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  1. Oh boi. Just noticed them prizes. Level 10 cookbook and that lovely costume *puts on apron* And also, I'd love to try that GM Apple recipe. Thanks for sharing Cherri
  2. Tried to comment on this yesterday but the thread was locked. But a real good job for that website, it looks like a Valve, Riot Games teaser page, Also thanks for working on the event the past couple of weeks
  3. You can buy/trade/hunt the items, and as far as I can remember the monster hunting works like HBQ. You have to be in party and on screen and you'll get the "kill".
  4. Wow nice story and good art. What can we ask more? <3
  5. Sounds very interesting! Good luck to all participants! Will watch the livestream/recorded broadcast.
  6. Hello everyone, So, I decided to join the BG fun and decided to play sniper for it. But I'm a complete novice to the BG aspect and also Vanilla gears aspect, and I'd like to hear experienced people's opinion on the matter. My current gears (I picked em from left and right and I know there are some better alternatives, but let me hear your thoughts on em overall): Top: Sorin Doll [Gemini] Mid: Int+1 [Gemini] - I plan to DD Bio in the future Low: Atk+5 Armor: Sniping Suit [Marc] Weapon: *having troubles deciding on carding* Garment: Wool [Noxious] Shoes: Tidals [G. Ferus] - For other classes I might play Accessories: Orlean's [Zerom] I know there are tons of carding to choose from for Status Bow: Banaspaty, Skeleton, Plankton, Magnolia, Familar ... I'm currently thinking of getting [banaspaty, Skeleton, Plankton, Magnolia] myself, but other experienced players might have some ideas on better combo according to the current BG scene. I might also make an Earthen Bow [Plankton], but currently listening to more opinions. I'd really appreciate if you can also share your own Vanilla gear set, stats build, and playstyle. It will help me get into the game sooner. Thank you in advance! Edit: I also just remembered about Status Arrows, would like to hear about em too.
  7. zomg. that art style. y u no sell artsu? @_@
  8. Oooo. Talon + Poring. I like /no1 Superb job
  9. Keep in mind to always drink responsibly!!! (or you'll end up crying like Tyme o.O) Greetings ~iAlcoholics Your comic is really well made, but you're kinda missing the theme here buddy. Hope there's a mention of it in the future chapters I guess.
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