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  1. Astii

    B>Pro Summertime Box

    Pls leave comment
  2. Astii

    S>Eversong [LT] SQI

    Pm me for price
  3. Astii

    Octopus Cave and Hazy Forest

    Yeah I tried to enter with 2 chars (same IP) and both were carrying the Octopus Hunting Stick.. But only the leader could enter.
  4. Are these solo instance, or why cant i enter with a party?
  5. Astii

    S> Midheadgears [1]

    Sell Evil Wing ears [1] 7mil Evil Wing ears [0] 1,5 mil Blush [1] 7mil
  6. Astii

    B> Mushika

    Post Price
  7. Astii

    S> Wing Headphone Costume

    Just post or pm me offer
  8. Astii

    B>Expedition Report Vol 1, Kaho Card

    How much do you pay?
  9. Set for 720k Or ea 185k
  10. Astii

    S> Wing Headphone Costume

    Just post a offer
  11. Here is a screenshot..
  12. Well the intention is to find out every item you can get thats why everybody should post his items here..
  13. Astii

    Easter on TalonRO!

    I made a topic in general discussion where everybody can post what she/he got from the Eggs So if we work together we can make a list
  14. Sure, but i'm at work right now so maybe in the evening.. So far we have: Costume: -Wing Headphone C. Usable Items: -Old Card Album Equipment: -Brooch (1) -Glove (1) -Manteau (1) Card: -Sting Card
  15. Thats the reason why i started this topic