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  1. @Luntian WeckI it’s been a while!!! I’m doing great! Hope you’re doing well too! Maybe I’ll see you around again when I have more time to play And have fun drawing her! Feel free to give your own twists to her if you’d like!
  2. No problem I’ve just been very busy with my exams coming up but I do plan on drawing more again!
  3. I’m kinda rusty so sorry for my sloppy drawing. I hope you still like it tho @Graytea! I don’t really play anymore but here is my character if anyone would like to draw her!
  4. Thought I drop by again to show some more artworks! ☺️ Been a busy year but progress has surely been made!
  5. Hi, Im Doodle! (also known as Fabianne Keira, but I go by the name Doodle now :, ) ) I'm an old RO player, and I haven't played in a while, but I thought I would share some of my art here! Most of it currently is JSE fanart, but Im trying to create more of my own fantasies! Thank you for checking it out <3 Finished pieces: Here are a few WIPs: And three speed paints I did: I hope you guys like them! I'll try to update on my drawings as often as possible :,D ~Doodle
  6. That's moment your art program crashes and you lose all your progress because you didn't save it... bye bye garm
  7. **EDIT** Finished piece! Hope you like it! IGN: Fabianne Keira (PS:When I try to make it 1280x960 px it says the height can't be more than 750, but the size is okay like this?)
  8. My entry for the contest~ IGN: Fabianne Keira
  9. Yeah, and its for fun xD I still have the sketch of my entry from last year xD
  10. Okay Ill try to join this year xD Last year I gave up because of all the good artists lol
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