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  1. mrcss

    Newbie nanya lagi

    sering-sering cari barang salah harga, cepet kaya deh
  2. mrcss

    What's the best OBB Item you got ? :D

    thorn shield
  3. remember someone post this build before he/she left this server, using title like god paly infinite or something, anyway, immortal is real
  4. Sini-sini yang kesel sama pasrah gara-gara lag ga karuan haha. Baru hari ini sih, biasanya dual client juga lancar sambil yutuban atau buka site video yang lain eh hari ini mendadak dangdut hahaa. search search forum pada ngomongin router, dan gue ga paham itu apaan, gaptek maklum haha. ada solusi? apa emang cuma bisa pasrah?
  5. mrcss

    kk ikut guild indo dong :(

    di niff aja udah, biar danger haha
  6. mrcss

    Lunar New Year Quest 2016

    And sadly I can't trans it hoho
  7. mrcss

    Lunar New Year Quest 2016

    remember, it always spawn near a hill/wall, that yoyo i mean, 4 times found it and it just like that (6 times now)
  8. mrcss

    Can't connect talonro again..

    @Mukuchi-chan ohoy hello, yeaah im from indonesia. um actually i already use his method since this isp trouble came up, but it doesnt work now. anyway thanks mukuchi xD.
  9. mrcss

    Can't connect talonro again..

    ohoy my only problem is my provider blocked talonro for no reason, i used to use dnscrpyt before and do well, but it doesnt help now, any suggestion ?
  10. mrcss

    Can't connect talonro again..

    @amireal umm, sadly i didnt know how to fix that, but i feel something wrong in that patcher icon.
  11. mrcss

    Can't connect talonro again..

    naah same here, just back again to talon after half year rest and i cant connect to the server, dnscrypt doesnt help anymore, any solution? xD
  12. mrcss


    wohahaha so thats why i cant logging in, change provider again~