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  1. Desert Dojo ~ [Social/PvM Guild]

    We've been having a great time recently. Just check out the proof below! Those pesky officers ruining a perfectly good DB party photo! Another successful ET finished! TFW: the bio run doesn't go as planned. We rocked those dimiks so hard they just had to give us their plates.
  2. Desert Dojo ~ [Social/PvM Guild]

    Hey there! All the officers are super active, which means we are often on another character helping someone. If you come back Malangdo and ask for an officer in town, someone will let us know! We have an officer on almost 24/7, so someone is bound to show up to help you! I'm so glad you want to join us and can't wait to meet you! Hi There! We'd be happy to have you Come by Malangdo sometime and ask for an officer! Feel free to apply on our website too. Thedojo.shivtr.com <3
  3. Desert Dojo ~ [Social/PvM Guild]

    Ohm so many new friends lately! I am so happy to have you all join us! And you out there! You reading this! YES YOU! You could join us too! Come see us in Malangdo sometime
  4. Desert Dojo ~ [Social/PvM Guild]

    We miss you Isi! Come play with us soooooon
  5. Desert Dojo ~ [Social/PvM Guild]

    Welcome to the guild Boomie! We are happy to have you
  6. Desert Dojo ~ [Social/PvM Guild]

    We had so much fun yesterday doing Seals, dead branches and Thor!
  7. Desert Dojo ~ [Social/PvM Guild]

    There is so much fun planned for this weekend. I can't wait to welcome you to Dojo!
  8. Desert Dojo ~ [Social/PvM Guild]

  9. Desert Dojo ~ [Social/PvM Guild]

    We have so many activities and runs planned this month - Bio Labs, ET, Abyss, TWC, Branch Parties - you won't want to miss out on them! Apply at our website thedojo.shivtr.com or come hang out with us on Ket Island
  10. Desert Dojo ~ [Social/PvM Guild]

    Come meet us in Malangdo sometime
  11. Desert Dojo ~ [Social/PvM Guild]

    What are you waiting for? Dojo is fun, Dojo is here to help you and Dojo is a family. We've got a spot for you - come by Malangdo sometime. And feel free to ignore Isi
  12. Desert Dojo ~ [Social/PvM Guild]

    Dojo is <3. You know you want <3.
  13. Desert Dojo ~ [Social/PvM Guild]

    Come visit us some time in Malangdo!
  14. Desert Dojo ~ [Social/PvM Guild]

    Starlight Soiree is coming up soon. Would you rather go alone or with a super fun guild? Think about it! We're still recruiting and can't wait to meet you
  15. Desert Dojo ~ [Social/PvM Guild]

    This weekend we have ET, TWC and a Hide & Seek planned. It's going to be awesome and you should be there. Plus, I promise to keep Isi away from you.