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  1. ValheruWolf

    day and night cycle

    hm, I've seen servers with a day and night and all it changed was the lighting, could add some more specific stuff to one or the other maybe and I wouldn't mind it being implemented either way heh. Could actually be cool having some mobs change their spawn numbers on the cycle (some are more common at night, rarer in the day, and vice versa) Not sure how easy this would be to implement though.
  2. ValheruWolf

    Reset skills

    Um really? Yes I can understand it, but the bigger issue I usually have on archer or priest is I don't think you can allocate the second job skills until you have allocated all the first job skill points. Haven't tried it here, but that is the case in previous places I've used resets. using third party sites like in the picture are useful for this reason heh. stops me from allocating second job points that could be used on better abilities into first job abilities because I hadn't used those points wisely.
  3. Also it's not only applied to NPC stuff, which is why the rule has it's current wording. the NPC one is just the one that is easily and always enforced. If you were to try to sell lets say "Powder of Butterfly" which is a very common drop from Creamy for 99 mil then this rule would be the same rule cited.
  4. ValheruWolf


    Doesn't mean we can't edit them as they come up.
  5. ValheruWolf


    Is this mentioned in the game anywhere? if not, might want to add it to the skill description for others who don't realize this fact.
  6. ValheruWolf

    Reset skills

    A lot of work for a minimal use. This only really becomes and issue if you reset skills alot, most people don't. if it was really annoying to put points into skills I could see this, but having that picture as a reference, or typing the skill list into a notepad or something so you can reference it easily when you reset your skills means this takes very little time to do.
  7. not sure that limitation would be possible on the enchantment, but could make it for non-slotted only. Enchanted doesn't change the item, just adds a stat meaning classes that can wear the base can wear the enchant.
  8. ValheruWolf

    about GMC

    Oh, Reread your first post. yeah that isn't even really possible I don't think to beable to disable an item when using it from your inventory. That being said are you use Battlemode with your hotkeys? it opens up 3 skill bars to be used at once and is the main way I play, almost impossible to be short on sport for skills as far as I can tell, Use the left side of my keyboard for quick use skills and the right side for stuff like pots Means I can keep my hand in place and hand on mouse and easily hit all my skills without having to move my arm. Article in wiki here https://irowiki.org/classic/Basic_Game_Control thought it's only a small snippet right below the commands.
  9. ValheruWolf

    about GMC

    you can't just straight remove, but you can drag a skill from the slot next to it on top of it and it will be removed, and then move the skill back to leave the slot empty.
  10. ValheruWolf

    More doctors

    Just rechecking wording, not more save points? just adding some doctors and warp girls to some save points that don't have one nearby? Should give coords for where a doctor and warp girl should be (Use /where command) as part of the suggestion, Less work they have to do, the more likely it might happen
  11. Oooo. I actually like this idea. That being said some are really easy to do so eh, but on the flip side can only do them once per character anyways. If some are too easy can always adjust how many bronze coins they get instead of just getting none
  12. Hm, the second part would be a bug and so should be reported in the bug section https://forum.talonro.com/bugtracker/ Otherwise, until the sqi revamp! heh. Be interesting to see what is in it, with how crazy large the eden group was.
  13. This has been suggested before, and would require a client change, so it isn't possible.
  14. Those are cool, the downside is they replace LKH, though wonder if you can hotkey headgears to switch, cast, and switch back? (Still costs sp which could be annoying for some classes)
  15. Only way I'd want to see this happening is to look at prices now. and then push up the npc Selling (but not buying) price up so that the full discount put it at 2k, would cap the price at a max, yet people that farm could sell for the 1,500-2k at will. That being said, doubt this will happen, it's not hard to farm and not sure the demand for these is even there. (Though I could be wrong)
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