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  1. Can I take another slot please? If you don't mind it
  2. Your new display picture is <3 heehee

    1. Nefertina ♥

      Nefertina ♥

      Wonder who drew it /oops 

  3. Those cheekbones highlight is everything one could ask for
  4. Hey! yeah so excited to be the first! I'm gonna mail you the reference soon workin on it
  5. Hey! welcome to art corner! I'd like a slot for : Portrait/Headshot [800x800px]: Colored please
  6. RIP Jack.
  7. commissions

    Hi I'd love to get a slot for a full-sized art
  8. Viv, imma grab that kaho
  9. semirealistic

    Would like to get another slot if possible
  10. Cantik DP nya

  11. semirealistic

    Who would dare not to! The eyeshadow is everything Thanks so much for the beautiful portrait!
  12. semirealistic

    Yay! okay this is so pretty!
  13. semirealistic

    Hi! I would like a slot please!
  14. *finds valk pic* :3