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  1. Shop for heads

  2. What Are You Listening To?

    In case you haven't.
  3. Draw The Character Above You!

    Not sure about this thread being hijacked but, please don't stop drawing/posting Maybe create your own thread instead? (if you feel like hijacking this thread )
  4. Stitch Wants to Draw You

    Idk which one is better, this expression or the drawing lol jk Stunning job Stitch! I love how pretty the fox is
  5. Stitch Wants to Draw You

    Hi id love to grab a slot Currently at work , i'll send u the reference once i get home
  6. It's been a year already. RIP def.

    1. Nox~


      already 1 year deff nerf?  O.O Takterasa ,
      lanjut lebaran heheh

  7. ArtJerbs's Little Art Shanty

    Can I take another slot please? If you don't mind it
  8. Your new display picture is <3 heehee

    1. Nefertina ♥

      Nefertina ♥

      Wonder who drew it /oops 

  9. ArtJerbs's Little Art Shanty

    Those cheekbones highlight is everything one could ask for
  10. ArtJerbs's Little Art Shanty

    Hey! yeah so excited to be the first! I'm gonna mail you the reference soon workin on it
  11. ArtJerbs's Little Art Shanty

    Hey! welcome to art corner! I'd like a slot for : Portrait/Headshot [800x800px]: Colored please
  12. Ryokumi's Art Dump

  13. CLOSED.

    RIP Jack.
  14. Doodle works by Graytea

    Hi I'd love to get a slot for a full-sized art
  15. CLOSED.

    Viv, imma grab that kaho