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  1. lotto

    Patcher and Client does not connect

    hello, how to change the talonro patcher default browser? so i can see any info & news picture from the patcher? my IE not support anymore for Win XP i mean the patcher is opening info and news from IE, i want to change it to mozilla or chrome
  2. lotto

    Quest on Sleipnir [1]

    there is no guide in that link, only tell what ingredient to make sqi, no npc who we must to talk to create them...
  3. lotto

    Quest on Sleipnir [1]

    how to make Sleipnir[1]? first we must do the 4 seal quest right? other than sleipnir can we make other sqi? or only 1 sqi per 4 seal quest? where the npc to make Sleipnir [1]?
  4. lotto

    S> Maximus Seal Service [Closed]

    Hello I wanna ask something about seals - can i wear GEC sleip before complete all those seal? - after do the seals, can i make the specific class sqi? - and how much the price for all 4 seals? pm me thank you
  5. lotto

    The Starlight Soiree: You're Invited!

    wow! very nice banner GM howl and team ^^, love it, and my song request is Jason Mraz - Summer Breeze
  6. lotto


    hello, dah 3 bulan main, baru liat forum ini : salam kenal semua