyang, both fields and dungeon maps. New GMC Box costume rotations: Floating Ball Costume [21040] Runaway Accelerator Costume [21325] New Wave Box costume rotations: Fluffy Angel Cape Costume [20951] Golden Violet Crown Costume [21255] New Limited Edition Costume For a limited time, you can now obtain the [Visual] Magical Feather Costume from the Talon Shop. It's available for a week and in limited amounts for 6000 Talon Cash! This Upper Headgear Costume comes with an adorable hearts effect! General Updates Battlegrounds Updates: Battlegrounds rounds now have a 15 second starting delay after reaching the minimum amount of players. This is done so that the game does not start immediately when the minimum amount of players have joined. More players are able to join in that 15 second delay, which will result in teams being more balanced than before. Assassins now get a Poison Bottle guaranteed when restocking. Added a way to check whether Happy Hour is enabled or disabled within the Battle Recruiter NPC. Fixed not being able to use skills in Team Deathmatch restocking room. Yggdrasil Berries and Yggdrasil Seeds now share a cooldown group, meaning that when either of them is on cooldown, you cannot use the other one either during that cooldown time. Expanded vending spots in Lighthalzen by 50. Comodo Carnival no longer shows up in the Last Warp menu. Reverted Kaahi to pre-Iduna behavior: Kaahi heals after being hit as opposed to before. Kaahi has a 0.5 second timer after healing before it can heal again instead of every single hit. WoE Castle Rotation We have rotated the WoE castles to new interesting ones. As usual, economies have been transferred accordingly. Additionally, for the first time in years, the Schwarzwald and Arunafeltz castles have swapped. The Schwarzwald castle is now the Vanilla map while Arunafeltz is Unrestricted. Nuernberg [aldeg_cas03] -> Neuschwanstein [aldeg_cas01] Repherion [gefg_cas01] -> Mersetzdeitz [gefg_cas05] Skoegul [prtg_cas04] -> Fadhgridh [prtg_cas03] Scarlet Palace [payg_cas02] -> Bamboo Grove Hill [payg_cas05] Skidbladnir [schg_cas05] -> Mardol [arug_cas01] Cyr [arug_cas02] -> Andlangr [schg_cas02] Bug Fixes Fixed a potential castle flag exploit in WoE:FE. Fixed Bug Report where only Whirlwind Kick was procing with multiple Taekwon Kicks enabled. Fixed a bug where copying levels of Water Ball above 5 would not have correct casting range. Fixed Geiravor Partisan pet casting Dark Soul Strike on its owner instead of the enemy. Fixed Enforcer Shoes adding SP cost instead of reducing it. Fixed Enforcer Set adding Aftercast Delay instead of reducing it. Fixed Novice False Eggshell not adding MaxSP + 80 like it's supposed to. Eden Group Hat II now correctly displays that it has 0 weight in-game. Pitch Dark Evil Druid Hat now properly displays that it has a slot in-game. Fixed a variety of smaller issues behind the scenes. Please let us know if anything starts working incorrectly!
  3. ItemDB For starters, we'd like to welcome back the Item Database on our Control Panel. More is coming back soon, so be sure to look forward to that. If you find any bugs, please report them to us in the Bug Reports section! Easter Event Cirque du Fluff and the mistress of ceremonies have journeyed across worlds celebrating Easter across kingdoms far and wide. Their next caravan stop is at the heart of Rune Midgard, where players can immerse themselves in the wonderments of circus entertainment with your host; Easterlina and her band of flamboyant show bringers. Cirque du Fluff will be hosting a plethora of exciting minigames. Win tokens and exchange them for pets, as well as many costumes familiar and new! Cirque Du Fluff welcomes you to a world of wonders, immerse yourselves in a fun-filled extravaganza the talented crew has to offer. Earn your way to an abundance of valuable rewards! Lend an ear to the Cirque band's beautiful songs and stories from around the world or extend a helping hand. Once you've obtained enough Circus Tokens, speak to Easterlina in Izlude and exchange them for a delightful array of fluffy prizes! We hope that you are enjoying the Spring season and that you have an enjoyable Easter on TalonRO! Best of luck in this year's Easter event - and as always, Happy Gaming! The Easter Event will end on April 26th
  4. Ancient Tower Updates Various stat updates to Valkyrie Hildr. Fixed a bug where the cooldown was reset too often. Added Time Remaining announcements. Increased the time before monsters spawn on maps you just warped to. The spawn time on maps that don't require a warp stayed the same. Changed the spawn coordinates of mobs on various floors. Increased Valkyrie Coin reward from 25 to 30. Increased Talon Cash reward from 150 to 200 (and fixed you getting only 75 previously). Removed Top 5-9 rankings, leaving only the higher party number ranks. Fast movement skills such as Body Relocation should now work. Valkyrie mobs will no longer spawn in Elysian Garden. They will remain exclusive to Ancient Tower and future Valkyrie instances (Elysian Seeds will continue to spawn more frequently). Limited Costume Sale As a way to celebrate Spring, we are temporarily selling the [Visual] Full Bloom Cherry Tree Costume (Garment) in the Talon Shop for 7500 Talon Cash. On top of that, you will also find the [Visual] Fluttering Cherry Blossom Costume (Lower Headgear) in the Talon Shop for 6500 Talon Cash. Both will be available for one week and in limited amounts! Eclage Updates Eclage Plaza is now flagged as Town which enabled RODex, Talon Shop and Bank. The Eclage Entrance Quest is now Account-Bound. Players who have previously cleared the quest on another character will have to warp into Eclage once to unlock the Account-wide clearance. Misc Updates Added new Autotrade locations in Lighthalzen. This disables the Gangster event. Added the latest costumes to the Dressing Coach. Sorted the Talon Shop so that the latest additions are now in their proper locations. Bugfixes Satan Morocc slave spawns should now use their full AI right away again, similar to pre-Iduna. Thanks to everyone who reported this! Fixed a replacement weapon enchant bug with Weapons Master BK in Eden Group. As always, thank you for playing TalonRO and making the RO experience joyful for everyone! Stay strong during these difficult times.
  5. Introducing: Episode 14.2 Eclage! In their effort to trace the trails left behind by Satan Morocc, brave adventurers have crossed Bifrost into a mysterious city, Eclage. Laphines in Eclage were completely isolated from Splendide because of the Forest of Mist. Despite the extreme dangers, the adventurers have made their way to Eclage, pleasantly surprising the Laphines. Due to the will of the Bifrost Tree, all residents and visitors within the city's limits are able to communicate freely despite differing languages. Together with this new episode comes a new expedition to earn a unique reward and an additional event that will take players far beyond. Read on for more details as well as more updates launched during this maintenance such as Ancient Tower, New Cards, TamTam's Odyssey, Monthly Box, Battlegrounds, Valkyrie Bazaar and much more! New Episode Content Eclage Village is accessible through the Warp Girl, however this can only be done when the Eclage Entrance Quest has been completed. In order to get to Eclage through normal means, you can take the Mora east exit and speak to the Teleport Cat. This new episode adds many exciting new features such as the Blooming Flower Land, the challenging Bifrost Tower, Stat Gloves, new Consumables, Costumes, Custom Gears and a whole new storyline to follow. All fully rebalanced for our Pre-Renewal environment, this will surely add new exciting gameplay for young and old~ Eclage Quests There are a variety of new quests that have been implemented with this new episode. Help the Laphine Fairies with multiple tasks, pranks and find out more about the Dimensional Rift, Satan Morocc and time travel! Eclage quests will reward you with Splendide Coins (yes, the same ones earned in the town of Splendide) which can be spent on a variety of new consumables, gears and more! The following quests will be available: Eclage Entrance Quest Encounter in a Strange Land Oliver Wolf Hood Quest Mysterious Robbery Light & Darkness Memory of Professor Worm Wanted to be Big and Beautiful Troublesome Fairies Eclage Daily Quests Race to Top 10: Eclage Hall of Fame Event To celebrate the release of Episode 14.2: Eclage, we would like to introduce a brand new event that you will also start seeing on future content releases. The first 10 players who complete all of the Eclage quests (not including the daily quests) and speak to the Eclage Hall of Famer, will win a brand new Tink Pet! This adorable fairy pet is one-of-a-kind and will surely steal the show. While it is Account-Bound, you will be able to claim it on your other game account through the vending machine in Lutie. On top of the pet, your name will forever be remembered in the Top 10 at the Event Hall of Famer NPC! New Consumables The city of Eclage offers four brand new consumables. As these are Renewal-based consumables, they have vastly different effects officially. We have taken it upon ourselves to transform these items into interesting additions to our Pre-Renewal gaming environment: Peony Mommy Snow Flip Slapping Herb Yggdrasil Dust The items, with the effects shown in the image above, can be purchased from Herb Merchant Plafina at the Eclage Plaza for 5 Splendide Coins each or can be obtained in Bifrost Tower by killing a variety of Lichtern monsters. Some additional disclaimers about these new consumables: Only 1 can be active at a time (ex: you can't use a Peony Mommy together with a Snow Flip. Using a Peony Mommy while Snow Flip is active overwrites Snow Flip). These buffs are disabled on death. These buffs are not removed by Dispell. New Mobs & Drops With a brand new update comes brand new mobs and brand new items to explore! As per usual, due to this being renewal content originally it has to be adjusted to fit our unique pre-renewal environment! These changes and additions were made with TalonRO specifically in mind. The experience, zeny, and drop potential is adjusted accordingly to make a fitting experience for our server. You can view the below spoilers to gain more information on the mobs as well as the 5 new gear drops that were specifically added for our server! These drops have been distributed among a variety of mobs that spawn on the new field Blooming Flower Land outside of Eclage as well as the three levels of Bifrost Tower. Along with the brand new items that have been added, drop rates of official drops have increased and a variety of other useful drops have been added to these monsters. New Mobs New Items Costume Maker In Eclage Plaza, you will find Replication Expert Paltu. This