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  1. Would garm work twice ? I mean wouldn’t you require 2 garm cards to have the 30% twice on the game baby cards ?
  2. 1 suggestion I would like to make for next year is a change in the way the players are chosen for houses . From what I. Have seen from the tips he said that it is only random if 2 people choose the same school . This means with proper coordination certain schools can grow to much larger numbers . I personally feel that this number should be reduced to it being random if 1 person chooses said school or even random just with the chance of being given that school being higher if chosen to help even the player base on all 4 sides . Maybe another way would be to give an incentive for players to pick the randomly chosen option like a costume or a pet for choosing to be put in a random school
  3. You could make the advanced fin helm mid headgear . It gives 600 odd hp when your max level
  4. People will return . prehaps many have taken this time to take a break as Christmas is approaching soon and it’s a pretty hectic time of year for organisation or having to take extra shifts at jobs one of the main issues I seem to hear about at the moment would be SQI uncertainty. People I don’t feel are farming for SQI items. If you are a newer player or player without access to Valhalla you would be concerned that if you got everything prepped and when they get access to make it all the items could change and they would be back to square one . Their only other option would be to buy it off another player however with the souls slowly getting used to make SQIs the price keeps rising as eventually there won’t be many souls . I know that prehaps maybe not everything for the SQI change is set in stone but I’m wondering if maybe having a Q and A on SQI revamp may help with some people’s concerns and maybe even get them prepping up
  5. I would agree I wouldn’t go for SQIs atm unless you have Valhalla access . It’s only going to get more expensive as souls get more in demand to make them . I was lucky to have access and made my staff of magi recently . It is cheaper to make the SQIs yourself and feels a bit more of an achievement to raw money grinding . Iv done this with bris twice and staff of magi authough I did buy my Artemis clean . the main thing about the daily quest is I would not save it up for a SQI . Best to save that sort of money on smaller upgrades needed like MVP cards . It still will take time but it does help usually my trick is I set up my shops while playing other games . But my farming methods are different from others as I don’t raw zeny farm for variety
  6. So your complaining that you haven’t got end game gear . But your not even gonna to work towards them because it takes too long ? i am going to guess you don’t play many RPGs or MMOs on low rates then because it’s usual for these sort of games to have grinding . And for some they do have end game equipment that take hours and hours 250m though assumes you are just going to buy a SQI and not just make it yourself . While all of them have a fixed 120m price tag to make them they all varied in price . If you can collect the items now the only thing I may agree with is seals before hand I felt was a bit restricted . A lot of classes I felt got a bit left out of seals . I am kind of hoping that With the rework we will see it possible for most classes to attend or complete the seals even if it’s made longer , requiring more work , more items or time to complete . Maybe like a mix of kaho and sign quest but longer and maybe more boss fights in between the daily quest is already an improvement over voting . It takes hardly any time at all and even someone who lacks gear can do it . In record time too . A lot of us didn’t vote multiple times a day so for those of us this is much better system
  7. There’s lots of places to farm that don’t require end game gear though that can make you a good amount of money . If you need exp fast your better off waiting for a good gramps like Odin to appear and do as many as you can . Eden board can also help as both these give bronze coins . You can always then use that to rent a strong weapon on something like a sniper , LK or thief line to help out .
  8. Iv been brainstorming some ideas for titles and ways to obtain them Eden Group Titles Obtain method - though Eden quests EG Initiate - sign the contract in the Eden group EG Veteran - complete 100 Eden group contracts or gramps EG Champion - complete 1000 Eden group contracts or gramps MVP and Mini Boss Titles Obtain Method - usable item dropped by a boss (like a title deed sort of thing ) Few Examples Moonlight title from Moonlight Flower Of Death from Lord Of Death Goblin from Goblin Leader Golden from Golden Thief Bug Event Titles Obtained Method - Misc item that’s account bound which gives title when in inventory rewarded from events Using Halloween as an examples the 13 Special honorary students could obtain a misc item to give them a title only obtainable by the 13 players
  9. MasterSlayer

    Event Item Machine

    If disappearing do you mean like once unlocked 20 items say I had unlocked puppy ears 2 years ago would that disappear after 20 more costumes unlocked or do you mean no new costumes showing up after 20? Idk if adding a option like clicking on a option that then loads 10-20 costumes to prevent the 20 limit would help prehaps by unlock year like 3 tabs a 2017, 2018 and 2019 tab with all costumes initially unlocked in the corrisponding tab or to have them as collection sets like collection set 1 having Halloween costumes while collection set 2 having Christmas costumes only other thing I could think of is to have a vending machine room with separate vending machines in it which correspond to a year or set or items or pet eggs
  10. The monster miming has a lightning bolt version . Don’t think you can buy this card from the TC shop though not sure but you can find miming by warping to mora and exiting the top left warp . I will warn you it is not a easy place I been there a few times for Eden board missions for miming and little fatum
  11. I want to thank the GMs for all their hard work on iduna . what people need to remember is we are in November . I imagine the GMs have their hands full atm with making sure Halloween is coming out smoothly and fixing when needed , probably looking into thanks giving and of course Christmas with these being some of the bigger events and of course all on a new engine where possibly old scripts or coding may need replacing or rework .
  12. If you truely want to punish a kser simply make it so they can’t pick up loot if they keep ksing
  13. I totally like the idea of gramps in places like Manuk fields , port Malaya and such . I feel 2 of the current gramps may need to be looked at Thanatos Towers gramps I feel the elder and owl baron would work better as an intense gramps due to the amount needed for normal gramps . Owl baron Is not as bad as there about 40 but only every 5-7 minutes but elders there’s only 20 total . Would it be possible to have Thanatos split into possibly upper and lower levels with lower levels being normal with deathward , ancient mimic and owl duke in the chance while upper level being owl baron and elder ? Scaraba intense gramps seems a great idea but I feel it kills the momentum of gramps due to the dungeon access requirement taking a long long quest chain in a harder area to gain access . The way I could see it being more open to more players would be to have an item in the Eden badge shop that allows entrance into scaraba for 24 hours for a price of Eden tokens Another place I could think of is Bifrost Bridge (Intense) - Miming , Little Fatum , Cornus and Luciola Vespa
  14. MasterSlayer


    The only way I could think of which the summer suit could be perma would be to have an infinity use version . It would have to be made as a use item that does not disappear just has the same duration as a suit but re usable .
  15. We are still around . Just haven’t been too active on the forums recently . Sempi DG Gramps from the 3rd of October 2019
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