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  1. If you are just planning on farming niff, your build should be fine just like it is now. The only thing missing is prolly turning your priest into HP, Assumptio will really help you out and you get to use some nice trans only gear. If you have a decent internet connection, you can get by without eddga and devi just fine. With your current gears you can just switch to FS build and level with a party until you turn HP. I strongly recommend you get a sting rosary (or clip) and a spiritual ring (which you can also rent the better version). The set is cheap and gives you +50% magnus dmg, which results in higher dmg output than celebs. It will be useful at other places like odin2, abbey2 and 3 as well. You don't need to get the divine cross (even though it's cheap) if you really want a shield, but if you just stick to Niff you shouldn't be needing a shield that much anyways, the 25% reduction from divine cross should be enough. I don't advise you to get a race specific shield like Teddy Bear, imo it is too expensive and there are very few places where it is actually effective. After you turn HP you can use wonderful and cheap Platinum Shield. Tirfing or Hodre card are much better options, and they should cost about the same as a teddy bear. And again, you can totally go without a shield in Niff. For the armor, any armor with a bathory card is good. No armor at all is okay too. When I started farming niff I had only LKH and the spiritual ring set, and I just used Orleans Uniform until I could afford eddga shoes, and later devi. As for devi and eddga, they are indeed really helpful for priests in general. It is absolutely possible to farm niff without them, but if you get both, mobbing there will feel just like GLC You also don't need mistress card for farming, the amount of gemstones you'll have to use to use to make it cost effective is just absurd. However, if you plan on playing high end content as priest, absolutely do get it (because of weight issues). ME HP is a good farmer, odin2 gives a decent steady income with runes and a chance to get Earring. You can even do Geffenia pretty well, tho obviously not as good as the mainstream geff farmers.
  2. Precisely my point I intend to expand the guide in the future yes, as soon as I get to know how to edit those replays. I don't understand it that well why abbey has become so empty, if you are just on a random party the exp/h may be way better than Odin03. I guess people are just lazy to go through a lenghty questline (which is not even the biggest in the game). Also, comparing to Thor leechers, you can start this build with as little as 90m zeny probably, which is a huge gap from thor leech starting gears. I notice too that most people who sell thor leech do it for 20~79 level, when the exp starts to slow down. Exp/h in abbey is at least a bit higher than Thor01.
  3. Well yea, all of this guide was based on my personal experience and a couple other leechers I know. It is possible indeed to ditch Eddga and Devi for other good cards, but I believe you are focusing on the late game when you have stuff like Sleips to boost your HP and taking a few hits once in a while won't be that much of a problem. When I first started leeching I could barely hit 4k HP with my HW, and without some sort of dmg reduction mobs would hit me for 1,5k+, so I would die in just 3 or 4 hits. Playing with glass cannon build gives little room for error, which I don't think is very noob friendly. Necros cast Stone Skin skill when they are idle, so you won't see them casting this indeed. I've done some testing with this, the only time Vesper does make a difference is when a necro spawns right beside you and doesn't have any idle time to cast stone skin. I will add this info about AMP, what I meant is that it's not reducible by dex. And yea Water Ball is very hard to use properly, I should have said I do not really recommend it, but it does feel nice to cast it once in a while and see that dmg popping out
  4. Well hello folks I've been playing HW since I started on Talon about 8years ago, and I pretty much played alone for most of that time. Since Iduna changes, I haven't seen many leechers or even parties going on at abbey03, so I figured I could make this guide and help make it a popular map once again. This intends to be an in depth guide with both gears and strategies, so I believe it will be pretty lengthy. Why abbey03? THE SKILLS This is a list of skills you will be using inside Cursed Abbey Dungeon. SKILLS I DON'T RECOMMEND USING THE MONSTERS This is a list of the monsters you will find inside abbey dungeon, along with their skills. THE GEARS This is probably what you came here for. STRATEGY And well, that's it for the guide so far! I will upload some videos some time in the future. I hope you have found it useful😃
  5. You said "don't use alice for tanking sniper cecil", which is the name of both lvl 99 and MVP version of the mob called cecil damon, which is the one on the picture You do have cecil damon mob on shiris GMC, as well as the MVP, and yea tanking regular cecil with alice is suicide lol But let's praise for accuracy on references, Sniper Cecil =\= Cecil
  6. I'm not sure about this one. Bio MVP's minions are all mini boss, so alice should work just fine. I usually tank it with GTB cause of hwiz, but I did manage to use valk alice sometimes. Testing this will be such a pain, but I'll give it a try. Also that's a very thorough guide indeed. I'm most thankful for the armor breaking mobs and bosses part, it's very useful to know when you need fcp or not =o
  7. does it mean it will get easier with time? I also believe it is somehow related to bapho instance, and well, my ro general knowledge tells me these items will have some kind of drop rate. I am doing bapho instance with guild once a week or so, maybe after a few months we'll get something
  8. So this means we need to find that peg legged brat and the horadric cube =o
  9. HBQ wasn't hard, just plain boring. Most ppl would wait for the monster they thought easier to hunt (loli mostly) and do like 7 runs in session, get 200BC or so and they set. Rental items are surely useful for newbie, but you can ditch most of them after you get some z to invest in your char. I only did HBQ when I first started the server like 2y ago and most recently when Bonus Bundle needed BC too, now that they changed it I don't see many useful stuf on Rental Master anymore (there are some pretty good item but none I feel like doing quests to get). Eden group is a real upgrade, apart from the usual bronze coins to get rental items, they also give you some decent starting equipment, copper coin, cooking stuff, plus the chance to make OP midgame stuff (I'm working on making those super OP enhanced variant shoes). Eden is very nice, I got really tired of hunting lolis and ragged zombie =D
  10. if you really want to lvl fast as priest you will need some gears. Most basic are bathory armor and some neutral reduction stuff or racial shield. These should cost you about 10m, which is roughly what you would spend if you just buy leech to 99. I'm no sin player myself, but I believe if you truly have no gears at all, sin and priest 1-79 should take about the same time solo lvling anyway. 79~99 as priest or sin should also take about the same time since you don't have gears, the only issue is that most parties (at odin or abby mostly) are more willing to take an undergeared priest than a sin with them, so you might find it hard to actually grab a good party as sin. If you don't mind solo grinding all the way until 99, sin is probably the best option with basic gears, as you can pretty much just grimtooth at niff forever (should take you some 5 hours I think). Overall, it's faster to hit 99 as priest on pretty much every situation (unless you have some OP sin gear), but sin will be less boring. I recommend you do abbey questline before you rebirth (on lvl 90+), and if you plan on grinding solo as sin you should do Kiel Hyre dungeon quest as well (you don't really need to finish it, but if you feel like it you can ask for some help on final boss using !recruit). If you happen to have a friend to help you, you can try to duo nightmare pyramid, you can mob easily as sin with some flee gear. It's a fairly nice place to grind until 99.
