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  1. Hmm one more thing, does this mean that mirror and rose price gonna back to normal?
  2. thank you. You show us that u can really listen to our feedback and do try your best to keep the server going. Thanks
  3. isn't steal the advantage of being a thief class? I know this change based on the fact thief class get more loots. But what about LK? They have more +1500 weight limit with peco peco. I think this change is robbing the real advantage of being a thief class. Why bother making a thief class when other class can do what all thief class do or maybe even better. with the same logic, do player spend hundreds of millions zeny just to gain a slight improvement on income. i kinda doubt it. On other note, i do love the pet evolution and monthly costume box.
  4. I could not agree more. I do love party activities but farming as a party continously is a hassle.
  5. This Seal Service ROCKS! Me and My friend bought their service yesterday. Yeah even with all the lag they still did it like pros. They also insisted to be paid after we did the seal quest. The most important thing is, they are actually pretty awesome and funny so you don't get bored when you do the quest. Essentially, they are the best guys out there. Price : 9.5/10 <--- worth every penny Professionalism : 10/10 <--- even with yesterday lag, we only redo some quest like 2/3 times. Friendliness : 10/10 <--- you gonna laugh alot! So, i recommend this service to any of you that wanna buy high quality service without any trouble. NB : Special thanks to vayu and zoy for awesome service! -Mannheim and Inorii
  6. cut to the chase, i am buying +0~4 Sherwood [TTTh] for 210m, you can whisper/sent mail to ign: Wynne Archibald thanks!
  7. ​bukanya emang ga pake talonexe.exe jdnya pake talonpatch ini, jd misalkan install fullinstaller di folder A, nah abis itu patch ragnarokpatch, nah abis itu install mini installer misalkan di folder B, terus copy semua file yang ada di folder B trus paste ke folder A yang tadi, abis itu tinggal patch talonpatch, run gamenya juga dari talonpatch
  8. ​Udah jalan pake cara yang diatas, makasih semua yang udah bantu :))
  9. ​ ​Flash sama java sih udh updated. Kalo reinstall udh d coba jg beberapa kali, tp gara2 ga bisa pake full installer, saya coba pake mini installer trs copy hdata.grf+bgm ke folder mini installer, bener ga ya?
  10. ​udah coba download dari manual patch tetep ga bisa, sekarang sih tiap patcher nya di start, muncul gambar kayak gini trus langsung close lagi
  11. ​kalo di run compability sm win 7 ato xp malah keluar crash log nih, btw saya nyoba nya pake talonpatch.exe bukan talonexe.exe sih. Malah kalo talonexe.exe d klik cmn kluar kotak biru yang kecil aja
  12. halo, mau tanya nih. Setiap klik start game dari patchernya talonRo kok programnya langsung close ya? jd belum sempet login udah langsung close. Udah baca-baca troubleshootingnya di wiki tetap ga ada hasil sih. Udah nyoba : 1. Download ulang microsoft visual C++2005-2008 2. Download ulang microsoft net.framework 1-4.5 Saya run Ronya dr windows 8.1 ada yang bisa bantu? Thanks bangett
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