wonderful new NPC can turn several existing headgears into Costume versions if you bring him the right materials! A couple of official costumes were removed from his selection as they have been used in other areas on TalonRO, but he has more than enough left to offer for all you fashionistas out there! Eclage Stat Gloves Introducing a new wave of accessories! They can be considered as the next step up beyond your traditional accessories such as Ring, Earring, et cetera. These items will be for Rebirth classes only, but do not have any other level requirement. Obtaining them is easy. By completing Splendide or Eclage storyline quests as well as Daily Quests, you will earn Splendide Coins. Exchage 10 Splendide Coins at Armor Merchant Naphara in Eclage Plaza and she will give you a non-slotted Stat Glove of choice. If you feel adventurous, you may try to add a slot to your glove by giving 5 Splendide Coins to Slot Expert Nattuer. She will then attempt to add a slot to your item. Keep in mind, there is a strong chance of failure, so try this at your own risk! The reward of having a slotted Stat Glove is definitely worth it, though! More information on these accessories can be found below: An Unexpected Alliance After having completed the Light & Darkness Quest, a new temporary event will open up that will be the start of a large expansion to TalonRO and beyond! Start by talking to Rin at the Eclage Plaza. She will inform you about a desire to expand Hiel's work with the Dimensional Rift Fragment to a much larger scale! We're talking Time Travel here, folks! This exciting new quest that offers daily tasks with marvelous rewards spans throughout the world of Rune Midgard, Eclage as well as Midgard Camp. Meet old companions such as Chief Balrog, Rin and Hiel and discover what magic lies beyond the Dimensional Rift and work towards the Reconstruction of Morocc and much more! After having finished the main quest, Rin, Chief Balrog and Hiel will offer you daily quests to earn Morocc Merit Certificates that can be exchanged at the vending machine at Morocc spawn. This exciting new custom content to TalonRO will be the start of something big. We hope you enjoy! Whew, that just about covers the new Eclage episode! Now, let's continue with some other updates! And with that, we are proud to announce the release of Ancient Tower, along with a batch of new cards, exclusive Valkyrie's Bazaar costumes, pets and a ton of other Quality of Life improvements. We hope you enjoy our latest content, and appreciate your patience throughout the development process! See below for more details. Battle of the Nine Instances *The release of Ancient Tower is among us! In order to gain access, players will need to gather a party of up to 12 and speak to the Instance Girl NPC, where they will be warped to the Valkyrie's Hall. From there, you will be able to embark on an expedition to take on this challenging gauntlet. Those who complete the instance will win, among others, 25 Valkyrie Coins, 150 Talon Cash and a key to access the Valkyrie Bazaar. The instance can be played twice per week, with the cooldown resetting every Sunday, end of the day. Valkyrie's Hall will be the hallmark for all future Valkyrie content. Stay tuned as we continue to work and improve TalonRO's PvE experience by introducing more tower challenges among other thrilling instances! For more information, you can visit our latest blog entry by clicking here, including a list of the latest Valkyrie's Bazaar update featuring new pets and costumes. Alternatively you can read more on Valkyrie: BotN by checking out the website or joining our Discord. *This is based on the actual live-hosted Ancient Tower event. We will continue to monitor its difficulty as a scripted instance and make adjustments to the gameplay, mob difficulty and/or rewards in the coming weeks/months as we see fit. New Cards The remaining Episode 13 cards have arrived! These have been in the works for a long time and we're happy to finally release them! This wave introduces 20 brand new cards. As usual, only the MVP Cards will be purchasable through the Talon Shop at a cost of 2000 Talon Cash. Regular monster cards can only be obtained through farming! Next up, at a future patch, be prepared for yet another wave of cards, including Biolabs 4 cards! For now, view the spoiler below for all new card information. April Monthly Box Our Monthly Box has been refreshed with a variety of new and returning costumes. Check out the image above or try them out at the Dressing Coach with the IDs below: Giant Cat Bag Costume [Garment] - #21291 Walking Baby Polar Bear Costume - #21413 Lovely Ribbon Hair Costume - #21370 Heavenly Dark Flame Costume - #20256 Protection Crown Costume - #20276 Brown Wintery Knit Hat Costume - #21371 Dragon Turtle Hat Costume - #20258 Feather Fedora Costume - #20984 Aries Crown Costume - #21352 Panda Hat Costume - #20511 Remover Hat Costume - #20671 Grand Peco Hairband Costume - #20515 TamTam's Odyssey The new TamTam's Odyssey region is Amatsu and Gonryun. Both the fields and dungeon maps are included, so be sure to farm there for Double EXP as well as Talon Cash and Bronze Coin drops! Misc Updates When killing a monster and a card drops, it now emits a large purple pillar of light on top of the card, for easy visibility. Improvements to Doctor NPCs: You can now fully heal yourself even when wearing Golden Thief Bug-carded shields. When doing a full HP and SP heal, the Doctor now also removes a variety of common negative status effects: Poison Curse Silence Confusion Blind Bleeding Change Undead Orcish Face Critical Wounds GM Challenge and Wave Challenge lobbies now have a Kafra for storage use. Oliver Wolf Hood Costume no longer drops from GMC boxes due to the release of the Eclage episode. We will update the boxes in the near future to compensate for the removal. The @time command now has a new row that displays Day of the Year. It will also display if today is Day of the Sun, Day of the Moon, or Day of the Stars accordingly. Basic Skill in-game description no longer displays chatroom creation at level 4 due to its stricter regulations on tRO. Asura Strike in-game description now displays that it has an 8 second cooldown in PvP. Battlegrounds Updates Deserting a BG Match now applies to the entire forum account. This solves players leaving a match that they expect to lose and join the winning team on another character. Added special BG Food Items, purchasable through Erundek NPC: Items can only be used during BG matches. Effect disappears after every BG match. +5 items cost 5 Valor Coins. +8 items cost 10 Valor Coins. Military Ration B and C now cost 100 Valor Coins instead of 150. WoE White Potion now weighs 5 instead of 10 and costs 3 Valor Coins instead of 5. WoE White Potion 30 Box now costs 75 Valor Coins instead of 100. WoE Blue Potion now costs 4 Valor Coins instead of 7. WoE Blue Potion 10 Box now costs 35 Valor Coins instead of 140. Siege White Potion now costs 4 Glory Coins instead of 5. Siege Blue Potion now costs 10 Glory Coins instead of 15. Siege Blue Potion 10 Box now costs 75 Glory Coins instead of 100. Bug Fixes Jewelcrafting Menu should no longer display Rough Gems when Crafting. Fixed WoE Hub Flags not correctly displaying the emblem of the current castle owner. Weapon Refine in-game description should now correctly display as an Active Skill instead of Passive Skill. Vending and Buying stores should no longer end up in areas they are not meant to be at. Fixed winter scarves not showing up in the Costumes slot in Kafra Storage. Small fixes to Day of the Sun/Moon/Stars calculation. Fixed warp in Umbala being blockable by players who did not do the required quest. Fixed Hillthion mob name in Manuk fields to Hillslion. Valkyrie Bazaar updates New garment costumes: Blade Relic Costume (1250 Valkyrie Coins) Seeker Relic Costume (1250 Valkyrie Coins) Magus Relic Costume (1250 Valkyrie Coins) New pets (food is Elysian Herb, purchaseable at 1 Valkyrie Coin or as a drop from a new mob type; Elysian Seed): Celine Kimi (900 Valkyrie Coins) Shroud (700 Valkyrie Coins) Geiravor Disciple (1500 Valkyrie Coins) Geiravor Partisan (1500 Valkyrie Coins) Saga (1250 Valkyrie Coins) Rainbow (700 Valkyrie Coins) Soheon (800 Valkyrie Coins) Rudo (750 Valkyrie Coins) Price changes: A variety of items have received price changes. Some have become cheaper while others (mostly consumables) have become more expensive. This is due to the release of the Ancient Tower instance. Repair Scroll and White Cat Ear Costume removed due to buggy behaviour. GMC Box Rotation Poring Soap Pipe Costume - #20716 Wind of the Prairie Costume - #20271 Wave Box Rotation Siroma Fur Hat Costume - #21057 Open Air Headset Costume - #20809 We wanted to take this moment to thank the community for their support throughout the years and choosing TalonRO as your home. With this month's release, we hope you continue to enjoy your experience and wish everyone's utmost safety and well being throughout the covid-19 pandemic. We'd like to also re-assure players that the database and SQI/Seals revamp are still our priority, with news of our progress soon to be announced in the coming weeks. Having said that, we thank you dearly for your patience. TalonRO is off to a great start this year. The staff team have been working extremely hard to release new content and reshape our older content. Although things are going great, we strongly believe things could get even better -- but we can’t do this alone. It is now time to reach out to you players to help the server grow. We get more than half of our players from Ratemyserver and your reviews are basically FREE advertisement for the server. The more players we get the more active the server will be -- PvE content, WoE, Battlegrounds and more people to socialize and enjoy TRO with. All we ask from you is to take 5 minutes to write or renew your review at Ratemyserver. We ask so little, and ask often, yet we are ignored by the majority of the players all the time. To the players that left a review more than three months ago, please renew it by deleting your old review and writing a new one. Things have changed drastically since 2019, let us know how we are doing! And finally, if you've left a review in the last 3 months, please encourage your friends online to write a review. Thank you. Leave an RMS review In other news, we are pleased to announce our next Staff AMA which will be held on Discord 2nd April (5pm server time). Save the date, ask Boreas why you were banned, how Radius keeps his golden locks so fabulous or which member of the staff team has an addiction to Oreo cookies. As always, we hope you enjoy our latest content release! We're looking forward to bringing you more updates and features as the year continues. Thank you again for all your support, and Happy Gaming!
