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  1. Jailbroken

    Character Damage (Merchant)

    You will be happy when you change job to Blacksmith and spam Weapon Perfection skill.
  2. Jailbroken

    [HELP] Sign Quest Mysterious Element

    As GM Howl posted few days ago on Added both the Mes and Silver Shotel as options to break the seals in The Sign Quest.
  3. Jailbroken

    SinX in Odin 2 or 3

    For extra stat you can bring jaguar hat and make your str divisible by 10 and dex by 5. Also you can bring campus festival hat for agi up. Good guide!
  4. Jailbroken

    Fact check: Does Sniper Card work in Berserk Mode?[SOLVED]

    It does work also with Kiel card
  5. Jailbroken

    Baby vamp smith got some questions

    I would go for deviling garment then a hell poodle carded accessory and then doppel card and sniper cards. But i guess its more faster if you will have a farmer like LK or Stalker to gear up your smith. Goodluck
  6. I believe thats Hoplite Helm and yes you can change it from normal kaho.
  7. Jailbroken


    Im guessing you are gonna start up farming on your stalker. You can trade your eddga shoes to gec shoes then buy ice pick and go farm sleepers and focus on getting kaho if you dont have yet.
  8. Jailbroken

    AutoCast SN

    Try searching on our database https://panel.talonro.com/itemdb/ insert “autospell” on the item script and poof! You’ll see all of the equipments that has autocast skills.
  9. Jailbroken

    For Geffenia

    Bathory will save you there
  10. Jailbroken

    Am I doing Vampsmith wrong?

    +1 to this. We got a bunch of guides here, we just need to experiment and search. In the end, its all up to your gameplay, satisfaction and enjoyment
  11. Jailbroken

    Geffenia Sinx Farmer (Full Dex Build) By -Sagara Souske-

    I had that very similar build before only different card on mid. Good job!
  12. Jailbroken

    Hair Color Palette

  13. Jailbroken

    T> my Blades of Angel (closed)

  14. Jailbroken

    Let's Show Our Filirs!

    Filirting FilirteR Eid Al Filir Filirty Twitter 😁
  15. Jailbroken

    Let's Show Our Filirs!

    Poor Filirs always left behind