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  1. Thanks! How did you get the Aegir gear? Can you share your equips please? Cards and such
  2. Tips for Bio 3 solo please! And I'm assuming you were only farming Cecil with linked SB? Or were you able to kill other things in Bio3 as well. Where else have you used linked SB? What cards did you have in your shield?
  3. The damage is low? Do you mean the DPS? If its the latter, I agree. Which is why I asked if anyone has tried using ACD redux gear. If you mean raw damage, in that case I'll have to say that its relatively easy and inexpensive to get SC dmg anywhere from 10k-20k depending on what element/race specific cards you put in your weapon. Which isn't much different from trying to increase dmg with any other class. SC is very convenient but of course the always neutral dmg and laughable range and AC delay makes it not great for mobby places.
  4. I need to find myself a clown for party play!! Has anyone tried using ACD equips to make the SC spam faster? Unlike bowling bash, since this isn't a aspd based skill, having Dex priority then str doesn't help. How do you increase your Dps? Just more raw attack power cards?
  5. @Black Metal what rework of bragi? And is it here yet?
  6. Excellent guide, very inspiring. Might finally make me shift to my LK for some time seeing as that my trusty Pally has been impossible to MVP with even the low tier stuff...
  7. Is that too bad? 😂I actually enjoy the watch-your-LK-slay-whilst-eating-popcorn farming from time to time
  8. Damn, I never knew this. I may finally have the inspiration to go back to my LK and try this build! Whats a good MVPing build? I know zerk is an option, with BB does the same stat distribution work well?
  9. Was July 6, 2019 the official release date for the update or just a beta release for those who signed up? I haven't seen any changes in my client or UI or gameplay, which is why I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for your time all, looks like I won't be wasting my time over this after all. I do wish however that the gears offered by crystal synthesis, other than the Enhanced Variant shoes, were actually worth the time and effort.
  11. Oh DANG! I didn't realize this, thanks for the catch! I guess the same script implies same modifier so yes, it would be added 😐 The +35 hit is still juicy tho!
  12. I would go for one or two Queen Scaraba instead of that quadraple TG. Having different cards changes the multiplier giving you more damage. Plus that +35 hit (per queen scaraba) helps target monster with higher than average flee. 4 * TG 1 + (0.2 + 0.2 + 0.2 + 0.2) = 1.8 * dmg 3 * TG + 1 Queen Scaraba [1 + (0.2 + 0.2 + 0.2)] * [1 + 0.15] = 1.84 * dmg 2 * TG + 2 * QS [1 + (0.2 + 0.2)] * [1 + (0.15+0.15)] = 1.82 * dmg The three turtle general + one queen scaraba is mathematically the best combo but the last one gives you better hit for almost the same damage. Correction: The QS and TG cards, as pointed out by Douche, will add up. You could still get more hit with the Scaraba so a mix might still be better but not because of the dmg multiplier equation I had above.
  13. Makes sense, I didn't think they would be better than specialized gear but just wanted some insights. Okay so I have been farming crystals every 24 hours with my 99 Pally. What do you mean by "full slot chars of 90+" and "cycle char asking buff"?
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