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  1. I really wanted to go all-out for this competition, since costumes are everything to me in TRO, so I went ahead and made a large sewing project out of two of my favorite costumes in the game: the Wild Poring Rider Costume and the Garden Keeper Rucksack Costume . I've included some "in-progress" photos in hidden content below. Costumes: Wild Poring Rider & Garden Keeper Rucksack IGN: Ashadia Garden Keeper WIP and Walk through: Poring Rider WIP and walk through: Thanks for the great event. I had a lot of fun and discovered a new skill! #CostumesAreLife
  2. Name: Heartring Appearance: Mob ID: #3555 (Magiring or poring with a heart on it) Drops: 2 reward ticket ID: 8806 Hand-made chocolate ID: 559 Heart Chocolate ID: 20058 200 Condensed White Potion Box ID: 20233 (Or a lesser amount of condensed white - or another kind like yellow or red) Heartring's Story: Growing up among other porings and special rings, Heartring felt out of place. If you talked to any angeling around you would hear nothing but disdain for the fleshy creatures who walked upright around Rune Midgard. While the Master Angeling spoke of superiority and better races, Heartring knew there was beauty and good in the humans. But humans were newer among the races and struggling to survive among the likes of orcs and zombies. Heartring knew what she had to do and late one night, she snuck into the sacred poring vaults and stole some of the tastiest looking, and best-healing, treats. She made it her life's mission to give the humans their best chance at survival. Thus, to this day, she still brings gifts of potions and treats that help the humans make their mark on Rune Midgard. Submitted by IGN: Ashadia
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