  6. In honor of TalonRO's 13th year anniversary, we're bringing back a very special event to thank the extraordinary community of TalonRO players with a 12x EXP event, including 25% more EXP from Eden Board Missions. It's all part of our way of saying thank you for helping TalonRO reach thirteen incredible years of providing incredible experiences and memories for over a decade! Stay tuned for more content updates in the coming weeks, including the highly anticipated Ancient Tower automated instance, the release of brand new cards and much more. The event will last until Monday March 23rd, midnight server time.
  7. Question: My client keeps crashing with a crashlog, despite having used the latest Full Installer. Quick Answer: Open RagnarokSetup.exe in your tRO folder and choose "Direct3D HAL" as Rendering Device. If that does not work, try to uncheck "Use Lightmap". Often this is caused by using a wrong Rendering Device setting, most notably the Nvidia ones. If you are getting these kind of crashes, open up RagnarokSetup.exe inside your TalonRO folder and see if you can select a different Rendering Device, with your safest bet being the "Direct3D HAL" option. First see if this solves your crashes. If it does not, within that same RagnarokSetup.exe, try to uncheck the option "Use Lightmap". Press OK and restart the game.
  8. After a considerable amount of testing and fine tuning, the latest client update is now available to all players! We are thrilled to showcase some of the latest changes/additions to the UI along with several features that will further enhance your experience when playing on TalonRO! We hope you enjoy these new features, along with some exciting future planned content and development updates as we progress into 2020. As always, happy gaming! First off, as always, run your TalonPatch in order to use the new client. If you do not do that, you will be unable to login. If you are unable to patch, please download our latest installer to make your TalonRO installation up-to-date. Here is a list of new features and changes that the new client brings: For starters, the new client requires a minimum resolution of 1024x768. This is an unfortunate side-effect of the new Character Select window. The Character Select window has been completely revamped. You can now see all the characters of your account in one easy window. With the revamp of the Character Select window, the Character Creation window has also been revamped. You can now more easily select your desired hairstyle and hair color. The Quest Log has received a major overhaul: The window is now much more simplified with only three tabs: Active Quests, Disabled Quests and Highlights. Highlights function as a way for us to showcase important content while the other two are more important for your gameplay. The new window now allows us to display a lot more important information such as: Item Rewards, EXP Rewards, NPC locations and Navigation coordinates, sprite display, et cetera. You can disable the on-screen quest display per quest, so that you will only see the quests you are actively working on. Kafra Storage now has a special tab for Costumes. You can now sort your Kafra Storage by Default, Ascending and Descending. More skill buffs now have Status Icons on your screen, such as Bard and Dancer songs! A Tip Box. While this feature is not finished yet, this will offer a variety of new features to help newer players learn the game. Expect updates to this in the near future. This client features various bug fixes which will improve your quality of life in-game. Most notable will be the party window issues such as the icon display as well as on-screen member boxes not being locked in position properly. With this client, a brand new command has been added: @lgp, which stands for Lite Graphics Plugin. This command allows you to display things such as your cast radius, viewing distance as well as simplified effects for certain AoE skills. The major benefit of this is that you can now play without effects on and still be able to see skill casts. We believe this not only benefits PvP gameplay but also regular PvM. It comes with a new file in your tRO folder called plugin.ini. You can use this file to edit a variety of settings for the @lgp command, such as colors and transparency. Start the command by typing @lgp. Keep in mind that currently this command only works from the main chat bar, not in a PM window or with something entered in the whisper box. It will also not work through !lgp, only through @lgp. Use @square on/off/1-14 to enable/disable/change the size of the Square around your character. Use @circle to toggle the circle around your character. Use @aoes to toggle the display of AoE skills such as Storm Gust, Magnus Exorcismus, et cetera. For a full guide on how to use this command, please check out the LGP Guide! An unfortunate downside of the new client is that for unknown reasons, the Player Amount was removed from the server select upon login. We will compensate for this by fixing up the player count in the patcher in the near future. New command: @partybuff Along with the new client, we would also like to introduce a brand new Bonus Bundle command: @partybuff. This command allows you to see the Buff Status of your party members within either the Party Window or the small on-screen display. It works by putting a buff display in front of the player names. The command currently can display the following buffs: Blessing (B) Increase Agility (A) FCP (F) Soul Link (S) Devotion (+) In particular for support classes, this will make it much easier to see which of your party members needs to be rebuffed! We are currently looking into ways to expand this command to support more buffs, but for the time being we hope you enjoy this initial release. New limited edition costume For a limited time, you can purchase the One-winged Feather Costume from the Talon Shop at a cost of 7,500 Talon Cash. This limited edition costume will surely steal the show! All in all, we hope you enjoy all the new features of this client. Please let us know about any issues you might get! Happy Gaming~
  9. March is here, it's once again time for our Monthly Maintenance! With a new monthly costume box and TamTam's Odyssey region, we'll be looking at scheduling a second reboot mid-month to introduce new cards, instanced Ancient Tower and Valkyrie's Bazaar updates. We're also in the process of updating you on our progress regarding future content, so stay tuned for more! For now, enjoy our updates~ New TamTam's Odyssey Region: Hugel Fields Abyss Lake Dungeon General Updates Taekwon Kick skills should now work on Barricades. Bug Fixes Baba Yaga and Uzhas Cards now have their correct item descriptions and names. Bangungot and Bakonawa Cards should now correctly drop at a 0.2% chance. Eggs of pets that ran away should now properly be removed from your inventory. If you have a broken egg in your hatch list, please send us a Support Ticket to get it removed. GMC Box Rotation Enchanted Dog Costume Vesper Headgear Costume Wave Box Rotation Little Garden Costume Fancy Spider Hat Costume Prepare yourselves for more updates this month! There will be at least one more reboot this month following this initial March Patch. Stay tuned for an upcoming wave of new cards! Monthly Box items with IDs 21291 - Giant_Cat_Bag_Costume [garment] 20974 - Walking_White_Cat_Costume 21374 - Sweet_Corone_Hair_Costume 20887 - Chung_E_Shinyon_Cap_Costume 21372 - Red_Wintery_Knit_Hat_Costume 21257 - Jitterbug_Cap_Costume 21373 - Sunglasses_Bear_Cap_Costume 21369 - Frill_Collar_Costume 20794 - Bone_Head_Costume 21351 - Pisces_Crown_Costume 20686 - Skull_Cap_Costume 20955 - Magistrate_Hat_Costume Hey everyone, quick personal note from Seiren here. As not everyone might have noticed, I have been more or less on a hiatus since mid-December until a few days ago. Due to some serious personal circumstances, I unfortunately had to temporarily take a step back from tRO as I shifted my attention to personal matters. Phoenix, Lance and the rest of the entire GM team have done a wonderful job on keeping the server updated and entertaining during this time and I wish to thank them a lot for that. That being said, quite some projects were put on hold due to my absence. The coming weeks and months I hope to be able to slowly shift my focus back to tRO which will also mean we can start introducing more new content than we could have the past month. Thank you everyone for your attention and your patience! -Seiren
