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  1. With regards of the extra 5 lines of scripts . Will it be used with the SQI revamp? With regards of potential of more enchants and such do you mean like for example having a pair of boots and being able to put extra agility on them?
  2. i remember seeing once renewal mechanics for mob types like ringleaders (spawns 2 lesser versions of it) , swift ,solid ,elusive and such versions of mobs which about 2 spawn on a map every 5 minutes. prehaps these stronger mobs could only spawn during night (automatically die with no drops during day) . they are simular to normal mobs but have higher stats but also provide more exp (a solid yoyo provides 3x more exp but also has 8k hp) . if all these mobs were made passive unless attacked there probably would not be many issues with night being too hard for players and be more of a challenge if people wanted to take it.
  3. so i set a bunch of passwords tried out !security and kafra passwords and such but i saw that there was no security (i know you give permission for the storage) for the guild storage like password or !security block. you can still take things out of guild storage but cant put items in . is there anyway that a password for the guild storage or if it can be linked to the players kafra password to access it simular to the bank or for !security to block taking items out of the guild storage too?
  4. MasterSlayer

    MVP Defense

    First i want to say this halloween event has been an fun event and i am enjoying it. but theres 1 event that just seems like it could use a bit of a rework which is the MVP Defense event so some of the current main issues i see with the event currently is the people whos main role in the event is defense such as HPs really don't benefit much from the event as the time the chests start spawning for them they have to be healing the MVP and supporting where as the only thing the offensive side of the game can do during the defensive side is hunt chests. Ice Wall is another thing i feel is a bit much more so in peoples spawn areas along those narrow spots or boxing it in those spots. I feel an unpassable barricade at the end of the narrow passage way (to get in talk to the barricade or an npc) would help with the whole ice walling people in or the MVP in. it just seems more of a cheap move IMO than strategy and it would give an *SAFE* area for each team this way With regards to the Defense and Offensive part i feel maybe one way to tackle that would be to have both the offensive and defensive part fo the game at the same time. with both MVPs spawning in the corners away from the player (in the case of current map one to the top right and one to the bottom left) players then enter the map (if using barricade method from above talking to npc/barricade to enter) and then it would be a race. who can defeat the enemy MVP first while keeping their own MVP alive. Once one of the MVPs are killed all players on the losing team are teleported to their safe area (idk how possibly this is) and all dead players on the enemy team are ressed and teleported to safe area. at this point warping back into the main area is disabled (both to prevent enemy team from coming in and to stop winning teams AFKers from leaving the safe zone just to get loot) The winning team then has some chests spawn and they have a small amount of time before the next round to attack the chests (prehaps also instead of breaking them you talk to them to open them or maybe theres a chest that spawns that everyone can interact with which has random chance of giving tickets and gives points? or could work like BJ/GTN where after enough rounds won you are rewarded?) . after that time has passed the remaining team is warped back to safe zone and then after 10 seconds or 20 seconds the next round starts and it repeats. This i feel would help reward all those who participate in the event get a chance to be rewarded (HPs could go chase after chests but then there would be less people to help keep the MVP alive) and reward both playstyles and stop one from having less to do during the swap between offensive and defensive as these roles will always be in play and needed. Maybe for a bit of fun there could be power up or debuff boxes scattered across the map while both sides are fighting to even reward a new sort of style scouting. These boxes when killed could have diffrent effects such as putting ankle traps (mob version so players can get caught in them) on the enemy side of the map or spawn a few monsters to help protect the MVP and such. i know people say there aint a lot of strategy (why most people dont want ice wall banned from it for exsample) so im wondering if having a sytsem like that on the mapwould a good way to add a layer of strategy into it? Last thing is like hunting i really feel there should be an Unres/Vanilla version of this event. That or the MVP needs a bit of change as it seems just too easy for people to be able to tank it. with the diffrent versions should be a harder MVP and it would help newer players with a vanilla version have more of a chance. This is mainly a suggestion if the event is used Next Year.
