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  1. 🎄 Hello everyone! I was really excited to join this contest this year and I had really high hopes for my idea. It came out a little wonky in the end, but that's alright because it tasted really, really good. Thank you GMS for hosting and I hope you all can tell how much fun I had putting this monstrosity together. Entry: Prontera Tree Tart Ign: Ashadia GM Challenge Attempted: GM Xing (Porings, Marin, Drops, Poporing & Tamtam) and maybe GM Alura (it does have sprinkles and glitter, but the pink is a little lacking as my poring came out the worst amongst my meringues ahahaha) Here is my Prontera Tree Tart: I've been feeling pretty down this year. A lot has changed in my life, and in the world, and Christmas just didn't feel the same. So, I wrote this story as a way to show others, but mostly myself, that just because this holiday wasn't the same, that doesn't mean it was bad. (There's even a brief camo by a character I wrote for the 2019 contest.) Anyway here's my story ~ Story: The Prontera Giving Tree How to Make Your Own ‘Prontera Tree Tart’ (AKA: A Christmas tree cream tart) This recipe is a several step process that took me a few days to complete so that I wasn’t overwhelmed by any singular part. The different parts include: Homemade Candy Canes, Meringue Porings/Drops/Poporings/Santa Hats, Almond Shortbread Cookie (for our base and Tamtam cut outs) and Mascarpone Cream. I’ll try my best to break it down into bite-sized chunks because that’s how I handled it: day by day. 😄 Beginning notes: As with all cooking and baking, the first step is to secure any long hair and WASH. YO. HANDS. 🖐️ The first thing I tackled in this process was making my own candy canes. You could easily skip this step by buying some small candy canes from the store, but where’s the adventure in that? Homemade Candy Canes After a break of a few days, I went after the next step in the process, which is meringue cookies that I turned into various shapes as I went. Meringue Cookies in various shapes Once I finished making some of the decorations for my tree, I also purchased some holiday-themed sprinkles from my local craft store (and amazon lol) and set them all aside for later. The next step in the process is making the base of the tree and some of the mob-shaped cookies with this shortbread recipe. Almond Shortbread Cookies Don’t make the next part until you’re ready and have the time to pull the whole treat together, as this mascarpone is both what holds our tart together and the glue for all of our decorations. Mascarpone Cream Now you are ready to assemble your tree. You should do this as soon as possible after you’ve bagged your cream as the cream will melt the longer it sits out. Prontera Tree Tart Final Product and some close ups: And some photos of cream tarts if you've never seen one: In the end, it didn't come out as beautiful as I wanted, nor quite the way I expected (a lot like my year). But that's alright. I got to try some new things and eat a lot of sugar in the end. Happy New Year Everyone! 🎇
  2. Summer Days - Martin Garrix, Macklemore, Patrick Stump https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwZNFMWnxes (youtube link to clean lyric version) Please and thanks 🥰
  3. Happy New Year everyone! I really had a lot of fun this year trying to make a traditional Christmas sweet RO themed. I hope you all enjoy my attempt and know that they tasted super yummy. 🤭 Item: Yule Willow Christmas Cakes Ign: Ashadia GM Challenges Attempted: GM Zelda Belly Ache (Roughly 5 1/2 cups of two types of sugar used or just over 1kg), GM Spica Milk Way Galaxy (lots and lots of heavy cream), and GM Blackstar Show Stopper (cocoa powder, sugar and powdered sugar were use in landscaping ^_^) Here are my little Yule Willow Christmas Cakes: I've always been rather fond of the fact that the map with the most willows on in it, in the game, looks like a willow itself. So, this is my story on how I think that came to be. Story: A Hero Among Willows Recipe for: Yule Willow Christmas Cakes So here is the final product: And it's inspiration:
  4. Hello GMs! Thank you so much for the event. Below are my stories IGN: Ashadia How May I Assist You Poisoned Stories
  5. Waoooo, thank you so much! I really had a lot of fun with this contest. I would also like the white version. Thanks, again. 🥰
  6. Ahaahahaha, thanks! I really liked the "flies" on your camel poops. I also feel really bad for your robes - whew the descriptions. 🤢
  7. Hello everyone! I had a ton of fun putting this together. I hope its alright if I separate my story from my recipe, since the recipe is quite long and a little tedious. Item: A Chiqita Cookie Box IGN: Ashadia Story: The Tale of the Animated Presents and the Christmas That Almost Wasn't Recipe for: Chiqita Cookie Box Here is my final product: And it's inspiration:
  8. I really wanted to go all-out for this competition, since costumes are everything to me in TRO, so I went ahead and made a large sewing project out of two of my favorite costumes in the game: the Wild Poring Rider Costume and the Garden Keeper Rucksack Costume . I've included some "in-progress" photos in hidden content below. Costumes: Wild Poring Rider & Garden Keeper Rucksack IGN: Ashadia Garden Keeper WIP and Walk through: Poring Rider WIP and walk through: Thanks for the great event. I had a lot of fun and discovered a new skill! #CostumesAreLife
  9. Name: Heartring Appearance: Mob ID: #3555 (Magiring or poring with a heart on it) Drops: 2 reward ticket ID: 8806 Hand-made chocolate ID: 559 Heart Chocolate ID: 20058 200 Condensed White Potion Box ID: 20233 (Or a lesser amount of condensed white - or another kind like yellow or red) Heartring's Story: Growing up among other porings and special rings, Heartring felt out of place. If you talked to any angeling around you would hear nothing but disdain for the fleshy creatures who walked upright around Rune Midgard. While the Master Angeling spoke of superiority and better races, Heartring knew there was beauty and good in the humans. But humans were newer among the races and struggling to survive among the likes of orcs and zombies. Heartring knew what she had to do and late one night, she snuck into the sacred poring vaults and stole some of the tastiest looking, and best-healing, treats. She made it her life's mission to give the humans their best chance at survival. Thus, to this day, she still brings gifts of potions and treats that help the humans make their mark on Rune Midgard. Submitted by IGN: Ashadia
  10. Hello GMs! Thanks for the event, I had a lot of fun. This is my submission for my Hand-Made Chocolate Cake. I took GM Luna's challenge. I've included the recipe in a spoiler text because it is so long. Also attached is my very own item database entry for my cake, which has some info about its powers . Here is how to make a Hand-Made Chocolate Cake: Now, you have a love-filled, hand-made chocolate cake to give your love. Mine is for my husband @Eitr721, who is not only my personal HP, but loves me enough to clean the dishes after I bake ;-) Happy baking - love Ashadia
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