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  1. This is a very straight forward and detailed guide for new and old players who wants to explore the power as a wiz or hw... thumbs up for this
  2. Knight then get LK u can farm on many places even naked. there is a guide for knight and a very good guide. Rouge is second or maybe best starter just dig in on the best place to farm on guides and wiki [but mostly best place is not shared] even semi naked [you can earn 2-7m per hour if you get the right items and place]
  3. okay then be it. its jst a little btw😋 i jst smile at "you have no idea, how much time I spend testing".. peace yoh
  4. have no idea on how much time spending and zenny spending? are you kidding me? we would not be talking here if we dont have that 191 int items resting at our kafra storage and of course we use hwiz right? i just want to point out that on the link i see on 180int[with leak] only 30+ matk advantage vs me using devi[less 180int] [+hands and reactions that we have mastered on alot of situations]. so you can kill a monster in 25 sec so do i using devi..better build? i wont say its better build but he talks about perma items means he might not be taking it out on the run, and as what youve said the people know the game knows there is no better build i agree with that,.. and ofcourse its jst a game just enjoy the moments...peace
  5. well in my own opinion and to side check the items you are using leak i am using devi and only 30++matk advantage on your side, we will have the same time killing a boss, we are talking perma equips the one you will use on the run always if i use gec then we have same sp count but im like a rock your like a paper for not having devi on garment. of course if you pop in another +5 int to hit 190 then its in another category[same i change wep and eat+10int], if i use leak then i will have 180 int and have more matk than that on link, dont get me wrong most solo hwz can position very well too cast the right spels etc etc less mistakes but for worse scenarios devi perma will definitely save your day. but if that set will make you play better i can agree with that. cheers mate
  6. hi i need +7 sleip jst pm me here on how much you want.
  7. well if that well make you comfortable while playing then its ok we cant argue with that but basically our damage is identical only 30+ matk and 600+sp more on your side...
  8. my build is a little better than that on the link u are using leak and gec on that, i use perma eddga+devi on my build for all around leak garment i will use if im using dps gears. can we meet later in game?
  9. you have pet or something on your stat build and how much matk you will have?
  10. hi to all, its nice to see a thread like this i am also a solo person and got very good gears on hwiz, but going to get 190int will only get you to spend more zenny on items and later on you wont really need and its value is based on usability[expect it to have lower value later on], it also it wont do any good or maybe just a little better than the 180 int build, or in less int but tanky gears.
  11. som ggg will be very good if combined with matk set of items but better stick to ddd as its better in almost all situations
  12. LK in my point is not good for mvp thing, u are using much expensive items vs stock or common items used on bio or champ for mvp. its good for farming magma/abyss and pvp too but mvping forget about it unless its for fun and u have alot of budget. 2 handed sword +parry and right elem is very good vs onehand zerk.
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    B>lvl10Cookbook nameyour price here ready to buy
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