  5. thats the part im not sure on. im not sure what the names and such of the costumes are. i didnt participate in last years halloween and could not find a guide of last years
  6. is there any place i can find out what the costumes were in 2017? iv looked on the forums and i could not find any info on the costumes of 2017 so im debating if to stick with the 2018 costumes still or to try for the 2017 ones
  7. Entry 1 Name - Elixirring Appearence - based off the pouring https://panel.talonro.com/mobdb/1894/ Theme - HP/SP Consumables , Liquids Or Liquid Themed , Water Res/Endow Drops - Cold Medicine - 100% (ID #12257) Aquamarine - 100% (ID #720) Fluorescent Liquid - 100% (ID #7326) Blue Potion Box (100) - 100% (ID #13810) Grape Juice Box (500) - 100% (ID #20234) Grape Juice Box (500) - 100% (ID #20234) Elixir Of Life - 100% (ID #12704) Unknown Liquid Bottle - 100% (ID #7103) Water Converter Box (box of 10) - 100% (ID #13892) Ring Of Water - 5% (ID #2682) Story - Pourings are normal porings that have had an extremely rare mutation which causes their normal color appearence to go translucent and clear color. Not much is known about this rare species due to mass hunting of poring species from villagers and novices alike. However one day an alchemist by the name of Herbert was able toget his hands on a sample from a Pouring. Herbert is an older man who lives in Hugel and was a pharmacist by trade . Herbert had discovered that the sample he has bought from an adventurer could make some powerful medicine and had incredible healing powers. he then decided to make a farm to house pourings and put a bounty for every one bought back to him alive. After some time Herbert had gathered enough species to start making products such as Juices, Potions ,Medicine and even was experimenting with a medicine that would prolong the life of the user which he dubbed the Elixir of life. He still could not understand though why everything he made though had a very strong grape taste. One day he had another pouring come in but this one was nothing like the others he had seen before. This Pouring had a silver ring attatched and was not as docile as the others he had come in. unlike the other pourings it left a liquid trail below wherever it moved to . he decided to call this one an Elixirring based off his project of the Elixir Of Life. he took an sample of the Elixirring in particular and found it had diffrent genetics to it than the rest so he went back to work on his project Elixir Of Life. Combining both samples gave him the Elixir he had been trying to make from the other pouring and headed off to Prontera to report his discovery to the castle. They were pleased of his discover and asked if he could make more Elixirs for the royal family. However one night while he was traveling back from Prontera the Elixirring with the ring killed all of the other pourings and had broken out of his cage. it then consumed all of Herberts Potions, Juices and Medicine that he had made from the Pourings and escaped Hugel. When Herbert returned he found his Pharmacy in a mess and his entire Pouring collection had disappeared. Herbert since has put a giant bounty on for whoever can capture the Elixiring and mentioned it looked like a Pouring but with the silver ring What this could also bring? - Herbert being able to convert a Fluorscent Liquid into something like a few Grape Juice, a Blue Potion or Cold Medicine (random on each one given to Herbert) and if you bring him 10 Fluorscent Liquid and the Unkown Liquid Bottle he will make 5 Elixirs Of Life for the player. as well as being able to make resist potions for the player for double the cost an alchemist makes them for (eg a fireproof potion could be 4 frill, 2 red gemstones, empty bottle and some zeny as opposed to the alchemist version needing 2 frill and 1 red gemstone, bowl and empty bottle) Entry 2 Name - Awakenring Appearence - based off the Lunaring https://panel.talonro.com/mobdb/2874/ Theme - Buffs / Boosters Drops - None Why No Drops? - Like a Rainbowring when killed instead of dropping items (in Rainbowring it can spawn the enterence of the poring god place) when killed it gives the player the following buffs. Field