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  1. Card chance to proc

    Try putting baphomet card instead if im not mistaken, it adds the chance of procs by the number of mobs getting hit. A pro @Tainaka Ritsu mentioned it before about that.
  2. BB LK Help please

    Goodluck to you journey!
  3. BB LK Help please

    Str for you damage, dex for quick casting bb and vit for your survivability. Edit: P.S. use berserk pots+2hand quick aspd helps animation delay as well.

    I saw one ws tried vampire build there, unfortunately he failed. Im guessing that you mistakenly put the title vampsmith rather than simply whitesmith. Well, here is mine: crit, luk, max overthrust and dmge crit almost the same as above me. But i change mid to vanberk, armor to def4 garm, bris hp and overup gears due to def nerf’ed. If you plan to farm jupercore and invest gears, i recommend you to make sinx go geffenia. From there, you’ll have sure money from loots coz juperos except from ori steel and elus are hard to sell. Im looking at those transplates that party people loves to undercut.
  5. BB LK Help please

    Bro @TheSquire he’s asking for improvements and not those high end items. Being cheap is stupid? With his gears, obviously he is newbie. And he just said it twice “im new”. Vf is more cheaper with chance to bypass def. Your sword requires him to buy two additional mvp cards that will cost him 40tc!! Not to mention that dex enchant armor 2x bris and sleipnir. Not newbie friendly.
  6. B>+7Meteor Plate aspd3% clean

    Im your offer here or IGN : Jailbreaker
  7. BB LK Help please

    I would recommend to buy lord kaho’s horn after you bought deviling card or cheaper one raydric card then poodle cards. After that you are good to go. But with that build you can farm sleepers i guess..
  8. Needed SQI Dagger in our Game

    That would be too OP.
  9. Lord Knight at a lost

    Winter scarf making is up now, Go farm juperos02. Bring HP park it on the southern part. LK with VF provoke+bb main target apocalypse each drops of manteau ranges around 600k-1m depends on market demand. Plus steels and elus and sqi items.
  10. So...Centipedes....What the effin' hell?

    Haha! Yeah right assumptio!!
  11. So...Centipedes....What the effin' hell?

    I once farm there with my ws, but with some spiders and able to tank 2-3 centi at the same time but with aspersio ofc.
  12. Battle Acolyte

    Please @Tainaka Ritsu i dont play acolyte class. Dont be shy, Im sure it was you!!
  13. Battle Acolyte

    Prolly shes is not a noob. Im guessing shes farming something? eluniums? or doing it just for fun. Gears more like this, Lunakaleet carded with bapho and dopel cards, bris, aspd enchanted armor with valk helm to boost aspd.
  14. Needed SQI Dagger in our Game

    And prolly gun sqi.