  10. February is here! As we roll into the new month, we're thrilled to announce some new updates and releases, including the World Hunters quest! In addition this month's TamTam's Odyssey traverses into the floating city of Yuno and Kiel Robot Factory. A new Monthly Costume Box is also upon us, as well as general updates and bugfixes! New TamTam's Odyssey Region: Yuno Fields, excluding yuno_fild06 and yuno_fild11 Kiel Robot Factory GMC Box rotations: Heavenly Dark Flame Costume Hanging Dog Ears Costume Wave Box rotations: Hunting Cap of Gust Costume Sun Visor Costume With the event season settling down, it's time to get back on track with regular updates. To start off, we'll be fixing and returning some features from pre-Iduna that we're sure you'll like! Main Updates Rewards for the Annual Charity Event can now be claimed in Prontera! Top 20 Blacksmith and Alchemist Ranks has returned. Updated UI Top 10 and Top 11~20 now displays the bonus it provides in /alchemist and /blacksmith itself. Large numbers are now formatted with commas. For those unfamiliar with the Top 20 System: Top 11~20 Alchemists have a 25% Potion Boost instead of 50%. Top 11~20 Blacksmiths have +5 Passive Attack instead of +10. The TalonRO Lottery has returned. Rather than twice a week, the jackpot is now given out once a week at Friday 8:15pm server time. The Morocc Plagiarism NPC has returned. You can find her at the Morocc spawn. Unlike before, the Bonus Bundle is now a requirement for all skill copies. Fixed the Eggring Pet loyalty bonus. The +50% Stat Food duration boost now properly works. Eden's Bounty Board now resets its cooldown at midnight server time instead of a flat 23 hours after the bounty. Mercenary Loyalty Points through monster kills and the contract ending are now added to all three guilds instead of just the summoned mercenary's guild. Equipped Ammo will now display its name like it did before in pre-iduna as opposed to it always being "Arrow has been equipped". Bugfixes Fixed BG Consumables working in Guild Dungeons when they should not work there. February Monthly Costume Box Costume ID: 20776 // Rainbow_Star_Costume Costume ID: 21217 // Fluffy_Semi_Long_Hair_Costume Costume ID: 21289 // Durumagi_Costume Costume ID: 21325 // Runaway_Accelerator_Costume Costume ID: 21064 // Cat_Ear_Ribbon_Costume Costume ID: 21072 // Roast_Memory_Costume Costume ID: 20460 // Ten-gallon_Flame_Hat_Costume Costume ID: 20994 // Yellow_Cherry_Blossom_Hat_Costume Costume ID: 20510 // Pagdayaw_Costume Costume ID: 21350 // Aquarius_Crown_Costume Costume ID: 20796 // Rose_Casquette_Costume Costume ID: 20786 // Ashura_Fairy_Hat_Costume
  11. Winter is here once again, and with it the Winter Scarf Quest returns to TalonRO! This immensely popular event lets you have the opportunity to make your own fashionable scarf for the winter months. The great roaming master tailor, Von Claude, has been gaining inspiration for his next designs. Once again he has settled in the city of Hugel. He has been particularly inspired by the newest animated fashions and also vibrant varieties of costumes that are cropping up lately. "2020's fashion forward crowd will really love what I have in store this season" Von Claude was recently heard sharing with a team of Kafra Agents. Coveted all over Rune-Midgard, the designs of Von Claude are unequaled in their elegance and functionality. His friend, Olgov, has been working on creating fields of inspirations for Von Claude's next winter collection. As his scarves are in high demand, Von Claude requires only the finest ingredients for his masterful creations. However, the work is worth it - the new Winter Collection from Von Claude is without equal. His new collection of scarves include the return of the Traditional Striped Scarf - a classic Midgardian favorite - and Straight Scarves, which were in popular demand! Von Claude x Olgov designs have brought back the 2016 smash hit, the Waving Long Scarf. However, 2020's latest creation is something entirely different. Introducing last year's Nekomimi Cape, now with more colours than ever before! Featured in distinct, fashion-forward choices, these scarves will turn the average novice into a haute couture wonder! Because of the demand for these high-quality items, the newly-added costumes will not be easy to make. After all, Von Claude x Olgov wouldn't want to skimp on the quality, right? Just like winter itself, this quest won't last long! This quest will be available through the winter months. We hope that you enjoy the Winter Scarf Quest this year! The Winter Quest ends on Friday, March 20th! Be sure to make your scarves and find the look that's right for you! Happy gaming and good luck!
  12. January has arrived! And it's once again time for our Monthly Maintenance! With Christmas gone and the start of a New Year, we've got some exciting plans lined up over the next few weeks, including this year's annual Yule Ball event! More to be announced soon. A few more notes: Our Annual Charity Event ended up with a whopping $2265 for the Rainforest Alliance, when our goal was set to $1000. Thank you so much everyone for your generosity! We'll be adding an NPC soon to claim your prizes! Once again, this is an amazing achievement! Our Christmas Event is still ongoing through January 12th! The 12x EXP New Year Event is also still ongoing through January 6th! We have extended it by a day to cover the rates not working properly. The Winter Baking Contest deadline has been moved to January 12th. Join it to win some amazing prizes! For now, enjoy our updates~ New TamTam's Odyssey region: Aldebaran Clock Tower (excluding alde_dun04) New GMC Box rotations: Sorcerer Hood Costume Open Air Headset Costume New Wave Challenge Box rotations: Black Warm Cat Muffler Costume Walking Lady Tanee Costume Fixed Sacrifice behavior to be blockable by Cicada Skin Shedding as intended since it's a ATK% skill. Additionally, Auto Guard should also block the skill's damage after further tests. Added Garment Costume support to Dressing Coach. This does not include special effects. Updated the Dressing Coach with the latest costumes available. Updated the Newbie Tutorial: Now mentions Daily Cash Betty Now rewards you with Critura Hat Costume (account-bound) General clean-up and improvements Removed remaining dummy NPCs for Platinum Skills and Universal Rental. These are available through any Kafra NPC instead. Christmas Updates Fixed wrong sprites in Snowman Building minigame. Fixed a bug with Antonio's Instance where Carpet Sweep AoE hit all party members as opposed to only those in the AoE itself. Farming map green giftbox piece drops are now dropped on the floor rather than straight into your inventory. They also now honor your party item share settings. Now when the 30 piece cap is met, you will be unable to pick up more. Added Sweet Candy Cane item to Vending Machine in Enchanted Village. Can be used to tame Xmas Goblins. Bruhdolph monster now heals its MVP master less often. Monthly Box Rainbow Star Costume (20776) Kururinpa Hair Costume (21218) Teddy Bear Bag Costume (21286) Phalanx Costume (21323) Gift of Panagia Costume (21322) Poring Beret Costume (21209) Gothic Skull Ribbon Costume (21256) Alchemist Mask Costume (20988) Capricon Crown Costume (21300) Helm of Angel Costume (20866) Red Balloon Hat Costume (21009) Aviator Hat Costume (20673)
  13. A Happy New Year from the entire TalonRO staff! Another year ticked off the list, and to celebrate, we will be hosting a 12x EXP Event until Monday, January 6th end of the day. During this time, the Eden Board Quests will also give you 25% more EXP. We are also excited to announce upcoming content and updates over the forthcoming weeks. Stay tuned for more info on that. A prosperous and healthy 2020 everyone. Thank you for sticking around and let's make 2020 an amazing year!
