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  1. heres the problems though. Perma Presserve is pretty much an impossible feat. and even if it was possible it would still be dispellable. Shutting down classes is pretty much what dispell does as does full strip. so idk what else can be suggested at this point. thinking of a normal situation (not counting the BB) in WoE losing your presserve skill would be a simular situation spending ages to go find someone to re teach you the skill unless a monster knew the skill so thats why i say its a risk. i think if anything pvp wise backstab should be looked into if its really that weak. i mean it already has strict requirements of being behind a target it should pay off more than a preserve skill should as preserve were more so a skill for versitiltiy than reliance excluding the magic stalkers.
  2. That’s the risk you have to take as a stalker with such a build . If you wanted a safer build you go bow so they can’t take away your bow skills or carry around a statue bow/dagger If you lose your skill and the team is using FCP . Sightless raid or backstab authough not as strong as I imagine BB (I assume it’s a physical rogue that is ? ) strong are still options . As for the whole spawning next to someone and losing a skill the only way I could think of is on resurrection or start of BG the player is buffed with a short times preserve like 10 seconds to then cast preserve in that time .
  3. So i was thinking the other day about the headgear the spare card and the blank cards and thought of an interesting way it could be added as a April Fools sort of event. See there is this clown (idk a good name could be some sort of silly like clown name) . who wants to play a grand prank this April Fools of taking out all the normal cards and replacing them with blank cards . he realized that clowns have been spawning around midgard who just want to go around pranking and causing trouble (they are weak but they like to use skills like skid trap, ankle sheer, talkie box (saying April Fools) , backslide and jump (those 2 when hit) . Sometimes these clowns can also invaid towns to cause mass havok . He will ask the player to collect these cards for him and bring him back as many as they can collect. if the player collects enough for him he will ask the player if they can bring him something like 5 black and 5 white dyestuff he will reward the player an Poker card in mouth costume He also has an assistant who will ask the player daily if they can pull some pranks on various people that he is going to miss because of the grand prank. should the player help him with these pranks by collecting a few items and bringing them back he will ask them to set up the pranks (putting banana peels on the floor, putting an ice trap in a cuboard silly tricks and traps like that) he will reward the player with some blank cards and a piece of an card. if the player collects 4 pieces of the card (say if it ran 7 days exsample) they can go to the clown and he will restore it. the player will recieve a joker pet if they can do the daily quest 4 times during the event at the end of the event there could be a server wide goal which if the goal is hit the grand prank becomes a success. afterword the player can talk to the clown who will thank them for helping them in making the prank a success and give them a *Crude MVP card album* with the description saying how its just a OCA with MVP written in red ink. when the player opens it the player will recieve a Spare Card Costume to go with the whole blank card april fools joke.
  4. I wouldn’t want to see rebellion or Kagerou I mean yah they are class upgrades but they are renewal upgrades . As well as then having to balance the skills out and people seeing both classes running around it would cause more problems . People seeing them may get the wrong idea . And as stated skills were made with renewal in mind . The only change I would want to see to those sort of classes if any (ninja , gunslinger , taekwon line and prehaps SN) is a rebirth option for them to become high ninja , slinger , taekwon and SN . With the perks being the 100 stat points from rebirth , access to the rebirth only equipments and the extra 20 job levels excluding SN which already has 99 If I recall . I only suggest that so it puts them on a more even playing field with the other trans jobs as 100 stat points is pretty much 25 points in a 3rd stat if 2 at 99 . The extra skill points from a higher job would give more choice of skills and the Rebirth only gear would help them out close the gap a bit more with some of the nice effects that gear gives
