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  1. Tha Ambush Pack

    Our guild is very petmalu as the members are loding-lodi and we have sacrifice "na" atabs. Anyway, more WERPA to the pack! 😈
  2. S/T> +7 OA [DBSnSn]

    Sale: +7 OA [DBSnSn] for 75m or Trade to your +4 Artemis [TTT], I will add 175m. Mail my character @ Ajie Mactavesh
  3. Tha Ambush Pack

    Up for this cool guild!
  4. S> Full set VAMPSMITH

    Sorry bro, please diregard.
  5. S> Full set VAMPSMITH

    How much for the set without the edgga, devi and rideword?
  6. Closed

    up! let me know if I need to add few more zennies. 😁
  7. Closed

  8. Closed

    Looking for a trade with your +4 artemis[TTT] to ff: +4 GEC Sleip, Indian feather Kaho, Cowboy hat Kaho, +7 devi dragon's breath and additional 40m
  9. RGM> GILAS Guild

    Pwede ba dito kahit active lang tuwing weekends? Always trabaho kasi eh.