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  1. Personal preference, might be the best return, but have to also know costumes can take a long time to sell. so not exactly fast.
  2. Yeah so 1 out of 3,333 stings approx, So a 90% chance of getting 1 doesn't actually show up until approx 7675 stings are killed. basically a 99.97% chance that it will not drop multiplied out until the odds are low. That is a lot of stings.
  3. hm, we might want to recycle them, so to solve both issues (as I do agree it is an issue) would be having bronze coins be a separate option, or if possible just removing it from the recycle all (make the option recycle all but bronze coins) This is only an issue as bronze coins are character bound so can't be put into kafra storage (atleast i'm pretty sure of that)
  4. Guessing he is caught up on some higher tier shield or not having the off-hand free (dual wielding, etc) Considering Buckler [1] and Guard [1] are All Jobs there is no job that cannot wear them. But if wielding double daggers or a katar, or a bow, etc, then can't wear it with that weapon. That said he also just might not realize that the Slotted elemental armors have a different job list then the unslotted in being Every job but novice, Where the unslotted version is restricted to Swordy and Merchant.
  5. So that is actually a cool video. Now needing to tell our GM's that? I'm pretty sure they already know. For the most part balance isn't changed as it's all based on the pre-renewal version of the game that existed, which was balanced enough. The issue on new content is they changed the entire based game before that content was introduced, so it's more adjusting the scaling of the stuff from the newer system (which is broken and boring) to the pre-renewal system we use.
  6. Eh, can just start a fun thread in server discussion getting names for all the diferent mobs with a first post being edited with suggestions and a possible poll later I vote Boss Man, So Rideword Boss Book. (lol, not totally serious in rideword case, but eh) Also Strong or Mighty might work before the name too? heh
  7. ValheruWolf

    BG team choose

    Ooo, Hadn't thought of it that way, yeah that would remove the being able to rig it, yet allowing people to do it for practice with pre-made teams. Would also allow people to use it to set up an event tournament style in the future if they wish.
  8. Also leading to one comment you mentioned, Yes MVP cards are supposed to be somewhat easily accessible There are exceptions, Not all MVP cards exists for Talon Coins, But for the most part, gives everyone a chance with time to get and kind of gear for a build they want just by voting.
  9. Except as a costume... you can still wear kaho's under it. Heck that's half the reason I like costumes. Lets me use my normal Kaho's or any other headgear and have a new look.
  10. ValheruWolf

    BG team choose

    Could see this as an alternative option, Queue up in 2 rooms and be assigned. But it would need to be an option, and maybe only available part time otherwise a very well built team vs randoms would mean the randoms have no chance, but having it open for people to be able to set up their own little mini tournament would be cool.
  11. ValheruWolf

    Byorgue card

    Ah the Rogue/Stalker Card, is there not a version like this for super novice already? pretty sure they added similar cards for each class in the game. Wouldn't mind some of these changing to add more useful cards in the game though. For Others Card Effect: Byorgue card: If Rogue or Stalker, Matk +10%, and Atk +10%
  12. Yes and no, It technically scales better, but Mdef and Def are different on monsters, also elements, So yeah they might be stronger, being able to spam a top level spell usually has conditions (water ball is probably the strongest spell, but gotta be standing in water to cast it heh) Also most spells tend to just go straight base or scale down numbers, most attack skills scale up the base physical. Other issues being str lets you carry more and etc, there's a lot more balancing then just the base damage is higher. Heck archers are technically the best as they can go 99 AGI and 99 Dex as their damage and accuracy stat is the same. So yes there is some issues with, but mages going for max cast speed and max damage are Squishy. The typical Glass Cannons of online games. So there are ups and downs to pretty much all of it. The technical balancing that fixed these differences is what Renewal did (also added third job class) and there is a reason most people aren't a huge fan of it, (This scaling is also why there isn't a +30 INT version of that accessory by the way,)
  13. Ok, not totally sure on the stats for the weapons but it looks decently well thought out on first glace through. Boots though. That Def is too high, Our highest def boots in the game is I believe 6? (Safety boots in the Def 6 I was looking at) with nothing else on them, Our more standard boots used are Def 4, For Context Slepnir is Def 5. So with other stats boots would need to be Def 4-5, depending on how hard these are to get. and probably what base we use to craft them up maybe. 3-4 if they keep the slot with the extra stats added.
  14. the over 9000 was a dragon ball Z reference.
  15. I doubt it, While price is a thing, the bigger issue is just many people don't care about PVP and having to get on at a set time to defend a castle when they normally just playing this casually changes things. Also have to deal with the differences in time zones, so would be an issue.
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