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  1. Hi, Just wanna chime in since people are talking about the subject. Not gonna talk about bias, favoritism, capitalism, etc. In my view this problem occurs mostly because of the voting system in itself is not robust. For such competition that the entries are judge subjectively, an all-or-nothing system is not something that should be used. It has a lot of flaws, and the end winners might be upsetting for others, as a difference of one vote (especially when there are so few judges) makes a lot of difference. Not sure how the GMs voted but I just assumed that's how it was done (correct me if I'm wrong). In my opinion a point based voting system with weighted criterias is more robust and fair to all person involved. There's just no way for emotion, bias, favoritism to interfere when there's a guideline. To illustrate my point, I've made a spreadsheet (à l’arrache) as can be seen below: Hope such system (if not already) is implemented for future competitions. Cheers.
  2. Hi, can join? xd I'm already TT'ing.
  3. Nice sexy shaven armpit jess. Wonderful work fumi
  4. Hello, I haven't been checking art corner for awhile and I just had to ask my friend who drew his discord avatar when I saw it. I really love all your work C-can I be put on the waitlist if it's not too much to ask for? Thank you.
  5. Iela

    Lewd [Social ★ PvM]

    Lots of space in my pants for you :^]
  6. R we social now? As a shut-in I'm triggered *leaves guild*
  7. Ello. 1. Speaking from experience the BB damage calculation esp for stalker is really inaccurate. 2. Also speaking from experience, I tried really hard to make 2 hit BB for geffe (my first sherwood was TTT) and no matter what I do (+bless +dex food to 170+ dex, unnerfed mystel+bk, +atk pet) I wasn't able to 2 hit. Others are free to chime in but that's my findings on the matter almost 2 years back. Hope that helps.
  8. Heard these guys are good (and have pretty sprites).
  9. Oh wow I haven't WoE'd in a while, and never noticed their price doubled over the last year. I guess one other way to overcome the problem is to make strawberry drop from new newbie friendly non popular mobs.
  10. This is probably a very late reply but in case anyone still needs the id for whatever reasons: ____________________________ 20752 - Straight Winter Scarf Indigo 20753 - Straight Winter Scarf Jetblack 20754 - Straight Winter Scarf Rainforest 20755 - Straight Winter Scarf Mocha 20756 - Straight Winter Scarf Gold 20757 - Straight Winter Scarf Lilac 20758 - Striped Winter Scarf Indigo 20759 - Striped Winter Scarf Mocha 20760 - Striped Winter Scarf Gold 20761 - Striped Winter Scarf Green 20762 - Striped Winter Scarf Rose
  11. Updated. Thanks to everyone who contributed :>
  12. You know what to do.
  13. .5 make_per = pc_checkskill(sd,AM_LEARNINGPOTION)*50 + pc_checkskill(sd,AM_PHARMACY)*300 + sd->status.job_level*20 + (status->int_/2)*10 + status->dex*10+status->luk*10; if (hom_is_active(sd->hd)) {//Player got a homun int skill; if ((skill = hom_checkskill(sd->hd,HVAN_INSTRUCT)) > 0) //His homun is a vanil with instruction change make_per += skill*100; //+1% bonus per level } Source: https://github.com/eathena/eathena/blob/master/src/map/skill.c
  14. Oh okie. I'll take illustration then :>
  15. Iela

    Nheki Draws

    Totally didn't expect a redraw. Thanks for the lovely piece
  16. Oh I'll take the last chibi slot then. I believe I've already sent you a reference a few weeks ago. Let me know if that satisfies your needs. Also I'm wondering if it's intentional for the chibi illustration and skecchi to be at the same price, seeing as it's not the case for the anime tier. Let me know, so I can decide which one to get :>
  17. Iela

    Nheki Draws

    She's beautiful I love it * - * I mailed you payment. Also out of curiosity which sqi are you making? ;o
  18. Iela

    Nheki Draws

    Me please. PM'ing you in a bit :>
  19. Iela

    Wave Challenge

    I know you mean well and all but seriously. If you're not even trying to do research and inform yourself on how things work, why bother to try to inform people? There's a wiki page on wave challenge explaining how the cooldown works and other mechanics (I know this cause I personally wrote it), that you clearly didn't even bother reading why comment here? Why make replies on a topic you're not familiar with. You're asking MWFH on a post where you spread wrong information, you clearly didn't even bother reading his post where he actually linked an example. Anyways, I'm out. Have a nice day everyone
  20. Iela

    Wave Challenge

    People can already do that by using two game accounts but I doubt anybody will do it. And it isn't even an abuse. YOU CAN STILL ONLY DO ONE WAVE PER DAY. And knowing you need to spend at least 10 to 16 hours of timed wave. That's a lot of effort. I mean honestly. Have you ever played wave? Or price checked the costumes? I waved quite a bit (only claimed 3 boxes thus far) but I haven't touched it for almost 2 months. It's a fun event to do with a bunch of friends. But I wouldn't call spending 14 hours in average to get costumes that's worth 40m in average economy breaking. To put it simply. It really doesn't matter in the long term. I haven't seen a group dedicated enough to spend 14 days straight (not missing a single day) just to get a costume 1 day faster.
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