  14. General Updates Along with the Christmas Event, we have also made various general server improvements, mainly for Battlegrounds: Fixed Skills and Items being blocked even after leaving certain BG matches. They are now properly reset when leaving a BG map. Disabled Greed skill on Triple Inferno. Fixed being able to keep Stat Foods as well as other buffs when joining an existing BG match. Previously they would only be dispelled when joining a new match. Now they should properly be dispelled any time. There is now a cooldown to @joinbg and @leavebg to prevent people from spamming the commands. Fixed being able to use the Restocking NPC in Team Deathmatch, even when outside of the respawn room. Happy Hour no longer interferes with WoE times. The times that previously interfered are now starting right after WoE ends on both Saturday and Sunday being 18:30 ~ 20:30 server time on Saturday and 06:15 ~ 08:15 server time on Sunday. Reward for losing team in CTF is now 5 + Flags Captured vs 3 + (Flags Captured * 2) that it was previously. Fixed being able to warp out of BG when signing up for Bingo or Haunted House. Added a Tool Dealer to the BG room. More updates to BG will come in the near future, such as weapon tweaks, consumables tweaks, et cetera. Christmas Event The holidays are upon Midgard: Christmas is here in the Enchanted Village! Santa Claus as we've known him has gone missing! It turns out since last year's conflict, Antonio has sworn revenge on Santa, by using his Heart of Ymir's power to curse Santa by turning him into Corrupt Santa. It's up to the Enchanted Village citizens and you, the Talonian Community, to build up Christmas Spirit so he can overcome his curse! We hope that you'll enjoy this special time as much as ever in this year's return to familiar fun with new prizes, great twists, and enjoyable memories. Additionally, the It's Snowing Costume (Garment slot) is still on sale in the Talon Shop! This year, our special Christmas Warper isn't warping anyone to the Enchanted Village! It turns out she has lost her Christmas Spirit due to Santa Claus having gone missing! However, help may be nearby! Once inside, embark on a new quest by talking to Scrooge! As usual, you can enjoy the various games and earn wonderful Christmas Giftboxes by collecting Red and Green Giftbox Pieces. The Christmas Giftboxes have been updated with some wonderful rewards to check out! You can also enjoy some of the annual highlights, such as letter writing, Antonia's Caroling, stocking hanging, and much more (with full details below!). We hope that you'll explore around the Enchanted Village this year and enjoy all that the season has to offer! This year in the Enchanted Village, as mentioned earlier, Santa has undergone a curse by none other than Antonio himself utilizing his, while fake, powerful Heart of Ymir, whom was previously thought to have been defeated permanently by brave adventurers in 2018. It's up to you and the rest of the server to build up Christmas of Spirit points by playing the various activities and content available to you to help free Santa of the curse. You can start this year's main quest by first talking to Scrooge. This year's Giftboxes will grant wonderful items - and you can make your own through a variety of games and challenges. Just like last year, minigames may grant you Snowflake Coins in addition to the Giftbox Pieces, as well as special Marbles. These snowflakes can be used at the vending machine in the Enchanted Village to purchase special rental weapons as well as a lovely variety of costumes and classic holiday pets. Marbles are used for the special minigame Santa's Marbles, which is explained in greater detail in the Christmas Events section below. Moreover, you'll need to use these special items to fill your stockings - but you'll be able to earn these through a number of methods - making it possible to collect wonderful items in a great combination of ways! Finally, you'll only be able to obtain certain kinds of Giftbox Pieces through specific games. These Giftbox Pieces are account bound, so you'll need to earn them all individually. Once you do however, you'll be able to give them to Santa, who will reward your hard work with some very special prizes this year. On top of that, you'll be able to earn and do lots more in the Enchanted Village, such as letter writing, caroling, and so much more! How to Participate in This Year's Event Collect Red and Green Giftbox Pieces in order to trade them in and craft your own Christmas Giftboxes! Earn Giftbox Pieces by participating in various minigames, farming and events throughout the Enchanted Village. Each Christmas Giftbox will grant wonderful new items this year! Giftbox Pieces are account bound, so be certain to earn them within a single account to maximize your Christmas Giftbox collection! Most items that come out of the box however, are not bound. Minigames may also grant both Snowflake Coins and Marbles this year as well. Snowflake Coins can be used at the vending machine NPC in the Enchanted Village. You will be able to trade these in for special rental weapons, costumes, and pets! Both Snowflake Coins and Marbles have different purposes: Use Snowflake Coins at both the vending machine NPC in the Enchanted Village, as well as within the Stocking Hanging event in Santa's House. Snowflake coins can be earned both through minigames and also in special Christmas monster maps tied to this year's event. Use Marbles to participate in the Santa's Marbles events, also located inside of Santa's House. Marbles come from minigames at a low percentage chance. You can also earn great prizes this year through other fun methods, which are listed below in greater detail. These methods include: Antonia's Caroling - where you can earn Snowflake Coins and other useful goodies. Stocking Hanging - fill up your stockings this year in Santa's House in the Enchanted Village and earn something wonderful the very next day. Santa's Marbles - spell out special holiday sayings with various Marble letters to earn some extraordinary prizes! Some minigames will drop Marbles with letters ranging from A-M, while others will grant letters N-Z. Spell out one of Santa's Christmas sayings with these Marbles to earn something really special! Are you ready to confront Antonio once more? The Christmas Instance Dungeon is returning as part of this year's event! If you were unable to claim the incredible items obtainable from this instance in 2018, this is your second chance to do so! It is still one massive challenge you will not want to miss! Santa has a wonderful variety of games available for all of Midgard's boys and girls this year - including some classic delights and new twists in store! Four main events will provide you with an opportunity to earn Giftbox Pieces in order to construct your very own Christmas Giftbox. These events include the return of Blackjack / Guess the Number, Snowman Building, Amazing Ragna Race and the Christmas Time Trial! Each of these games will drop a combination of either Red or Green Giftbox Pieces. Collect both kinds of pieces to trade them in within the Enchanted Village for your very own Christmas Giftboxes this year! You'll also be able to earn prizes through other events as well. Stocking Hanging, located at Santa's House in the Enchanted Village, will allow you to receive something wonderful. Simply collect the required items for your stocking and wait a day - then check back in over the stockings by the fireplace to receive a special prize! We have also added back the farming maps on the east side of the Enchanted Village! As with the Halloween event, there are three difficulties. The harder the map, the better the loot, including Giftbox Pieces! This year also features the return of Santa's Marbles. There will be a holiday-themed word that you can attempt to spell out by collecting Marbles across various minigames. Each Marble will have a letter printed on it. If you can spell out the holiday word of the day with Marbles in your inventory, you'll receive something incredible! You can participate in this minigame by talking to Santa Claus in the Enchanted Village as well. We hope that you'll give all of this year's events and minigames inside of the Enchanted Village a try - and that you'll earn some wonderful holiday presents along the way! Explore All that Christmas Has to Offer General [NEW] The Spirit of Christmas System This year due to Santa being cursed by Antonio, The Enchanted Village needs everybody in the Talon Community to help build Christmas Spirit! Every time any activity is completed, you will build up Christmas Spirit! Santa will appear again once a certain target has been reached! [NEW] General World Flavor During your traveling and grinding sessions you may be greeted by some temporary Christmas mobs that do not normally spawn in the world! These monsters will drop various ingredients that are useful in the Christmas quests! These include the following monsters: Christmas Orc Christmas Jakk Christmas Goblin Santa Poring You will find several of these mobs in world locations that the normal counterparts would spawn at! Christmas Orcs will spawn in all locations Orc Warriors normally spawn at except for the High Orcs map. Christmas Jakks will spawn in all locations Jakks normally spawn at. Christmas Goblins will spawn in all locations Goblins normally spawn at. Santa Porings will spawn in all locations Porings normally spawn at. Christmas Minigames Note: All Minigames apart from Blackjack/GTN may reward you with additional Snowflake Coins and/or Marbles! Blackjack & Guess the Number returns to Christmas! Play special party-based rounds of Blackjack (now more often than before!) rotating alongside a holiday-themed Guess the Number minigame. Strike it rich for your opportunity to win Red Giftbox Pieces! Snowman Building gives you an opportunity to assemble your own special snowman. The magical snowmen of the holiday season are starting to fall apart as the magic of Christmas dwindles - and they will need your help in putting them back together again! Find the Snowman Builder in the Enchanted Village to learn more. You'll need five (5) people in total to start building. Once you have your group together, head out and start rebuilding those snowmen! If you're successful with your efforts, you'll be rewarded with some Red Giftbox Pieces as well as a chance to get Marbles marked N to Z and perhaps even something else! Xmas Time Trials inside of Antonio's Toy Factory returns to the Enchanted Village! Back in the day, Antonio used to do research in his evil toy factory. However now the toy factory is open for all! Anyone can enter now to enjoy the challenge. This is also a team minigame requiring three (3) participants: all 3 members can only stay inside for 10 minutes. If you all are unable to get out after 10 minutes, the team must abandon the mission! It may take some time to learn the best ways of completing this but don't give up! Cooperate with your partners (through !map chat for instance), and complete all the tasks in the allotted time to find a way to retrieve some Green Giftbox Pieces as well as a chance to get Marbles marked A to M and perhaps even something else! [NEW] The Amazing Ragna Race Returning from Halloween 2019 as it was an extremely popular and enjoyable game, join Boone Peaches as he hosts The Amazing Ragna Race once more in his homeland, The Enchanted Village! Participate with a group of players in a race up the spiraling hill. There will be Horong Boosters to increase your speed when ran into temporarily, but watch out for those random Ankle Snares as well! You will find Item Boxes along the race track - these will greatly aid you by giving a boost or slowing everybody else down. If you're lucky, you might even swap position with another racer ahead of you or slow everybody else down! The fastest three racers to cross the finishing line on the bridge at the hilltop will be crowned as winners. This time prizes will be different in comparison to Halloween: 1st Place : 6 Green Giftbox Pieces, rare chance to gain a Factory Skeleton Key. 2nd Place: 4 Green Giftbox Pieces. 