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  1. Doodledoobug

    Doodle's doodle corner

    I made a sketch of my favourite artist Braden Barrie / SayWeCanFly! Edit 5-4-2018: I finished it! Here is the finished piece!~
  2. Doodledoobug

    Doodle's doodle corner

    Hi, Im Doodle! (also known as Fabianne Keira, but I go by the name Doodle now :, ) ) I'm an old RO player, and I haven't played in a while, but I thought I would share some of my art here! Most of it currently is JSE fanart, but Im trying to create more of my own fantasies! Thank you for checking it out <3 Finished pieces: Here are a few WIPs: And three speed paints I did: I hope you guys like them! I'll try to update on my drawings as often as possible :,D ~Doodle
  3. Doodledoobug

    Old Art and Progress (Feel Free to Share Your Own!)

    Whoops here I pop up out of my shadowy corner. Since its 2018 now I thought of sharing my progress over 2015 till now I hope y'all have a great year, and keep up a positive attitude! Open the spoiler to see better pictures of my newer and better drawings xD
  4. Doodledoobug

    Draw The Character Above You!

    @Hell0_Viki @nowzee haha that's what I based her on a little bit too!
  5. Doodledoobug

    Draw The Character Above You!

    Finished Nowzee!~ Hope you like it! Ill disappear in an endless pit now xD
  6. Doodledoobug

    Draw The Character Above You!

    @Nowzee Aye im sketching your knight, and here is a pre sketch (since im very slow with working it out) so I won't keep this whole thread waiting. Hope you like it! Ill edit my post when i have updates. I am an old RO player, so I will skip my turn for reference. Someone else, please take the reference spot! Update 1: hair and face done
  7. Doodledoobug

    Draw The Character Above You!

    @Eryu I made a mistake by coloring the skin Q_Q I hope you still like it though... Here is my reference
  8. Doodledoobug

    Draw The Character Above You!

    @Eryu here is the sketch of your char! I will Line and color it soon, please be patient (I hope you like it ;w; )
  9. Doodledoobug

    Old Art and Progress (Feel Free to Share Your Own!)

    Ill smash my old art here and new art as well xD -Manga- Old: New: -Semi Realism- Old: New: Well yeah, theres my inspirational flop c:
  10. Doodledoobug

    Arcelle + Mistreil's Art Shop Thing

    This one is for the free artsu Please experiment as much as you like with my HP~ If possible, could you draw her next to @Lamia? c: Thank you in advance!
  11. Doodledoobug


    omg thank you so much she looks awesome
  12. Doodledoobug

    LF> Guild that does GMCs + Wave Challenge weekly

    Hey! Crimson Guild will be happy to invite you to runs! We do ET and GMC almost daily, and if you need someone to level with, just ask in our Discord group! We would like your main char in the guild (not a farmer class, hard to join us on runs ;w;) and we also have a WoE guild if you are interested. @Leifnier is also from Crimson, so if you guys seem interested, feel free to PM me! PS: Discord is a must-have, we post our runs there
  13. Doodledoobug

    Doodle works by Graytea

    *Hides behind a corner and watches*
  14. Doodledoobug

    Crimson | Color of the Season [Social & Instances]

    I give free cupcakes to everyone @zoombas You first have to find out where I live tho
  15. Doodledoobug

    Lana Winter's Doodles

    Omg pretty artsuu I will drop my reference here, for when you're free and feel like drawing her c: