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  1. MasterSlayer

    Sempiternal (Social/PvE guild)

    been a while since i posted any guild pics so heres 2 for 1 . one an older pic and the other from the db event
  2. MasterSlayer

    Sempiternal (Social/PvE guild)

    Guildies . to make the most of the 10x exp i will be hosting some additional parties on friday and sunday on top of my normal lineup of a saturday party to help get the most out of this event. more details are on the discord
  3. MasterSlayer

    Sempiternal (Social/PvE guild)

    Thank you everyone for attending the DB event :). thank you Legion for hosting it. it was a lot of fun
  4. MasterSlayer

    More build choices for Gunslinger

    Ah no an no ammo card would totally be broken . They could have one that gives diffrent effects based on the type of gun equipped like eg if used has handgun equipped sp consumption reduction , if using rifle cast time for tracking reduced something like the sword master hat in a way for gunslinger guns in card form . Since most gunslingers swap weapons and usually have multiple weapons types (can usually get 2-3 weapons in their skill tree effectively ) could be pretty handy for them . People said about greatest general card giving higher sphere chance like monk to slinger so maybe (with this other card being accesory maybe? ) it could be this card + greatest general combo to give the gunslinger a higher chance to cast an sphere (or an chance of casting the 5 sphere one by low chance either works)
  5. MasterSlayer

    More build choices for Gunslinger

    Actually that’s a good point . If guns were added to the enchant list would it break them and break meta? With stuff like grenade launcher and Gatling which lacks many slot weapons this could be a good way to combo it without adding card slots . As for rifles there are a few high card slot ones but again stuff like lever fit in a good position for enchants? Idk I completely forgot about enchants . A card for gunslinger also sounds nice I mean ninja even has a card that helps them not need loads of stones on them at once .
  6. MasterSlayer

    Sempiternal (Social/PvE guild)

    We got an abbey leveling party being hosted on the weekend. all the details on the discord :). gotta take advantage of the eden board being ragged zombies and banshees as well as gramps being also zombie slaughters and ragged zombies too!
  7. MasterSlayer

    Adjustment to Eden Hunting for Melee Classes

    Not to mention you can always just make an sage on another account and endow yourself with 30 minutes of fire, water , electric or earth . It would not take much work to get an class like this up and running and it only cost an elemental stone per endow which 30 mins is more than enough for a lot of Eden board missions
  8. MasterSlayer

    Sempiternal (Social/PvE guild)

    Thanks you everyone who participated in our Odin Temple leveling event, The Gramps Eden Board quest and those who participated for our first Guild Photo you guys are awesome
  9. MasterSlayer

    Adjustment to Eden Hunting for Melee Classes

    one thing i would probably suggest is an board that is in the 79-99 range. i think this may help since if you are unable to solo the 91-99 unless they are in that range other players may not be in the quest range for it. with a range of the exp share range you are probably going to have a higher chance of finding others who may be doing the same quests.
  10. MasterSlayer

    More build choices for Gunslinger

    I agree with a lot of things you say . Tracking needs something going for it to warren such a long cast time . Even if cast was effected by Dex and it had a cooldown period or more hit when using it since it says you take aim . I think Gatling and launchers main problem is the lack of unique ones gravity put in . Not including battleground ones I think there’s only 2 gatlings and 2 launchers over the much bigger list of handguns , rifles and shotguns . If they did go for more slots in a gatling or a Grenade launcher I think it should be on a lower attack Gatling and launcher with a lower level on the weapon . As for the greatest general I think maybe a different effect to make it a little more unique for slinger like a chance of gaining a sphere on a kill with a really low chance of gaining 5 spheres on kill
  11. MasterSlayer

    Sempiternal (Social/PvE guild)

    just sorted out the discord link which was exspired. should be working now
  12. MasterSlayer

    More level 90+ variety in levelling

    There are more than just those 2 places . The reason most people pick those is based on its good exp and loot . Changes to alarms and high orcs and such would make no difference in the grand scheme of things because they do not have the loot side . It’s also because these places are places that priests can damage mobs too with ME . as for a 3rd alternative I like to think nightmare pyramids has become that 3rd popular hotspot . There’s more places than you think you just gotta go explore and try places out .
  13. MasterSlayer

    Event / Contest Idea - Custom Card Art

    i agree with you howrah. alot of the card art for cards we already got are cool. ragnarok cards all experimented with diffrent art styles, from cartoony to realistic and its really nice to see. i want to think they got diffrent people to do diffrent cards based on that alone. i think the only cards i would want to see a contest for are cards currently not implimented or cards which official don't have (moscovia, brasillia and such) . the only exseption to an old card being redesigned i would be down with is andre. or if piere or deniro had seperate cards. idk just seems wierd them dropping andre and the artwork not representing either piere or deniro and only andre
  14. MasterSlayer

    GM-Hosted Minigame Suggestion: The Colour Game

    theres quite a few recoloured hats in some series of headgears like the drooping cat series , mages hats , beanies, and kafra doll hair colours idk there a few i can think of that already have quite a few recoloured options
  15. MasterSlayer

    Event / Contest Idea - Custom Card Art

    doesen't moscovia series of monsters not have any cards in official? idk if youd be up for adding cards in moscovia or not but could have an event for that series of card portraits