3rd Place: 2 Green Giftbox Pieces. Consolation Prize (for every participant): Random chance for Snowflake Coins, as long as you participated in the race and made enough progress! When a race ends, there will be a 5 Minute Cooldown before another race can begin. Features and Other Activities Stocking Hanging is a special holiday tradition, where you are earn fantastic prizes! Located in Santa's House in the Enchanted Village, your very own stocking will be hanging over Santa's fireplace. Simply fill your stocking with a number of requested items, along with five (5) Snowflake Coins and let the magic set in! Check back in with your stocking one day later to see what's inside! Your items and coins will have transformed into something exquisite, including usable items, OPB and OBBs, hats, stat foods, and even a small chance to earn pet eggs or costumes! Note: stocking hanging contains a master account daily limit, allowing you to only create 3 stockings per day. Santa's Marbles is one of this year's most challenging, and rewarding, special minigames! This will become available to everybody once enough Christmas Spirit is built up by participating in other activities to free Santa from his curse! Collect Marbles throughout this year's events - each Marble will be inscribed with a letter upon it. A new holiday-themed word will be listed for you to try and complete with Marbles from your inventory. If you can spell out the word of the day with your Marbles, you'll be able to trade them in for some truly incredible prizes! Once a player gets a prize, the word will change to something new! Note: Marbles are all account-bound and cannot be traded - so you'll have to play a lot of minigames this year to ensure that you have a wide range of available letters to spell out the word of the day! Marbles may be obtained from any of the following minigames: Snowman Building may reward you with Marbles from letters N through Z. Time Trials may reward you with Marbles from letters A through M. Hanging your Stockings may reward you with any kind of Marble. Blackjack & Guess the Number will not furnish a chance to win any Marbles. Craft Unique Christmas Food Items Returning from 2018! You can speak to Harvey in The Enchanted Village in order to craft some unique consumables as follows: Chocolate Tart Recovers a small amount of HP. Cast Level 5 Angelus. Strawberry Chocolate Recovers a small amount of SP. Cast Level 5 Blessing. Spicy Winter Tonic Heals your HP and SP by 20%. AGI + 3, INT + 3 for 2 Minutes. Warm Heart Chocolate Heals your HP by 20%. STR + 3, VIT + 3 for 1 Minute. Enchanted Mushroom Soup Heals your HP and SP by 70%. Casts level 3 Assumptio and level 3 Impositio Manus on yourself. In order to craft the above items, you will need a select list of ingredients (more information on this by speaking to Harvey). Most of which include unique Miscellaneous Ingredients that are only obtained by Santa's Factory mobs in Intermediate and Nightmare Difficulties (further explained below). [NEW] Santa's Factory All new and improved grind map for this year's Christmas 2019 borrowing a many elements from this year's popular Halloween grind map! You can access Santa's Factory after getting far enough in this year's Christmas 2019 Main Quest. If enough Christmas Spirit has been earned to free Santa, newcomers to this years event don't need to do the quest! As it was designed in Halloween 2019, you can expect the following 3 difficulties to choose from, and there is no Vanilla/Unrestricted Split: Easy : Relatively approachable for just about anybody. This difficulty does not have an MvP monster roaming inside it! However, it has the lowest experience/drop rates. Ingredients for Food Items will not drop here! Intermediate : A step up from Easy, meant for the middle of the road adventurer. An MvP will spawn here! The experience and drops here are very suitable for the intended skill level. Ingredients for Food Items will drop! Nightmare : Meant for the most hardcore of adventurers. The experience and drops are excellent here and are definitely worth the time and effort. However, the monsters are very difficult and the MvP here is especially difficult. If you can, try to bring a party here! Ingredients for Food Items here are significantly higher than Intermediate! Every single day you can come here to earn up to 30 Green Giftbox Pieces! This limit will be reset the next day. The rates are significantly improved the higher you go up in difficulty for Santa's Factory, so choose the difficulty that best suits you! MvP Kills in Santa's Factory contribute a large portion of Christmas Spirit Points toward the server wide goal! Instance Dungeon Provides some incredible challenges just as it did last year, combined with some unbelievable prizes. Prepare to take on this winter's most exciting challenge yet, and to swear revenge on Antonio for what he did to Santa! Enter this year's Instance Dungeon by obtaining a Factory Skeleton Key - obtainable throughout various methods in the course of the event. Rarely by participating in minigames. Every time you kill an MvP in Santa's Factory. Other "mysterious" methods. To begin the quest for access to this year's dungeon and instance, speak with Scrooge. He will be able to tell you more about the methods needed! If enough Christmas Spirit has been earned to free Santa, newcomers to this years event don't need to do the quest! By defeating Antonio, you have a chance at earning the following unique gears, all of which contribute toward a set: In addition to all kinds of minigames and events throughout the Enchanted Village, this year's holiday treats include some additional features and festivities! Moving about towns and cities this year is the Caroling Antonia, who will move and sing holiday tunes - all while dropping items and even Snowflake Coins! However, be careful that her halls aren't too decked - or she'll deck you by exploding! Caroling Antonia has racked up quite the body count over the years, and she isn't about to break her killing streak any time soon. Moreover, there's a chance that even more mayhem will follow Antonia this year as an encore act, the MVP Krampus, will have a chance to spawn in the town which Antonia has just appeared! If you're following Antonia, be prepared for a real fight! Krampus may also drop some wonderful items, so this MVP hunt could be well worth your while! You'll also be able to send friends, guildmates, and even secret admirers special Holiday Greeting Cards this year through Lizzie in the Enchanted Village. Simply write your own message to your recipient, finalize your message with a reasonable Zeny fee, and if approved you'll hear your special holiday message broadcast all across Midgard! Finally, don't forget about our feature for account-bound items this year: you'll now be able to claim account-bound items from this year's Christmas Event on any of your game accounts within your master account once you've "unlocked" the item! Once you've obtained a special Christmas account bound item, such as a costume for example, visit with the Vending Machine NPC in Lutie while using another one of your game accounts that is associated with your master account. You'll then be able to claim a "copy" of that account bound item on your different account - allowing you access to all of this year's items no matter which of your game accounts you're using to participate! We hope that you'll enjoy these special holiday features as you spread laughter and seasonal cheer! Plus Special Features and Games Enjoy Caroling Antonia this year as part of Santa's holiday fun! She'll be exploring throughout various towns and cities in Midgard - be on the lookout for a global announcement when she is around next! As she sings and moves around town, she'll drop items - and even Snowflake Coins! - around her. Follow her to try and collect these special and festive drops. However, be careful not to stay too close for long, as Caroling Antonia may blow up at any time and knock you out! Once Antonia has blown up, there is a chance that the MVP Krampus will follow in her stead! Krampus may invade the same town/city, and defeating him may reward you with some excellent loot! Lizzie is also back to send out special Christmas Cards to your friends, guildmates, and even secret admirers! Simply speak with Lizzie in the Enchanted Village, fill out the To: and From: sections of your announcement, along with a few lines of text that you'd like her to send. Christmas Cards this year cost 50000 Zeny to send, and must be approved by a Gamemaster before they can be sent. Once approved, speak with Lizzie again to confirm the card (when you're ready, of course!) and she will read it aloud as a special global broadcast to all of Midgard! Because these are global announcements, please ensure that your messages are appropriate and conform to TalonRO's rules before writing them, otherwise they may be declined by a Gamemaster. Finally, account bound items from this year's Christmas Event can also be claimed on any of your other game accounts which are associated with your master account! To claim a Christmas account bound item on one of your other game accounts, simply speak with the Vending Machine NPC in Lutie. Once a Christmas account bound item has been obtained, this item will be added to a list of available items at the Vending Machine NPC, allowing you to obtain a "copy" of that item that will be account bound to that new account. For example, say you had received a special Christmas costume from this year's event which is account bound. Simply log into one of your other game accounts if desired, speak with the NPC in Lutie, and you can get a copy of that item! These items will always be account bound, but will allow you to have another version unique to your account as well - allowing you to enjoy your earnings on any of your characters & accounts! Items which are eligible for this special vending machine option include costumes and pets from the Snowflake Coin machine in the Enchanted Village, as well as potential items coming from the Christmas Giftboxes this year. This year's Christmas prizes are truly special - and you'll be able to earn a variety of amazing and wonderful gifts through a number of minigames, features, and fun. This year's Christmas Giftboxes contain a new assortment of special selections, ranging from new items and costumes, as well as extra special MVP cards at a rare drop rate! Trading in Snowflake Coins will also earn you an assortment of special rental weapons, which you can use to give your character an extra boost of ho-ho-horribly good bonuses! Snowflake Coins may also allow for you to earn a variety of other prizes, new and older costumes, pet eggs and much more! Stocking Hanging can also yield some additionally wonderful items as well this year, including special items, useful consumables, and even a small chance to earn even more costumes and/or pet eggs! Santa's Marbles may feature some of this year's most special items - including a variety of rare, useful, and premium items - like useful cards, Bloody Branches, extra-special pets, or other amazing costumes. Although spelling out the word of the day with Santa's Marbles will be very challenging, the rewards may certainly pay off big time! Finally, you can earn prizes and other small gifts all along the way in this year's Christmas event - making it a fun and worthwhile event for all to enjoy! Earn Prizes from This Year's Offerings Collect prizes through a variety of ways in this year's Christmas Event! Christmas Giftboxes will provide you with a wonderful potential assortment of prizes, including costumes, pet eggs, or even MVP cards if you're lucky! Snowflake Coins will provide you with a chance to purchase seasonal rental weapons, or costumes and other great items. Stocking Hanging can grant you special consumable items and other useful treasures, along with costumes, pets, and other gifts. Santa's Marbles will provide you an opportunity to win some of this year's best prizes - though this is one of the more challenging minigames provided this year! We hope that you'll enjoy all that the season has to offer as we celebrate 2019 coming to an end with our holiday event! To make sure that you have the most fun you can have, please be mindful of several important rules and features with this year's Christmas celebration. Important Rules, Dates, and Notes To begin this year's Christmas Event, speak with a certain NPC in Prontera, who will take you to the Enchanted Village. All Christmas Event minigames and events will take place within the Enchanted Village and its related areas and NPCs. Items such as Giftbox Pieces, Marbles, Christmas Consumables & Food Ingredients, and Snowflake Coins are account bound in this year's event. Some of this year's prizes are account-bound as well, The only way to obtain these exclusive events is to participate, allowing everyone the chance to earn wonderful prizes no matter your zeny status! Finally, this year's Christmas celebration will conclude on January 12th, 2020 - allowing for you to enjoy the holiday fun throughout the remainder of the season! We sincerely hope that you enjoy the magic, snow, and wonder of this year's Christmas celebration - which is our delight to offer to you as we close another wonderful year! We're looking forward to another year full of even more fun, enjoyment, and even more offerings that will make 2019 a year to really remember. Thank you as always for your support of TalonRO, and as always, happy gaming!
