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  1. hi, where to edit this and how? i want my lif use emergency avoid sometimes so it can move faster when changing target, but idk sometimes my lif always still in effect of emergency avoid after i use it once manually but the effect dies every time i tele or through portal, its really useful thought but idk if that effect can continue.. can someone help and teach me?
  2. lotto

    CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    Cassy add Po's dog quest, its a quest between Wei's hairstyle note and Wei's wolf-bane potion or else, when we talked to po, po ask us to talk to his dog, his dog giving us a mission to magma dun to investigate, and looking for horses, we looking for nightmare terror npc, first at 12 oc from the portal, second 5 oc from the middle, after that back to po's dog, and then it asking u to investigate garm territory at lutie field, the npc in lutie field at 7oc and bring 100 ice cubic with u, after that back to po's dog | 'i've done my part here' lolol i got the baby skoll on other acc when following ur guide cass, thank you!! but can't be reclaim from lutie vending with my main T.T
  3. lotto

    CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    cassy, my path is love potion>wei hairstyle>cake from yen>po's dog>yen's bandages, still waiting 30 minutes.. what i'm doing is too mixed dunno what i will get huhu i am malexa btw hehe unlucky i got the costume T.T, please reset my quest GM
  4. lotto

    Pet Movement improve

    What do you guys think about this?
  5. lotto

    Baby Leopard and Jaguar

    lololol @howrah jaguar and baby leo growling if u atk slow /lol and u're right for me only after his aspd, if i know the baby leopard will get raise, i dont want to evolve it but whats done is done T.T i think the best is raise the aspd a lil' bit, so it will seems different from baby leopard and anybody who already evolve it before the update not go into vain coz its really sacrificing their time
  6. lotto

    Pet Movement improve

    my request and suggestion is the improvement of the pet movement same as our movement, cause when i walking with increase agi or sleipnir or moonlight, the pet fall far behind and it is give a lag when he catching up, and sometimes our character died because that lag when hunting or mobbing and then lose the loyal status from the pet. dear GMs, please reconsider to improve it as the same as the master movement just like the movement speed of the bonus pet like blue pouring, that pet can match our fast movement, i just see it someone use that pet in geffenia while he moving fast that pet can follow right behind him. best regards, LIKE THAT LITTLE ONE. HIS MOVEMENT MATCHING HIS MASTER
  7. lotto

    Baby Leopard and Jaguar

    Hello GM Boreas, i agree with what theodorick94 said, beside the jaguar appearance is lil' bit ugly, i did sacrificing my time and my loyal baby leopard to evolve it, cause before the bonus stats is different from 3% to 5%, before jaguar i on my way to evolve yoyo to choco but i stopped in the middle cause i see jaguar is better. then i evolve my baby leopard. but after that idk when, their stats are the same now, and jaguar can't be transfer while baby leopard can. please add more stats to jaguar pet so what we have done not go into vain, baby leopard + cute app, can be transfer, 5% aspd jaguar - ugly app, long time evolving quest, can't be transfer between account when i see the baby leopard stats changed its made me sad please reconsider to upgrade the jaguar, please
  8. lotto

    Patcher and Client does not connect

    hello, how to change the talonro patcher default browser? so i can see any info & news picture from the patcher? my IE not support anymore for Win XP i mean the patcher is opening info and news from IE, i want to change it to mozilla or chrome
  9. lotto

    Quest on Sleipnir [1]

    there is no guide in that link, only tell what ingredient to make sqi, no npc who we must to talk to create them...
  10. lotto

    Quest on Sleipnir [1]

    how to make Sleipnir[1]? first we must do the 4 seal quest right? other than sleipnir can we make other sqi? or only 1 sqi per 4 seal quest? where the npc to make Sleipnir [1]?
  11. lotto

    S> Maximus Seal Service [Closed]

    Hello I wanna ask something about seals - can i wear GEC sleip before complete all those seal? - after do the seals, can i make the specific class sqi? - and how much the price for all 4 seals? pm me thank you
  12. lotto

    The Starlight Soiree: You're Invited!

    wow! very nice banner GM howl and team ^^, love it, and my song request is Jason Mraz - Summer Breeze
  13. lotto


    hello, dah 3 bulan main, baru liat forum ini : salam kenal semua