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  1. hello boss lela please help me for making artemis, i complete 4 seal, i have all ingredients for artemism, my problem is where i can make artemis in valhalla im level 93

  2. Wish7

    hiiiiiiiiiiiii i poked u in discord asking permission for the Ro bot :3

    i need the bot in my discord serverssssss can you help?

    1. Wish7



      reply meeee

    2. Iela


      Didn't I add you on discord already /hmm 

  3. such doodle

    very naisu


    1. Iela


      U jelly?

  4. a random wlid rsoe appeared D:
  5. Can't wait for the anime adaptation
  6. Oooh are these Meringues? They look really tasty.
  7. Oh boi. Just noticed them prizes. Level 10 cookbook and that lovely costume *puts on apron* And also, I'd love to try that GM Apple recipe. Thanks for sharing Cherri
  8. Tried to comment on this yesterday but the thread was locked. But a real good job for that website, it looks like a Valve, Riot Games teaser page, Also thanks for working on the event the past couple of weeks
  9. Porky


  10. jessu

    *pinches your cheeks* AY GURL U RICH?

    1. jessu


      Pls do you even check this. Misshu jerkface. 8D

    2. Iela


      Wot! What's dis? Miss you three baby ;__;

  11. You can buy/trade/hunt the items, and as far as I can remember the monster hunting works like HBQ. You have to be in party and on screen and you'll get the "kill".
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