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  1. MasterSlayer

    Community has become very stale and lazy.

    When i came back to TRO i was indeed a solo player. until about april when i became a guild leader. i sometimes sit around yes i am guilty of that usually i do it when chatting to guildies. i recruit all skill levels from someone who just started to someone who may of been playing for a year to someone who played since it opened up. either way i take all levels on and i try my best to share my knowledge with them (and if its a field of knowledge i aint so familiar in such as HP i rarely play as HP for exsample i direct them to someone who can advise them properly or guides) . il run them through biblian 5 to get their eden gears if they need help. i don't believe in leeching new players for say because i like for them to experience their class so instead i usually host parties in dungeons and gramps during the week to allow them to get envolved and get some exp and some items (party share) while getting to learn their class at the same time. i am a very guild home person though so i don't usually do as much outside the guild (if someone happens to ask for help or looks like they need help il go help so long as i havent got any plans or anything going on) . so i do try my best to help the new players to the game it just happens to be more in the walls of the guild and see less of it from outside perspective. End game does take a long time to get to. this is why i agreed to instance more so getting better drop rates in stuff like bungungot and such. for exsample that shield i mentioned. never will beat valk shield even if you happened to get it +10. but more of them around because people WANT to do it would cause a circle. this would actually have a more benefitual effect for a new player. if the drop was good enough for people to do it the shield would go more into circulation and who knows may sell for a reasonable price for a new player to buy and have a nice shield that even if they get to +4 gives a bit of resistance to bosses? yah i may of been talking from an end game view but again not all these instances are made just for end game / SQI only instances.
  2. MasterSlayer

    Community has become very stale and lazy.

    Agreed or even if the instances just had more going for it or even less grinding to get things in them . The gear from port for exsample have such low drops rates go long cooldown it’s not even worth putting those into it despite making somewhat useful items (shield is nice on high refine but still no better vs a Valkyrie ) . Mala dungeon not only required an item to enter but only gives enchant coins . Easily gotten with taloncoins . OGH has some interesting cards but takes so long to get and doesent offer a huge load of extra in other drops in terms of mob and boss drops . Compared to ET and GMC it’s just comes across as either too Grindy or too unprofitable to make many of the instances worth doing . I just feel the instances could use a bit of reviving really and I know findings the balance for these takes time and such but more things to do will help
  3. MasterSlayer

    MVP Defense

    First i want to say this halloween event has been an fun event and i am enjoying it. but theres 1 event that just seems like it could use a bit of a rework which is the MVP Defense event so some of the current main issues i see with the event currently is the people whos main role in the event is defense such as HPs really don't benefit much from the event as the time the chests start spawning for them they have to be healing the MVP and supporting where as the only thing the offensive side of the game can do during the defensive side is hunt chests. Ice Wall is another thing i feel is a bit much more so in peoples spawn areas along those narrow spots or boxing it in those spots. I feel an unpassable barricade at the end of the narrow passage way (to get in talk to the barricade or an npc) would help with the whole ice walling people in or the MVP in. it just seems more of a cheap move IMO than strategy and it would give an *SAFE* area for each team this way With regards to the Defense and Offensive part i feel maybe one way to tackle that would be to have both the offensive and defensive part fo the game at the same time. with both MVPs spawning in the corners away from the player (in the case of current map one to the top right and one to the bottom left) players then enter the map (if using barricade method from above talking to npc/barricade to enter) and then it would be a race. who can defeat the enemy MVP first while keeping their own MVP alive. Once one of the MVPs are killed all players on the losing team are teleported to their safe area (idk how possibly this is) and all dead players on the enemy team are ressed and teleported to safe area. at this point warping back into the main area is disabled (both to prevent enemy team from coming in and to stop winning teams AFKers from leaving the safe zone just to get loot) The winning team then has some chests spawn and they have a small amount of time before the next round to attack the chests (prehaps also instead of breaking them you talk to them to open them or maybe theres a chest that spawns that everyone can interact with which has random chance of giving tickets and gives points? or could work like BJ/GTN where after enough rounds won you are rewarded?) . after that time has passed the remaining team is warped back to safe zone and then after 10 seconds or 20 seconds the next round starts and it repeats. This i feel would help reward all those who participate in the event get a chance to be rewarded (HPs could go chase after chests but then there would be less people to help keep the MVP alive) and reward both playstyles and stop one from having less to do during the swap between offensive and defensive as these roles will always be in play and needed. Maybe for a bit of fun there could be power up or debuff boxes scattered across the map while both sides are fighting to even reward a new sort of style scouting. These boxes when killed could have diffrent effects such as putting ankle traps (mob version so players can get caught in them) on the enemy side of the map or spawn a few monsters to help protect the MVP and such. i know people say there aint a lot of strategy (why most people dont want ice wall banned from it for exsample) so im wondering if having a sytsem like that on the mapwould a good way to add a layer of strategy into it? Last thing is like hunting i really feel there should be an Unres/Vanilla version of this event. That or the MVP needs a bit of change as it seems just too easy for people to be able to tank it. with the diffrent versions should be a harder MVP and it would help newer players with a vanilla version have more of a chance. This is mainly a suggestion if the event is used Next Year.
  4. MasterSlayer

