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  1. Was July 6, 2019 the official release date for the update or just a beta release for those who signed up? I haven't seen any changes in my client or UI or gameplay, which is why I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for your time all, looks like I won't be wasting my time over this after all. I do wish however that the gears offered by crystal synthesis, other than the Enhanced Variant shoes, were actually worth the time and effort.
  3. Oh DANG! I didn't realize this, thanks for the catch! I guess the same script implies same modifier so yes, it would be added 😐 The +35 hit is still juicy tho!
  4. I would go for one or two Queen Scaraba instead of that quadraple TG. Having different cards changes the multiplier giving you more damage. Plus that +35 hit (per queen scaraba) helps target monster with higher than average flee. 4 * TG 1 + (0.2 + 0.2 + 0.2 + 0.2) = 1.8 * dmg 3 * TG + 1 Queen Scaraba [1 + (0.2 + 0.2 + 0.2)] * [1 + 0.15] = 1.84 * dmg 2 * TG + 2 * QS [1 + (0.2 + 0.2)] * [1 + (0.15+0.15)] = 1.82 * dmg The three turtle general + one queen scaraba is mathematically the best combo but the last one gives you better hit for almost the same damage. Correction: The QS and TG cards, as pointed out by Douche, will add up. You could still get more hit with the Scaraba so a mix might still be better but not because of the dmg multiplier equation I had above.
  5. Makes sense, I didn't think they would be better than specialized gear but just wanted some insights. Okay so I have been farming crystals every 24 hours with my 99 Pally. What do you mean by "full slot chars of 90+" and "cycle char asking buff"?
  6. As the question says - for a super novice, is it worth investing in the Eden Quest Crystal Synthesis Advanced Angelic Protection + Angelic Guard + Angel's Reincarnation + Angel's kiss + Angelic Cardigan set? Having a LKH renders the Anegl's kiss useless (other than set completion buffs). Is even the partial set worth it? 500 Purified crystals do take some time to gather so I want to know what other SNs have invested in and if this undertaking is worth it? Thanks a lot for your insight!
  7. Can you give me an insight into life with GC? Where do you go? What all do you kill? I understand that in theory you could kill anything that's not Holy property, but is this build worth the imperial spear+guard and GTB investment?
  8. @DoucheEnrique @GM Azul well between the three of us... A Devo pally, a GC pally AND SC pally walk into a bar.... They order three holy waters, discuss their love for their profession and the lack of respect they get and leave peacefully.
  9. I can help you with the Shield Chain build (note that I am not a pro, just a dedicated and passionate Pally who strives to use unconventional builds to be more than just a blood-bag). Weapons - TGx2+Q.Scaraba+Kiel Mace - main weapon (sucks SP) for farming Drainliarx3 + Flora - weapon for killing fishes in bibilan last floor Hydrax2 + SkelWorkerx2 - Demi-humans/players Ice Pick Brocca/R. Brocca (start with this if going the SC route without a specific carded weapon) Main skill/build - SC (with defender, auto guard, shield charge and heal. I have a hybrid build involving devotion and reduced heal/AG) Armor: LKH Mid (BT, SK) - use BT for dmg. Planning to add Marduk here to help against Silence. Pirate Dagger Odin's (Bathory, Dokeby, Swordfish) + Naga (Tao Gunka) + Holy armor + Ebone (waiting to card) Cross Shield (Rafflesia + Horn + Thara Frog + Seeker + Sky Petite) - dmg redux against fishes, ranged (atk/matk), demi-human, matk, dragons. Bradium Shield (Tamruan) for ShieldBoom (SB) specifically Devi SoV + LoD naught seiger manteau Sandals (GEC, LT) - working on getting Enhanced Variant Shoes(Eddga) and eventually Sleips Celebs x 2 Maps where I use SC (or sometimes linked SB): Rachel sanc05 - I can effectively farm Agavs/Echios/Hodremlins Abyss02 - can survive and farm all dragons in level 01 and 02 (Yes, you read that right. A wizard once found me here and was shocked to the bone) Can do most Eden farming quests (not MVPs........yet) Tried and can get decent results in Geffenia (I do have a SinX for this but Pally is more...fun...) Bibilan final level Kiel dungeon Niff Niddhogur's dungeon Manuk fields (Tatacho and Stone golems) My gear here is just for your reference. You can tweak and improve upon this as you see fit. There are other here who have guided me on the forums and have far superior gears. Point is, you can make the build your own and achieve great results. Cheers!
  10. anexasnivihs

    LK Kiel Dun

    I've been trying to get my hands on the assaulter spear but frankly, it takes tooooo damn long. I've studied the arena types but it isn't easy without practice (and gear) and takes far too long to get these weapons when I can get equivalent cards much faster.
  11. How are you folks making these GIFs????!!!!
  12. I ain't no graphics designer but here's an attempt: Banner Style # 1: 520 x 100 (more banners to follow...maybe....)
  13. Congratulations to all the winners! And thanks again GMs for organizing this! no, I'm not crying silent tears...
  14. Hope you guys find this an enjoyable read. IGN: ~ Altair ~ (Word count: 3459 words)
  15. Can you elaborate on this please? Where can I host my story? is there a service Talonians have been using for stuff like this?
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