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  1. Milu's commish

    Welcome to art corner! *Please put me on the waitlist if you're extending it *
  2. What Are You Listening To?

    Adnan adnan adnan adnan beats!
  3. What Are You Listening To?

    Remy's verse is everything
  4. bunnilu's art freebies

    Hi Bunnilu, welcome to TRO and art corner! So excited about the emblem, can I request for one? Guild name : The Beautiful People Theme : Pink / Red Rose Thank you in advance
  5. Who's that POKEMON?

    Thank you @GM Boreas
  6. Who's that POKEMON?

    really? lol i might have picked grey or something RIP , changed the color to black, hope it's better lol ah I guess it looked fine to me coz I use the dark theme, lol
  7. Latif's Art X 15m~ (Gumroad-ish)

    yes man! pm you later man!
  8. Who's that POKEMON?

    Hello everyone! It's been forever since I like last suggested anything and this idea came to my mind when I was browsing Tro forums at work. So.. is it possible to like: 1. show if GMC is on/close on Tro forum homepage (like have a small window on home page to show the status or something?) 2. also show what GMC it is occurring at the moment e.g GMC : on GMC Saen Probs not too important or anything but at least GMC lovers are kept updated and who aren't home can rush home if it's their fav gmc is on lol The last but not least, thanks for reading and I hope this gets implemented, sank you~
  9. Like, please~ :rolleyes:

    1. Nefertina ♥

      Nefertina ♥

      LOL to everyone who liked this, thanks! But it actually meant something else /heh 

  10. closed

    I was interested and still is