  5. So i was looking at 2 handed swords the other day and saw both of these swords followed by seeing a [2] verison of the Muramasa which did interest me. i thought maybe at first it could just be put in the slot NPC but with the description of both saying the following An Oriental Sword Named after a Legendary Japanese swordsmith and An oriental sword that is the masterpiece of an ancient Japanese smith this got me thinking maybe a way to upgrade both of these Masamune does not have an slot version but with the penalties it enacts (67% less defense and -5 str. it does give 30 flee and 2% attack speed though) but compared to many swords nowadays its main selling point of an 200 attack stat really falls with competition such as Kry [3] . Death Guidence [2] . Violet Fear [2] Tao Goo Lyeon and the Heavy Blade added in OGH. Being able to weaken/remove the penaltys or the ability to add a slot or 2 may be able to keep it up with these swords. The Quest NPC could be based in Amastu Dungeon level 2 or 3 named either the Legendary Swordsmith or Muramasa. For the first parts of the quest these items share the same steps. In order for the Swordsmith to believe you are worthy of his time you will be task to defeat an large number of Firelock Soldiers (like maybe 200?) once you have defeated these soliders he will ask that he is not satified and will ask the player to kill a small amount of Tengu and Shinobis (25 of each?) . after you have proven yourself to the smith he will discuss how he created the Muramasa and the Masamune Swords and how he would long to see his creations again. If you happen to have either sword in your inventory an option will appear to show him and he will thank the player. he will ask the player to leave him for an hour while he tries to figure out the issues with his swords After an hour has passed and the player returns to the man he will say while he has not discovered a way to remove the curse on Muramasa he has discovered a way to unlock its potential (giving it 2 slots) but he will require some items to be able to do this. Money is one thing he will need and he will ask for around 2m for the service. he will also need a Muramasa [0] to work on it, and a load of other items such as Oridecon and Steel (to reandforce the blade) , Live Coal , Coal and a level 3 fire bolt scroll (to set a forge up) and Sharp Paper (for an idea of sharpness?) . of course more items could be added to this list this is just a rough idea. After all the items have been gathered you will be given a Muramasa [2] for your work. Likewise you can choose to upgrade the Masamune. If the idea of a slot or 2 was to be added it would go very simular to the Muramasa slotting quest needing metals and coal and such. If the purifed idea prehaps to purifie the blade he will need the following. 2m for his services, The Masamune Sword to work on , Holy Water, Light Particles and Holy Marbles to uncurse the sword and some darkness rune and evil horns to learn more about the curses?. again this is mainly a rough idea of what sort of items it could require. after that he will give you a Masamune[1],[2] or Purified Masamune whichever seems the best. Purifed Masamune stats could be simular to what it has but without the -5 str penalty and either no Def Penalty or maybe reduced to a lower rate like 25% or 33%. if slot option then it would still keep these. Why do i think a Muramasa [2] would be a big thing in the game? i feel it would make for a very interesting weapon. it would serve its own purpose. being more of an auto attack crit oriented build sort of a weapon. it may have a lower attack but having both a 8% attack speed boost and a 30 crit rate could take the weapon as a mid/end game option with the right cards like we see with the other end game swords. As for Masamune i mean even with slots or if purified it would still be a mid tier at best but it would be in a much more usable stat of either being able to put cards in to help it with its flaws or with less/ no of the flaws it could work quite well even as a non slotted weapon.