  15. We're excited to release the new and improved Battlegrounds, filled to the brim with improvements, QoL updates and new rewards! For those unfamiliar with the game, Battlegrounds is a form of structured PvP in Ragnarok Online. It consists of various modes where players are randomly split between teams and must fulfill objectives to win; the winning team will receive rewards which can be used to purchase valuable equipment and items. For more info on our rehauled updates and improvements, see the patch notes below! General Updates Before heading into the Battlegrounds release, we have a few small general updates! Abracadabra no longer works on TamTam's Odyssey maps. Slave monsters no longer drop TamTam's Odyssey rewards. Probably fixed the Double Attack Crit bug for real now. Please let us know! Brasilis and Moscovia Cards have been added! All cards apart from Boitata and Gopinich can be used in Vanilla. Boitata and Gopinich Cards are both available in the Talon Shop for 2000 Talon Cash. The non-MVP cards are only available through monster drops. Christmas Towns For those who used the latest installers, this patch will have automatically enabled the Christmas-themed towns. If you have an older installation, you can download this file and put it inside your TalonRO folder. After that, simply restart your client and your TalonRO will be in Winter Wonderland style! Now, on to Battlegrounds! For starters, more BG content is on the way! We have more rewards planned as well as improvements to the modes, including totally new modes! We value all your feedback and implore you to report bugs as soon as possible. If exploitable, please do so through a Support Ticket. Regular bugs can be reported in the Bug Report forum. Before giving any feedback, please ensure that you have played the revamped BG for a while. Unfounded feedback will be ignored. Thank you! Teams Members are now put in temporary Guilds. Guild Leader is automatically chosen, but the leader can give it to someone else through @leader. Guild Leader can give orders through @order, which also works on normal guilds outside of BG. Skills In BG, all zeny-based skills now cost 75% less than they do normally. The 75% reduction is done -after- any weapon or skill-based reductions. Commands New command: @votekick. Players get 1x BG Kick Token each match. Players can vote to kick any player in their team for AFKing. 3 votes required. Voting consumes the BG Kick Token. New commands: @joinbg and @leavebg. Allows you to join/leave the BG queue from any town. Main mechanics Improved AFK prevention. Players will receive an AFK warning when AFK for 30 seconds. If AFK for 60 seconds, the player is automatically kicked. New global channel #bg. When in #bg, you will receive all BG announcements. Joining a BG match now dispells buffs, including Stat Food. Kafra in the Battle Room now offers Platinum Skills and Universal Rental options. Supplies Fixed a bug in the Supplies Boost where it practically never reset. Special BG Gemstones are no longer required for any skills. Sage class now gets 15 Cobwebs instead of 10. Monk class now get an increased amount of SP potions. Alchemist class now gets fewer Acid Bottles/Bottle Grenades but more Glistening Coat Bottles. Larger-scale battles (Conquest, EoS, Bossnia and Domination) now give out 2 Poison Bottles rather than 1 at the start of a battle. It's now possible to use regular Arrow Quivers, Bullet Cartridges and Halter Leads during BG matches. Level 2 Supply Boost now gives you 2 Speed Potions during a match. (non-boostable) Level 3 Supply Boost now gives you 1 Box of Sunlight during a match. (non-boostable and non-restockable) Slightly lowered the Supply Boost amounts. BG Red Potions now heal 5~8% instead of 20-30% but are given out in a much higher amount. BG Blue Potions now heal 10-15% instead of 40-50%. but are given out in a much higher amount. Newly-added rewards Military Ration A, B and C can be used during BG matches. These items are also not dispelled upon BG match start. Coins Weekly limit changed from 5000 to 4000 coins. New NPC added: Lazy Merchant. Allows you to sell BG Equipment for half the price. Slightly changed the amount of coins given out during modes. Conquest: more coins given out when Emperium has been broken/defended. Capture the Flag: fewer base coins but more coins given out per Flag capture. Stone Control: slightly fewer coins given out in general. Team Deathmatch: slightly fewer coins given out in general. Rush: more coins given out when properly defending. Bossnia: fewer base coins but more coins given out per MVP defeat. Revamped Rewards After carefully reviewing all the existing rewards and brainstorming with the community, we have tweaked and/or revamped a majority of the existing BG weapons: Glorious, Brave, Valorous all included: New Rewards We have added a variety of new rewards to purchase through Valor or Glory Coins. Reduced the speed of mounted classes when carrying a flag/crystal in Capture the Flag or Stone Control. Emergency Avoid is now dispelled when carrying a flag/crystal. Changes to Bossnia. Lowered match duration from 15 to 12 minutes. Lowered MVP HP from 500k to 400k. Better announcements in general. Changes to BG Emperium. Emperiums and Guardian Stones now have the same HP and stats as those in WoE. In Rush, after the first team captured the castle, the second Emperium will have an increased amount of HP. Happy Hour Times Before: Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 3pm to 7pm server time. Times After: Tuesday and Thursday: 4am ~ 5am, 10am ~ 11am, 4pm ~ 5pm server time. Saturday and Sunday: 4am ~ 6am, 10am ~ 12pm, 3pm ~ 5pm server time. Reward increase is now 25% instead of 20%. Now gets a global announcement when Happy Hour is live, despite players' #bg channel status.
  16. The holidays are here on TalonRO! December is a special month in Midgard - with lights and fresh snow beginning to enter the landscape, and towns beginning to set out their presents as winter fills the air. With the holidays coming around the corner, we're getting ready to celebrate a month of wonderful surprises, events, additions, and more - all starting with our Advent Calendar giveaway! Enjoy a new TamTam's Odyssey, Monthly Costume Box, and a bunch of bug fixes! We hope that you enjoy it! This month will also introduce our new 2018 client (with Lite Graphics Plugin AKA @lgp) as well as Battlegrounds PvP! Be sure to look out for that in the coming weeks! TalonRO is pleased to partner once more with GoFundMe Charity this holiday season in our annual fundraiser to benefit the Rainforest Alliance. In response to the horrific surge of forest fires in the Amazon, we are mobilizing our broad network of partners to fight the ongoing destruction of this precious ecosystem. Following a staggering increase in fires this year, with flames and smoke captured on both NASA and NOAA satellites from space, it's clear the world must stand together to stop ongoing threats to the Amazon, which is vital to the world’s climate stability. Click here to visit the thread and see how you can get involved today, including exclusive costume giveaways as a token of our appreciation for those who plan on donating! If you're unfamiliar with this concept, Advent Calendars are special calendars which mark each day from now through Christmas Eve. Behind each day on the calendar is often something nice - a small gift in celebration of the big day coming on December 25th! This year, we're pleased to continue our holiday tradition to say thank you for being part of the TalonRO community and to celebrate you with countdown to Christmas - complete with a plethora of presents. Click on the image above, or here to visit the thread for more info! Tam Tam’s Odyssey this month takes us to multiple locations for the first time ever! Christmas is close at hand, and TamTam is feeling rather generous. These classic domains are full of exciting adventures to earn great rewards and experience! December's TTO regions include: Lutie, including Toy Factory Manuk Fields El Dicastes Fields and Dungeon No monthly patch would be complete without our latest monthly costume box! Snack Party Costume continues to take top billing to our monthly costume box, and this month's work includes some magical accompaniments in the form of two new garment costumes, including Backside Bell Ribbon Costume and Teddy Bear Bag Costume, among others! December's costume box is currently available in the Talon Shop - and we hope that you get something fun to show off in the whimsical world of Midgard! Snack Party Costume (21237) Backside Bell Costume (Garment) (21273) Teddy Bear Bag Costume (Garment) (21286) Little Garden Costume (21156) Blinking Thin Eyes Costume (20930) Gamer Headset Costume (21274) Fluffy Bunny Ear Costume (21275) Dog Officer Costume (20805) Saggitarius Crown Costume (21299) Hoplite Helmet Costume (20665) Power of Thor Costume (20956) Beanie Costume (20505) We have done various minor updates and fixes as usual. Some already implemented the past week and some are completely new. Valkyrie Bazaar will also introduce a range of price changes and new costume additions! GMC Boxes costume rotation: Kamima Baphomet Horn Costume (20652) Spell Circuit Costume (20455) Wave Boxes costume rotation: Vesper Headgear Costume (21159) Cyber Ear Costume (21121) The Account Management page on the panel now shows your current Talon Cash on the account. Added missing monster hunting quests in El Dicastes. Minimum Base Level is set to 80. Due to possible exploits, it is no longer possible to add characters from the same game account to the same party. Because of this, we unfortunately also had to remove all existing parties. Chain Action can no longer Crit. This was a bug that managed to get in on last maintenance. Double Attack should no longer Crit. Please let us know if this still appears somehow.
