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  1. Name: Accessoring or Accessoryng Preferred color: silver or grey Drops: all 100% Cat hand glove[1] ID #2873 Clip[1] ID #2607 Critical ring ID #2616 Glove ID #2604 Lesser elemental ring ID #2680 Shinobi sash ID #2654 Backstory: A poring who aways loved to collect accessories all over midgard and keep them in it body like a lot of porings do with random things. IGN: Aliceh Name: Archering Prefered color: green(with an apple of acher hat if possible) Drops: Freezing bow[1] ID #1731 (15%) Gale bow[1] ID #1733 (100%) Burning bow[1] ID #1730 (100%) Earthen bow[1] ID #1732 (15%) Crystal arrow quiver ID #12012 (100%) Fire arrow quiver ID #12008 (100%) Stone arrow quiver ID #12011 (100%) Wind arrow quiver ID #12010 (100%) Apple of archer ID #2285 (5%) Backstory: Archering, since he was a baby poring lived in archer village and was raised there by the villagers, when archering grew enough he was trained to be an archer even without arms O_O, and after archering finish his training, he decided to go explore the world and after saying goodbye and thanks to all the villagers who took care of him, archering go out of the village and go explore the world of midgard..... IGN: Aliceh Name: Dragoring Prefered color: green or red(with scales if possible) Drops: all 100% Dragon skin ID #7123 Dragon canine ID #1035 Dragon tail ID #1037 Dragon's breath [1] ID #2527 Dragon breath cocktail ID #12080 Ascending dragon soup ID #12084 Backstory: In the past, Dragonring was a normal poring who decided to venture in abyss lake and after eating lots of dragon canines, tails and skins he undergo a mutation and become Dragonring. IGN: Aliceh
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