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  1. That poor Lash u-u Do treat her on cupcakes! :< @Lamia Or mommy will treat her
  2. Awww that looks so cute :3 (poor priest tho Q-Q) It looks really nice! :3 hope to see more works~
  3. @toonafish omg thank youuu <3 she looks adorably crazy
  4. Finished art work for Nonoko! (And moar sketches, otherdrawingsnotfinishedyet u-u Means uuh xD 5 drawings to be finished)
  5. @ammonium Omg hi Ammy Welcome back~ And thank youu <3
  6. Well then. Here I am working on 4 diff drawings xD This will take some time ;w; Happy new year TalonRO!
  7. I would like to join c: Number 14~ Do you accept 3th class sprites D: if not tell me, I'll get a diff char reference ;-; reference: Happy Holidays! :3
  8. Can I post my char? :3 tell me if you don't want to draw Third class, I'll send a diff reference xD
  9. @Eirinn Hehe happy you still like it <3
  10. Working on a drawing for my (IG) brother ^w^ (That bird needs to be redrawn tho LOL)
  11. That's moment your art program crashes and you lose all your progress because you didn't save it... bye bye garm
  12. Okay since I need money I opened some slots for the ones who have some money left over xD
  13. **EDIT** Finished piece! Hope you like it! IGN: Fabianne Keira (PS:When I try to make it 1280x960 px it says the height can't be more than 750, but the size is okay like this?)
  14. Omggg *heavy breathing*
  15. My entry for the contest~ IGN: Fabianne Keira