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  1. yeah, pretty sure someone has bad info there, either one or the other side stacks, not both
  2. Oops misread that, sorry don't know Sidenote, Those screenshots of that AzziAI all show a mercenary tab? Does that program not do the merc AI as well?
  3. It used to be 24 hours, got changed some time ago. Were you just remembering this from awhile ago, or did you read this somewhere? if so, can you let us know where, so we can update the info
  4. The elemental sword is a reason for people to even participate in the WoE. That said the WoE scene is so dead, that eh
  5. I'm hoping this wasn't all inclusive and was more, for those who did not unlock there will be some new version in the revamp to gain access replacing the old seal system? That said until I see the revamp guess I really don't have any questions yet anyways.
  6. ValheruWolf


    I don't think this is possible.... But yes I love the idea heh. Live the dream
  7. ValheruWolf

    Global chats

    In ingame announcement pop-up when you login would be another option to inform people.
  8. ValheruWolf


    The links are from a different RO, (not sure if that is private server or just the JP version, so yeah would guess those itemID's don't match up with ours. Would need our item database up so scan through to see what they might be called under our DB if he thinks they are implemented so getting that info will probably need to wait a bit.
  9. Hm what might be nicer is just a text list of all the kaho's somewhere? as they are all based on regular headgears that exist in the game in the first place, a list of all the names somewhere would allow us to use that with the dressing coach i believe?
  10. Actually it doesn't block every second attack. Looed up the skill and auto guard only have a CHANCE to block an attack. it has a 14% chance to block the second attack before disabling itself at level 3. That said and a 3% chance to trigger or turn off. Honestly those numbers just get weird.
  11. ValheruWolf

    Drooping Cat Costume

    item #5058 is what I'm pulling off of that.
  12. Are on on a merchant. did you have a shop open first? the @autotrade is after your shop is up, it LOGS THE ACCOUNT OUT. And if you RELOG into the ACCOUNT, that character will be booted. So make sure you have a separate game account for your autotrade merchant from the characters you want to play, Dual clienting is allowed, and I believe you can have up to 10 game accounts linked to a single forum account.
  13. So, what needs to be done is a version of the skill for the card that just refreshes duration instead of autocast disabling the buff? Wonder if that's possible.
  14. oh, dual client. Yes this is allowed. needs to be separate game accounts (you can make up to 10 linked to a single forum account I believe) Just a head up instances are something else in game terms.
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