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  1. Take your time! I won't have time to draw until tomorrow afternoon or Sunday anyway. Gosh, that box drawing was from ages ago! Also, was it you who Iela asked me to draw some months ago? My memory is a bit fuzzy. That's fine, you can take your time to edit it! Just looking for clients now, so as long as I know what approximately the character will look like, I can determine if it's possible for the unskillful me to draw it. Haha! Aaah, sorry again about last time you asked for a commission (if you remember)! That was almost humiliating. I was completely out of creative juices back then. I shall grant you the last slot! I haven't drawn a Paladin before, but if I managed to draw a Royal Guard, this should be possible as well. lol
  2. A slot shall be granted to this fox (+10000 points for fox ears).
  3. It's been a long time indeed! I'm doing fine, thank you! Hope you've been well too. Have you got an idea of what you'd like drawn already? I'll give you the first slot anyway, since you're a returning customer (and I know you're not some douche).
  4. Hello friends of Art Corner! After pretending I'd open commissions again months ago, I've now truly got three slots available (I'm just broke as usual). Please read the first post of this thread if you're interested. Hopefully they'll turn out something like this (what's consistency?):
  5. Am I correct in assuming that you used to be an euRO (official European server) player? I remember this literally being the basic party setup there. I can definitely see why people may be worried about the setup. However, unless you really don't trust the person selling the loots/looting, it's not actually an awfully risky system (in my opinion, that is). The monsters are all being killed in one spot, which means only certain people are able to pick up the loot. I'd say when you should start worrying is when you get a lot of 'one time only' members who are involved in looting. If it's a permanent member of the party, then it shouldn't be too bad, as they can't really loot-and-run. I've never tried this on tRO, but the most trouble I've had with parties like this (back in my euRO days) was people being snooty and elitist regarding how certain jobs can contribute. It's always good to be cautious though.
  6. Hello friends of the Art Corner, long time no see! I've made no improvements at all since I last posted. I've been doing some commissions (at far too discounted rates) for fellow guild members up until now, so I added those to the first post if anyone's interested in looking at them. Some are missing though as I couldn't be bothered to slap watermarks on them. Don't mind the really weird watermarks. They're terrible guild jokes. I'll probably open commissions again very soon 'cause I need dosh to waste on a certain costume. Most recent commission was for Naya. Kind of collab-ish since she did a sketch of the concept.
  7. Aahh... I'll have to skip drawing @Stell~'s character after all (pet passed away last night)... I'll have pass the joy of drawing the cat ear sniper to someone else... If you don't mind, maybe I'll draw him outside of the thread some time when I don't feel down in the dumps anymore, 'cause his concept is cute. Sorry for being a pain (again)... lllorz Thanks for the explanation. Everyone's work is so nice, so it's hard to tell if they're just super talented and fast at drawing, or work on it for a long time.
  8. Gosh, I really want to draw him! (Cat eaaars- /nostoprightnow) I've not done this before, so are there like... restrictions on how it's drawn in terms of quality and such?
  9. Regrettably I deleted all of my recordings many months ago. I haven't saved anything since then. Haha! Not that I'm particularly good at singing or mixing/mastering anyway. LET'S LEARN TOGETHER...! /no I understand what you mean about confidence though. I'm not sure how you feel about it, but I feel embarrassed to let people listen to my recordings 'cause they're not very good. Especially compared to the many amazing singers out there! By the way, your Christmas song was so fun to listen to! WHY IS YOUR VOICE SO CUUUUTE?! fiuerhguaiehgah And the lyrics were great. Especially the QQ part.
  10. Awww, a cover! Somehow I didn't expect to see other people here who are into recording. Haha! Too bad that there's no instrumental of this song, but what I can hear of your voice sounds pretty! Please record more when you feel like it! (A cappella of this song please- /nostopitaki)
  11. By the time I finished I realised that my picture barely looks RO related, but I hope it qualifies anyway (bonus points if you can somehow recognise the job class). The rabbit ears were supposed to be like a snow bunny version of the hanging lunatic ears costume, but I got the shape all wrong. Haha! Ancient scanner slaughtered the colours. IGN: *aki
  12. ​Done! If you send references for what you'd like in advance, I'll just work on it when I feel motivated to do so. As I said though, could take around a month or more until I get to it.
  13. ​I guess I could put you on the reserve list if you'd like. Perhaps in a month or so I'll feel more motivated to draw a couple. Up to you really.
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