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  1. Bump Join the darkside we have cookies !
  2. when i use to pvp long time ago i use to see sinx using a sword on the main hand probably because of the penalty daggers have vs a medium target. swords deal normal damage vs a medium target. otherwise like mentioned LK have a lot of phyical defense with access to armors with 10 def without refine and shield access. i would reccomend trying a sword just for that 25% diffrence alone unless theres something you need dagger in main hand for. because with the high def and resistance to demi human you need all the extra damage you can get and if all those are in play and your dealing 25% less damage because of the dagger it may help boost it more. Soul Breaker is your friend too as if they are wearing elemental armor it will hit them at normal damage no matter as Soul Breaker has no element
  3. come take a vacation on the lovely island of dewata. ruins to see, caves to explore,
  4. You bring a good point about the boots . I had a look at some of the footwear that extended classes can use and yah 3 seems like a good number for it as it’s weaker than boots in def but it does have effects and cars slot too . The guns I really wasn’t sure on effects for them. A lot of the effects I went based on the appearance or the name of the weapon in question . The guns had such silly like +20 dexs chance as well as like 5 other scripts for boosts . So it was kind of a clean slate to work with these guns excluding the soul strike rifle that sounded pretty interesting . But if they seem bit too powerful less effects , weaker effects or less atk to go with them would work too . Gatling and grenade launcher are weaker than both in its category cuz no 2 slot gatling or grenade launcher and the others I went for either above or below the 2 slot guns but not by a large margin
  5. So today i was looking at some revolvers and i came across crimson rose revolvers and saw it was apart of a set with the Ancient Hero Boots . so i had a look further and saw all the set boosts these boots gave mainly for the Gunslinger and Ninja lines and though hmm wonder if this would make a good pair of shoes for a quest as well as the other items for Gunslinger and Ninjas to aim for? So alot of the stuff atm is stupidly overpowered atm and would need alot of finetuning to make it fit more in with talonRO. i havent included any effect of the old stats because its liturally that powerful that i mentioned instead ideas of what the guns could have. Ancient Boots The Boots could be a Extended Class and baby class only pair of boots that are made though a quest revolving a scholar wanting to recreate the boots of the Anceint Hero (and secretly wanting to summon the hero) . you would start by gathering items to create the boots (things like a boot[1] or greaves [1] for the base of the boots then particle of lights and blue bijous for the aura on the pic , gold or emp as it got gold trimming , chilvary elmblems, heroic emblems and other heroic items as they are based on a ancient hero) . The scholar will then ask you to visit a blacksmith to get the boots created. the blacksmith will then ask for some materials to work with (an anvil , an hammer of blacksmith , eluminum ,star dust and star crust ) he will ask you to wait while he created the boots. once the boots are created you return to the scholar who will be stumped as to why the hero was not summoned. the scholar will say the boots are currently not ready and require the player to prove that they are an hero by sending them to kill some undead and demon type mobs. once the player returns the scholar will say to place the boots on the ground and the hero will spawn. however he is currently aggresive and out of control (what the player finds out later is he is under a curse casted before his demise) . the player and possibly a party then must fight the Ancient Hero until his health hits a certain amount which he will then go passive. the scholar and the player will then talk to the hero and as he fades he bestows the player the ancient heroes soul. after speaking to the scholar about what happened they will say the soul is the final ingredient to finishing the boots but that they feel the player should be given them for not only gathering the items and defeating the monster but by putting the ancient hero to rest peacefully . As for the boots themselves the effects they could have is a def of 5 or 6, + amount of HP and + amount of SP working more on a additional boost to these stats as opposed to a % boost. or they could go down the + amount of hp per base level + amount of sp per job level route and if class is not gunslinger or ninja they gain another effect of having a chance of boosting def and mdef by a small amount for 5-10 seconds when hit, the boots could also have enchant effects to either boost the users phyical attack (+5 or +10?) , magical attack (+5 or +10?) or both at a smaller value (+3 or +5 on each) . along with ninja weapons and gunslinger weapon set bonuses idk if there would be enough scripts to be able to do so much though even with iduna idk how much script room such would take with 8 set bonuses the boots has too with the 3 ninja weapons and 5 gunslinger weapons Ninja Weapons There are 3 weapons that the boots have a set bonus with the Kiri no Tsuyu , the Surudoi Kaze and the Huuma Shuriken Clearness. The way i see these 3 weapons is Kiri no Tsuyu could be a phyical ninja weapon, Surudoi Kaze could be a magical ninja weapon and the Huuma Shuriken Clearness being a throwing boost (like kunais