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  1. Just tried MVP Defense, I agree with the feedback that it seems a little unfair for support classes at the moment since they don't have time to get rewards from chests. However it may be challenging for the GMs to implement some sort of team-wide reward system that doesn't incentivise blatant afk-ing in the arena. But, since it is a team challenge, it should be worth looking into. Would it be possible to track the total amount of HP healed or damage dealt to the MVP, and award a team-wide reward only to players who reach X amount of healing/damage? X can be an absolute figure or a relative per
  2. Name: Fashionring Color: Light pink, wearing a little tuxedo with black slicked back hair Drops: I'm gonna venture out and be a little more creative here, but I wonder if the Treasure Poring can drop a random costume from the 'Classic Items' tier from the monthly costume boxes? The value of these isn't high, and these can be changed each month. A quick scan of the current costumes: Charlies Hat Costume (ID#20801) costs 850k; Libra Diadem Costume (ID#21110) costs 900k; Ashura Fairy Hat Costume (ID#20786) costs 2.5mil; Helm of the Dragon General Costume (ID#20795) costs 5mil (a bit
  3. My stalker:Wolfeschlegelsteinhause.jpg.840a53f594302109c71fa0edff32095b.jpg

  4. can't wait to see new hal-kun art /gg 

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    2. kossploss


      new waifu art /slur 

    3. My Wife for Hire

      My Wife for Hire

      Gib me art pls 😢

    4. kossploss


      Arcelle is doing free art piece pls check her thread /no1 

  5. stalks:ph34r:

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    2. Dingo-kun @ Dong

      Dingo-kun @ Dong

      what time do u guys online? might drop by/awsm


    3. kossploss


      at night! around 10pm at gmt+8!

  6. 0hhhhhhhh~~~~~~~ kossie~kunnnnnnnnnnnnnn /awsm

    1. kossploss


      dong-kun /lv we miss you!

  7. do you want your kidney back /gg 

    1. Tainaka Ritsu

      Tainaka Ritsu

      kosschan pl0x gib me back my kidney ;A:

  8. Please check your forum message for the update, thanks. :)

  9. Ogg bored.

    Goes to Kussbutt. Laugh at name.

    Ha ha ha ha.

    Then draw butts.

    |   ) )

    Ogg okay now.

    1. kossploss


      ;3; glad to be of buttservice

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