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  1. revanche13

    Cassidy's Guide - How to level fast a Lowbie

    Alternatively go outside Ice Dungeon and kill plants there, the dont move. I remember years ago I used to hire the swordie class merc with spiral pierce (?) and kill Anubis. You'll have to buy a few merc potions so they dont die easily.
  2. revanche13

    Help geffenia

    You know what, Geffenia is currently too CROWDED! Even if you're using the right techniques and has the gears to support it you'll be lucky to make 4m/hr when there are 30 other farmers in the map.. The slight variations of your Mid-gear carding wont make too much of a difference. When I see that there are so many SL parked at gef fountain, I wont farm there most of the time. Still @3m/hr it still is one of the best maps to farm raw zenny.
  3. revanche13

    Ultimate Magic Ninja Guide

    If you're bored with GH maps you can also do anywhere where a fire-wall mage works. That means almost any map where monsters wont go past Crimson Fire Formation (works like firewall except BETTER).
  4. revanche13

    Christmas | Holiday Celebration Event!

    Very happy to have read this. I gathered on xmas event costumes but across different accounts. =)
  5. revanche13

    Ragnarok UI themes and aura skins

    Wow... been playing for years and didn't know about these. thanks!! cant wait to go home and setup. haha
  6. revanche13

    TalonRO's Winter Lottery

    28! IGN: Ylamor
  7. revanche13

    Special Event | Black Friday Weekend

    Loved this event, managed to grab one of the costumes that I wanted. Doesn't matter that it's account bound, its way under the price you'd spend for the tradeable one anyways. I may actually regret not buying more XD. How often does this event happen - I know its black-friday so once a year? I've been on hiatus for a very long time.
  8. revanche13

    B< Tarou Card / Ring [0]

    Dropped by isilla on Rachel Sanctuary. You'll have to do the quest to gain entrance. https://wiki.talonro.com/Rachel_Sanctuary_Entrance_Quest
  9. revanche13

    T> Bris [Ifrit] to your Meg + Zenny

  10. revanche13

    Lion Egg, Pets, Costumes and some Gears

  11. revanche13

    Lion Egg, Pets, Costumes and some Gears

    Pets (loyal xept for Lion) Lion Golem Loli Ruri Zherlthsh (this spelling >.>) Imp Toucan Miyabi Marionette Succubus Thanatos Dolor Costumes (zenny or to other costumes) Tail Hat Seraph Wing Helm Seraphim Coronet Survival Orb There is Something Two Tone Beret Gears Eversong [Lady Tanee] Valk Helm [1] Valk Shield [Tirfing] trade to Valk Shield [1] + Z? Fire Armor Dex+2 [RSX] +6 Stone Buckler [GTB] Bradium Brooch [Siroma] x2 Leave IGN, I'll pm you when I go online since I switch between characters a lot.
  12. revanche13

    T> Bris [Ifrit] to your Meg + Zenny

    PM me if you have one and leave IGN. I'll contact you when I'm online.
  13. revanche13

    S> Magi

    Magi with DD + Centipede card (don't ask why! IDK either..I just got back from 4yr hiatus and this might have been from trade) Leave offers pls.
  14. revanche13

    B: Meginjard

    Leave IGN and price thanks.
  15. revanche13

    Geffenia HP

    Oh? I tried HP ME/HP Joker and definitely made 40% more cash with steal. With 140+ dex its almost same as a LvL10 Steal w/o dex. Well its up to you anyways. It all boils down on your game style. :