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  1. Hi, Just wanna chime in since people are talking about the subject. Not gonna talk about bias, favoritism, capitalism, etc. In my view this problem occurs mostly because of the voting system in itself is not robust. For such competition that the entries are judge subjectively, an all-or-nothing system is not something that should be used. It has a lot of flaws, and the end winners might be upsetting for others, as a difference of one vote (especially when there are so few judges) makes a lot of difference. Not sure how the GMs voted but I just assumed that's how it was done (correct me if I'm wrong). In my opinion a point based voting system with weighted criterias is more robust and fair to all person involved. There's just no way for emotion, bias, favoritism to interfere when there's a guideline. To illustrate my point, I've made a spreadsheet (à l’arrache) as can be seen below: Hope such system (if not already) is implemented for future competitions. Cheers.
  2. Hi, can join? xd I'm already TT'ing.
  3. hello boss lela please help me for making artemis, i complete 4 seal, i have all ingredients for artemism, my problem is where i can make artemis in valhalla im level 93

  4. Nice sexy shaven armpit jess. Wonderful work fumi
  5. Hello, I haven't been checking art corner for awhile and I just had to ask my friend who drew his discord avatar when I saw it. I really love all your work C-can I be put on the waitlist if it's not too much to ask for? Thank you.
  6. Wish7

    hiiiiiiiiiiiii i poked u in discord asking permission for the Ro bot :3

    i need the bot in my discord serverssssss can you help?

    1. Wish7



      reply meeee

    2. Iela


      Didn't I add you on discord already /hmm 

  7. Iela

    Lewd [Social ★ PvM]

    Lots of space in my pants for you :^]
  8. R we social now? As a shut-in I'm triggered *leaves guild*
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