Manual 100% Effect (100% more exp for 30 minutes) , Job Battle Manual Effect (50% more job exp for 30 minutes) , Life Insurrance (no exp lose for 60 minutes on first death) , Fortune Of The Dog (20% more hp for Swordie, Merchant and Theif line and 10% for other classes for 30 Minutes, Fortune Of The Horse (25% more movement speed for 60 Minutes) Fortune Of The Snake Effect (10% more sp for all classes but Monk/Champ. Monk/Champ get 10% more hp for 30 Minutes) and Regeneration Potion (20% more heal from all heals, recovery items and sanctuary on yourself for 30 minutes). i don't know how possible it would be to have the effects of these items go onto a player when the Awakening is killed (i like to think outside the box too much i guess) but if not then all items mentioned would be dropped when it is killed. Field Manual 100% ID 14533 100% drop JOB Battle Manual 14606 100% drop Fortune Of The Dog ID 20043 100% drop Fortune Of The Horse ID 20045 100% drop Fortune Of The Snake ID 20053 100% drop Regeneration Potion ID 14537 100% drop Story - Awakening was created by the godess Frigg to aid the people. Frigg wanted to share her strenght and wisdom with the people and thus she decided to create a monster so weak that the humans would approtch the creature and defeat it in combat. those who have the courage to defeat this creature are blessed with the power of Frigg (if buffed when killed) . those who have the courage to defeat this creature are blessed with items created by Frigg (if drops the items when killed) Entry 3 Name - Fortunering Appearence - based off the usakoring https://panel.talonro.com/mobdb/2899/ Theme - Items that give random items Drops - Old Blue Box 80% (ID - 603 ) Old Purple Box 80% (ID - 617 ) Bundle Of Food 80% (ID -12111) Gift Box 80% ( ID - 644 ) Chiqita's Jewelry Box 40% (ID - 8901 Cookie Bag 80% (ID - 12130 ) First Aid Box 80% (ID -12110 ) Fruit Basket 80% (ID -12573) Old Card Album 20% (ID - 616 ) Random Quiver 80% (ID - 12104 ) Scroll Package 50% (ID - 12108) Red Envelope 80% (ID - 668) (All drops are set 80% or below to go with the luck nature of this one) Story - Fortunering is an blessed poring that took its appearence off an bunny/poring. it gained either fame or infamy from many. it is said that the poring will judge whoever it sees and either grant them eternal luck and fortune , Rob them of every ounce of luck or let them go by with nothing changing. How it picks its victims fate is still a mystery. prehaps it chooses them on wether it likes them or not, or maybe it rolls a dice in its head nobody quite knows the mystery to this creature Entry 4 Name - Enchantring Appearence - based off the blue pixy poring https://panel.talonro.com/mobdb/3205/ Theme - Items used for enchanting and Weapon repair scroll Drops - Silvervine (Box of 10) 100% (ID - 16770) E Class Pocket 100% (ID -12621) D Class Pocket 80% (ID - 12620) C Class Pocket 70% (ID -12619) B Class Pocket 60% (ID - 12618) A Class Pocket 50% (ID - 12617) S Class Pocket 20% (ID -126161) Mora Coin 50% (ID -6380) Will Of Warrior 20% (ID- 6469) Blood Thirst 20% (ID -6470) Sapha Certification 20% (ID - 6304) Repair Weapon Scroll Box 50% (ID - 13547) Story - The Enchantring was created when an talented Enchanter from Veins was asked to enchant an sword of a man named Rowan's sword. Rowan was a fairly tall knight who was well known for his skills with a blade. He was also known for his short temper and aggresive nature. Rowan went to the Enchanter and asked him if he could enchant his sword as he was challenged to a duel by his rival Erik. Erik had been enemies with Rowan since they met in Orc Dungeon . Rowan bragged about how strong he was and Erik challenged him to an contest to see who could kill the most zombies. Erik won by a landslide which angered Rowan who was a sore loser. The Enchanter evaluated his sword and the price it was going to cost him which when Rowan heard the price he was going to charge enraged him. Rowan demanded he did it cheaper but the Enchanter refused. Rowan then started messing up his shop by pushing exspensive pieces of merchandise off the shelves and slashed his table in half which angered the Enchanter . he then a agreed to do it