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  1. Since I sometimes get questions while farming Geff or when interacting with other players, I thought I'd just share my build, equipment and some information. Super novices are my favorite farming class as they are self-reliant. Also, it's my farming class of choice since I'm lazy and abhor having to multi-client for buff. Not having to put loots to storage and using a merchant to then sell them is a huge time saver for me. I made my super novice a baby just to add an extra layer to my gaming (lower HP, 80 base stat cap, etc.). I use this character to farm practically anywhere and hunt certain MVPs with it sometimes. Usual Geffenia Farming result: 185 Mastela 79 Blue Potions Rest are accessories but I never count on average how many I obtain Supplies used: Holy Water, Fly Wings, Awakening Potion and Butterfly wing. I normally don't buy or use any consumable while in Geff. I usually stay in Geffenia until the weight limit is reached or until the Awakening potion timer runs out for a max of 25 minutes per run. Here are some screenshots with my Suno in action and how much I gain after a 25 minutes run: My baby SuNo: Because my character is a baby class, its HP is only around 8.5k I get 100 crit by doing the Super Novice fury chant BoA bonuses: 100ATK, 20% Resistances, Aspersio and Aura Blade The high DEX is to add some ASPD to reach the 190 cap and Damage. It's also the number where I am comfortable with the Steal rate. I get 100 VIT to prevent several negative status effects Gear: Valkyrie Helm[BK] Scouter[Gryph] Pussy Cat Bell Novice Breastplate[Bathory] and Novice Breastplate [Gloom] BoA [DBSn] Advanced Angelic Guard[Hodremlin] Novice Manteau[Deviling] Advanced Angelic Reincarnation[GEC] Celeb Ring Bris[Ifrit] I'm still saving up for a few gear upgrade such as another Bris[Sting] or Megs and another BoA to better hunt MVP with. The reason I also use the Advanced gears is for the additional +2 stats. Some tactics used: When I find myself getting mobbed and am getting hit locked, I often just teleport and leave the loot behind. It's a loss but I prefer not having to die (lose the +10 stats) and to just keep on farming. Hopefully, once I obtain an Eddga shoes, it will help with this issue. I use Steal on every Succubus/Incubus but whenever a mob is building up, I try to kill the group and getting at least some loots prior to teleporting out. I do not avoid Abyss Knights like some classes I see in Geff. I use Steal on them before killing. They are a good source of Elunium. A card from them here and there ain't so bad as well. I don't waste time with Dark Priests but I sometimes use them as target when taking on a large mob. Their huge HP pool helps in locking on a target while the Sniper card in my BoA helps to keep me up. Hopefully, this helps answer some questions whenever you're seeing some super novices in Geff, baby or otherwise.
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