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  1. Super OP? MVP? Could you mention few of that many that you killed?
  2. Just wondering

    It’s okay for me, I think even new players can do it. Here’s a trick. Open a purchase shop, buy GN break them and sell it to npc. Or buy sqi ingridients then sell it higher price. I had a friend who bought peridot for 90k each and sold it for like 300-400k depends on market price.
  3. The Eden Group

    Kudos for the hardwork!!
  4. Aspiring LKs (new players)

    Now thats what you call PRO!
  5. Is it worth starting like this?

    As Confucious said: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” Goodluck and Enjoy!
  6. Is it worth starting like this?

    Yeah forgot about shield and swordfish armor with aspd3
  7. Is it worth starting like this?

    Brasilis dungeon is a good farming spot for bc and cc now. Not to mention those drops from piranha. With my gears on the vid, you can change: headgear- hermose cap with vanberk mid- vanberk if you want more proc armor- any armor with marc card weapon- you can stick with dbsnsn,but if you dont want to spam meat you can replace 1sn card with kiel card and bring soulinker and bring some grape juice (i prefer grape juice than meat due to weight issue and kiel card cost only 12tc than sn 20tc) Just add some agi and you’ll be able to reach 190 aspd. Just ignore those champion mobs.. This is only my opinion, its really up to what you enjoy playing most. For me, i choose ws coz it can carry more loots and has the skill greed.
  8. Gem cutting chances collaboration

    Its just disappointing to get unlucky and break those precious gems that you tried to compete with other player. Im amaze how you be able to collect those amount of gems (especially those yummy yellows). Well, i guess mining is not for me. Good work brodah!!
  9. Gem cutting chances collaboration

    That amount of gem thou..
  10. Add Shield Chain or Shield Boomerang pally as well
  11. Card chance to proc

    Try putting baphomet card instead if im not mistaken, it adds the chance of procs by the number of mobs getting hit. A pro @Tainaka Ritsu mentioned it before about that.
  12. BB LK Help please

    Goodluck to you journey!
  13. BB LK Help please

    Str for you damage, dex for quick casting bb and vit for your survivability. Edit: P.S. use berserk pots+2hand quick aspd helps animation delay as well.

    I saw one ws tried vampire build there, unfortunately he failed. Im guessing that you mistakenly put the title vampsmith rather than simply whitesmith. Well, here is mine: crit, luk, max overthrust and dmge crit almost the same as above me. But i change mid to vanberk, armor to def4 garm, bris hp and overup gears due to def nerf’ed. If you plan to farm jupercore and invest gears, i recommend you to make sinx go geffenia. From there, you’ll have sure money from loots coz juperos except from ori steel and elus are hard to sell. Im looking at those transplates that party people loves to undercut.