    Halloween | Melodia Haunted Festival

    oh ic. thank you
  5. MasterSlayer

    Halloween | Melodia Haunted Festival

    thats the part im not sure on. im not sure what the names and such of the costumes are. i didnt participate in last years halloween and could not find a guide of last years
  6. MasterSlayer

    Halloween | Melodia Haunted Festival

    is there any place i can find out what the costumes were in 2017? iv looked on the forums and i could not find any info on the costumes of 2017 so im debating if to stick with the 2018 costumes still or to try for the 2017 ones
  7. MasterSlayer

    Sempiternal (Social/PvE guild)

    Updated Discord Link it expired it seemed
  8. MasterSlayer

    Sempiternal (Social/PvE guild)

    but the dead lion costume looks like lion king lol
  9. MasterSlayer

    Halloween | Melodia Haunted Festival

    Perhaps if dealer gets 21?
  10. MasterSlayer

    Community has become very stale and lazy.

    The main reason the economy (which use to be really strong wouldent say so much now) is down to most people having made a lot of it already . With the exception of events there haven’t been too many item sinks (or at least many know about) . You’d be surprise how many people don’t know they can trade in misc junk that they npc for silvervine fruit if they have done 50 Eden missions . MOTM is by far the biggest economy killer . Once it hits that’s region those items become extremely common and thus unless a rare drop can go down in value for months to even never recovering . Which then becomes another area hit serverly to farmers . A 5k item dropping to 1k can really sway a mind . Yah I get that it’s never gonna be as strong of a farming spot than the big 3 spots but it was a change of scenery . Something diffrent to fight . Nowadays it’s all about the rare 0.03% drop farming which can be very off putting if unlucky or the big 3 . The days of having a more reliable source per kill seem to not be there at the moment
  11. MasterSlayer

    Sempiternal (Social/PvE guild)

    Happy late halloween
  12. MasterSlayer

    Community has become very stale and lazy.

    i couldent agree more. The nerfs hit the end game hard. Bragi nerf because of sniper being able to spam sharp shooter killed half a dozen (bard,dancer,LK, Prof, SinXeven gunslinger you could argue with their long cooldowns) and hurt them more than that 1 class. i see why they did the nerf but prehaps if certain skills are doing so much more damage then have a fixed cooldown on such skills (like sharp shooters being the same amount of cast delay as a sniping suit) its not like theres much in the way of aftercast reduction in the game so not many would need to be set . same with DEF nerf. it would of only been because of a few people who managed such high defense but now the only tank is Champ because of the nerf. again i see the reason to nerf it but it could of been nerfed in such a way it doesent hit all the other classes. Like with bragi gone bard is gone, with bard gone dancer is gone (their buff songs just don't do enough for them to warrent) . Prof was replaced by Grapes and since they can't damage (ever seen how useless elemental bolts are on shadow and holy mobs? let alone the long cooldown on bolts?) they are gone , LK and SinX both suffer from aggro issues and range issues (as well as long cooldowns compared to the main DPS's) and the fact they relie on much more of a balanced stat pool (very rarely has instant cast) are gone. Stalker just can't compete with snipers DPS so they are gone. Extended classes are well extended classes. doesent really leave much to play though end game wise and i get that all classes should not be power houses and such but they should at least be in a much better position. The long cooldowns on the melee skills and prof bolts are fine in a pvp enviroment but in a pve enviroment just kill them like the nerf did with their damage even with less cast delay and cast time. issue is with the time issue what if someone new plays the server. they played other servers where other classes have more use and they rebirth and get to the point they feel they can join in end game. how do you think it must feel for them to be told their class is useless and not worth taking and that they should make another class and gear it all up again. really would put some players off.
  13. MasterSlayer

    Community has become very stale and lazy.

    I can say there is a mix of new players to RO and old veteran players who have played since even before Thor was released. That much i know from the talks iv had with people when iv been recruiting new members. But like razor said above they don't usually stay very long unless they are determined to aim higher. i don't think its SQI then quit becuase i don't think many of those players even reach that point. i feel one of the problems really lies in the economy. over the past months there has been an massively increase to items getting very low in price. alot of these items would of been a nice little earner for many new players but now is just not worth them doing . the wishlist i find just helps the big buisnesses just stay big by notifieing them of any prices and by undercutting anyone who even trys selling an item. The economy becoming what it is now compared to what it was like about a year ago has really killed diffrent methods of farming and thus people are left with sleepers, mavka and geffina instead of the huge world this game use to offer with that kind of economy. i know theres stuff like glove farming and such as well but alot of these items effected were common so it didnt relie all on RNG luck.
  14. MasterSlayer

    Sempiternal (Social/PvE guild)

    Bump. looking foward to hosting more next week
  15. MasterSlayer

    Sempiternal (Social/PvE guild)

    updated the description of the guild and updated the discord link and such.