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  1. Hi everyone! How are you all? There are a lots of changes i saw since i last played TalonRO. I will try to reupload all of my videos on youtube. Hope you'll enjoy it! Cheers!

    1. Wiki Hater

      Wiki Hater

      Best WS user in this server for me. The reason why i pursue the whitesmith path is because of this man. Cheers!

    2. Ghaspar


      Hope everything's well with you there, bro. Keep safe! Welcome back!

    3. Jailbroken


      Thank you!!

  2. Wazzzup guys?! Just missing this game... /sob

    1. justinianlaw


      Come back. ✌️

    2. Jailbroken


      Busy at work bro. Hopefully soon..

  3. hi!

    Wat gears u recomend for abyss lake 3 for WS?


    1. Jailbroken


      Try to check here around 1:40 i showed my gears thou mine are overupgraded, you can use basic gears so that youll have idea. 

      P.s. check also comments below for more info :)

  4. Wat about WS farming on thanatos? :D

    1. ZeroGrav007


      I would look forward to seeing that done!

    2. ~Lunox


      eazy :D 

  5. Happy New Year Talonians!!

  6. Hiatus is it soon? /dum

  7. Soon on youtube: 

    Solo Farming - Ice Dungeon and Bibilan (last level) with cheap gears :D

  8. Gate keeper final price?


  9. Planning to try thanatos again :/

  10. Odin2 and brasilis farming soon to post on youtube ;)

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