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  1. love your sketches, please reserve me a slot, i'll pm you with the details later ❤️
  2. Yokoro

    Eden npc

    Hello, can you please move the Eden Teleport npc a little bit in the cities: Izlude, Jawaii, Payon, Mora, Niflheim their chat box blocks other npcs.
  3. class: sniper ign: Yokomo class: HP ign: Yokoko-
  4. class: HP ign: Yokoko- class: sniper ign: -Yokoku-
  5. it was the same for me, so i went back to the grave and put 2-3 more flowers, went back, still no costume, put more flowers and then i put the rest of my flowers back in Kafra, this time Po gave me the costumes. So i'm not sure what triggered it, the few extra flowers or not having any more in inventory when talking to Po.
  6. The Baby Skoll pet can NOT be collected by another game account through the vending machine in Lutie, i hope GMs fix that It's eating Live Coal and this is the Bonus it gives when loyal:
  7. From the Basic Box i got: Face Crusher Costume, Penguin Cap Costume, Sunglasses Cap Costume from the Pro Box: Mermaid Egg
  8. Yokoro

    Wo lvln?

    Dancer ist denk ich schwer zu leveln, würde ich jetzt nicht als erster Char empfehlen. Ich hab mit meiner im spl_fild02 gelevelt (Pinguiculas), mit nem Burning Bow und Double Strafe spam, ist aber auch langweilig nach ner Weile... Ansonsten weiß ich leider keinen guten lvl Platz, vielleicht HBQ?
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