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  1. revanche13

    B< Tarou Card / Ring [0]

    Dropped by isilla on Rachel Sanctuary. You'll have to do the quest to gain entrance. https://wiki.talonro.com/Rachel_Sanctuary_Entrance_Quest
  2. revanche13

    T> Bris [Ifrit] to your Meg + Zenny

  3. revanche13

    Lion Egg, Pets, Costumes and some Gears

  4. revanche13

    Lion Egg, Pets, Costumes and some Gears

    Pets (loyal xept for Lion) Lion Golem Loli Ruri Zherlthsh (this spelling >.>) Imp Toucan Miyabi Marionette Succubus Thanatos Dolor Costumes (zenny or to other costumes) Tail Hat Seraph Wing Helm Seraphim Coronet Survival Orb There is Something Two Tone Beret Gears Eversong [Lady Tanee] Valk Helm [1] Valk Shield [Tirfing] trade to Valk Shield [1] + Z? Fire Armor Dex+2 [RSX] +6 Stone Buckler [GTB] Bradium Brooch [Siroma] x2 Leave IGN, I'll pm you when I go online since I switch between characters a lot.
  5. revanche13

    T> Bris [Ifrit] to your Meg + Zenny

    PM me if you have one and leave IGN. I'll contact you when I'm online.
  6. revanche13

    S> Magi

    Magi with DD + Centipede card (don't ask why! IDK either..I just got back from 4yr hiatus and this might have been from trade) Leave offers pls.
  7. revanche13

    B: Meginjard

    Leave IGN and price thanks.
  8. revanche13

    Geffenia HP

    Oh? I tried HP ME/HP Joker and definitely made 40% more cash with steal. With 140+ dex its almost same as a LvL10 Steal w/o dex. Well its up to you anyways. It all boils down on your game style. :
  9. revanche13

    Geffenia HP

    You're farmer's pretty much set. Another suggestion is Spiritual Ring + Divine Cross combo, then just wear a Joker Accessory (Use Lvl1 Steal). Just steal on Succu/Incu while on ME and dont worry too much about not getting IC. You already got Missy Mid, so just spam safety wall to cast ME. This way you wont get flamed by people due to mobbing and definitely MORE cash acquired compared to mob version. Just a bit of practice and you'll be at the same lvl as those SinX/Stalker farming there.
  10. revanche13

    Upgrade Value Calculator

    Legend. Thumbs up for this
  11. revanche13

    What Are You Listening To?

    annamolly - incubus