  11. Some basic RO mechanics: The weapon you use makes little difference, what really count's is the carding. Cards that increase % dmg on some property or race are the most common. For Odin, there are mostly 2 kinds of mob: angel and demon. Skeggs are also boss type, which means Abysmal Knight cards work on them. With 2 of these on a 2 handed sword you will deal 80% dmg against skeggs. Gloom Under Night card on armor will also increase dmg on both frus and skeggs by 20%. Skeggs are also holy property, which means they take more dmg from shadow property. If your regular BB hits for about 3k each hit (which is not that hard if you have LKH), we have 3k X 1,8 (Ak cards) X 1,2 (gloom card) X 1,5 (if you bring some cursed water to endow shadow) = 9720 dmg each hit, not far from what you witnessed. This is just a sample build, and I'm sure you can come up with a much better one using different cards (you can try turtle general cards for all purpose hunting, sword guardian cards which increase bowling bash dmg). RO works pretty much like this, the rest of the gears you get usually aim for dmg reduction against the monster you hunting, or just plain stats increasing stuff. https://calc.talonro.com/ this is your best friend now, even though it's a little bit outdated.
  12. I would like to add that, despite its usefulness in WoE, clown is pretty much dead on PvM cause of Bragi nerf. If the clown knows exactly how to gear and distribute stats, bragi can still increase overall dmg, but most people would rather just go without it. IMO, a clown in pvm party would only be useful for duo songs with gypsy, and well, since neither are that popular on pvm anymore, you would find it pretty hard to get both of them on same random party.
  13. Even tho I believe this quest is pretty much dead, I'll ride along cause im so very interested in this totally custom top secret ultimate quest in TalonRO. I asked GM Zelda once about dagger of edda, she just answered "well, you know I'm not goin to just give you the answer right", and of course not, that would spoil the fun, but we could use a hint or two. Then she said that we would figure it out eventually.... Not many relevant stuff has been posted here for one year or so, if people did actually manage to start the quest I don't think they would share this information so easily right? Anyway, original thread said something about keeping new items. It's hard to tell new items from regular junk, RO has so many useless items that I'd be surprised if anyone could tell if some item is actually new or just regular old junk you've never seen. Maybe we can look for any new stuff on database using item ID (even if by now they wouldn't be that new)? EDIT: So I did some research on item database, and even though I didn't find anything edda quest relatable at first sight, I did find some pretty weird items lol, go check ID #12430 to ID #12437, how can a +20 int for 30min food vanilla friendly? It doesn't seem obtainable by regular means anyway but well... +20 int? srsly? Also, it seems that item database # does not work they way I expected, with most recent items having higher ID. I can't understand exactly how it works, do similar # IDs mean that items belong to some sort of class? Like bow or daggers or shields? If there's no clear pattern I suppose checking db won't help a bit
  14. If you can't memorize all monster elements, you can just stick to the most important ones (those that need to be killed quickly), like bio mobs, incarnation, rata, duneyrr, hydros, mvps, etc. You can also pay attention to which skill hw is using (tho most hw don't care that much about element and only SG), if he's using heaven drive or fire bolt for example. I heard some snipers have a tip which goes by "when in doubt, use silver", or maybe just stick to oridecon arrow if you are not sure. And well, best you can do is practice, it only gets easier with time. ET runs are also a nice way to memorize monster element, most mobs on gmc can also be found inside ET. I never played sniper in high end runs and I must say I'm impressed with the speed you switch arrows =o Apart from arrows, you should also practice your party synergy skillz, like goin max range for mvp with EQ, waiting for sw before attacking monster with pneuma, waiting for MVP to be in correct position before attacking, not goin rambo shooting everything that moves and dragging aggro to your party... As for SinX in GMC, although melee dps can indeed be very high, most monsters have a change target protocol when hit from melee range, which will make the tank's life very hard. You can of course soul break from a safe distance, but monster waves will take forever to die using single target skill with high after cast. SinX builds also rarely use shields, which means you will die often from aoe magic (just like snipers dropping like fresh fruit when they meet a hw). But as @s4w mentioned, most GMC can be finished with 10 members, I don't mind bringing some non-meta characters after we have all core classes filled. I've been dying to try GMC with clown/gypsy duet or two soul linkers.
  15. @s4w when I'm walking with sb the only time I remember my movement speed decreasing was with defender on. I'll give it a try when my pally friends log in. and well, complaining is not really the word here, no champ will ever complain about taking less dmg from spirals and snipers xD EDIT: So I just tested, defender does not decrease walking speed on steel body, so I guess there's not really any way to decrease sb movement speed?
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