  17. TalonRO is pleased to partner once more with GoFundMe Charity this holiday season in our annual fundraiser to benefit the Rainforest Alliance. In response to the horrific surge of forest fires in the Amazon, we are mobilizing our broad network of partners to fight the ongoing destruction of this precious ecosystem. Following a staggering increase in fires this year, with flames and smoke captured on both NASA and NOAA satellites from space, it's clear the world must stand together to stop ongoing threats to the Amazon, which is vital to the world’s climate stability. 100% of all proceeds go directly to the Rainforest Alliance organization through the GoFundMe Charity partnership. From now until December 31st, 2019 - TalonRO will thank those who have donated to the Rainforest Alliance TalonRO Fundraiser with a unique in-game gift. Keep in mind that these donations do -not- give you any Talon Cash like a donation to TalonRO would. Donations made after December 31st will not receive the rewards listed below. Make your charitable donation to Rainforest Alliance with TalonRO in three simple steps: Visit TalonRO's GoFundMe Charity page for the Rainforest Alliance Donate any amount to support the Rainforest Alliance (minimum $10 USD). Include your in-game character name when donating on GoFundMe Charity. This is so we can match your donation to your character and deliver your thank-you reward! Receive your special thank you gift! All thank-you items will be distributed in January at the conclusion of the fundraiser All items received will be account-bound, but you can use the Vending Machine NPC in Lutie to claim the Costume and Pet on as many characters as you like. Thank-you items will be distributed through an NPC in early January. Gifts will not be distributed until after the fundraiser is over, but we will ensure that all who made an eligible donation will receive their thank-you gift. No Talon Cash will be given out for donations made through the GoFundMe Charity campaign, and all proceeds will directly benefit the Rainforest Alliance organization. Donating at higher levels will grant you the gifts in the levels below as well. For example, donating $50 to Rainforest Alliance will earn you all three thank-you gifts! $10 USD Donors will receive one (1) special Surprise Box, which will contain some wonderful and enjoyable goodies inside! This year, the Surprise Box has been updated with many new rare costumes from past Monthly Boxes, too! $25 USD Donors will receive one (1) exclusive Winged Rabbit Robe Costume! Note: this is a lower headgear costume, and not a garment. Donors at this level will also receive one (1) Surprise Box as well! $50 USD Donors will receive one (1) charity event exclusive Pope Pet Egg! This magical pet and companion when loyal will grant an increase of effectiveness of your Heal, Sanctuary and Potion Pitcher skills by 5%, along with a 2% chance of gaining 5% of the damage inflicted on an enemy as HP with each attack. Donors at this level will also receive both the Surprise Box and Winged Rabbit Robe Costume as well. We hope that you'll join TalonRO in making a contribution toward this worthwhile cause and help bring the magic of the holidays to the incredible work of the Rainforest Alliance. Our goal this year is to raise $1,000 for charity - and we hope to be able to do that with your help! Thank you for your generosity and for being a wonderful part of the TalonRO community of players. Thanks, Happy Holidays, and Happy Gaming!
  18. The month of December is here, and our countdown to Christmas has arrived to usher in the spirit of the holiday season. We're thankful for every member of the TalonRO community, and this year we're pleased to present our Fifth-Annual Advent Calendar giveaway as a countdown to Christmas! If you're unfamiliar with this concept, Advent Calendars are special calendars which mark each day from now through Christmas Eve. Behind each day on the calendar is often something nice - a small gift in celebration of the big day coming on December 25th! This year, we're pleased to continue our holiday tradition to say thank you for being part of the TalonRO community and to celebrate you with countdown to Christmas - complete with presents! We're pleased to thank the entire TalonRO community with special small prizes, all the way through December 24th! Claiming your own Advent Calendar prize is simple - though you'll want to make sure that you can log in each day to TalonRO in order to claim all of your prizes! There's no way to collect prizes for days which you have missed - so the only way to get them is to check the calendar each day from December 1 through December 24 on Christmas Eve! Claim your Advent Calendar prize in four easy steps: Visit the TalonRO Advent Calendar and look for today's date! You'll only be able to open a present from the calendar on that current day, so we hope that you won't miss any of them. Don't forget: all days start and end on Midgard (server) time - so be sure to note what time it is on TalonRO! Find the day's present in the calendar and click on it. Each present will have a special holiday greeting card, as drawn by members of the TalonRO community! View the work of our Advent Calendar Art Contest winners are this year by visiting the calendar each day. Along with the card, you'll receive a special unique code! Take this code to our Advent Calendar NPC in Lutie and enter the code exactly as you see it after opening your Advent Calendar present in the calendar. Remember: each code is unique to your Master Account! You'll receive your daily Advent Calendar prize if you've entered your code in correctly with the Advent Giver NPC in Lutie, It could be something small and useful, or something much more rare and wonderful! All of these gifts are our way of saying thank you for being part of the TalonRO community! All Advent Calendar Gifts this year are account-bound and will only be available on the day they are offered - meaning that you can't log-in and collect prizes from later dates. To receive all 24 gifts, you'll need to visit the Advent Calendar and the NPC in Lutie each day from now through Christmas Eve. You'll also might be marveling at the wonderful artwork in the advent calendar - which was created by Talonian artists from past years! Incredible and amazing thanks go to all of the Talonian artists in the past who have contributed to the Advent Calendar to make it special and unique! We hope this fun and wonderful countdown will help ring in the holiday season on TalonRO with lots of cheer and bright wishes. Although there is much more to come in December, our Advent Calendar is just the kickoff we hope that you'll enjoy! Our best wishes to you all for a wonderful holiday and thank you as always for your support! Happy Gaming!
  19. Black Friday 2019 is here on TalonRO! Whether you're getting ahead for Christmas or looking for something snazzy to add to your fashionista collection, this is your chance to acquire as many exclusive costumes as possible! The Black Friday special event costumes and pets are not short this year, with plenty of surprises to discover on your expedition in finding the Magical Merchant NPC! See below for our event summary, including where to find the elusive merchant. Deals will start at Friday, midnight server time! There will be a a Magical Merchant NPC appearing across certain towns, including Alberta, Ayothaya, Einbroch, Izlude, Malangdo, Malaya, Pyramids and Lutie. He will only be in ONE town at a time between hourly intervals. Every hour, he will sell ONE account-bound costume, pet or something else that is no longer available through normal means. The item can be purchased with Zeny ONLY and is available for that hour in a limited amount. So be sure to have your itchy trigger fingers at the ready! When purchasing an account-bound costume or pet, it will be available on your entire forum account, using the Lutie vending machine to acquire them. This year's Black Friday event will be bigger, and better than ever before! The Black Friday event will last for 48 hours, that means 48 deals! With old favorites returning as well as some surprises along the way; so keep checking back to make sure you don't miss out on our costume extravaganza! Happy gaming! On top of that, Bonus Bundle will be 50% off until Sunday (1st December)! Finally, some special effect costumes might pop up on the Talon Shop now and then during the holiday~
  20. With Halloween ending, we didn't want to leave you all empty-handed until the Christmas festivities! Hereby we'd like to once again introduce the Thanksgiving Event 2019! The Jefferys Family has decided to take it upon themselves to host a Thanksgiving Event for all the adventurers who have kept the world safe from harm. Granny Grace can be found in Hugel twice and will warp 5 players into a special event map for a duration of 5 minutes. As said, you will find two Granny Grace's, so two groups of people can join at a time! Movement speed is locked for everyone, so don't even try to use special buffs for extra walking speed! In those 5 minutes, it is your job to hunt various monsters and get their drops. Found some drops? Great! Now what? You will find 3 children and grandchildren of Grace spread out on the map. Each of them can make a special Thanksgiving Dish which has some pretty neat bonuses when you consume it. However, plan ahead on which dish you are going to hunt for. Time is short and you may not always be lucky when it comes to drops. Each mob drops specific ingredients, so find out which you have to hunt! Not to mention, when you start the game, all ingredients from previous rounds will be erased! There are 3 types of dishes, which are not bound: Thanksgiving Turkey Restores 50% HP&SP, improves HP/SP Recovery by 200% for 15 minutes. Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie DEX + 10 for 20 minutes, HIT + 40 for 30 minutes. Thanksgiving Ale Increases all stats by 2 and increases your walking speed for 20 minutes. From time to time, the monsters will also drop Thanksgiving Crests. While they are no ingredients for the dishes, they can be used for something entirely different! In Hugel, you will find Abigale. She will be able to make a not-bound Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat if you exchange about 50 of these crests and some zeny. The hat itself is quite useful, but there's more! When you made a hat, talk to Abigale again. At a cost of 10 Crests, she will be able to boost your headgear for a duration of 24 hours. When boosted, you will automatically be buffed with a random useful skill every half a minute or so. If you're lucky, even more often! Once the 24 hours are over, just talk to her again to boost your headgear another time. And then there's the best costume of all, our special Turkey Hat Costume! Put this on to really get into the Thanksgiving spirit! The costume is account-bound, but can be obtained from the vending machine in Lutie once you have purchased it on one of your accounts. It also costs 50 Thanksgiving Crests! The event will last until December 2nd. We hope you all have fun!
  21. TalonRO is pleased to bring back the ninth annual social gala event of the year with the formal Yule Ball! All of the wonderful fun of the Yule Ball is back, such as our formal wear gala, live music as suggested by the community, an ice bar, dance floor, prizes, and much more - set in the grandeur of the exclusive TalonRO Ice Palace. This is one event not to be missed! It's an amazing opportunity to meet new people, party with old friends, or even take that special someone to the greatest party of the year! Yule Ball will make its return in January 2020, exact dates to be confirmed. While the Yule Ball won't be until January, it's already time to compile our playlist for the event! And for that, we need your input! Request your song now at our event topic and we might just play it during the Yule Ball! We can't wait to see all your ideas. See you all at the Yule Ball!
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