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  1. Not listed anywhere yet as they don;t pre announce, some is in this thread below, look at the last posts. each box has the same stuff as previous years plus some usually so the stuff in the first post plus whatever is new.
  2. Wrong thread, but here is a link to more info from the wiki https://wiki.talonro.com/Summer_Cocktails
  3. 18 unique gm boxes? exactly how many different gm boxes are out there? Didn't think we had that many GM's hosting events to give out boxes. Nvm, lol, just reread the fist post and saw the list of all 18 boxes. wow. so gotta collect them all to trade for the top tier crate.
  4. So Same mvp order, but separate instances from the other parties if I understood that correctly.
  5. Good point. A good reward that I personally want and I'd go all out and then just write the guide myself heh. Having no idea if I might want it, Others can go first and I'll take it easy. Edit: Link doesn't work, you have it redirecting back to this page heh.
  6. I asked this already. no reply. Going by last year it was in game account. If they wanted it forum account they could have coded the NPC to limit it that way so going to assume same rules as last year.
  7. Ok am slightly confused, master account meaning forum account? or just account bound meaning if we have multiple accounts we should login on all of them (which is what it was last year i believe?)
  8. Um Ok rules clarification, Non winners are not eligible for the challenges? and there are only 3 winners? Any reason we can't do more then 1 challenge? Mind you trying to do multiple challenges and then somehow look good enough to win at least 3rd places is probably not going to happen. Or are the challenges judged separate and 1 winner per challenge, with a quantifier it has to be good enough, meaning a lazy entry to get a talon coin cause no one else took the challenge is not guaranteed to get it?
  9. yeah, the balloon costume (I missed) and the twim pom poms from xmas repeat..
  10. x3, lol so 15 bronze coins. guess it's a thing.
  11. Woot got a costume, and totally missed this at christmas so yay. heh
  12. so again... I miss a random day.. and it's the costume day.
  13. Don;t forget to tag the day. It's by server time, and also it's written at the top of the box you get the code from to turn in for the item.
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