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  1. Iela

    Calibre [PvM/MvP/Social] - Recruitment closed

    Hi, can join? xd I'm already TT'ing.
  2. Iela

    Discord bot and GMC tracker

    Hello. I decided to no longer post any updates here, and will instead move to my own discord server. You can find it using the !help command on my bot. If you aren't even connected to the bot in anyways on discord, feel free to pm me on discord Iela#4675 or here for the invite link. I'm also opening up the signups commands to the public. The only caveat is that you must join my discord server and ask me there so I can approve your server first. c: Also worked on some new feature (that I bet will be super helpful), as always join the server if you want to know what it is. See ya there. o7
  3. Iela

    Discord bot and GMC tracker

    Ay I'm back again with more updates. But please read the note first. Important note: I keep getting error messages from my bot as people fail to trigger a command due to lacking permission. If you ever get an error: FORBIDDEN (status code: 403): Missing Permissions that means that the bot lacks a permission (duh), and it might be the below permissions, and I'll try my best to explain why the bot needs it to function. Permissions needed: Embed Link: Most of the time the bot triggers the error it's because somehow your server admin disabled this permission for the bot. Always make sure the bot has this permission. Embed is a crucial part of the bot that it lets it display texts as informative as possible. Sometimes people disable this permission per channel, but please let the bot has this permission on every channel. I'm sick of getting error messages. :< If you want to disable the bot for a channel, disable it's permission to "Read Messages" instead. Send Messages: Pretty self explanatory. If the bot can't send messages, it can't reply to a command. If you don't want the bot to work somewhere. Disable "Read Messages" instead. Read Messages: Pretty self explanatory. The bot gets triggered when it can read a message addressed to it. When it can't read the message, no event is sent to the bot, and that makes it not being able to process anything. Disable this on channels where you don't want the bot to work. Add Reactions: Lets the bot add reactions. For a new feature I've been working on. Manage Messages: Let's the bot clear reactions, and delete messages (not from itself). The bot needs it for a new feature I've been working on. Please enable this as it's disabled by default, if you want the bot to work properly for the new things I'll describe below. Again make sure the bot has these permissions on every channel (not the global settings) you want it to reply to. New stuffs: Modified: gmc, woe, notify commands have been reworked in the back end. For users it'll only look more streamlined, and there's a new thing signifying the event is 'Ongoing' Modified: disabled some help for modules a server don't have access to. Hopefully people will stop trying to use the tracker and signup on their server. They're for private use. :< Modified: birthday commands are more easier to understand and a bug I've been delaying to fix for months has been fixed. Modified: database commands (mob, item, whereis, whodrops) have been reworked. They now support pagination. \o/ For pagination to work properly, the bot needs "Manage Messages" permission. Here's an example of what I mean. That's all for this round of updates. :>
  4. Iela

    Discord bot and GMC tracker

    Hola I'm back from the dead \o/ First off, sorry for all the people trying to reach me to get link to the bot or just general question. Tho I might seem online, I'm not really actually online (it's just a bot running under my user account). Feel free to reach me again through discord pm! Now onto some updates. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Updates Rewrote a major part of the bot to keep up to date with discord changes (channel categories, audit logs etc) but this was actually done a while ago, and improved implementation of some commands. Some uninteresting details: Moved a few dbs from json to postgresql. Some still run on json, but shouldn't be a biggie. Faster string operations (f-string) Yada yada under the hood I can't remember some impl is from months ago but I didn't post. Some new stuffs: New Customizable Prefix: Customize the bot prefix for your server. !help prefix for more info. New Moderation Logging/Custom Welcome Message: If you're into this. !help settings. New Help: Overhauled the help commands. New Renewal DB: With divinepride api. !help divine (half baked since I dont have the time. Only works with id). New Error Messages: Most commands used to fail silently (by choice), but I decided to raise more error messages when something fails, so people will have some idea what went wrong (and stop bothering me with it ;A;). New Command: serverinfo display the discord's server info. Modified: info is now userinfo and info avi is now avatar Removed: The whole concept of binding the bot to a channel, and summer commands. And some more, some stuffs got removed etc. Just check help if you're wondering what happened to stuffs. As per usual, pm me on discord if anything. Might not reply straight away if busy or not around computer. Credits: Stats, prefix, tags, stars commands implementation from R.Danny by Rapptz on Github.
  5. Iela

