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  1. Ok this is my last comment on the thread (we seem to be running in circles) Yes people cannot get taloncash without logging in, But at the same time could see some people that just didn't want to deal with captchas or anything but logged in everyday completing the quest and getting coins Some people were like you earn way less this way then before if you go farm it yourself (as an experienced player) But honestly the last time I logged in, all I did was pay 12k zeny and buy the ingredient from a merchant and trade it in for my taloncash, so under 1 minute. So in the end, this really just benefits 2 separate group of people, and not having to deal with regulating and looking for people abusing the power of voting (by not doing the captchas, etc) or even the voting sites going down (we lost 2 of them?) Means less work for the GM's. So I doubt this will change at all. Edit: Though I do have a related side question. do our rates change anymore like they did based on voting before, or are they just now locked in at the 8/8/3?
  2. Uh, This is entirely how games on mobile devices and other things work. They do not FORCE you to log in every day. You are looking at this backwards. they reward you for logging in everyday. If you don;t log in, there is no negative.
  3. This is a long term stable server. Would recommend it simply for that, I've played on multiple before I eneded up here... and when I went back after taking a small break... they pretty much all disappeared. The only thing that might be more stable would be the official server itself. So do you want a chance to actually make some huge ultra strong builds and have fun. Then come here, With the daily participation quest for Cash Shop Betty, You can over time get an MVP card every 100 days without doing any intensive playing, and any playing you do can speed that up. Means you have goals and options to work towards that you can actually make a dent into. On the flip side, if the only thing you care about is WoE. The only server I have ever seen to have such a thing actually working and going on would be the official (though that was years and years ago, so they might be down to the same boat as all private servers) We do have WoE here, just limited castles as limited guilds participate.
  4. I understand the complaint (I used to vote from a computer at work where I had no chance to play, but could do it every day) On the flip side, the current one follows a different idea of just getting people to login to the game everyday (which means they might play more then that on that day) which I think might be healthier for the server, then spending 2 months racking up voting points without ever logging in to get something.
  5. ok 2 things, Proper sentence structure helps you being more understood. Second and more important thing, there is an ingame bug reports forum, or even here, First thought should be, was this intentional? As was posted in the Iduna thought thread, there was about a total of 10 people that tried things, so a lot of stuff got missed simply because it wasn't even tested (if none of those 10 were monks, the asura skill change would not be caught) So, very likely that a lot of this will be set back to how it was originally after they get the time and knowledge to go change those settings. The GM's are doing their best to improve the game, the huge changes here are because they changed the server structure which they HAD TO in order to do any future updates. So they could have left everything alone and just stopped updating the game instead?
  6. Weren't there more then 4 options and you just got to choose 4? That said the bigger question I have is... can they put more options in then the limited amount we had before? Would be a plus side to make things more flexible. My ideal scenario would be they make these all into mid headgears, as there are different playstyles for each class (Katar and Dagger Sin for example). Choose your bonuses and get your own weapon separate. Though the issue would be the old sqi, even if the bonuses went away were powerful weapons... Though they could just open all of those to the giant quest lines and even add more endgame weapon options as they would be limited, just not having the bonuses connected to them. Doubt that will happen, but I can wish, heh
  7. Link to Tiki Bar Post Figured I'd do another loot list of what we get each day at the tiki bar. If my post isn't updated please do reply with what I'm missing, Going on vacation for Grandma's 80th Birthday so will probably miss a couple of the early days. Links from the number of the day show the artwork for that day. August 1: 50 Eden Merit Badges 2: Field Manual 25% 3: 5x 5 Bronze Coin tickets (25 Bronze Coins) 4-5: 6: Bearfoot special (Thank you Jassietea) 7: 2x Peach Cake (Dex +6 Food) 8-9: 10: 5x Guarana Candy 11-13: 14: 3x Angeling Potion 15: 1 Rainbow Cake (+10 Matk, Atk) 16: 3x Magnificat Scroll 17: 1x Special Toast 18: 2x Green Salad (dex+5) 19: 2x Tribal Solidarity 20: 3x Yggdrasil Berry 21: 2x Chewy Ricecake 22: 23: Field Manual 25% 24: Halter Day Lead box (7 days) 25:
  8. ValheruWolf

    Costume Shop

    Actually, kind of the exact opposite lol. There is a reason Costume Microtransations are the driving force of games now. and unfair advantage that is only available by paying real cashbreak things. That said, pretty sure a lot of these were available from the costume box that rotates each month, though really rare. The cash stuff here is all pretty accessible through what used to be the voting system, but whatever new system they put in place to get taloncash by playing over a longer period of time, or just paying outright, giving everyone a chance to get everything, So the most gated thing being cool appearances makes sense as nothing else is near as hard to get except the SQI's. (Which even for those you can pay to get a group to push your through the quest, or again, when reimplemented)
  9. I have to support Boreas here. All those other methods... are based on the credit card, and very often in fact require linking a credit card to that payment method to use it (see Applepay, Android pay, etc) If it is truly a dying thing, I kinda want to know what it is even being replaced with because without a mention of options it's not like research can even be done on accepting new payment methods.
  10. Well, another big difference is the SQI... is gunslinger only. Where this is all jobs. Now that said, if someone submits a sprite for the gunslingers to be upgraded they will do so if they like the sprites, but someone needs to do the work. Not even sure why that is a big deal, as observer is the base sprite that scouter is using, not the other way around. Slotted version will lose the skill. That is how talonRO does the adding slotted versions of items that don't normally exist. Is the base item not actually available? Figured there was a base version of the observer. That said currently the datebases are down as we are in the middle of the migration and dealing with the other bug issues. So have to wait to verify...
  11. They added tombstones instead of a text announce where the MVP died. That said that is a place they could add timestamp (as you need to be on the map and have found the tombstone to get the info instead of afking). But it might be there, I suggest just going out and finding a tombstone to check.
  12. ValheruWolf

    buy vendor

    I kinda support this, and yet it won't happen as people prefer to be spread around mostly. Thankfully we do have the buying store DB atleast and there is a full PDF option, (won't give exactly who is buying or amounts, but it gives a list of everything up to be bought and price from high to low of different people, at which point you can do the detailed search for more info)
  13. This sounds simple, maybe, but is honestly just an insane amount of coding to do this. Most I could see is if someone added a character, would be a way to just add your other character names you want them to have access to on their friends list, but even that is giving me a headache in coding, Guessing this just won't be implemented, or maybe a two-fold system. Current system (add character in game and that's it) A secondary system, Add a forum account through a separate friends interface that will make the forums accounts friends with each other. Would mean the current friends list would be left alone as it is with no changes and making the proposed system one that will start fresh (with maybe an option that anyone who has added one of your characters can be sent an invite to be forum account friends by choice and if accepted will open that system.
  14. The whole idea is still under consideration (and doubt it will be implemented before Iduna) So yes, suggestions still welcome. Wonder if that will be possible or not. Honestly just thinking some way of ingame of being able to set yourself invisible/offline might work as well. But not sure how the system will be implemented.
  15. ValheruWolf

    First Aid

    Vitata card is a card that gives players heal, so boosting first aid would render this card way less useful anyways.
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