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  1. Elazul Vanhild

    a few questions about this server

    1. Not sure about it [Because i started on 2011 but stop at 2012 and back again 2018] 2.Yes, its a pre renewal server [No 3rd Job]. 3.Yes, you can create until 10 account within same email at panel.
  2. Elazul Vanhild

    Mid-high range weapon for agi+crit knight/lk

    Refined Muramasa for low budget cause normal one suck hard [Curse]. You can try Invoker Of Death + Vanberk Card + Naga Scale Armor if you going for Berserker [Crit] Normal Attack Build. Only as suggestion from me since LK is a versatile job to play with.
  3. Elazul Vanhild

    B>Gigant Helm Costume

    WTB>Gigant Helm Costume Place your offer below IGN: Sinbad The King Vessel