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  1. Valla

    S> + 6 DEX Ice Pick

  2. far to much for me sorry, i will pass
  3. i tested it myself, and it doesnt work, 3x Zipperbear Main Gauche on off hand and 3x Samurai Card Scalpel on offhand, Maingauche has higher dmg
  4. hi, i would like to know if it is true that Incantation Samurai Card dont work on the Shieldhand. i read this here: http://wiki.talonro.com/Farming+Spots+-+Geffenia i calcualated it and it worked on the calculator. i have a 99 Assasin and would like to make a +10[PSSS] Main Gauche to use it as shieldhand Weapon. But only if it works. if the link is correct than a 4xZipperbearCard Main Gauche should do more dmg with SB then a 4xIncantation Samurai Card Main Gauche. Maybe Someone can test it? Greetings Valla