    Discord bot and GMC tracker

    Replied to both people above personally on discord. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Bot Summer Updates: Summer is here. Haven't had the time to play yet, but here's a handful of commands you might find useful. Added: Summer race commands! Use !help summer for more info. !summer item: displays all the item gathering missions. For more info on a particular item just do !item <itemid>. (Database is slightly outdated) !summer monster: displays all the monster hunting missions. For more info on a particular item just do !mob <mobid>. (Database is slightly outdated) !summer <theme>: displays the potential location of quest giver npcs for a theme. Usage: !summer kordt, !summer darmian ... !summer <npc>: displays the location of npc you need to find. Usage: !summer xavier, !summer liz !summer set <x amount of minutes from now>: sets the time for the next race. Will be stored on bot and displayed as the bot's status on discord. Useful for people who like me might want to do the event but too lazy to log in game to find out the next time it happens. Usage: !summer set 240 !summer report <msg>: reports an issue (missing, outdated, inaccurate information) to me. Usage: !summer report pls add 60 logs. Updated: Old commands you might find useful. !reminder ?h?m <thing>: reminds you after x hour x minutes to do your thing. Usage: !reminder 2h summer race !notify <race/gmc/woe> <x minutes (less than 20)>: notifies you x amount of minutes before the next race/gmc/woe. Usage: !notify race 3 (to receive a ping 3 minutes before the next race if it's set). Unrelated to summer but might still be relevant. Added: The bot playing status now displays the countdown to next gmc/woe and countdown till it's finish. ... and a bunch of under the hood improvement. ______________________________________________________________________________________ GMC Token Site: Added: Lance to the list. Added: New pet egg rewards. I also screwed something up but quickly fixed it but quite a number of people might be affected. Some might or might not notice. :x As always feedback, suggestions are appreciated. On discord preferably.
  6. Iela

    Discord bot and GMC tracker

    2k commands in a week :0 Small Update: Added: !notify <gmc or woe> to notify you by pm on discord 5 minutes before the next gmc/woe.
  7. Waitlist me too pls :>
  8. Iela

    Discord bot and GMC tracker

    Updates! 1. Discord bot I actually added a bunch of stuffs but mostly behind the scenes. Check out !help for full list of commands. :c Added: Birthday module. !help birthday to get started. Private to each discord server. Each member needs to setup their birthdate manually. Added: Message starring module. !help stars to get started. Server admins need to give the bot manage channel permission and run the !starboard command first before the module starts working. Pin messages you like on a dedicated by adding a ⭐ reaction and call upon them later by using !star show <message id> or !star random for shits and giggles. Credits: made by Rapptz, source code. Added: Tag module. Create custom tags (like a mini command) to call up on a set message. !help tags to get started. Credits: made by Rapptz, source code. Added: !f and !w for forum threads and wiki articles lookup. Added: !wolfram and !choose has been re-added back into the bot as well some other utilities command. Added: !reminder for a simple reminder that pings you back when it's time And probably some public or non-public implementations that I forgot to mention. Change is currently live. c: 2. GMC Token Tracker Updated it a week or so ago to reflect the recent token changes in game.
  9. hello boss lela please help me for making artemis, i complete 4 seal, i have all ingredients for artemism, my problem is where i can make artemis in valhalla im level 93

  10. Iela

    Discord bot and GMC tracker

    Updates and so soon you say??! 1. Discord Bot So, well I've been coding. Here's the changelog: Breaking change: Timezone database configuration has been modified, and the command slightly rewritten. I say database but it's really just a python dict in a json and I'm too lazy to auto convert it so you guys have to manually set your timezone again. New command is: !timezone set <timezone> Added: Basic GMC info. Works only where the bot is bound. Type !<gmc name> Ex: !blacktalon Added: Basic Todo list to boost your productivity. Add remove stuffs from a checklist. Really it's just something I coded in 30 mins cause I thought I might use. Works in PM so you don't have to make the list public. !help todo Added: Guild calendar thingy. !help events or watch the gif below. Only works where the bot is bound. Should be pretty solid but as I tested it alone there might've been a few bugs that went over my head (permissions and stuffs). If you find any bug, pm me on discord the steps to reproduce it. Don't think I have anything more to work on right now so if anyone has a good feature suggestion, just post it here and I might consider. 2. GMC Tracker Still not touching that spaghetti of a code. :c