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    Baby Super Novice in Geffenia

    Thanks for the input PrideFries, Although I agree on some of the things you pointed out, I'll have to disagree with a few as well. Before Geff, I started farming in other areas like Sleepers, Mavka, Anolian, Sting, Pyramid maps, etc. I didn't always have BoA, Bris, Valk Helm or Scouter. I had my usual +10Hypno+Magical booster combo as a caster. I also had my Shotel and used endows. I just had the appropriate armors/shields to tackle what needed farming. Why am I saying all this? I wanted to point out that, no, baby SN is not only for rich people and cutesy purposes. Hopefully, other players are not discouraged by thinking higher tier gear is needed to make a baby SN work. It took me a couple of years to get my current gear as I don't farm daily and have yet to obtain the gears I want. You are correct though that the stat cap hurts a lot but that's a choice I made when I decided to play a baby SN: to add the extra challenge of balancing my stats. This Geff build always needs more work and better gear. I can't wait to get another Bris and some overup gears for higher DEF. Hopefully, in a few months time! When I do get another Bris though, I'll still keep my DBSn BoA. I believe my max HP is too low to pull a huge mob unless I start bringing meat or other consumables to spam, thus not necessitating a second sniper card. My level 8 heal and the single sniper card sustains me enough in Geff. A maya carded shield and high priest accessory will make me experiment further on mobbing though. Once more, you are correct that my attacks aren't always critical with 100CRIT. Although I could make it higher, it would come at a cost by sacrificing another stat like lowering DEX. As previously mentioned in my original post, this was the DEX number I settled with which made me comfortable with the Steal skill. Hence, why you also see the BK in my Valk Helm instead of a Gryph, I just felt that the extra damage was better than more CRIT/LUK. I agree, DA+Provoke is actually higher damage wise but I would have to re-distribute 20 skills points. After weeks of experimenting around, I preferred other utilities for a slight dip in damage. From experience though, DA+Provoke will actually lower your income in Geff compared to a crit build. Provoke also makes the mobs that much more dangerous in Geffenia for my low HP baby SN.
  2. Since I sometimes get questions while farming Geff or when interacting with other players, I thought I'd just share my build, equipment and some information. Super novices are my favorite farming class as they are self-reliant. Also, it's my farming class of choice since I'm lazy and abhor having to multi-client for buff. Not having to put loots to storage and using a merchant to then sell them is a huge time saver for me. I made my super novice a baby just to add an extra layer to my gaming (lower HP, 80 base stat cap, etc.). I use this character to farm practically anywhere and hunt certain MVPs with it sometimes. Usual Geffenia Farming result: 185 Mastela 79 Blue Potions Rest are accessories but I never count on average how many I obtain Supplies used: Holy Water, Fly Wings, Awakening Potion and Butterfly wing. I normally don't buy or use any consumable while in Geff. I usually stay in Geffenia until the weight limit is reached or until the Awakening potion timer runs out for a max of 25 minutes per run. Here are some screenshots with my Suno in action and how much I gain after a 25 minutes run: My baby SuNo: Because my character is a baby class, its HP is only around 8.5k I get 100 crit by doing the Super Novice fury chant BoA bonuses: 100ATK, 20% Resistances, Aspersio and Aura Blade The high DEX is to add some ASPD to reach the 190 cap and Damage. It's also the number where I am comfortable with the Steal rate. I get 100 VIT to prevent several negative status effects Gear: Valkyrie Helm[BK] Scouter[Gryph] Pussy Cat Bell Novice Breastplate[Bathory] and Novice Breastplate [Gloom] BoA [DBSn] Advanced Angelic Guard[Hodremlin] Novice Manteau[Deviling] Advanced Angelic Reincarnation[GEC] Celeb Ring Bris[Ifrit] I'm still saving up for a few gear upgrade such as another Bris[Sting] or Megs and another BoA to better hunt MVP with. The reason I also use the Advanced gears is for the additional +2 stats. Some tactics used: When I find myself getting mobbed and am getting hit locked, I often just teleport and leave the loot behind. It's a loss but I prefer not having to die (lose the +10 stats) and to just keep on farming. Hopefully, once I obtain an Eddga shoes, it will help with this issue. I use Steal on every Succubus/Incubus but whenever a mob is building up, I try to kill the group and getting at least some loots prior to teleporting out. I do not avoid Abyss Knights like some classes I see in Geff. I use Steal on them before killing. They are a good source of Elunium. A card from them here and there ain't so bad as well. I don't waste time with Dark Priests but I sometimes use them as target when taking on a large mob. Their huge HP pool helps in locking on a target while the Sniper card in my BoA helps to keep me up. Hopefully, this helps answer some questions whenever you're seeing some super novices in Geff, baby or otherwise.
  3. Please message me if you're interested.
  4. phantome

    VF Sniper/Kiel

    I was just thinking that if you had Kiel in there, you would be able to use the Dark Lord card instead of GEC.
  5. phantome

    VF Sniper/Kiel

    Has anyone tried slotting a VF with a Sniper and Kiel card by any chance? If so, does it proc enough from BB to keep HP and SP up?
  6. phantome

    Violet Fear question

    I was plugging it in the calculator and DT is higher DPS due to spammability of BB. Is it safe to assume that it's better to just have the highest per BB cast ?
  7. phantome

    Violet Fear question

    Hi guys, Why do I only see Violet Fear slotted with SGSG around? Is it a loss if you slot them with MVP cards such as Doppelganger/Turtle? Thanks