damage, shiruken damage ext). Since ninja has a SQI these weapons should be weaker but still a good option for a ninja before SQI . the Ninja weapons could be MVP drops authough they could be quest makable too. Huuma Shuriken Clearness could have about 140 attack (all weapons have 2 slots so i feel they should be weaker than the best of the best its 100 less than SQI and less than the Blaze Shiruken but it does have slots to work with and set bonus). on its own it could just have 140 attack and boost dex or str by 1. but with the Boots too it could boost the skills Throw Shuriken, Throw Kunai and Throw Huuma Shuriken by a %. Drop of Incantation Samurai possibly? Kiri no Tsuyu and Surudoi Kaze are polar oppersites. Kiri being a Phyical based knife boosting attack of 145 and boosting perfect dodge by 5 . set boost gives access to level x amount of double attack or if not double attack could boost crit rate and damage? and a small attack speed boost , Surudoi being more magical having much less phyical attack like i feel 20 or 30? but it has a 10% matk boost, With the boots it give access to level 3 earth spike? or it could give a chance to increse matk by a additional value when casting a spell for a few seconds? or boost mdef? im not sure on this one. Kiri could be dropped by Egnigem and Surudoi by Doppel? again only guesses on the bosses that could drop Gunslinger Weapons There are 5 Gunslinger weapons that the boots has a set bonus with and theres 1 type of each, Crimson Rose Revolver, Master Soul Rifle , Demon Slayer Shotgun , Golden Lord Launcher and The Black for Gatling Gun. These guns i feel would work for being made by 5 gunsmiths scattered around RO . The type of gun determining the location (like the Demon Slayer Shotgun the NPC being located in a dark place) all guns could have a base requirement (for exsample all guns requireing rusty screws, steel, iron, cogs, used iron plates ext before the 2nd part of the gun making quest) and all guns require normal gun stats (like shotgun have spread shot or revolvers having a penalty to hit) Crimson Rose is a handgun and like all revolvers will start with a -10 hit. Attack wise i would say about 65-70. just for a little bit of fun to go with the rose effect it could have wink of charm too . when the boots are equipped it has a small chance to confuse enemies in a small radious , boost attack speed a little bit and loses its -10 hit effect. Items linked to making this gun i could see would be roses (like witherless, frozen rose, wilted flowers, elder branches , green bijou and maybe Rose Quartz and Pyroexen) Next we have the Master Soul Rifle. now this one i feel should actually have around 120 attack far from the best damaging rifle and have the +10 hit and +10 crit chance but also has a small boost to crit damage. however when you wear the boots the user can auto cast and enables the use of level X soul strike but it comes at a higher SP cost if you cast it. it also boost the gunslingers MATK by a % . working as more of a autocast and magical based weapon than pure attack. Items links to this would be items like partical of light, crystal fragments (emulate a scope) , Star crumbs , Holy Water , Soul Strike Scrolls , Holy Marbles , Angel Magic Power and maybe Muscovite and Agate The Demon Slayer Shotgun really speaks to me what it wants to be and in appearence. Attack wise around 140? , this shotgun has a -10/-20 hit but it does more damage to demons and undead mobs by % . However with the boots the shotgun gains a small chance to drain 1% of HP when attacking going for a more survival based weapon that works more effectively against the legions of the undead . Items links to this item would be items like Runes of Darkness, Bloody Runes , Contract In Shadows and maybed the Mother Nightmare and such? The Golden Lord Launcher is very diffrent from most Grenade Launchers and most weapons on this list. it has a attack of 150 the lowest of the grenade launchers in this game. well no grenade launcher has more than 2 slots so unless it got reduced to 1 it should be the weakest in terms of damage. however the Golden Lord Launcher goes for a defensive approtch boosting MDEF and HP by a additional amount . With the boots it has a chance to reflect single cast magic back at a % making it a more defensive weapon than a offensive . Itmes linked to this would be Gold, Emperium, Elunium, Golden Feathers and such Finally The Black for the Gatling Gun. maybe something between 30-50? low attack yes but also 2 slots remember no other gatling gun has that . with the boots it boosts madness canceller making every shot have a chance to push back a enemy by 1 cell going for a more stand your ground while under madness and gatling fever sort of approtch. i wouldent know what items to link it with really. probably in terms of the stones maybe peridot and turquoise? im not sure all these effects are just ideas some may sound OP while others may not sound useful at all. main thing i was thinking of is the set of boots that extended classes could use and with all the weapons weapons that are linked with those boots. having a quest to obtain the boots. and either quests/MVP drops for the guns and ninja weapons
  6. im usually on later like 9-10pm server time though later to the night due to my work pattern but i do make suprise visits on my day off too during the day
  7. With regards of the extra 5 lines of scripts . Will it be used with the SQI revamp? With regards of potential of more enchants and such do you mean like for example having a pair of boots and being able to put extra agility on them?