if he would get out of his shop. Enraged that this man came in and wrecked his shop he decided to teach Rowan a lesson he would never forget. He did the enchant as asked but he also put an hex on the sword. He then gave the sword to Rowan and he set off to fight his rival. He met Erik on the top of an cliff to the top left of Veins. Confident he could defeat Erik and eliminate any chance of Erik becoming more famous he charged Erik . Erik got caught off guard as he noticed how much stronger Rowan had become since he met him in Orc Dungeon . Feeling unconfident he could even defeat him he was caught off guard by Rowans Joint Beat. However the sword bounced straight off of Erik as it started to glow. Rowan then went pale and was shaking with fear when he saw that his sword changed into a blue poring. As he was trying to gather his thoughts on what just happened Erik saw this as an oppertunity and used magnum break on Rowan which caused him to fall off the cliff to his demise . Confused at what just happened he stared at the Blue Poring for a while before smiling and walked away. IGN- SlayerTheArcher
  8. prehaps when choosing a eden weapon there could be a shield in the catagory? for crusaders and pallys who use shields offensively?
  9. maybe it could include the taekwon stances when you talk to the reset npc (if i recall talking to the reset npc removes some buffs?)
  10. what about like a refined cowardice blade? give it a bit more attack for an rentle version and maybe give some mdef and it would be pretty good for an rentle weapon for a rogue as it would give them a bit of extra bulk an ungeared rogue may lack. there again they do have flee so not too sure
  11. Looking for a guild that focuses on PvE content? Looking to make friends? Looking to team up with others? if you are asking yourself these questions then this is the guild for you! What is Sempiternal? Sempiternal is a PvE/Social Guild that focuses on 3 main points. these points are Teamwork, Group Content and Fun! . If you are a new player to RO , A veterine or even a hardcore player we will welcome all of you! regardless of your gear, experiences or class choice. We are primary a PvE/Social Guild . We currently WoE under Grape Juice 168z lead by Nonoko. the link to the Grape Juice forum page is What content do you play? We currently Host DB events, Dungeon Runs, Eden Board Missions , Quests and MVP Hunting. We also hosts end game content like ET and Seals all of which is announced on our Discord. The Rules We at Sempiternal have a couple of rules which are as follow 1) Be respectful to your fellow guild members 2) Please stick to english in the discord and guild chat 3) All members require a discord account 4) If you are inactive for 14 days you will be kicked from the guild 5) Only 1 main character in the main Sempiternal guild at a time. Where you can find us? We are based in Dewata. Dewata has many good facilities nearby (Tool Dealer and Weapon Dealer below the spawn) . The Eden Teleporter Officer is right next to the warper too for easy convenience. Like the sound of the guild? want to join? There are a few ways you can apply . You can apply through the discord channel . Our discord link is https://discord.gg/scczGu7 You can find a General or Marhsal in Dewata who could invite you to the guild. You can try PMing me SlayerTheArcher or you can try PMing or you can try PMing Kawasumi Itsuki , GdBuffs , ExMage , ~ChiyoSakura~ , Olivia-chan , Babe Nyanko , Solyyri , turquoise owl , PesoPorcupine or Uther Or you can apply via the guild directory . Our guild directory link is https://panel.talonro.com/guild/view/681/ Thank you for showing interest in our guild
  12. so i was looking at some of the pets and i noticed a few stick out. Deleter (sky and land) , Wanderer, Diabolic , Goblins (Knife, Hammer and Flail) . all of these pets lack a loyalty bonus. they just seem out of place compared to the rest of the pets in the game . even if they had really weak bonuses (like mao guai's +10 sp vs baby desert wolfs +50 sp and +1 int or wicked nymph's +30 sp and +5% sp recovery) i feel they would be more rewarding to make them loyal .
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