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  1. Iela

    CH (Coming Hsoon™ ;D)

  2. Waitlist me too pls :>
  3. Iela

    █ SLOW █ ✿ Ardinda's (C)art

    Nice sexy shaven armpit jess. Wonderful work fumi
  4. Iela

    █ SLOW █ ✿ Ardinda's (C)art

    Hello, I haven't been checking art corner for awhile and I just had to ask my friend who drew his discord avatar when I saw it. I really love all your work C-can I be put on the waitlist if it's not too much to ask for? Thank you.
  5. Iela

    Lewd [Social ★ PvM]

    Lots of space in my pants for you :^]
  6. Iela

    Calibre [PvM/MvP/Social] - Recruitment closed

    R we social now? As a shut-in I'm triggered *leaves guild*
  7. Iela

    Sherwood Stalker: TTTh vs TTT

    Ello. 1. Speaking from experience the BB damage calculation esp for stalker is really inaccurate. 2. Also speaking from experience, I tried really hard to make 2 hit BB for geffe (my first sherwood was TTT) and no matter what I do (+bless +dex food to 170+ dex, unnerfed mystel+bk, +atk pet) I wasn't able to 2 hit. Others are free to chime in but that's my findings on the matter almost 2 years back. Hope that helps.
  8. Iela

    S>Calibre Seal Services [CLOSED]

    Heard these guys are good (and have pretty sprites).
  9. Iela

    Winter Scarves Quest 2017

    This is probably a very late reply but in case anyone still needs the id for whatever reasons: ____________________________ 20752 - Straight Winter Scarf Indigo 20753 - Straight Winter Scarf Jetblack 20754 - Straight Winter Scarf Rainforest 20755 - Straight Winter Scarf Mocha 20756 - Straight Winter Scarf Gold 20757 - Straight Winter Scarf Lilac 20758 - Striped Winter Scarf Indigo 20759 - Striped Winter Scarf Mocha 20760 - Striped Winter Scarf Gold 20761 - Striped Winter Scarf Green 20762 - Striped Winter Scarf Rose
  10. Iela

    Winter Scarves Quest 2017

    Updated. Thanks to everyone who contributed :>
  11. Iela

    Winter Scarves Quest 2017

    You know what to do.
  12. Iela

    About brewing / potion making

    .5 make_per = pc_checkskill(sd,AM_LEARNINGPOTION)*50 + pc_checkskill(sd,AM_PHARMACY)*300 + sd->status.job_level*20 + (status->int_/2)*10 + status->dex*10+status->luk*10; if (hom_is_active(sd->hd)) {//Player got a homun int skill; if ((skill = hom_checkskill(sd->hd,HVAN_INSTRUCT)) > 0) //His homun is a vanil with instruction change make_per += skill*100; //+1% bonus per level } Source: https://github.com/eathena/eathena/blob/master/src/map/skill.c