  8. i remember seeing once renewal mechanics for mob types like ringleaders (spawns 2 lesser versions of it) , swift ,solid ,elusive and such versions of mobs which about 2 spawn on a map every 5 minutes. prehaps these stronger mobs could only spawn during night (automatically die with no drops during day) . they are simular to normal mobs but have higher stats but also provide more exp (a solid yoyo provides 3x more exp but also has 8k hp) . if all these mobs were made passive unless attacked there probably would not be many issues with night being too hard for players and be more of a challenge if people wanted to take it.
  9. so i set a bunch of passwords tried out !security and kafra passwords and such but i saw that there was no security (i know you give permission for the storage) for the guild storage like password or !security block. you can still take things out of guild storage but cant put items in . is there anyway that a password for the guild storage or if it can be linked to the players kafra password to access it simular to the bank or for !security to block taking items out of the guild storage too?
  10. MasterSlayer

    MVP Defense

    First i want to say this halloween event has been an fun event and i am enjoying it. but theres 1 event that just seems like it could use a bit of a rework which is the MVP Defense event so some of the current main issues i see with the event currently is the people whos main role in the event is defense such as HPs really don't benefit much from the event as the time the chests start spawning for them they have to be healing the MVP and supporting where as the only thing the offensive side of the game can do during the defensive side is hunt chests. Ice Wall is another thing i feel is a bit much more so in peoples spawn areas along those narrow spots or boxing it in those spots. I feel an unpassable barricade at the end of the narrow passage way (to get in talk to the barricade or an npc) would help with the whole ice walling people in or the MVP in. it just seems more of a cheap move IMO than strategy and it would give an *SAFE* area for each team this way With regards to the Defense and Offensive part i feel maybe one way to tackle that would be to have both the offensive and defensive part fo the game at the same time. with both MVPs spawning in the corners away from the player (in the case of current map one to the top right and one to the bottom left) players then enter the map (if using barricade method from above talking to npc/barricade to enter) and then it would be a race. who can defeat the enemy MVP first while keeping their own MVP alive. Once one of the MVPs are killed all players on the losing team are teleported to their safe area (idk how possibly this is) and all dead players on the enemy team are ressed and teleported to safe area. at this point warping back into the main area is disabled (both to prevent enemy team from coming in and to stop winning teams AFKers from leaving the safe zone just to get loot) The winning team then has some chests spawn and they have a small amount of time before the next round to attack the chests (prehaps also instead of breaking them you talk to them to open them or maybe theres a chest that spawns that everyone can interact with which has random chance of giving tickets and gives points? or could work like BJ/GTN where after enough rounds won you are rewarded?) . after that time has passed the remaining team is warped back to safe zone and then after 10 seconds or 20 seconds the next round starts and it repeats. This i feel would help reward all those who participate in the event get a chance to be rewarded (HPs could go chase after chests but then there would be less people to help keep the MVP alive) and reward both playstyles and stop one from having less to do during the swap between offensive and defensive as these roles will always be in play and needed. Maybe for a bit of fun there could be power up or debuff boxes scattered across the map while both sides are fighting to even reward a new sort of style scouting. These boxes when killed could have diffrent effects such as putting ankle traps (mob version so players can get caught in them) on the enemy side of the map or spawn a few monsters to help protect the MVP and such. i know people say there aint a lot of strategy (why most people dont want ice wall banned from it for exsample) so im wondering if having a sytsem like that on the mapwould a good way to add a layer of strategy into it? Last thing is like hunting i really feel there should be an Unres/Vanilla version of this event. That or the MVP needs a bit of change as it seems just too easy for people to be able to tank it. with the diffrent versions should be a harder MVP and it would help newer players with a vanilla version have more of a chance. This is mainly a suggestion if the event is used Next Year.
  11. thats the part im not sure on. im not sure what the names and such of the costumes are. i didnt participate in last years halloween and could not find a guide of last years
  12. is there any place i can find out what the costumes were in 2017? iv looked on the forums and i could not find any info on the costumes of 2017 so im debating if to stick with the 2018 costumes still or to try for the 2017 ones
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