  6. Would garm work twice ? I mean wouldn’t you require 2 garm cards to have the 30% twice on the game baby cards ?
  7. 1 suggestion I would like to make for next year is a change in the way the players are chosen for houses . From what I. Have seen from the tips he said that it is only random if 2 people choose the same school . This means with proper coordination certain schools can grow to much larger numbers . I personally feel that this number should be reduced to it being random if 1 person chooses said school or even random just with the chance of being given that school being higher if chosen to help even the player base on all 4 sides . Maybe another way would be to give an incentive for players to pick the randomly chosen option like a costume or a pet for choosing to be put in a random school
  8. You could make the advanced fin helm mid headgear . It gives 600 odd hp when your max level
  9. People will return . prehaps many have taken this time to take a break as Christmas is approaching soon and it’s a pretty hectic time of year for organisation or having to take extra shifts at jobs one of the main issues I seem to hear about at the moment would be SQI uncertainty. People I don’t feel are farming for SQI items. If you are a newer player or player without access to Valhalla you would be concerned that if you got everything prepped and when they get access to make it all the items could change and they would be back to square one . Their only other option would be to buy it off another player however with the souls slowly getting used to make SQIs the price keeps rising as eventually there won’t be many souls . I know that prehaps maybe not everything for the SQI change is set in stone but I’m wondering if maybe having a Q and A on SQI revamp may help with some people’s concerns and maybe even get them prepping up
  10. I would agree I wouldn’t go for SQIs atm unless you have Valhalla access . It’s only going to get more expensive as souls get more in demand to make them . I was lucky to have access and made my staff of magi recently . It is cheaper to make the SQIs yourself and feels a bit more of an achievement to raw money grinding . Iv done this with bris twice and staff of magi authough I did buy my Artemis clean . the main thing about the daily quest is I would not save it up for a SQI . Best to save that sort of money on smaller upgrades needed like MVP cards . It still will take time but it does help usually my trick is I set up my shops while playing other games . But my farming methods are different from others as I don’t raw zeny farm for variety
  11. So your complaining that you haven’t got end game gear . But your not even gonna to work towards them because it takes too long ? i am going to guess you don’t play many RPGs or MMOs on low rates then because it’s usual for these sort of games to have grinding . And for some they do have end game equipment that take hours and hours 250m though assumes you are just going to buy a SQI and not just make it yourself . While all of them have a fixed 120m price tag to make them they all varied in price . If you can collect the items now the only thing I may agree with is seals before hand I felt was a bit restricted . A lot of classes I felt got a bit left out of seals . I am kind of hoping that With the rework we will see it possible for most classes to attend or complete the seals even if it’s made longer , requiring more work , more items or time to complete . Maybe like a mix of kaho and sign quest but longer and maybe more boss fights in between the daily quest is already an improvement over voting . It takes hardly any time at all and even someone who lacks gear can do it . In record time too . A lot of us didn’t vote multiple times a day so for those of us this is much better system
  12. There’s lots of places to farm that don’t require end game gear though that can make you a good amount of money . If you need exp fast your better off waiting for a good gramps like Odin to appear and do as many as you can . Eden board can also help as both these give bronze coins . You can always then use that to rent a strong weapon on something like a sniper , LK or thief line to help out .
  13. Iv been brainstorming some ideas for titles and ways to obtain them Eden Group Titles Obtain method - though Eden quests EG Initiate - sign the contract in the Eden group EG Veteran - complete 100 Eden group contracts or gramps EG Champion - complete 1000 Eden group contracts or gramps MVP and Mini Boss Titles Obtain Method - usable item dropped by a boss (like a title deed sort of thing ) Few Examples Moonlight title from Moonlight Flower Of Death from Lord Of Death Goblin from Goblin Leader Golden from Golden Thief Bug Event Titles Obtained Method - Misc item that’s account bound which gives title when in inventory rewarded from events Using Halloween as an examples the 13 Special honorary students could obtain a misc item to give them a title only obtainable by the 13 players
  14. MasterSlayer

    Event Item Machine

    If disappearing do you mean like once unlocked 20 items say I had unlocked puppy ears 2 years ago would that disappear after 20 more costumes unlocked or do you mean no new costumes showing up after 20? Idk if adding a option like clicking on a option that then loads 10-20 costumes to prevent the 20 limit would help prehaps by unlock year like 3 tabs a 2017, 2018 and 2019 tab with all costumes initially unlocked in the corrisponding tab or to have them as collection sets like collection set 1 having Halloween costumes while collection set 2 having Christmas costumes only other thing I could think of is to have a vending machine room with separate vending machines in it which correspond to a year or set or items or pet eggs
  15. The monster miming has a lightning bolt version . Don’t think you can buy this card from the TC shop though not sure but you can find miming by warping to mora and exiting the top left warp . I will warn you it is not a easy place I been there a few times for Eden board missions for miming and little fatum
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