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  1. mybabeb

    Wizard farming and leveling ideas

    This is a very straight forward and detailed guide for new and old players who wants to explore the power as a wiz or hw... thumbs up for this
  2. mybabeb

    Best Character to choose as a starter. :)

    Knight then get LK u can farm on many places even naked. there is a guide for knight and a very good guide. Rouge is second or maybe best starter just dig in on the best place to farm on guides and wiki [but mostly best place is not shared] even semi naked [you can earn 2-7m per hour if you get the right items and place]
  3. mybabeb

    need advice

    its not a spam since he just came i think, best words of wisdom for all from Values "90% of you guys that responded are 100% useless. He literally asked "Where is the best place to level solo?" and like 6 of you replied with places that involved parties -- Gramps quest, Odin, and others. If you're not even going to read a post fully and give an actual response before bitching about someone "spamming" the forums, YOU'RE the problem." cheers mate you hit the bulls eye
  4. mybabeb

    need advice

    we come here for a quick answer, if @main he cant get it then where? read tons of pages? good luck
  5. mybabeb

    need advice

    simple question needs a simple answer, he got what he wants to hear and done no need to point to the book[forums] and open at pages🚽🚽🚽 to find the answer...
  6. mybabeb

    One-hand Sword Zerk LK

    LK in my point is not good for mvp thing, u are using much expensive items vs stock or common items used on bio or champ for mvp. its good for farming magma/abyss and pvp too but mvping forget about it unless its for fun and u have alot of budget. 2 handed sword +parry and right elem is very good vs onehand zerk.
  7. mybabeb


    B>lvl10Cookbook nameyour price here ready to buy
  8. mybabeb

    GTB change, new quest, more!

    LOOKS good im try the quest XD
  9. mybabeb

    GTB change, new quest, more!

    i Like the Rule too as GTB's Effect Kills the Wiz/Hwiz capability , now we have a chance.XD PVM will be a little Harder now but its ok. 8)
  10. mybabeb

    Somewhere Over the Me

    Take Care GM Rainbow We will miss you, i was on your events and it was amazing having Hard Working GM's to have fun with the Players..
  11. the new gears are demolishing the old items, its good because everything drops the price for the best armors and shields before *^^
  12. mybabeb

    New website, databases back online!

    only one thing i can say... AMAZING
  13. mybabeb

    December Charity Results!

    wow amazing. TalonRo is the best for thinking and helping the people in need of such donation,,, its the same as saving ones life so two thumbs up to all of you guys. =)